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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/14/04

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by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Darla: There's no sign of him.

Sally: Oh, hit me again, will you, Bucky? And don't be stingy with the whipped cream this time. I am convalescing.

Clarke: You've had enough coffee, don't you think, Sally?

Sally: I am not being paid any extra money to think. So just show your appreciation and get me a refill. Thank you.

Clarke: Yes.

Sally: Boy, look at the time. It's way past punching-in time, Thorne.

Darla: Guess there was traffic, you know?

Thorne: Felicia and Amber won't let us down, Sally.


Thomas: All ready for your first day of school?

Amber: You know, you didn't have to pack me a lunch or come down here with me.

Thomas: Oh, are you sorry I did?

Amber: No. It's just Thorne doesn't like the idea of us being together.

Thomas: But he's the one who made this possible by standing up to my dad. Look, don't worry about any of that. Just focus on this new job and how great you're gonna be.

Thorne: So this is what's keeping you?

Amber: Oh, um -- we were just --

Thorne: I saw. Your private life's your own business, even if you are on company time.


Deacon: Any sign of Jackie?

Claudette: No, sir, I'm sorry. I went to her room and I tried to wake her, but she seemed to be fast asleep, sir. I'm so sorry.

Deacon: That's okay. She's probably exhausted.

Claudette: Thank you.

Deacon: Okay. Thanks, Claudette.

Claudette: I'll be in the kitchen, sir, in case you need me.

Jackie: Deacon?

Jackie: Deacon?

Deacon: Hey.

Jackie: What are you doing here?

Deacon: Where else would I be?

Jackie: I thought I made it clear -- I wanted you to leave.

Deacon: Well, you said that, but then you said stay.

Jackie: No, I didn't.

Deacon: Jackie, you don't remember?

Jackie: That didn't happen. I wanted you to leave and I mean it. All of my focus is on my husband right now.

Deacon: Which is why I'm here, so I can help you with that.

Jackie: You can't. And it's wrong.

Deacon: Stop, don't get upset, please? Calm down. You gotta calm down if you wanna help Massimo.

Jackie: As if you care.

Deacon: I do care. I care about you, which is why I made this fantastic breakfast. Look at this. Will you just try some of it? 'Cause you got to keep you strength up. And one more thing, I really need you to take one of these, too.

Jackie: I don't need one of those. What I need is to be left alone with my husband. Good morning, darling. How are you? Isn't it wonderful? You've opened your eyes. The doctors, they're so proud of you. It means that you can get better, darling. I just know you can get better now.

[ Deacon remembering ]

Deacon: What is this?

Mark: It's a tranquilizer to help Mrs. Marone relax and cope better. Now it's really, really important that she takes these, okay?

Massimo: No.


Thorne: Look who I found loitering outside.

Sally: A-ha. Ambrosia, my darling, you are late. Well, now I see why. Come over here, young man. Let me welcome you to Spectra fashions.

Thomas: Hey, Sally.

Clarke: Amber, good to see you made it.

Darla: Yeah, welcome on board, honey. We're so glad you're with us.

Thomas: Yeah, you should be. Amber's stuff is off the hook.

Thorne: You guys didn't happen to see Felicia on your way in, did you?

Sally: You know what that means? I think it means that queen Stephanie and Eric may have gotten to her.


Ridge: All right, sis. You call Thorne up, tell him you're not taking his offer.

Felicia: Are you hearing this?

Ridge: You think they're going to support you going over to Spectra?

Felicia: I would think that you would be happy that he's taking the company legit. He's not going to be stealing your designs any more.

Ridge: No, he's just going to steal our designers.

Felicia: I haven't worked at Forrester for a very long time.

Eric: You've always been welcome here, Felicia.

Felicia: I didn't know that.

Eric: Well, of course you were.

Ridge: Well, Thorne knew it. Luring you over to Spectra is just another slap in dad's face.

Felicia: Thorne doesn't think that way, Dad. And if he did, I would never have accepted a job from him.

Eric: Why did you?

Felicia: Because it's exciting and I admire what he's trying to do. He's trying to make his mark in the industry. And if he's going to be successful, he needs me in a way that you don't. You have Ridge.

