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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/27/04

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By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Megan: Ridge? This is our third revision.

Ridge: We're adding more names to the list?

Megan: Well, yeah. This show is the hottest ticket in town. And so is the press conference.

Stephanie: I've been getting calls all morning.

Megan: Yeah, the interest has been incredible.

Ridge: All right. Well, pack 'em in. The more the merrier.

Megan: Okay.

Stephanie: I don't know about this.

Ridge: What's not to know? Thorne asked for a public showdown. We're just giving it to him.

Eric: What's wrong?

Ridge: Mother's worried about Thorne.

Eric: Well, so am I.

Ridge: Come on, you guys, he asked for this. I just hope he doesn't make a complete fool of himself.

Brooke: Nobody wants that.

Stephanie: Maybe we should just call the whole thing off.

Ridge: What, and look like we're backing down?

Stephanie: There are some things more important than saving face, Ridge.

Eric: But if we call this thing off, it will just make matters worse.

Brooke: Eric's right. If Thorne and Felicia realize that we pulled out because we didn't want to humiliate them, it would be like --

Ridge: Like throwing more fuel on the fire.


Sally: Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, now, that is what I call hot. Muy caliente.

Felicia: All right. All right. Okay. Thorne, so tell me, what do you think?

Thorne: It's ready. Danny, take it down to Amber.

Clarke: I think I better go with him.

Thorne: No, no, no, Clarke, if Amber needs anything, she'll ask for it.

Clarke: Accessories are tricky. If they're not just perfect --

Thorne: They will be, okay? You forget, amber was trained by the best. Just like all of us. Besides, I need you up here, next to me, to get ready for this press conference.

Felicia: Listen, Thorne, you just speak from your heart. Okay?

Darla: Exactly. Because that's what got you here in the first place, remember?

Thorne: Yeah. And all of you.

Sally: The merry band of renegades.

Darla: I think people are just going to be impressed to see us in the same ring as Forrester.

Thorne: They'll only be impressed if we win.

Clarke: Which is why I think we should've waited. I mean, don't get me wrong, we're on the right track. I think our designs are good. But unless we're absolutely certain that are designs are going to be better than whatever Forrester is showing, then we're taking an enormous and unnecessary risk.


Jackie: Massimo? Massimo, come back to me, my darling.

Massimo: I'm trying,


I'm here.

I'm here.

Deacon: Jackie, please don't do this to yourself.

Jackie: He can hear me, Deacon. He's listening.

Massimo: Yes.

Yes, I am.

Deacon: No. No, he isn't. Come on. Come sit down with me. Come on. Come sit down. There's nothing that says that you can't take a little break. Come on. Come with me. Sit.

Jackie: It is so cruel. It is cruel what's happened to him.

Deacon: I know. But that doesn't mean it has to happen to you. Jackie, you've got a whole life to live.

Jackie: I was meant to live my life with him.

Deacon: Okay, now listen to me, Nick's on his way over. Now you don't want him to see you like this, do you? Okay.

Jackie: Perhaps another pill?

Deacon: Oh, no, no, no, no. I don't think so. Come on. Come on. Listen to me. You can pull it together. You're strong. You can do this. All right? Listen to me. Hey --

Massimo: Take your filthy

hands off her.

Deacon: This isn't healthy. Clinging on to him, when you know he's gone.

Jackie: He's not.

Deacon: He is. But until you accept that, you're not going to be able to move on. Jackie, you are a beautiful, vibrant, woman. You just got to trust me. Can you do that?

Jackie: Oh, Nicky. Oh, Nicky. I'm so glad you're here.


Thorne: Yes, Clarke, we're taking a risk challenging Forrester. But this is more than just a battle of designs.

Clarke: I know. It's about you and your family. You and Ridge.

Thorne: It's about ideals. Teamwork versus the star system.

Sally: The triumph of the little guy.

Clarke: What happens if we don't triumph? What happens if we take a hit just when we're getting on our feet?

Thorne: You want to be a contender, Clarke? You come out swinging.

Clarke: All right. Well, let's get in the ring, let's throw a few jabs. But do we need to go for a knockout on the opening bell?

Thorne: Yes, we do. We have to prove to the world that we don't need a superstar. Now we have three world-class designers working on each and every gown. We're combining all our talent --

Darla: With one focus --

Felicia: Classic elegance and sophistication.

Sally: And that's our mantra, baby.

Thorne: And that's what's going to win this contest.


Nick: Everything okay?

Deacon: It was kind of a rough day.

Nick: Yeah. You all right?

Jackie: I'm sorry to be so emotional, darling, I'm just so glad to see you.

Nick: I'm glad to see you, too.

Deacon: Hey, Nick, Massimo's attorney called and said something about meeting you over here?

Nick: Yeah, I came a bit early. I wanted to spend a little time with him before we got down to business.

Deacon: So what's on the agenda?

Nick: I'll have him fill you in.

Deacon: He asked me to pull a couple papers out of Massimo's files.

Nick: Just set 'em on the table, will ya? How we doing today, pop? Any change?

Jackie: No. No, there's -- no improvement at all really.

Nick: Maybe tomorrow.

