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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/8/04

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By Boo
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Jackie: Oh, Nicky. Nicky, please --

Nick: I don't want to hear anymore.

Jackie: Oh, no, you have to understand.

Nick: Understand what? What? The two of you telling my father, killing my father.

Jackie: No.

Nick: He'd be better off dead. He'd probably rather be dead. Good god, how could you do this?

Jackie: I just had to be honest.

Nick: Honest about what, mother? About telling him, that's not what I mean. How could you do this? How could you have an affair with him? Especially him! Is there some type of a payback thing here I don't know about?

Jackie: No. I love your father.

Nick: And you expect me to believe that?

Deacon: All right, Nick, back off. That's enough. Your mother's been through hell. And you know what, however you figure this is going down, you're probably wrong.

Nick: I figure I lost my father, because of my mother.

Jackie: Nicky -- Nicky, he's going to come back to us.

Nick: Really, Mother? He's just going to come back? And how's that going to happen? Are you just going to waive your magical wand and he's going to get better? Here, here I'm sure there's some doctors waiting that would love to hear how you're going to bring him back! Or are you just parade your lover downstairs in front of him then leave him there alone while you're up here getting' naked!

Deacon: All right, nick, that's enough! Stop it!

Jackie: Oh, no. No! No!


Rick: We know you have good intentions, Amber. It's your follow-through that's the problem.

Thomas: Not tonight. You tried to sabotage us by feeding her every line you could think of just to prove she'd break up with me in a heartbeat for you. Well, guess what? You were wrong, Rick. At least be man enough to admit it.

Brooke: It's obvious to all of us that we were wrong. We shouldn't have lied to you, Amber. And I'm sorry.

Rick: Wait a minute, mom, you didn't even --

Brooke: Honey, I could've stopped it. And I should have.

Amber: I believe you, Brooke. I believe that you're sorry. The funny thing is, I'm not. I'm glad I got this chance to prove myself. I'm glad that you tested me. Now I'm gonna return the favor, Stephanie. I'm going to test you.

Amber: Thomas? Rick? Would you guys mind if I had a couple minutes alone with your mom and Stephanie?

Thomas: You sure about this, talking to them alone?

Rick: You know what, Thomas? I think your girlfriend has proven that she can handle herself. Come on.

Stephanie: What did you think that you were going to accomplish with that little speech before?

Brooke: I didn't think I was going to accomplish anything, I just said what I felt.

Amber: Like you used to do. You know, I never used to worry about whether to trust you or not. Now I know how Brooke feels. You never know when to trust you.

Stephanie: What you can trust, Amber, is that I will always do what I believe is best for my family.

Amber: And that's by building a huge wall around it, right? Just to keep out everyone who doesn't belong, doesn't fit in. People that you can't understand, or that you just don't relate to.

Stephanie: You know, this has absolutely nothing to do with your background or where you're from, amber. It has everything to do with your behavior.

Amber: And I think that has a little bit to do with where I came from, don't you think?

Stephanie: You can only use that excuse for so long.

Amber: I'm not looking for excuses. This voice, this voice that's in my head, the one that tells me that I'm not good enough, that no one's gonna want to be with me. I didn't put that there, Stephanie. My father did. When he left us. You don't know what it's like to deal with that. And I'm glad. I'm so glad that you had a family that loved you and believed in you. I mean, I wish everybody had that. But some of us didn't. And for you to look down on that --

Brooke: Amber, you can't live your life trying to win her approval. It's a lost cause. I should know.

Stephanie: She's playing you like a fine fiddle.

Amber: Oh, that is not true. You know, Brooke and I, we have a lot to offer. And it's not in spite of what we grew up with, but it's because of it. Because we learned how to fight, we learned how to triumph over that. I mean, we learned so much from that. Things that you never had to. We are asking you to let us be a part of this family, not because we need your approval, we are asking you to let us in, because you need us.


Jackie: Deacon, stop! Stop!

Deacon: Calm down. Nick, calm down.

Nick: Get your hands off me! I'm the one who talked the old man into trusting him in the first place.

