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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/21/04

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by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Amber: Tell me, doctor -- am I pregnant?   


Eric: Felicia Forrester.

Felicia: I wasn't sure that I would get through security now that I'm on the competition's payroll.

Eric: I was hoping that would come over and tell me that you had --

Felicia: Oh, that I had seen the error of my ways?

Eric: You haven't.

Felicia: Ridge told me that you were having a really hard time with this. You know, my working there, again, instead of here.

Eric: You can't have thought that I would be happy about it.

Felicia: I -- I just hoped that you would understand, and maybe, deep down, be, you know, a little excited? You know, about seeing what Thorne and I can do, working together?

Eric: If you were working together here, I'd be thrilled.

Felicia: Dad.

Eric: Look, Felicia, you made your point. You felt that you would be overshadowed if you were working here. Overshadowed by Ridge. But what you call overshadowing, I call guidance, mentoring.

Felicia: I have hurt you.

Eric: I think you've made a big mistake, that's all.

Felicia: Another one, you mean?

Eric: I didn't say that. I know Thorne wants to make big changes over there at Spectra. He wants to raise that company to a new level of sophistication.

Felicia: That only you and Ridge can attain.

Eric: Honey, Forrester's headed for a very successful season. And something that spectra cannot possibly compete with. And if Thorne has convinced himself and you that he can, I think you're both in for a very rude awakening.


Clarke: Look, I know they're all different -- very different, but when you have three totally original designers like amber and like Felicia and like yours truly, what do you expect?

Sally: Oh, not that he's doing anything remotely dull, like making excuses, right, Bucky?

Clarke: I'm just pointing out that with three different designers, Spectra can cover all its bases. We can appeal to a broader clientele. That means more prestige, more accomplishment, certainly more money in everybody's pocket. It's a win-win for everyone. What do you think, boss?

Thorne: These don't cut it. They're not what we're about. Sorry, Sal, we're going to have to start over.


Dr. Sobel: No, Amber, you're not pregnant. Relieved?

Amber: Yeah.

Stephanie: I think it's safe to say we all are. This could have been a very difficult situation.

Dr. Sobel: I understand. The test for STDs came back negative. I also have Amber's x-rays, the follow-up to her surgery. They arrived a few moments ago.

Stephanie: Have you had a chance to look them over?

Dr. Sobel: Yes.

Stephanie: And?

Dr. Sobel: Would you prefer to have this conversation in private?

Amber: She'll find out about it anyways. Could you just tell me, was there scar tissue? Is that why dr. Wilson said I couldn't have kids?

Dr. Sobel: There doesn't appear to be any blockage.

Stephanie: So she can get pregnant?

Dr. Sobel: I don't see why she couldn't. But, as we discussed, carrying a child would put both you and the baby in serious jeopardy. Now if, at some point in the future, you decide you want to become a mother, you may want to consider other options. A surrogate, for instance. Do you have any more questions for me? Well, I have a consult in radiology. Please, feel free to use my office as long as you need.

Stephanie: Dr. Sobel, thank you very much for everything. I'll go take care of the bill.

Amber: Thomas? I am so sorry. I really had no idea that I could get pregnant. You believe me, don't you? Come on. Please tell me that you believe me?

Amber: Really?

Thomas: Of course. I mean, it was pretty obvious

Amber: I know how this looks, okay? I mean -- but I would never try to trap be more careful in the future.

Amber: I don't know. I mean, once your family finds out about this, will we have a future?


Felicia: You know, you're sounding more and more like Ridge.

Eric: Well, honey, you're not talking to ridge now, you're talking to me. You're talking to your father. The reason I founded this company was to create a family business. A place where all my children could work together under one roof.

Felicia: Yeah, where we'd all be given a chance to shine. As long as it doesn't take the spotlight away from ridge, though, right?

Eric: Look, whatever mistakes I've made, they do not justify Thorne --

Felicia: Thorne's betrayal or my defection?

Eric: Which can only lead to disappointment for both of you. Now, look, as much as I know Thorne wants this new and improved Spectra to succeed, it's not going to, because --

Felicia: Spectra is striving to be something it will never be?

Eric: Yes, exactly.

