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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/8/04

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By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: What did you just say?

Thomas: You heard me. Amber and I made love.


Jackie: Deacon?

Deacon: Hey. Listen, now that Nick went back to the office, I got to tell you, Jackie, I think he's right. I really do. You're not going to be able to take care of Massimo all by yourself.

Jackie: Oh, so you think that moving in here is a good idea?

Deacon: Well, I know you have your reservations, but --

Jackie: That's an understatement.

Deacon: Look, yeah -- you know what the problem with society is? They tell us, especially women, that we can do everything. You know, in your case that you can -- you know, you can be a fashion exec and you can be the lady of the manor and you can be a full-time nurse. And the fact of the matter is, you can't. Hey, look, even if you could, you don't have to, you got me.

Jackie: Well, I don't care. And there is nothing to think about, Deacon, because I want you to leave. End of story.


Thorne: A restraining order? Amber, what are you talking about?

Amber: God, I can't believe you haven't heard about this already.

Thorne: Well, I haven't. So, just start from the beginning.

Amber: I don't think you have that much time.

Thorne: Well, for one of my star designers, I'll make time.

Amber: Oh, gosh, it would've been so awesome working for you.

Thorne: Well, I don't understand why you still can't.

Amber: It's because of Thomas.

Thorne: Thomas? My nephew, Thomas?

Amber: We've been seeing each other.

Thorne: You mean, like --

Amber: Yeah.

Thorne: I had no idea.

Amber: Yeah, well, the rest of your family seems to be pretty consumed with it. And they made me leave town. So now I'm living in furnace creek again.

Thorne: Okay, I don't understand. What do you mean they made you leave town?

Amber: I violated the restraining order, so they told me that they'd send me to jail if I didn't leave.

Thorne: Who said?

Amber: Brooke, your mother.

Thorne: Not Ridge?

Amber: I don't think Ridge knows about that part yet. Yeah, I think everyone's been too afraid to tell him. They're afraid of what he might do.


Ridge: Amber had sex with you?

Thomas: No, we made love.

Ridge: You lied to me.

Thomas: No, I didn't.

Ridge: Yes, you did, Thomas. You let me believe that I could trust you. And the moment I turn my back --

Brooke: I tried to keep an eye on him.

Ridge: This is not your fault, Brooke.

Thomas: Look, I know how you feel about our relationship.

Ridge: Then you have no excuses.

Thomas: I'm not looking for one. What we did wasn't wrong. Amber and I love each other, dad.

Ridge: Oh, please. Come on.

Thomas: Don't say it. Amber's my girlfriend, okay? And I'm not going to let you insult her anymore. She's not using me. She's not conning me. And the only thing she's done is listen to me and care about me and be on my side.

Ridge: She is not on your side.

Thomas: Oh, no, right, because you are. In some weird way, you're trying to protect me from my own stupidity. Well, what am I gonna do, dad, sign my trust fund over? Put her in my will? Just because we had sex? Give me a break, I'm not some dumb, naive kid.

Brooke: Nobody thinks you're dumb or naive, Thomas.

Ridge: Brooke's right. But we happen to know Amber a lot better than you do, we know what she's capable of.

Thomas: Actually -- actually, no, you don't. Because if you did, you would realize what a good person she is. Sweet, fun, smart.

Ridge: Yeah, a little too smart.

Thomas: I'm sorry you don't see what I see. I really am. But as far as our relationship goes, you're just gonna have to get used to it.


Deacon: Jackie, this has been a hell of a long day for you at the hospital. Why don't you just -- why don't you go upstairs get a little rest.

Jackie: Oh, I don't need to rest, all right? What I need is for you to leave. I appreciate your concern, Deacon, I really do. But it is just inappropriate for you to be here. Okay? I mean, our relationship is the reason that Massimo is in this condition.

Deacon: So what are you going to do? You going to punish yourself? Are you going to try and take on this alone?

Jackie: I have help. I have help. I -- I have help.

Deacon: What about the business?

Jackie: The business? I don't care about the business! All I care is about getting him well again. And you being here, him seeing the two of us together, it's not helping him, all right? So, please, deacon, leave.

Deacon: Jackie, I'm not going to let you do this.


Thorne: Amber, are you afraid of Ridge?

Amber: No, I think -- I think he's more afraid of me. All the ways that I'm going to ruin Thomas' life.

Thorne: Mm-hmm, 'cause of your history with Rick. Speaking of which, does he --

Amber: Yeah, he knows. And he's mad at me, too. You know, everybody thinks that I'm using Thomas. You know? For money or to get back at Rick. Or to get back into the Forrester family. Or -- oh, to boost my fragile ego. Yeah, you name it, they got a million theories.

Thorne: What's your theory?

Amber: I love him. I don't expect you to believe it. I don't expect anybody to believe it except Thomas. But then again, he's just a stupid kid, right?

Thorne: Amber, he's 18 years old. Do you remember the things and people you loved at 18? Any of them still around?

Amber: No. You know, maybe everyone's right, maybe it won't work. You know, who knows? But does that make it criminal? You know, does that mean that I shouldn't live in a city that I love or do work that I'm really good at? Never mind. You know -- I mean, you're his uncle, of course, you're going to be worried about him. But I just wish that everybody would realize that I worry about him, too. I love him, too. Thanks for that job offer. It really did mean a lot.

Thorne: Hold on. We're not finished here.

Amber: Look, I know why you can't hire me, okay?

Thorne: Who says I can't?

