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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/9/04

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By Boo
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Jackie: He'd come back to you, if he could. He loves you that much.

Nick: Well, maybe he's in a better place now. Maybe he's found a place in his mind of peace, where he can live the life that you two were supposed to have together.

Jackie: I would like to believe that.

Nick: Would you?

Jackie: I wanted to be a good wife. I wanted to make this a real home. I wanted to give you the family that I couldn't when you were growing up. And nothing -- nothing has ever been more important to me than that.

Nick: Nothing?

Jackie: Nicky, I didn't stay with Deacon. I went back to your father.

Nick: Am I supposed to be impressed with your sacrifice?

Jackie: No, no, no.

Nick: This man honored you. When he found you after all of these years, he flipped his life upside-down to find a place for you inside of it. He was lost. He was a ship with no course, e drifter. But he brought you onboard, to make a life for the two of you -- for the three of us. The Marone family. Hundreds of years of tradition and loyalty. Of men and women and children loving and respecting each other, only to make the next generation better. But I guess we changed that, didn't we? We just ran that ship aground.


Stephanie: You want me to put the fate of my family in your hands?

Brooke: Things couldn't get worse than they are now, could they?

Stephanie: You want me to answer that?

Amber: We can't keep going on this way. I mean, look at what you're teaching your family. Rick and Brooke, they went along with this plan of yours, to try to trick me. Ridge, he got a bogus restraining order against me. I mean, it's anything goes. It's no-holds-barred.

Stephanie: Amber, whatever it takes to keep my family safe and secure.

Amber: Really? You think Thomas feels safe and secure, knowing that at any moment, any member of his family could lie to him or manipulate him into doing something that they think is best? It doesn't have to be that way, if we all just worked harder to try to accept one other.

Stephanie: If I worked harder?

Amber: Think about it, Stephanie. Think about it. All of us together, Thanksgiving, sitting around the table. Holding hands, saying grace. Truly grateful for each other's company.

Stephanie: A Norman Rockwell painting come to life?

Amber: We can try. Think about it. I mean, who is more stubborn and strong-willed than the three of us? Am I right? I mean, imagine what we could do if we took all of that energy, and everything that we learned over the years, and put it towards trying to get along? Isn't it worth a shot?


Jackie: Deacon must have left.

Nick: He knows what's good for him.

Jackie: You don't need that, you know.

Nick: Are you afraid that I might get drunk? Do something stupid, like you did? Come clean, Mother. You were with him, weren't you? The night you didn't come home, you were with Deacon, in bed while your husband was home, worried sick about you.

Deacon: You should quit giving her the third degree, Nick. Your mother's been through enough.

Nick: What are you still doing here?

Deacon: Well, I sure as hell wasn't about to leave her alone.

Nick: Get your stuff, and get out. By the way, you're fired.

Deacon: You know something? I'm not the bad guy here. I know you don't want to hear it, but you're --

Jackie: No, deacon, he doesn't. And now is not the time.

Deacon: Nick, your father was suffocating her.

Nick: What's in this for you? That's what I can't figure out. What's in this for you? Cash? Maybe she'll get divorced? Or is it revenge, because he thought so little of you.

Deacon: I'm not trying to use your mother. I'm in love with her.

Nick: Get out of here, while you're still breathing. Get out of here!

Deacon: I'll call you.

Jackie: I am as much to blame for what's happened as Deacon is. So, what you going to do? Throw me out, too?


Thomas: Now, I'm not saying it's real likely, but it'd be something, wouldn't it, if Amber could bring this family together?

Rick: I'd say it was impossible. But, then again, I thought it was impossible for Amber to get her head on straight, so --

Thomas: See, now you know. And you also know there's no reason to protect me from her.

Rick: Well, Amber seemed like a different person since she's been with you. You must be doing something right.


Stephanie: Amber, there's a certain naiveté to all of this, honey. You think that if the three of us simply put our arms around one another, all of the contention and the distrust and the disappointment is simply gonna go away?

