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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 11/5/04

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By Boo

Jackie: Nicky. I didn't hear you come in.

Deacon: We just got home.

Nick: What were you doing? Tucking her in?

Deacon: No, I just was --

Nick: What? Go ahead, what? What were you doing? I want you to tell me what you were doing.

Amber: You can't just say no.

Stephanie: I just did.

Amber: Well, I asked you to help me bring this family together.

Thomas: You gotta at least hear her out.

Brooke: No, we don't, thomas. She's done nothing but tear this family apart.

Amber: Okay, I want to change that, but I can't do it by myself.

Rick: Come on, amber. We all know that you're just trying to change the subject.

Stephanie: The problem is you and tom.

Amber: No. The problem is me. Me and my history. That's why you won't listen. You know, my mother taught me the only way to get ahead in life is by using people. And that's what I did. Until you taught me another way. Stephanie, if we worked together, if we made the right choices, we could do what would be best for everybody. That's all I'm trying to do.

Eric: I'm surprised to see you here.

Felicia: Well, I was on my way home from dinner at the cafe russe.

Eric: Ah, dinner with dominic.

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Everything all right?

Felicia: Yeah. Well, I don't know. I mean, nick keeps talking about how he's worried about his mom.

Eric: Well, I'm sure he is. She must be overwhelmed. With massimo's stroke, and trying to run the boutiques.

Felicia: Well, nick can't get her interested in the boutiques. He can't get her interested in anything. You know, she's cooped up in the house 24 hours a day. And until tonight, when she was having dinner with deacon sharpe.

Jackie: Oh, nicky, dear god.

Deacon: Just chill out. I was just checking on her.

Nick: Half-dressed?

Deacon: I was on my way to bed.

Nick: Whose?

Jackie: Nicky!

Deacon: You asked me to take care of your mother.

Nick: Well this isn't what I had in mind.

Deacon: All right, you know what? Not here. You wanna do this? Let's go outside. Come on.

Nick: Get your hands off of me!

Jackie: Stop it! Stop it! Both of you!

Deacon: Jackie, I'm so sorry.

Nick: I saw you at the restaurant, mother. I saw the way you were looking at him. I saw you touching his hand.

Jackie: No, no, nicky, it's not what you're thinking --

Nick: Well, then you tell me what I'm supposed to be thinking. Tell me, mother. What the hell is going on here? Why are you kissing this man in my father's bed?

Stephanie: Well, I certainly didn't teach you to seduce teenage boys, did I?

Thomas: This is pointless. They're not gonna listen to you, amber.

Amber: I'm not finished.

Rick: Well, we're not gonna solve this problem tonight.

Amber: Well, we could. See, that's what I'm trying to tell you. These past few years have taught me something -- that your whole life can just change in an instant.

Stephanie: Yes, that's true it can, but not always for the better.

Amber: Believe me, I know. But no situation is hopeless, stephanie. And no one deserves to be written off.

Brooke: I see. So, we should write off your history instead. And pretend it never happened.

Stephanie: And just accept this relationship between you and tom?

Amber: I'm suggesting that this family has bigger problems than my relationship. When was the last time you sat down and had dinner with brooke and ridge? Or any type of family gathering for that matter? I mean, besides brooke's wedding.

Thomas: When grandma showed up drunk.

Stephanie: That may be true, but it's irrelevant.

Amber: Losing my place in this family was the worst thing that ever happened to me. The end of my marriage. And I thought it would kill me. It almost did.

Brooke: And you would do anything to worm your way back in.

Amber: For you, of all people, to be making that accusation -- this family means the same thing to both of us.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't doubt that.

Amber: Stephanie -- you always said to me that the forrester name stood for integrity. And, when I first moved into this house, I didn't get that, but now I do. Being a part of this family means that you are part of something incredible. Now, you're all so busy trying to win your little battles that you're destroying the very thing that you were trying to protect. And if it were up to me, I wouldn't let you do that to this family.

Stephanie: So you think you need to protect the family from me?

Amber: You're a bigger threat to it than I am.

Eric: Jackie and deacon sharpe?

Felicia: Yeah, I know how you feel about him.

Eric: Yeah, it probably was just a business meeting -- something about jackie-M.

Felicia: I think there's more to it. Deacon's been staying at the house with jackie.

Eric: What?

Felicia: Well, nick asked him to look after things, to keep an eye after his mother.