Jackie: And he could. I told you, I ended it with Deacon the night your father took me back.

Deacon: Oh, I get it. He can't figure out how a woman like you got involved with a guy like me. Right, nick?

Nick: "A woman like you." Now what kind of woman is that, Mother? Please help me here, because I have no idea anymore.

Deacon: That's exactly how she felt when Massimo was done with her, Nick.

Jackie: Don't, don't.

Deacon: No. Did you ever stop and ask your mother, "Hey, are you happy in this marriage?" She was being treated like a possession, Nick. Everything dictated to her. What she could do, where she could go, who she could see. Man, didn't you see what was happening?

Jackie: Oh, that was my own fault, though. It was the drinking and it was the lies.

Deacon: No. No, no, Jackie, no. Those were symptoms. Those were symptoms, because you couldn't be yourself in front of him and he knew it. He didn't want "Jackie," he wanted "Jacqueline." You know, a perfect order, control.

Jackie: You're not making things any better. Nicky, your father and I, we both made mistakes, but we had forgiven one another and we were working things through.

Deacon: Until he found out, Nick.

Jackie: Will you stop!

Deacon: No! He needs to know. He needs to know that your husband found out that you are a human being. And that your mother has wants and she has needs, and your daddy couldn't handle it.

Nick: You were just thrilled, weren't you?

Deacon: No.

Nick: Come on, Deacon. Deacon, it all work out the way you wanted. He probably heard everything just how you wanted him to hear it.

Deacon: Are you nuts? Are you crazy -- I thought he was going to kill both of us, Nick. All that rage, it turned inward. And you know what, man? You might not want to hear this, and I'm sorry to say it, but your dad, he did this to himself.

Nick: He did this to himself? Is that what you're saying? That old man deserved this?

Deacon: No.

Nick: Because he was a tyrant, I heard? And a monster. And she was living here as a prisoner, is that it? What the hell is this, "phantom of the opera" here? That's what you've been telling her every day, isn't it? Every day you've been whispering in her ear, since I moved you into this house. "Don't blame yourself. He brought this on himself, Jackie. Don't blame yourself. You've got to move on. Let's have dinner, Jackie. Let's go to bed, Jackie, 'cause Massimo doesn't care for you anymore!"

Deacon: He didn't, Nick!

Nick: She was the love of his life.

Deacon: Nick.

Nick: Those were his last words.

Deacon: Take it easy, man, all right?

Nick: The love of his life!

Jackie: No! No, Nicky! No, no. No.

Nick: You come with me, Mother.

Jackie: Nicky, stop.

Nick: I want you out of this house!

Jackie: Stop. Stop, please, stop.


Thomas: So, lover boy, how does it feel?

Rick: How does what feel?

Thomas: Oh, just finding out you're not as irresistible as you thought. You and grandma were so sure Amber would go back to you.

Rick: Okay, yeah. You know, I thought you and amber were just this rebound thing, okay? But I said everything that Amber ever wanted to hear tonight.

Thomas: And she didn't bite. So, are you finally willing to admit that maybe what we have is real?

Rick: Still doesn't mean it's going to work out.

Thomas: That's true about every relationship. Come on, Rick, admit it. Amber's different than what you thought. She's different than she used to be.

Rick: Yes. Okay? Yeah. I'm beginning to see that.

Stephanie: Lord knows I never said I was perfect.

Brooke: You just expect everybody else to be.

Stephanie: Now you're defending her?

Brooke: In a way.

Stephanie: She certainly found all the right buttons to push with you today, hasn't she? You're supposed to be the adult. I defended amber when no one else did, including you. And I would welcome you with open arms if I could believe what you're saying.

Amber: But you can't.

Stephanie: Because I know you, honey. I know you. And I love tom too much to trust you.

Amber: You really don't believe it's possible for me to change, do you?

Stephanie: Well, I think people can improve themselves. And I think they can learn certain things. But if you're asking me do I believe they can change at the deep core of their being? No, I don't think it can be done.

Brooke: Well, now that's just a cop-out. I don't know whether or not Amber's changed, but for you to say that it can't be done? That's just an excuse for you.

