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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/16/04

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Eric: You were just over at Spectra?

Brooke: I went there to talk to Thorne.

Stephanie: Did you congratulate him on how well they're doing?

Brooke: No. There's a problem.

Eric: What kind of a problem?

Brooke: Nobody's picking up the new Spectra Couture line. Despite all the positive publicity.

Eric: Well, if that's true, I'm sure it's just temporary. Once Nick announces that Jackie M is going to carry the line, the others will follow suit.

Brooke: If Nick were picking it up. But he isn't.

Stephanie: Did he say that?

Brooke: Yes.

Stephanie: Did he tell you why?

Eric: I'm going to go over and talk to him.

Brooke: No, somebody already did.

Stephanie: Who?

Brooke: Ridge. Before he left for Europe. He told Nick if he were going to carry the new Spectra Couture line, he was going to pull Forrester from every Jackie M boutique.

Stephanie: What


Nick: First Sally, and Brooke, now you. I should just put a revolving door in here.

Thorne: Well this is important, so I'll get right to the point. I want to discuss our brother's ultimatum. And why you're letting Ridge jack you around.


Maitre d': Follow me, please. Watch your step. Miss Ramirez.

Caitlin: You remembered my name.

Maitre d': From your first time here with Mr. Forrester.

Caitlin: A lot's happened since then.

Maitre d': Apparently, all of it good. I will send your waiter right over.

Caitlin: He's right, you know. It is all good. And it'll be even better a month from now. When you're back home and we're more in love than ever.

Rick: So, you hungry?

Caitlin: Oh, do we have to order right away? Sorry, I want to make our final night together last as long as possible.

Rick: I won't be gone forever, Caitlin. I'll be back before you can even miss me.

Caitlin: Or you can miss me. Did I say something wrong?

Rick: No, no. It's just -- do you remember the first time I brought you here?

Caitlin: Are you kidding? I remember every moment. Seriously, what we were going to eat. What I was wearing. What you were wearing. I had never been to a place like this before. Not that it really mattered where we were. Because after the first few moments, the only thing I saw was you. It's still that way. Umm -- this is where you're supposed to say it's like that for you, too. It is like that for you, isn't it, Rick?

Waiter: Good evening. Welcome to Cafe Russe. My name is Greg. Can I get you started with something to drink? Or would you like to hear tonight's specials first?


Eric: Forrester is not pulling out of Jackie M, and for Ridge to strong-arm Nick into thinking we are --

Stephanie: Eric. Eric, just call Nick and tell him that Ridge was not authorized to say something like that.

Brooke: I wouldn't do that. Ridge is adamant about this. If you reverse his decision --

Eric: His decision? It's not his decision to make. Not by himself, anyway. I'm the CEO of this company.

Brooke: Eric, I know that. But I've spoken to him on the phone. He has some very solid reasons for doing this.

Stephanie: All well and good, but he has no right to issue any kind of an ultimatum on our behalf.

Eric: It's not the way we do business.

Stephanie: I hope the press hasn't found out about this.

Eric: Or Thorne. Does he know?

Stephanie: Is that why you went over to see him? To deliver the "good news?" Oh, god, you're so thoughtless.


Nick: First of all, nobody dictates my decisions.

Thorne: Well, that didn't stop our brother from threatening to --

Nick: I know what he was threatening. Even though we don't know each other that well. I understand what's at stake for you and for Spectra.

Thorne: But?

Nick: There's an exclusivity clause in the contract between Jackie M and Forrester. I checked with the attorneys, and I hate attorneys, so this isn't some figment of Forrester's imagination. Now, if I challenge this contract, that means I have legal battles for months. That means Forrester could try to use his connections to try to --

Thorne: Pressure you into buckling?

Nick: But I don't buckle. I don't walk away from fights. Legal or otherwise. The issue here is risk. If I take on spectra, I risk losing Forrester that's a proven winner. Now mind you, I know nothing about dresses. I'm like a seaman in a desert storm. But I know business, and that's not smart business. And this boils down to business.

Thorne: For you. But for Ridge, it's personal. He's trying to strike back at me through you. He's using you, Nick.

Nick: So you're threatening me now, too?

Thorne: No, that's Ridge's style. I'm here to help you.

Nick: Help me?

Thorne: To get out from under Ridge's thumb, Nick. I know that's not the way you like to do business. Ridge calling the shots. Hell, you didn't like it when he was here at Marrone.

Nick: This is a shipping company. We're talking about fashion. His turf.