Felicia: Well, I guess no one told Nick Marone that. Because he seemed pretty impressed with the place when I showed it to him earlier today.

Eric: Nick Marone? Felicia, what the hell are you doing? You trying to cut your own family's throats. Using your personal relationships to undermine my company? My, god, how could you do that? How could Thorne let you do that?

Felicia: Wait, wait! Not so fast. If you think that Thorne put me up to this, you are wrong.

Eric: Oh, god, your mother doesn't think I understand Thorne's pain, well, maybe I don't. But I'm not going to allow anymore of these betrayals. These deceptions. And I'm going to put a stop to it right now.


Clarke: You're saying these stink?

Thorne: No, Clarke, not at all. They're elegant. They're edgy. Exotic. There's just still something missing. That magic that Forrester seems to weave into all of its designs. It's not here.

Clarke: Well, maybe we should sprinkle some fairy dust on it or something.

Darla: Come on, Clarke, I think you're taking this the wrong way.

Clarke: Oh, yeah? Well, tell me, Mr. One-for-all and-all-for-one, Mr. Rallying speech about how talented we are? How we're gonna take on Forrester and beat 'em at their own game?

Thorne: Clarke, as you know, we're not selling Forrester knocks off anymore, okay? We just haven't found our own magic, all right? But we will.

Clarke: Dad Forrester would know what to do if he were here.

Thorne: Well, he's not here. And we don't need him. I'm gonna make these designs work.

Clarke: But you just said that we were going to throw these away.

Thorne: I know what I said, Clarke. But each one of these has their strong points.

Sally: Just not strong enough to conquer the mighty duo of Ridge and Eric Forrester. Hmm? Come on, Bucky, back to the old drawing board. Literally.

Darla: Would you like me to stay, honey? Give you a little pep talk.

Thorne: No, honey, I need to do this on my own.


Amber: Oh, no, no, I'm fine now. Yeah, but that's the last time we're ordering take-out from that place. Yeah. Don't feel bad. Okay? Talk to you later. Bye.

Stephanie: And what was that about?

Amber: Looks like I wasn't all alone. A lot of other Spectra employees got sick, too.

Stephanie: Food poisoning.

Amber: Bad tuna sandwiches. Well, looks like we're done here.

Stephanie: And what did you plan on doing today, missy?

Amber: Well, I was planning on going back to work.

Stephanie: Not so fast. We're not done with this.

Thomas: Look, I can save us a lot of time, all right? Amber and I talked already. And we realize our relationship has moved pretty quickly, but after this scare, we'll be a lot more responsible.

Stephanie: Oh. So you're just going to continue having a sexual relationship, but your going to use protection.

Thomas: We're in love. You can't expect us not to --

Stephanie: What I expect is for you to wake up and get it.

Amber: Look, Stephanie, I swear, I would've never thought that --

Stephanie: Amber, that's just the problem, honey, you don't think. You just get yourself in these situations. Now you ignored your father, and you ignored me, and you continued to see one another, and we practically had a disaster on our hands. Why? Because you have the hots for Amber? Well, honey, life is not just about what feels good. There are other things. Responsibility, ethics -- what's right, what's wrong. This relationship is wrong for so many reasons. You've got to end it now.


Sally: All right, Einstein, come on, give it to me straight.

Darla: What? Give you what?

Sally: Tell me what your husband really thinks about these designs.

Darla: Well, he told you what he thinks.

Sally: Yes, but not what he intends to do about it.

Darla: Well, he's working on that right now.

Sally: Well, he's going to have to.

Darla: I thought you had faith in Thorne.

Sally: I do, I do, but I just --

Darla: Just what? Come on, spill it.

Sally: Well, it's about Eric Forrester. I just saw him charge by the door. And he didn't look too happy.

Darla: Oh, great. You think he knows?

Sally: What, about my connection with Jackie M, huh? Well, I'd say it's a safe bet. And he's probably headed for Thorne's office right now for a final showdown.


[ Thorne thinking ]

Eric: You're not

a designer, Thorne.

You're a nuts and bolts guy.

Leave the designing

to Ridge and me.

Thorne: I can do this. I have to do this.