Stephanie: An excuse for what?

Brooke: For not changing yourself.

Stephanie: Oh. Somehow we've turned this into a discussion about me. Okay. What would you like me to change?

Brooke: I've been saying this for years. You're very judgmental, very unforgiving. You set very high standards for everybody. Now, is that just who you are? Is that the core of your being? Should we shut you out the same way that you've tried to shut us out for years?

Amber: And that's obviously not what we're saying here.

Stephanie: Isn't it? Didn't you just say that the family would be better off without me?


Jackie: Nicky, no. Please don't do this. Please, Nicky, no. Why are you doing this? Please don't.

Nick: I didn't do this, Mother. You did it!


Thomas: So far, so good.

Rick: You know something I don't?

Thomas: Anytime you put amber and Brooke in a room with my grandmother and you haven't heard yelling or furniture breaking, it's a positive sign.

Rick: You know, Amber really set the tone tonight. She could've gone off the deep end.

Thomas: And why would she do that? Just because you guys messed with her head, tricked her and set her up for a fall? I mean, doesn't every family do that?

Rick: Well, if Amber has it her way, it won't be like that for long.

Thomas: Yeah, pretty amazing of her to challenge my grandma and your mom like that. Challenge them to call a truce and set an example for everyone else.

Rick: Got to give her credit for trying.

Thomas: But you don't think it's going to work out, do you?

Amber: No one is trying to push you out of this family. Okay? But if you could just once, just look at Brooke. I mean really look at her, and just forget about all of the past and all the hurt and bad history, and just think about what she's really brought to this family. Four beautiful children. Brilliant business ideas. I mean, she practically brought ridge back to life after Taylor died. I mean, what more does she have to do?

Stephanie: You have managed to turn this conversation completely around. We're here to talk about you and tom. Let's stay on track, okay?

Amber: It's really all the same subject. Acceptance and understanding. And unity. I mean, real family unity. Why can't this family be a place of safety and security? Where you're not always wondering when someone's going to try to set you up to fail?

Brooke: You know why.

Amber: This family is never going to be that way. Unless you decide to change your attitude. And, I'm sorry, I don't mean any disrespect by this, but I am worried about you. Now, if you could find it in your heart to give Brooke and me a chance, faults and all, not only would you gain two of the most loyal friends that you could ever imagine, but you would help to heal this family. Can you just think about how amazing that would be?

Stephanie: Amber, my life is this family. And I do what I have to to protect my children and my grandchildren.

Amber: Yes, I understand that. But you do not have to do this alone. Not anymore. If you could just open your heart just a little and have faith in Brooke and me, we could help you. We could help you to make this family everything that you ever wanted it to be. If Brooke and me, faults and all. Just give us a chance. Give us a chance to prove that to you. You know, you might just be surprised.

Stephanie: That's what I'm worried about.

Amber: Thorne did it. You had it in your head that he was one kind of person. You were wrong, weren't you? He ended up being stronger and tougher and smarter than you ever gave him credit for. I'm saying this because I love you. And because I hate to see you doing this to yourself and to your family. We are good enough. We are. If you could just give us the chance. Give us a chance to show you. I mean, imagine what we could do, the three of us working together to make this family stronger and tougher. Please. I'm just asking for that chance.


Nick: Oh, no. I want you to look at what you've done. There. Now, was it worth it? Was this worth it? All this man ever wanted was the family he didn't have. A loving wife, a loving son. Now was that too much to ask?

Jackie: No. No.

Nick: Then why? Why wasn't it enough? Why wasn't my father enough?

Jackie: I'm sorry, sweetheart. I'm sorry.

Nick: Don't tell me, tell him.

Jackie: I have been.

Nick: With your lover standing next to you. It's just you and your husband right now. I need you to tell him how you feel.

Jackie: Nicky, he doesn't even know I'm here.

Nick: Tell him, mother.

Jackie: I'm sorry, darling. I'm sorry.

Nick: Hear that? That was mom saying she's sorry. So it's okay. It's safe now. It's safe. 'Cause I'm here to take care of everything. So you can come back now. You can come back.

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