Thorne: Well, it sounds like to me he wants to make Jackie M his turf. Look, I grew up with this guy, okay. I know him. Nick, if you let him get away with this, he will come back again and again demanding more each time. Don't give him more power. Give him competition, and give yourself more leverage for the next he comes in here and starts threatening your business. You can throw him out.

Nick: There's not going to be a next time.

Thorne: Well, if you think that, then you don't know Ridge.

Nick: But I know what he's doing. He's not trying to run my business, Thorne. He's trying to run you out of business. That's his goal.

Thorne: And he's using you to do it. That doesn't bother you?

Nick: Not particularly.

Thorne: Look, Nick, you've stood up to him before.

Nick: I don't hold grudges.

Thorne: Maybe not. But you do recognize the tactics. It'd be one thing, Nick, if he was really trying to help my father's company, but this vendetta is purely personal.

Nick: I know that.

Thorne: And you're okay with that? His chief weapon against us?

Nick: I'm nobody's weapon.

Thorne: But without you and your cooperation, he'd get nowhere, Nick. All you have to do is --

Nick: What? No, go on, tell me, what? Stand up to him and strike a blow for victims everywhere? Now that might work for your team rallying around the cause. It's a good cause.

Thorne: Well, if you feel --

Nick: Let me finish! I like what you're doing. I like what you've done for your sister. Given her some identity in this family, got out of Ridge's shadow. I understand that you're counting on me signing on with your team.

Thorne: We're natural allies.

Nick: I know that. The deck's stacked against us. Our backs have been against the wall.

Thorne: We can change that, Nick. If we work together, we can change that. We can change that for a lot of people.


Caitlin: So, I was thinking, while you're away we can e-mail pictures to each other. And I've already figured out the time difference between here and Milan. And it'll be a little tricky coordinating calls, but we'll get the hang of it, right? Rick?

Rick: Oh, I'm sorry. What?

Caitlin: Oh, no, I'm sorry. For rattling on like that. It's just -- I really wish you weren't going.

Rick: Caitlin, I have to go, it's business. I want to go. It's just, you know, my dad's really counting on me and I don't want to disappoint him or Forrester. And if I'm constantly worrying about keeping in touch with you -- I just think maybe we could be a little more realistic about this, don't you?


Nick: I'm not interested in refereeing some grudge match between you and the queen dressmaker. Besides, that's not who you should be talking to, anyway.

Thorne: Look, if you mean Ridge --

Nick: I don't. I mean, your parents, or Brooke.

Thorne: I have talked to her.

Nick: Well then you know she's not as gung-ho with this as her husband.

Thorne: She's not.

Nick: Still, she'll back him probably.

Thorne: Actually, Nick, I may have gotten through to her.

Nick: That so? So you got your parents. You got Brooke.

Thorne: Uh-huh. Which means that I would have the majority shareholders on my side. Which means that Ridge would have no choice but to back down.

Nick: Well, there you go. Looks to me like your problems are solved.

Thorne: But still, it wouldn't need to come to that, Nick, would it?

Nick: Thorne, I like your company. I like underdogs. I like the whole "rah, rah" spirit, plus I kind of got the hots for your sister. But I have made my position perfectly clear here, haven't I?

Thorne: Yes, you have.

Nick: However, if you were to convince Forrester to stay in --

Thorne: You'd carry our line?

Nick: You bet. You make nice dresses.

Thorne: That's all I need to hear, Nick. Thank you. Thank you.


Brooke: Must you always think the worst of me? I stopped by Spectra to explain to Thorne --

Stephanie: Why his brother is still attacking him for no apparent reason?

Brooke: Ridge is not attacking anybody. He's just trying to protect Forrester.

Eric: Protect Forrester from what?

Brooke: For starters, from sharing shelf space with lower-quality brands that's going to reflect badly on Forrester.

Stephanie: Oh, like Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester.

Brooke: Yes, Stephanie. Like Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester. Ridge is concerned that the public is going to get confused by the labels. That Spectra is going to be some kind of subsidiary of Forrester creations. And just think what that would do to marketing.

Eric: Not to mention sales.

Brooke: So you agree.

Eric: I agree that Ridge has a point, I do. But I disagree completely with his tactics. That he would take such a hard line about this. Especially knowing what it will do to his brother.

Stephanie: Well Thorne was feeling so positive about everything after the competition.

Eric: We all were. Or so I thought.

Stephanie: You think this has affected Ridge in some way?

Eric: What? That Thorne was able to hold his own against him?

Stephanie: Did he say anything to you? Are his feelings hurt in some way? Brooke, could you please answer me.