Eric: The hell you do. And I'm not going to let you.


Darla: You know, we shouldn't assume the worst, Sal.

Sally: You didn't see Eric. I would've sworn I saw steam coming out of his ears.

Darla: Well, that doesn't necessarily mean -- okay, we both know what that means.

Sally: Yes, we do. I means the king of Forrester isn't used to being bested. Especially by a bunch of raggle-taggle renegades led by his outcast son. And now with Felicia going over to the enemy and Spectra Couture getting a thumbs up from the Jackie M head honcho --

Darla: He feels threatened. He feels threatened personally, professionally.

Sally: Of course. And you know what family business means to him. And now it's all splintering away right before his eyes. And if he doesn't do something to stop the hemorrhaging --

Darla: Exactly. I think he's just going to barge in there and just come on way too strong.

Sally: And then the dam will burst. Hmm?

Darla: Exactly. And Thorne is still hurting. Only, I don't think Eric realizes still how much, you know? If he goes in there, pushes all the wrong buttons, I know he is going hear things from his son that he has never heard before. And doesn't want to hear.


Thorne: What are you doing here, Dad?

Eric: Oh, I should think that that would be obvious, given all the stunts you've pulled.

Thorne: If you're talking about Felicia, I needed a designer, and Felicia needed some place to be creative away from ridge's big ego. So I hired her. Now if you have a problem with that --

Eric: I have a problem with a lot of what you've been doing lately.

Thorne: Such as?

Eric: Nick Marone. I understand he was over here earlier.

Thorne: Actually, I was out of the building. But I was told that he was very, very impressed.

Eric: Damn it, Thorne. You know how important that account is to us. You were filling -- you were filling those orders for years before Marone bought that chain.

Thorne: Exactly. And now that I'm president of Spectra, I'm gonna do the same thing here. Except with far better designs than Forrester has.

Eric: Oh, come on, Thorne. You don't understand the first thing about design. You never have. You're in way over your head. Don't you get that?

[ Thorne thinking ]

You've never understood

design, Thorne.

Never understood


Never understood --

[ Echoing ]

Thorne: I'll tell you what I get. I get that you want me to fail. That you and Ridge want me to prove you right. Well, it's not gonna happen, because I can do this. And I'm going to do this!

Eric: Even if it means blowing up this family from the inside out forever? Tearing apart the company that I spent my entire life building? My god, Thorne, all I'm asking for is a little loyalty from my own son. Can't you give me that? Or don't you have any loyalty left? Answer me! Answer me, Thorne!


Thomas: You can't dictate my life to me anymore than my dad can.

Stephanie: That's not what this is about.

Thomas: Oh. Oh, yeah, it's about right and wrong. Well, what amber and I have isn't wrong. All right, this is the last time I'm going to say this. I'm 18 years old, I know what's best for me, and amber's what's best for me. Okay, maybe she's not who you and dad would choose, but guess what? It's not up to you or anyone else in this family. I know what I feel. And I now how amber makes me feel. And I'm not just talking about sex. I'm talking about something much deeper. A connection I've never had with anyone. Maybe you've never felt anything like that, but I've been lucky enough to find it with amber. And I'm not just going to toss it away because my grandmother orders me to. I want you and dad to back off, or this is gonna backfire on both of you.

Stephanie: And what does that mean?

Thomas: It means you keep pushing, amber and I'll do exactly what you're scared to death we'll do. That's right, grandma, we'll take off. We'll get as far from L.A. As we can, where we won't be hassled.

Amber: Okay, okay, hold on. Why doesn't everyone take a deep breath so no one says something that they regret, okay?

Thomas: The only thing I regret is putting up with this as long as I have. I'm sick of ultimatums. I've had it with dad and the restraining order. I've had it with you telling me what I'm going to do. All I really needed you to do is listen. To hear what I'm about. To hear what amber and I are about. But hey, why should I be any different, right? You've bossed everyone around in this family your whole life, dictated what they're going to do. Well, it ain't happening that way with me. I'm not afraid to stand up to you. Or tell you how it's going to be. Either you accept Amber as the woman I want to be with or we'll go take off, start a new life somewhere else. It's up to you. What's it gonna be?

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