Brooke: It certainly won't with that attitude.

Stephanie: Well, that attitude comes from years of having been burned. From letting some people into my heart, only to have them break it.

Brooke: Oh, Stephanie. When did you ever let me into your heart?

Stephanie: Oh, Brooke. Who helped deliver your little baby, Hope? Who brought you here, to my home? Who took you in, gave you a chance to redeem yourself, only to have you go after Ridge right after his wife died?

Brooke: That is your interpretation.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't know. You got into that teddy pretty fast. I do have trouble believing that people can change.

Amber: But if you completely close yourself off to the possibility, then what's the point of even getting up in the morning? It's a sad way to go through life. I know you've been hurt, Stephanie. And I know that you don't want ridge and Thomas to go through the same pain, but, I mean, the answer isn't to put them in some tower while you wait for the perfect woman to come along. 'Cause she doesn't exist.

Stephanie: Oh, but she did -- Taylor.

Amber: Mm. I loved Taylor. She was the bravest, warmest, classiest woman I've ever met in my life.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Amber: But I have to believe that she got that way by making mistakes and learning from them. Just like we all have to do. And maybe, if Brooke and I aren't as far along on the path --

Brooke: And even if we were, you still wouldn't admit it. Look at what happened here, tonight. You haven't even acknowledged that amber passed your little test. Not only did she pass it, she forgave you for putting her through it in the first place. She could've taken your head off. She had every right to.

Amber: I'm not gonna say that the thought didn't cross my mind.

Brooke: Yeah. You made a different choice. A more mature decision.

Amber: Well, the old ones just weren't working for me anymore. Cost me my husband and my son. And when all of that stuff happens to you, you have to take a really hard look at your life and how you handle things. Yeah, I could've come down on you for ambushing me tonight. The bottom line is, I don't want to push you away. You mean too much to me. And I don't want you to push me away, either. 'Cause I love you, Stephanie. And I know you love me. I know you do. And I know that you don't want to lose me.

Stephanie: No, I don't.


Rick: You know, somehow, I can't picture my mom and Amber smoking a peace pipe with Stephanie.

Thomas: If anyone can do it, Amber can.


Stephanie: I'm very proud of you.

Amber: Really?

Stephanie: Yes.

Brooke: Be careful, Amber. She dangles approval and acceptance in front of you, and then she yanks it away.

Stephanie: I meant what I said. You resisted Rick, and everything he had to say, and then you took what could have potentially been a bad situation, and turned it into something good. You conducted yourself like a lady. And I'm very happy to have you in my life.

Amber: Thank you.

Stephanie: It's your doing. I'm just acknowledging it.

Amber: Oh, well, I promise I'm gonna continue to make you proud. I am. Especially when it comes to Thomas. I will do everything I can to be the kind of woman you want for him.

Stephanie: Well, honey, I don't think that's possible.

Amber: What do you mean? You just said --

Stephanie: The kind of woman that I would like for Thomas to have is the kind of person that would recognize immediately that a romantic relationship between the two of you is inappropriate, and it's wrong.

Brooke: You see?


Nick: Is that what you'd like, for me to throw you out?

Jackie: No, no, no. I want to stay here. I want to take care of your father.

Nick: Take care of him?

Jackie: Yes. Yes, Nicky. That's what I have been doing, trying to make up for what I did to him.

Nick: I'd say that's impossible.

Jackie: I know that. But I owe it to him.

Nick: Don't tell me what you owe that man! I saw how you handled that up in the bedroom!

Jackie: Will you stop it? Just stop it, because you know very well that I have not been here cavorting or enjoying what happened to your father. You know, from the moment he collapsed, I've been drowning. And, yes, Deacon was able to ease that, just for a few hours. And maybe you find that reprehensible. You know, maybe it is.

Nick: No, Mother. I understand how you need someone, and you needed him. It's the same reason he threw you out in the first place.