Jackie: Yeah.

Nick: You know, that wind can shift any time. You know that. I can send you right off course. And it can also bring you right back home.


Brooke: Ridge, maybe you should go talk to your mom.

Ridge: Don't worry, dad will get through to her.

Brooke: I'm more concerned that she might get through to him.

Stephanie: We need to discuss this. We could be setting Thorne up for a major -- a major disaster. I mean, the whole thing could be one big fiasco.

Eric: Stephanie, he knows the risks. And he's determined to prove himself. And I promised him a level playing field.

Stephanie: But the deck is stacked against him here.

Eric: Why? Because he's not as good as Ridge? You want me to actually go over there and say that to him? Look, I know what might happen -- what probably will happen.

Stephanie: Well, this could be emotionally more devastating for Thorne than the day you took the presidency away from him.

Eric: Well, it certainly would be if we cancelled this whole thing. If we declare Ridge the winner without letting Thorne even compete. I promised him I wouldn't do that and I won't.

Ridge: Ladies and gentlemen, the challengers have arrived.


Stephanie: Thorne, may I speak to you for a moment, please?

Thorne: Mother, we need to set up.

Darla: Oh, it's okay, honey, I can handle it.

Sally: It looks like the competition is nervous in the service already.

Eric: Look, why don't you come over here? I'll show you what we have planned.

Darla: Thank you.

Stephanie: Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Thorne: You don't think I can win.

Stephanie: Who wins when brother goes up against brother?

Thorne: Mother, you're the one who told me to aim higher. Now, you want me just to quit?

Stephanie: Now don't get defensive, please?

Thorne: I'm not. For the first time in my life, I'm on the offense. I'm not standing on the sideline waiting for Ridge or dad to wave me in. I'm here for one reason and for one reason only. I'm here to win. Was more important than treating my depression.


Darla: Exactly. Okay. What'd your mom want?

Thorne: She asked me to throw in the towel.

Sally: What did I tell you? They're shaking in their boots.

Felicia: What did you tell her?

Stephanie: Thorne's not going to back down.

Eric: Well, then we know what we have to do.

Ridge: My brother wants a fight.

Thorne: I say, "bring it on."


Eric: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Forrester Creations. I'm Eric Forrester, the founder of this company and father to the two gentlemen who have called this press conference here today -- Ridge Forrester and Thorne Forrester. I am very proud of each one of them and everything they've been able to accomplish in their personal lives and in this business. But to be quite honest, I stand here today with a heavy heart.

Not an easy thing for a parent to watch their children grow and leave home to pursue their own lives and to achieve their own goals. Until very recently, Forrester was home to both of these sons of mine. And to my very talented daughters. And hopefully one day soon, it will be again. But until that day, I'm actually very, very proud to be standing here with both of my sons -- Ridge Forrester, president of Forrester Creations.

[ Applause ] And Thorne Forrester, president of Spectra Couture.

[ Applause ] And now, the announcement that you've all been waiting for. Forrester Creations and Spectra Couture would like to invite you all to a preview of our spring collections here, tomorrow, on this stage. Normally, when Forrester shares the runway, it's for charity, but tomorrow, Forrester faces Spectra in a competition.

Jarrett: Sorry, did I -- did I hear you right? Did you say that this will be a competition?

Ridge: That's right, Jarrett. Thorne issued a challenge to us and we accepted.

Nicole: What kind of competition are you talking about?

Thorne: Our spring collection against theirs.

Jarrett: Eric, it doesn't sound like you're terribly thrilled about this.

Eric: No, actually, I'm just very grateful I won't be judging this event.

Jarrett: So who will be?

Thorne: We're gonna leave that up to the audience.

Reporter: Thorne, in this battle with your big brother, how will the winner be decided? Will the audience be given ballots?

Dane: Will you be using an applause meter?

Ridge: Oh, I think when you see the collections, the winner's gonna be very obvious.

Sally: You got right, Ridge. We are gonna knock your socks off.

[ Laughter ]

Jarrett: So this is a face-off? Forrester vs. Spectra?

Thorne: You got it.

Nicole: You've done this kind of thing before.

Jarrett: Yes, Ridge and Eric competed in the Portofino challenge.

Thorne: Yes. Well, this will be a little different.

Jarrett: How so?

Ridge: Well, you see, Thorne's trying to make a name for himself over there at Spectra. Where the Portofino challenge was actually a battle of two established fashion giants.

Dane: So this is more like David and Goliath?

Thorne: Yes, and we all know how that turned out, don't we?

[ Laugther ]


Nick: Now I want you to focus on getting better. You let Deacon and I take care of everything else.

Massimo: Don't trust


Whatever you do, son.

Jackie: Nicky, what is this about a meeting? I'm not prepared.

Nick: Mother, this has nothing to do with the boutiques. I'll handle it.

Jackie: No, but you're taking on too much, darling. I need to help you.

Deacon: Jackie, what do you say we go to the office? It might be good to get out of the house.

Jackie: If there's something I can do to help, then --

Nick: No offices. I don't need any help. I want you to go upstairs and rest. Come on.

Jackie: But I --

Nick: No, no, no, come on. Please. I'll come up and see you before I leave. Okay?

