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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/4/04

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by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Rick: Kiss me, Amber. Show me that you still love me, that nobody else could ever take my place.

Thomas: What -- what is she doing? What is Amber doing?

Amber: It's everything I wanted to hear for so long.

Rick: I'm so sorry for everything I've put you through.

Amber: It made me pull back, really look at myself.

Rick: You've changed. You've changed. I can see that.

Amber: That's why- that's why I really have to think about this.

Rick: I know. I know you're scared. I've hurt you.

Amber: I hurt myself. You know, all those dumb decisions I made, just jumping into things without thinking about the consequences.

Rick: Yeah, like Thomas. I mean -- I mean, that's in the past now. I mean, forget about -- forget about Thomas. Let's -- let's start over. Isn't that what you've wanted? To just go back and do everything right?


Felicia: Deacon and your mother are holding hands.

Nick: She's been emotional lately.

Felicia: She doesn't look upset.

Nick: She's British.

Felicia: So he's just comforting her?

Nick: What else?

Felicia: I don't know. I've heard a lot about this Deacon guy.

Nick: Forget it.

Felicia: Nick, your mother is an attractive woman.

Nick: Who is totally focused on her husband's recovery. She needs someone to talk to. And if she can open up to Deacon, good.


Deacon: Feels good, doesn't it?

Jackie: Being out of the house?

Deacon: No, being out with me. You know, in, like, a public place. Like a normal couple.

Jackie: Deacon, we're having dinner. This is not a tryst.

Deacon: Oh, stop it. You feel better, and you know it.

Jackie: A bit. And a bit guilty, too.

Deacon: Jackie, come on. You're allowed to enjoy yourself.

Jackie: I'm trying.

Deacon: All right. It didn't used to be this hard, did it? Do you remember down at the beach after Massimo gave you the divorce papers? You were free. And the way you laughed tonight. I haven't heard you laugh like that in weeks, Jackie. And it used to be like that all the time between us. Don't you remember? You don't deserve to be kept in some a cage like the prim and proper Mrs. Marone. Baby, what you need is to be loved. You -- you are such a vibrant, sensual, sexy woman.

Jackie: Shh!

[ Whispering ] Someone might hear you.

Deacon: Honey, there ain't no one in this restaurant that needs me to tell them just how sexy you are.


Amber: You really want to start over?

Rick: I know you want that, too. You came to me. You asked for another chance.

Amber: And you said no.

Rick: Because I was scared.

Amber: Of what?

Rick: Of these feelings. Amber, nobody makes me feel the way you do. Our history, everything that we've been through, I can't forget it. And neither can you.

Amber: You said it wasn't going to happen. You were so cold.

Rick: I saw you with Thomas, and I went crazy. I can't stand the sight of you with Thomas. I still can't, Amber.

Amber: But I am with Thomas.

Rick: He's just a kid. He can't give you what you need, Amber. I can, if you let me.

Thomas: I don't believe this.

Brooke: Come on, Thomas. Let's go inside.

Thomas: No. Amber wouldn't do this to me.


Jackie: Deacon, stop it.

Deacon: You know, there was a time you used to like my rebellious side.

Jackie: I will leave. I will get up from --

Deacon: No, you won't.

Jackie: You presume too much.

Deacon: I don't presume anything. I remember. And so do you. You know, what I used to love is all those naughty things you used to say to me. Remember?

Jackie: I hope you're enjoying yourself.

Deacon: I always enjoy myself when I'm out with you. I just wish you were having as much fun as me.

Jackie: I appreciate your concern. And your company. More than I can say.


Felicia: Listen, I'm sorry I said anything, you know? She's just relaxing. She deserves to after everything that she's been through.

Nick: I'm gonna check this out.

Felicia: Nick. She looks fine, okay. She's out. She's enjoying herself, which is exactly what you wanted. Right?

Nick: Yeah.