[ Eric sighs ] You think that's a bad idea?

Eric: I think that's a terrible idea. Deacon sharpe is not a man to be trusted.

Felicia: Well, nick may be finding that out for himself.

Eric: Why? Why do you say that?

Felicia: When we saw jackie and deacon at dinner tonight -- they were holding hands. I mean, they were across the room, we couldn't really see what they were doing, but nick didn't want to think anything of it.

Eric: Well, I don't think anything of it, either. I mean, that's ridiculous. That's ridiculous, right?

Felicia: Well, I hope so, because, if there really is something going on between the two of them, and nick catches them -- that could blow that family apart.

Deacon: Nick, if you can give me a second, I can explain.

Nick: You shut up.

Deacon: No, you've got this all wrong! Listen to me. Hey! Look! Nick, c'mon, what are you thinking, your mother's over here partying with me? You know the hell she's been going through. You couldn't even get her to leave the house to go out for dinner.

Nick: You're right, I couldn'T. But you did.

Deacon: Yeah, and it wasn't easy. Wasn't easy to keep her there, either. The entire time, she's wracked with guilty just leaving your father for a couple of hours. Okay, you know what, nick, yeah, I joked with her a little bit. Maybe I did flirt. For that, I'm sorry. I was just trying to take her mind off of what was waiting for her at home.

Nick: Apparently, what was waiting for her at home was you.

Deacon: I kissed her, and I shouldn't have. And, you know what, I was crossing the line. You want to fire me, go ahead. You want to throw me out, go ahead, I'll leave. But, please, don't take it out on your mother. Not what she's been through enough.

Nick: Her life's been turned upside-down, hadn't it?

Deacon: That's right.

Nick: She's scared. She's vulnerable. And she's confused. Just the way you like 'em.

Deacon: What are you trying to say?

Nick: C'mon, sharpe, it's your life story -- you take advantage of women that trust you, that believe in you --

Jackie: No, that is not what's happening here.

Nick: No, you wouldn't be one those women, would you, mother? Because you don't trust him. That's what you told me.

Jackie: I don't remember saying that.

Nick: Oh, come on, mother, sure you do. Actually, it was the same night that deacon told me there was another man in your life. You know, it all sounds just a little far-fetched, especially he couldn't come up with the guy's name! But you told me that he was good for her. He made her happy. That they were in love. It's him, isn't it? He's talking about himself. Is it deacon?

Jackie: Yes. Yes.

Stephanie: You think I'm a danger to my family?

Amber: You always say that you want what's best for everybody.

Stephanie: I do. And I resent what you're implying.

Amber: You resent a lot of things. And so do you. You resent stephanie's interference in your life, and you resent brooke's relationship with ridge. Everybody's got a grudge. Thorne against ridge. Ridge against me. And it all started with this little idea that -- what would best for everybody is to do everything your way. And if somebody gets out of line, then they're gonna have to pay.

Rick: That's not how it is, amber.

Amber: No? Really? What about the little stunt you tried to pull on me and thomas tonight, hmm? Were you gonna teach us a lesson?

Stephanie: To protect you and tom, yes. Sometimes families do things like that.

Amber: You don't protect somebody by deceiving them. Believe me, I know, I've been down that road. I mean, you're so desperate to try to fix something, that you'll try anything, no matter how stupid or irrational it may seem.

Stephanie: Are we caught up in our own little drama here?

Amber: If we could just find a way to work this out -- you know, if we could show the rest of the family how incredible it could be, I mean, there's no way of telling what kind of effect it could have. On us. On thorne and ridge. On you and felicia. If we could all just learn to accept each other for who we really are. Can you imagine, stephanie, just how great that would be? You know, people change, stephanie. So can this family. But it needs to start somewhere. And I think it should start here with us.

Eric: Well, thank god nick didn't overreact.

Felicia: Yeah. But he acted like it was nothing. But then he cut our evening short so that he could go check on her.

Eric: Good.

Felicia: Oh, dad, I don't know.

Eric: Well, honey,if -- if jackie's involved with deacon sharpe, she gonna need rescuing.

Felicia: Yes, but if she's been lying about it, she may need someone to rescue her from nick.

Nick: You and deacon up here, in this bed, with my father downstairs --

Jackie: No, no, no, no, never not in this house.

Nick: He lives here!

Jackie: Yeah, but you asked him to move in --

Nick: Are you putting this on me?