Jackie: Okay.

Nick: Just -- go on.

Jackie: Okay.

Nick: What's going on? Is she still taking the pills?

Deacon: I'm trying to wean her off of them. The doctor thinks it's a good idea. I'm not so sure.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nick: Harvey. Hi.

Harvey: Hi, Nick.

Nick: Thanks for coming.

Harvey: Sure.

Nick: Say hi to Deacon Sharpe.

Deacon: Hi.

Harvey: There has been no change?

Nick: No change.

Harvey: I was afraid of that. In fact, that's why I'm here. Nick, I think it's time for you to make a very grave decision.

Harvey: I realize this is not something you want to be thinking about, but given Massimo's condition, it needs to be considered.

Nick: He never assigned power of attorney.

Harvey: It's not unusual. People don't anticipate these kinds of tragedies.

Nick: Even though I'm running the business, my signature doesn't count?

Harvey: You have legal control of the business, but not of Massimo's personal holdings. His medical treatment, household expenses, things of that nature.

Nick: I'm his son, his next of kin.

Harvey: Your father's not deceased.

Nick: So what do we do?

Harvey: The only way that we can assign a power of attorney now is to have your father declared incompetent. I realize this is a painful decision, nick. You know I wouldn't be bringing this up unless --

Nick: I know, I know. I know that. Just the thought of my mother's reaction.

Deacon: Nick, this might not be the worse thing for her. I mean, I'm here. Man, I watch her, every day, hanging on to a shred of whatever hope she can find. Day in and day out, she's watching your dad, hoping that he's gonna come back, when, probably, he won't. Maybe this will give her some kind of closure.

Nick: I'm not giving up hope here.

Harvey: Don't think of it that way. It's strictly a business decision.

Deacon: Look, man, I don't envy you. But you're the one that has to make this decision. You know that this is what your father would want.

Massimo: No.


Dane: Thorne?

Thorne: Yes?

Dane: You seem very confident.

Thorne: Well, if I wasn't, I wouldn't have issued this challenge.

Nicole: What about you, Ridge?

Ridge: Oh, I can't wait to see what my brother has planned.

Dane: You're not nervous?

Sally: Well, if he isn't, he should be.

[ Laughter ]

Thorne: Can we shine a spotlight over here, please? I want to make sure that my team gets proper credit. I mean, Ridge, you don't mind if we share the spotlight a little, do you?

Ridge: Go ahead. I'll have it all to myself tomorrow, anyway.

[ Audience ohs ]

Thorne: This is Sally Spectra, Clarke Garrison, my lovely wife Darla, my very talented sister, Felicia. Amber Moore couldn't be here at this moment, she's putting the finishing touches on the line.

Reporter: Felicia, what's it like working for your big brother?

Felicia: Well, actually, we work with Thorne and Sally, not for them. And every contribution is of equal value at Spectra Couture.

Dane: Who's the head designer?

Thorne: We design as a team. All of us.

Dane: They collaborate?

Clarke: Oh, yes, we do. All the designers work together -- Amber, Felicia, myself -- and we get a lot of input from Thorne and from sally.

Jarrett: Anyone else? From, say, outside the company? You do have a reputation for producing knock-offs.

Thorne: Oh, we're changing that reputation. And this collection is going to establish Spectra Couture, by Thorne Forrester, as the premier fashion house for classic, elegant sophistication.

Nicole: But your designers have made their careers by being cutting edge.

Thorne: Well, as we see it, timeless beauty and quality are cutting edge these days. Almost a lost art. Let everyone else chase the next fad. Spectra couture is striving for an ideal. An ideal that is very near and dear to all of us, to my team. But you'll get a chance see that tomorrow. Right now, I'm sure my brother Ridge would just love to toot his own horn.

[ Laughter ]

Ridge: Well, thank you very much, Thorne. But I think we all know what Forrester's about, don't we? We've been doing what we do for a very, very long time. And we've done it better than most everyone else out there. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate what Thorne and Felicia are trying to accomplish over at spectra. But tomorrow, once we lace up our gloves, the battle is on.

Jarrett: You're not just sparring? Putting on a good show for the press?

Thorne: No, this is going to be a fight to the finish. And I predict it's gonna be a short one.

[ Audience ohs]

Jarrett: Well, how about giving us a shot of the fighters? Champ and challenger.

Thorne: Sure.

Jarrett: Come on, let's have a shot. Front page stuff.

Thorne: Come on, Ridge, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Stephanie: Ridge is egging him on.

[ All talking at once ]

Thorne: Tomorrow, Ridge, you be ready for a knock-out.


Announcer: On the next "bold and the beautiful" --

Thorne: Let's put the show in showdown.

[ Cheers ]

Ridge: I don't care what Spectra's managed to suture together over there, we've got this contest wrapped up.

Sally: We have an epic battle of fashion heavyweights. Let's get ready to rumble.

Thorne: Let's show 'em what we can do.

Jarrett: They're landing punch after punch.

Eric: Way to go, Thorne.

Ridge: Maybe it's a little stiffer competition than we expected.

Brooke: Let the best fashion house win.

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