Felicia: Yeah. And if you interrupt -- you know what? She might feel guilty that she's out and Massimo is at home being cared for by a nurse. And like you said, you don't want to make her feel bad.

Nick: I'm just concerned.

Felicia: Listen, you were right the first time. It's nothing. I mean, how can we possibly tell what's going on halfway across the room?


Stephanie: Come on, Tom. There's no need to torture yourself.

Brooke: You don't have to watch this.

Thomas: No? Isn't that why you brought me here?

Amber: Rick -- Thomas is important to me.

Rick: He'll understand. He can't give you what I can.

Amber: You don't believe what Thomas and I have is real.

Rick: What do you guys have, really? I mean, I know you kind of get off on the whole forbidden romance thing, but --

Amber: That's what it would be with you, too, right?

Rick: I can protect you.

Amber: Protect me? Rick, you were the one leading the charge against me.

Rick: I was angry, amber. I saw you and Thomas getting closer.

Amber: Yeah, we were. We were getting closer, because he was there for me. When his dad put the restraining order out on me and when your mom ran me out of town.

Rick: And he couldn't protect you, could he? They're not going to listen to some teenager, Amber, especially one who almost got you --

Amber: Almost got me what?

[ Rick sighs ]

Rick: Stephanie told me about the pregnancy scare.

Amber: Is that why you're here?

Rick: Yes.

Amber: Yes?

Rick: Amber, I can't just stand by and watch you do this with Thomas, okay? I can't pretend that it's some silly fling, because it's not.

Amber: No, it's not!

Rick: Amber, you're -- you're making the wrong turn, okay, for you and Thomas. If you keep heading down this road, it's gonna get you nowhere.

Amber: And where did I get with you?

Rick: We had something really special.

Amber: Until you decided that you could do better.

Rick: Amber, I explained --

Amber: I don't want an explanation. I don't -- I don't even need an apology. Not anymore. Because I know who I am now. And I know where I belong. And I'm so sorry, but it's not with you.

Rick: Well, it's not with Thomas.

Amber: I love him. I do. I really love him. And I know you don't believe it, because you couldn't possibly believe it. "He's too young. It couldn't be love." But you know what? It is. And I don't want to hide it. I don't -- I just -- I want to scream it from the rooftops. I love Thomas Forrester!

Thomas: I love you, too, Amber. I love you more right now than I ever have.


 Deacon: You're not eating.

Jackie: I'm not really hungry.

Deacon: I thought this was your favorite place.

Jackie: Oh, it is. It was. It reminds me of Massimo.

Deacon: I'm sorry. You know what? We don't have to stay. This is ridiculous. I just --

Jackie: No, no, Deacon, please. You planned this lovely evening, please --

Deacon: I know, I know. But I planned it so that you could get out and have a good time. Listen, if you're not having a good time, we can go home. Or we can go somewhere else.


Nick: Check? We leaving?

Felicia: Hmm. I'd like a little attention, please.

Nick: Sorry.

Felicia: It's okay. I'm sure you can make it up to me on the boat.

Nick: I'll get the car.

Deacon: I got a great idea. What do you say, we go down to the beach, we kick off our shoes, go take a little walk in the surf, you know, like we used to do when we were at the beach? Nick --

Nick: Hey.

Deacon: Good to see you out. How's dinner?

Deacon: It was delicious.

Nick: You enjoying yourself?

Jackie: Yes, I mean -- as much as I can.

Nick: Good.

Deacon: I think your mom is doing really, really great. We had a big breakthrough tonight.

Nick: I'm glad to hear that. I'll see you tomorrow?

Jackie: Yes. I'll be at home.

Nick: Okay.


Amber: Thomas, what are you doing here?

Thomas: Grandma invited me. There was something she wanted me to see.

Amber: This? Us. This was a set-up.

Thomas: But it didn't work out the way they thought it would.

Amber: You set me up. You tricked me.

Rick: Amber --

Brooke: Don't blame him. It wasn't his idea.