Ridge: What about what you, Felicia? What do you need? If you really want to make your mark in fashion, Spectra's not the place you want to be.

Felicia: You know me, bro. I love a challenge.

Ridge: Kiddo, we've got plenty of challenges here at Forrester.

Felicia: Yeah, like getting anything of mine on the runway. That's not what this is about. I admire what he's trying to do and I want to be part of it. Do you understand that?

Stephanie: I do, honey.

Ridge: Well, I don't. I just don't see how you can turn your back on the family.

Felicia: Turn my back on my family?

Ridge: Yes.

Felicia: Thorne is my family. We are all family. Please, don't lose sight of that. I'm late for work.

Ridge: You're just going to let her walk out like that?

Eric: It's her decision to make.

Stephanie: Ridge, at this point in her life, I think Thorne has more to offer her.

Ridge: Oh, great. So he can just systematically tear this family apart, and you two are fine with that? Well, I'm not.


Jackie: I'll read to you. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Deacon: Jackie -- Jackie, are you okay? Are you all right?

Jackie: Yes, I'm just light-headed, that's all. I'll be fine.

Deacon: When was the last time you had something to eat?

Jackie: Yesterday sometime.

Deacon: Please, listen --

Jackie: It doesn't matter. Massimo needs me.

Deacon: I want you to drink this right now.

Jackie: I don't need it. I don't need anything, Deacon. I just need you to leave. It is so incredibly disrespectful you being here with my husband. Please leave so I take care of him.

Deacon: Jackie, he doesn't even know you're here.

[ Massimo thinking ]

Massimo: Get your hands off her.

Deacon: Look, whatever you might think about me, if you want to take care of him, you gotta keep your strength up. So would you please just eat something? It's still warm.

Jackie: I don't have any appetite.

Deacon: All right, then at least drink this. Drink it. Come on. That's it. All of it. It's good for you.

[ Massimo thinking ]

Massimo: No. Stop.

Deacon: Feel better?

Jackie: Yeah, I suppose my blood sugar was a little low.

Deacon: Jackie, I just want to help you.

[ Massimo thinking ]

Massimo: That's not what he wants.

Deacon: But if my being here is stressing you out, maybe I should get my stuff and go.

Jackie: Yes, I think that would be best. There, darling, alone at last. I'll read to you now. You loved this one. It's the roman emperors. Do you remember? Very interesting -- "Caligula". We saw the movie about that -- yes, we did. We saw that together. "Rome plunged into a state of terror as Caligula's paranoia deepened. No one was safe, not even his most trusted advisers and family members."

[ Massimo thinking ]

Massimo: You are not safe. Not with Sharpe.


Eric: Ridge, don't tell me I'm okay with this.

Ridge: You didn't stop her.

Eric: Let it go, all right? If you and I do our jobs around here, we're not going to have to worry about Spectra.

Stephanie: Your sister's right. Thorne is going to go about this the right way.

Ridge: Oh, the right way -- is that what you call hiring Amber Moore?

Stephanie: She left town.

Ridge: She's back thanks to Thorne.

Stephanie: Does he know about the restraining order?

Ridge: Of course he does. He's giving Thomas legal advice now -- telling him he can challenge it in court.

Stephanie: Well, the truth is he's 18. They can't enforce it, can they?

Ridge: Thorne is on a power trip here. Don't try to tell me this is business. He's hired the people that will have the most negative effect on you, me and dad. And he's deliberately interfering with my relationship with my own son.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't believe that is your brother's agenda.

Ridge: Well, I do. I'm sick of it. I'm going over there now to talk to him.


Sally: A-ha. Well, it's very nice of you to honor us with a visit, Fifi.

Felicia: I'm sorry I'm late. It won't happen again.

Clarke: We thought that Eric and Stephanie might have snatched you up for reprogramming.

Felicia: Well, they tried.

Thorne: Mom and dad give you a hard time?

Felicia: They weren't really overjoyed, specifically dad, but the winner of the mad as hell sweepstakes is --

Thomas: My dad.

Felicia: Smart kid.

Thorne: Let me guess -- Ridge offered you a job at Forrester.

Felicia: He did.

Darla: Felicia, what did you say?

Felicia: I already had a job. This is exactly where I want to be.