Jackie: Yes, I needed someone. And he was there. And he was kind, and he was understanding, and he was a very good friend. And you want to cast him as the villain man this? Well, he's not, Nicky. He's not. He cares for me, and -- I care for him. But I chose your father. I wanted to be with your father. And I did not tell him about Deacon to hurt him. I told him about Deacon because there just couldn't be any more secrets between us. Nicky, how was I to know that this would happen?


Amber: So, you're proud of me, and you think I'm a lady, but you still think I'm not good enough for Thomas?

Stephanie: I didn't say that you're not good enough for him. I said you are wrong for him, and he is wrong for you. Amber, you're at such different points in your life. The two of you -- honey, you're gonna want a family. You're going to want children.

Amber: I can't have children.

Stephanie: Yes, you could. But first, you've got to find an adult. Someone who's going to want that as part of his life, too. You could use a surrogate mother. Or you could give a little baby a wonderful chance at life by adopting. The point is, tom isn't ready for that. And he won't be, for years.

Brooke: She is right about that, Amber.

Amber: I accept that.

Stephanie: No.

Amber: I do.

Stephanie: You haven't even thought this through. Really, you haven't. You're still wrapped up in this Romeo and Juliet fantasy. Now, I was trying to protect you tonight as much as I was trying to protect tom.

[ Brooke sighs ]Stephanie:  All right, Brooke. You're right. I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone about it that way. I should've probably just engaged Amber in a conversation like we're having right now. Tom isn't the only person that would be making a sacrifice for this relationship. You would, too.

Brooke: Oh, come on, Stephanie. You're not doing this for Amber's sake.

Stephanie: Amber, I know what you're going to say. You're gonna say, "Let me make my own mistakes, and I'll learn from them."

Amber: But it's my decision to make.

Stephanie: Honey, this is just wishful thinking on your part. This is what you always do. And yes, you do learn from your mistakes, after the damage has been done. I can't afford to let that happen to tom. I can't afford to let that happen to you. I love you, amber. And I love tom. I love both of you. Oh, honey, I wish you were a more sensible girl. And I'm sure you wish that I was the kind of person that would just back off, and not be so protective. But I can't take that chance with Tom's future -- and with yours. That's just the way I am. So let's just leave it at that.

Amber: I tried.

Brooke: I know. You had a chance to heal this family, and you chose not to. So I guess you proved your point, didn't you? Some people never do change.


Jackie: Oh, Nicky, you have to believe me. I was ready to start again with your father.

Nick: But Deacon was the one who made you a whole person?

Jackie: Oh, you have no idea how that felt.

Nick: You had everything you could possibly want -- a beautiful house, a family, a man who worshipped the ground that you walked on. What more did you need?

Jackie: A partner who saw me as an equal. I didn't want to be worshipped. I wanted to be loved.

Nick: Well, then, why didn't you tell him?

Jackie: I tried, but he wouldn't hear.

Nick: Well, then, you tell him again, and again, and again, until he gets it!

Jackie: He threw divorce papers at me.

Nick: Well, he was hurt, Mother. He was in pain. You'd kept secrets from him, and you were still keeping them. And even then -- even then, he was willing to take you back. That's how much he loved you.

Jackie: And you. Your father swallowed his pain and his pride, and he offered me that reconciliation because he wanted you to have a family again. And I took it. I took it, because I knew how much that would mean to you, Nicky. And it was my last chance to give you the home that you'd been missing. We got it again, didn't we, darling? We did. We were a family. It was just for a short while, but we were a family again. And when I saw that look in your eyes, relief and joy, oh my. It made it all worthwhile. I'd finally gotten it right. All except for that one last secret I was keeping. And I had to get it out in the open. I had to be the honest person that you always knew I was. I wanted to make you proud, Nicky. And instead, I took your father away from you again. And this time, for good. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

[ Jackie sobs ]

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