Jackie: No, no, darling, of course I'm not. I'm just trying to explain to you that I ended it with deacon when your father took me back.

Deacon: Nick, she was miserable. Your father humiliated her. He made her feel lower than dirt.

Jackie: And deacon was just a friend --

Nick: I'd say he was a bit more than that, wouldn't you?

Deacon: You know what? Don't start getting judgmental. You weren't around, you don't know what it was like!

Nick: But you explained it to me, didn't you? In your own pathetic, cowardly way, and you denied it! I asked you point blank about another man, and you denied it!

Jackie: But, there wasn't, anymore! Your father -- he wanted me back, and I wanted to come back.

Deacon: Nick, she did this for you.

Jackie: No, there was more to it than that. I love your father, darling, he was wonderful to me.

Deacon: As long as you were doing exactly as he said.

Nick: Not another word about my father from you. Not one word. Now, I want to know one thing. Did he know about this? Mother, did he know about this?

Jackie: Yes, nicky, he -- he did.

Nick: When did he find out? When did he find out about the two of you?!

Stephanie: Are we still talking about you and tom?

Amber: We're just a very tiny part of this.

Stephanie: That's what I thought. But, somehow I get the feeling that you're using this so-called concern for the family to minimize what you've done.

Amber: You know what, stephanie? For most of my life, my self-esteem was dependent on other people. Who I was with, what they thought of me -- it's not like that anymore. I love thomas. I do. And I cherish our relationship. But if he wanted to be with someone his own age, I'd let him go.

Thomas: That's not gonna happen.

Amber: But if it did, it'd be okay. I'm just sorry I didn't feel that way when I was with you. I held on to you so tight that I almost dragged you down with me. And I wouldn't blame you if you didn't ever want to forgive me for that.

Rick: I already have, amber. That's all in the past.

Amber: Thanks. But I doubt your mother feels the same way. I am sorry that I put you through that, brooke. You thought I was trouble and you were right.

Stephanie: Well, if you're really sorry, then why are you doing it all over again?

Amber: I'm not. I'm trying to tell you that I am not that same girl anymore. None of us are the same people that we were back then. Not even you, stephanie. 'Cause you used to believe in me.

Stephanie: Well, if you want that again, then you know what you have to do.

Amber: To prove to you that I am worthy of thomas, I should just give him up?

Thomas: That's the same argument you tried on brooke, with my dad. Didn't work for her either, thank god.

Brooke: It did for a while.

Stephanie: Oh, for god's sake. Don't encourage her.

Brooke: I'm not supporting her relationship with thomas. But she has made some good points.

Amber: Stephanie --

Stephanie: Are you're going to apologize to me, now?

Amber: If I have to get on my hands and knees to prove it to you? Yeah. Yeah, I will.

Stephanie: Apologies don't solve the problem.

Brooke: Stephanie, maybe you should just listen to her.

Stephanie: I have been listening to her. I've believed in you. I have forgiven you more times than I can possibly remember. I've wiped the slate clean, time and again. And then, time and again, you have disappointed me. Tom is taylor's child. She was my best friend. I promised his mother that I would protect him. And what you're doing is standing here and asking me to put his future on the line with you. That's asking too much, amber.

Jackie: Please, nicky. You have to understand. I didn't want to lie to your father. Not after everything he'd done for me. I mean, he forgave me, he put his faith back in me.

Nick: When, mother? When did he find out?

Jackie: You said yourself, I couldn't keep secrets anymore. Not if I wanted a real marriage.

Nick: You wouldn't have had a real marriage if you'd have told him the truth.

Jackie: Well, I was willing to take that risk. Because I wanted to be worthy of him. But I never got the chance to tell him.

Nick: But you said he knew.

Deacon: He overheard us.

Jackie: We didn't realize it at the time, nicky. But he confronted us and -- it was really awful. He was so angry. I mean, I don't blame him, but he -- I tried to explain it to him, but he was out of control.

Nick: Out of control, how?

Deacon: He was yelling. He was making threats.

Jackie: And then he grew very quiet. And he said to me, all he ever wanted to do was make me happy. And that I was the love of his life.

Nick: Then what?

Deacon: He just collapsed.

Nick: The stroke. He found out about the two of you and had a stroke. He's in this condition because of you? Mother! You did this to him?

Jackie: Yes. Yes, dear god. I did it. I did it.

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