Amber: You?

Thomas: I told you it was a bad idea to move in here.

Stephanie: This was for your own good, Tom.

Amber: So he could see what an awful person I am.

Stephanie: No.

Amber: Yeah. That's what you think. That's what you all think. That I'm heartless. That I don't care about Thomas, that I'm using him? And if a better offer came along -- what if you were right? Huh? What would that have done to Thomas? Did you think about that? Hmm? His own family -- his own grandmother, his own stepmother, his own stepbrother, plotting against him? You're okay with that? Family attacking family. Yeah. It's all worth it, so long as you're rid of me.

Thomas: Come on, Amber, let's go.

Amber: No. No, I want to stay.

Thomas: You can't live here.

Amber: I can take anything they dish out.

Thomas: They're not gonna let up.

Amber: Fine, fine. Bring it on. I'm gonna prove to you, Stephanie, that people change. Brooke has, I have. And it seems like you are the only one who hasn't.


Jackie: Good night, Deacon.

Deacon: Yeah, it was.

Jackie: I want to go to bed now.

Deacon: So do I.

[ Nick remembering ]

Deacon: Nick, I didn't

tell your dad.

But he was right.

There was another man.

Nick: Deacon said that

this guy made you happy.

Jackie: "This guy"?

Nick: He wouldn't

give me a name.

He said that he had

seen you with this man

more than once.

Jackie: He's lying!


Thomas: Amber, we don't have to prove anything to them.

Amber: I do.

Thomas: They're not going to listen. They haven't so far.

Amber: They are going to listen to this. Rick, what you did was lower than low. And it was hurtful. That just makes me sad for you. That you would let yourself be manipulated into doing something like this. It's not you, Rick.

Stephanie: Rick made his own decision. And he did this for tom.

Amber: Great. So you're all banding together to protect him from me. Well, who's going to protect him from you? Look, I understand you're all having a hard time with it. I mean, I did, too. I mean, come on, he's a teenager. And he's another Forrester. I mean, it just sounds crazy, right? But it's not. It's right. It's right. We fit. We are good for one another. And if you don't see it now, you will.

Stephanie: No, amber. No, we won't.

Amber: Okay, fine. Then you're just closing your eyes to the truth.

Stephanie: No, you're the one that's not accepting reality.

Amber: Why? Why? Because I believe in seeing the best in people? Because I believe that there's always gonna be hope? That we can always try to make things better?

Stephanie: If you want to make things better, honey --

Amber: I do. But not just for me and Thomas. For the entire family. I've already done it.

Brooke: How?

Amber: I got you and Stephanie working together, didn't I? Think about it. This could be a new beginning for all of us. If we could just take all of that suspicion and animosity and put it behind us -- if we could turn all of that energy into something positive, just imagine what we could do. Three generations of women working together, just trying to make this family stronger. Let's do it right here, right now. No more fighting. No more tricks. Let's make peace, okay? Once and for all.


Jackie: Deacon, we had a lovely evening. Why can't you just leave it at that?

Deacon: If it was so much fun, why does it have to end?

Jackie: Because it has to.

Deacon: Does it?

Jackie: Yes.

Deacon: Well, what are you gonna to do? Send me to my room for being a bad, bad boy?

Jackie: Deacon, what are you doing?

Deacon: I'm just getting comfortable. Why don't you do the same?

Jackie: I can't be with you. Not while Massimo downstairs. It's --

Deacon: Jackie, we don't have to make love. We don't even have to talk. I just -- I want to be together the way it was, the way it used to be.

Jackie: Nothing's the way it used to be.

Deacon: I know it's hard. But I'm here. Jackie, you're not alone.

Deacon: I just want to hold you. I just want to let you know that everything's gonna be okay.

Jackie: I wish that were true.

Deacon: It is. Trust me. We're gonna get through this together.

Nick: My god!

[ Jackie gasps ]

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