Thorne: That's my gal.

[ Cheers and applause ]Thorne: This is the place to be. We're the dream team. We're going to beat Forrester Creations at its own game.

[ Darla clears throat ]

Thorne: What? Okay, it's all right. It's okay to be a little intimidated. I understand. Some of us have been out of the fashion loop for awhile. Some of us have some huge legacies to live up to. But although underneath the crushed velvet and the Chinese silk, fashion is brutal. And I know that each and every one of us have -- we've had our setbacks and we've had our failures. So you're going to ask me what's different about today? Well, I'm going to tell you what's different about today. Today you are part of a team, okay? You're part of a team. And while I think each individual in here is great, the sum of all the parts is even greater. Now I know that I'm speaking for everyone in this room when I say, thank you, Sally. For giving us a place to thrive, a place to grow. And a place for us to kick some butt.

[ Cheers ]

Sally: Oh, will you stop with all of that sweet talk! I'm going to start blubbering! It's going to ruin my makeup. Besides, I think we all know that you are the swizzle stick that's gonna stir that drink.

Darla: She's right, honey. You are the stick. And we are all behind you 110%, aren't we?

[ Applause and cheers ]

Sally: You know something? This really takes me back. Because Spectra has always been a family business. And I had a family here once. Some great people -- with the fabulous curmudgeon Saul who kept us honest, remember? And my beautiful daughter, Macy -- and I didn't think I would ever get that feeling back. But what did I know, huh? Well, I'll tell you what I know. I know that there has never was -- and there never will be -- a company with more potential, more talent and sheer genius than is right here in this room right now. And it's back.

[ Cheers ]

[ Buzzer]

Sally: Thank you. Uh, excuse me -- you mind? We're having a moment here.

[ Laughter ]Sally:  Thank you. Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute, thanks. That was the front desk. Ridge Forrester has just entered the building.

Amber: Thomas, Thomas, he's not gonna want to find you here.

Thorne: Thomas, I'm not going to tell you what to do, but you might want to consider --

Thomas: Yeah. I know, I'll leave.

Darla: No, Thomas, I have a shortcut -- this way, this way, back here. Come on, come on!

Sally: Ready? Ridge, what a surprise.

Thorne: We're in the middle of a meeting.

Ridge: I need to have a word with you, Mr. President.

Thorne: Well, whatever you have to say to me, you can say it in front of my team. Bring it on.


Jackie: "He ordered random spectators dragged from their seats and forced them to fight the bloodthirsty tigers" -- that is so gruesome. Oh, my -- Deacon.

[ Massimo thinking ] éAiéMassimo: He drugged you.

Jackie: I thought you were packing.

Deacon: Yeah, I'm finished, I just, um -- wanted to say good-bye -- unless I can change your mind --

Jackie: No, it's best if you -- it's best if you --

Deacon: I think it's best if I help you. Jackie, come on, Massimo needs you to stay strong. You can't do this yourself.

Jackie: I know. I know I can't, but you shouldn't --

Deacon: Whoa, whoa, easy, easy.

Jackie: You shouldn't be here.

Deacon: Jackie, listen to me. I'm your friend. I always have been -- and I always will be.

Jackie: No. No, Deacon, no.

[ Massimo thinking ]

Massimo: No, Jacqueline, don't.

Deacon: Feeling better?

Jackie: I'm feeling -- light-headed.

Deacon: Sure you are, yeah. You've had nothing to eat. No more skipping meals, you hear me? Okay, come on, come on. We're going to sit down -- let's go. Right here. Put your feet up. There you go. Jackie, caring for Massimo is a full-time job. And you've got this huge mansion to take care of -- you've got the new line of boutiques. I can help you do this -- I know that you are going through the most difficult period of your life. You do not have to go through this alone. Just let me help you. I care for you so much. I don't want you to ever doubt that. You need me here -- let me hear you say it. Come on, tell me.

Jackie: I -- need you.

Deacon: Just think about all the great times that we had together. That's just the beginning. We could have such an amazing life together. I want things to be the way they were. I want you back again. I want you back again.

[ Massimo thinking ]

Massimo: My poor Jacqueline -- he has us both -- where he wants us. The devil-- he is the devil.

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