Brooke: Yes. But this isn't about the showing. This is about -- Ridge overheard what you said to Thorne.

Eric: What I said to Thorne?

Brooke: After the showing. How he's --

Stephanie: Oh, he heard you say Thorne's "our only son."

Eric: Ridge wasn't supposed to hear that. But Thorne needed to hear that. For so many reasons. Especially then.

Stephanie: Brooke, it doesn't mean that we love Ridge any less.

Brooke: Yes, I know that. But you have to understand that Ridge is hurting over this. He didn't want to admit it, even to me. So make no mistake, he needs his parents' support right now just as much as his brother does.

Thorne: Oh great, you're still here. I just came from seeing Nick. Mother, Dad, I'm going to need your support like never before.


Caitlin: You don't think I'm being realistic?

Rick: I think you're doing what a lot of girls your age would be doing in this situation. You've got everything planned out. How we're going to call and e-mail. But what happens when I can't call you because I'm in a meeting? Or you can't get in touch with me because I'm at a showing with -- I guess what I'm trying to say, Caitlin, is that --

Caitlin: You won't be putting your life on hold while you're away.

Rick: And I don't want you to, either. I want you to feel free to do you own thing, okay? I want you to go to dances. I want you to hang out with your friends. The thought of you sitting at home, waiting by the phone to hear from me, that's not what I want for you, Caitlin. Yet, here I am with all these adult responsibilities, and here you are -- a teenager. I just don't want you to miss out on all the things you should be enjoying in your life right now, because you're too wrapped up in mine. Which isn't even mine, it belongs to Forrester international now. And it will for the foreseeable future. But you -- you've got school and your job and your family. I know how much your parents mean to you. Finding Samantha was a miracle. And almost as soon as you did, you got wrapped up in "Ingenue." We started seeing each other -- you didn't get to spend any time with your family, Caitlin. That's my fault. That's not what I want for you. Oh, Caitlin. Don't cry. You don't understand.

Caitlin: Yes, I do.

Rick: It's not that I've stopped caring. It's just -- I lost so much of my life tied down with Amber. And I do not want that to happen to you.

Caitlin: I get it, Rick. You don't have to say it anymore.

Rick: I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you. I never meant to hurt you. But --

Caitlin: We have to face reality. I get that, too. I'm sorry, I can't talk about this anymore.

Rick: Caitlin, wait.

Caitlin: Good-bye, Rick.


Eric: You need our support?

Thorne: I've already asked Brooke for hers. Did you tell them what's going on? Can you believe this? What ridge is doing? Shutting me out like this? After everything I've accomplished so far. You know, I don't get it. I mean, what possible reason does he have to put up this kind of roadblock? I mean, other than the obvious.

Eric: So you went over and you saw Nick?

Thorne: Yes, I thought I might be able to change his mind.

Stephanie: Did you?

Thorne: Well, he's in a very difficult situation, Mother. Courtesy of our brother.

Eric: So, Ridge's ultimatum had a big effect?

Thorne: Well, how can it not? He threatened to pull Forrester out of Jackie M.

Stephanie: The rest of the couture houses will follow.

Thorne: Exactly, Mother. For fear of being tainted by the inferior Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester.

Eric: There's nothing inferior about your line, or the man who put it on the map.

Thorne: Only we're not on the map, yet. And we're not gonna be, dad, if we don't get a shot at the high-end boutiques. Now, if everyone finds out why Jackie M is not carrying our line, we're finished. It's over. That's why I went to Nick. To try to convince him to reconsider.

Brooke: Has he?

Thorne: He said that he would carry Spectra Couture if Forrester gave him the green light. But the only way that is to happen --

Stephanie: Is if we give you our absolute support on this.

Thorne: Which means going up against Ridge. Overriding him. Which you three can do. And not to cause more conflict in this family, but to put an end to it once and for all. To tell Ridge, "it's over." Because that's what we all want, isn't it? Brooke, look, I know he's your husband. And I know that you love and support him. But I honestly believe in your heart, you don't support this. Not when you know how much harm it can cause. How much harm it's already caused. Dad, I know it's not easy standing up to Ridge. Especially when he's used to getting everything that he wants. But I did it. I stood up to him, and now --

Eric: And now, it's our turn.

Thorne: Mom, I know you're not comfortable making this decision without Ridge being here. But I need to know your answer now. I need to know that what you said is really true. That you meant it. That the favoritism between me and my brother is over. Can you do that, Dad? Can you give me my chance to prove myself fair and square? Will you do that, Dad? For me?

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