Amber: Well, the police, for one.

Thorne: I don't think that restraining order's legit, Amber.

Amber: No, it is. Lt. Baker came to my motel room and --

Thorne: All Thomas has to do is contest it. Did either of you talk to an attorney?

Amber: No.

Thorne: I'm sure that's what my brother was counting on. Listen, I'm not saying that I approve of this relationship, okay, because I don't. But there were plenty of parents who didn't want Ridge going out with their daughters, and none of them ran him out of town, okay? And besides, this has nothing to do with this job. If you want it, it's yours.

Amber: If I want -- if I want it? Oh! Thorne, thank you so much. Oh, my god, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thorne: All right, now get out of here and go get your stuff. I'm going to need you close by.

Amber: Okay. Oh, god, I am so excited! I am going to do such great work for you. You are never going to be sorry. Thank you.


Ridge: I can't accept this, Thomas. I won't.

Thomas: You're wasting so much time and energy on this.

Ridge: And what about you? There are tons of women out there, women your own age, who'd be a million times better for you than Amber.

Thomas: Yeah, Amber tried to tell me the same thing.

Ridge: Oh, really, as she was taking off her clothes?

Thomas: She wasn't playing me, Dad. She's been put down so many times, she really doesn't believe she deserves anything good.

Brooke: She's not some meek, defenseless victim, if that's what you're saying.

Ridge: She's earned our distrust, time and time again.

Thomas: You're so sure I'm making a mistake here?

Ridge: Yes, I am.

Thomas: Well, then let me make it. Mom would've.

Ridge: What?

Thomas: She believed in letting somebody screw up and suffer the consequences. She said it's how you learn.

Ridge: Okay, so you want to learn about STDs, and you want to learn about teenage pregnancy?

Thomas: We talked about this, and she doesn't have STDs. And as far as a pregnancy goes, it's not going to happen. Look, the worst thing that's going to happen to me with Amber is a broken heart. And that could with a girl from a good family, my own age, somebody you approve of. Hell, it happened with Caitlin. Look, Amber's the first to admit her mistakes.

Ridge: Maybe so. But has she learned from them? I don't think so.

Brooke: Our opinion isn't based on one isolated incident. Amber has a history of questionable behavior.

Thomas: She's had to overcome a lot. I just -- I wish you would give her the benefit of the doubt, like Mom did.

Ridge: Look, would you stop bringing your mother into this? I already feel like I've let her down as it is. But you know what? You bring up an interesting point. This whole thing got started because Rick and Caitlin got together. You weren't the only one hurt by that, Thomas. Amber was, too.

Thomas: So?

Ridge: You think she's really forgotten all of her feelings for Rick? What do you suppose she'd do if Rick and Caitlin split up?

Thomas: Nice try, dad.

Ridge: What do you mean, nice try?

Thomas: You're trying to make me jealous of Rick. Amber and I are way past that.

Ridge: Oh, really?

Thomas: We're closer than you know.

Ridge: You mean then I knew?

Thomas: All right, fine, I won't talk about it. In fact, let's not talk about it at all, because I'm 18, and it's none of your business.

Ridge: So because you're 18, I should just stop caring about you? I should stop being concerned that you're lying to me? Sneaking out of the house, with a woman that's not worthy of you?

Thomas: That's not your choice to make, it's mine. And I've made it, so back off.

Ridge: So is this the way it's going to be between you and me?

Thomas: It's not the way I want it.

Ridge: But it is the way amber wants it.

Thomas: No.

Ridge: She's driven a wedge between us, Thomas. And you better believe she's loving every minute of it. Well, the fun and games are over. Where did you say Amber was?

Brooke: The trailer.

Ridge: Ah, the trailer. You are not following me, kiddo.


Jackie: Deacon, you cannot stay here. I just don't know what you're thinking.

Deacon: I'm just thinking that you need me.

Jackie: My needs, they're not important.

Deacon: They're to me, Jackie. They're important to Nick. I mean, that's why he has me here. Your son is scared stiff about what's going to happen to you. That this is taking a toll on you.

Jackie: I'm going to find someone else.

Deacon: Jackie, you and I both know that there is no one else that knows you better than I do. That includes him.

Jackie: We're not having this conversation in front of him, all right?

Deacon: What do you mean in front of him? He can't even hear us. Listen to me -- hey, let me just get you through the rough patch. Let me help you so that you can help him the way you want to. Okay?

Jackie: What's in it for you?

Deacon: What's in it for me?

Jackie: Yes.

Deacon: Maybe I feel guilty, all right? You know, I would say I'm a entitled, wouldn't you?

Jackie: Yes.

Deacon: Okay, then. Then let me do what I can to help. You start pushing me out and Nick's gonna start asking questions. And frankly, I don't think you're in any position to answer them.

Jackie: Well, then maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I should tell him.

Deacon: Oh, go ahead. And you know what's going to happen then? He's gonna throw you out. Do what you want that? Do you?

Jackie: All right. All right, you can stay, but only -- and I mean this -- only until I can convince Nicky that I don't need anyone. You understand?

Deacon: Yeah.

Jackie: You understand?

Deacon: Absolutely.

Jackie: Good, good.

[ Phone rings ]

Amber: Hey, you tracked me down.

 Good for you.

Gonna be out for a little bit,

 but I'll be back later.

Talk to me.

[ Answering machine beeps ]

Ridge: Gonna deliver this message in person. Only this time I'll get through.


Deacon: You know, Jackie, I just want to help you any way I can.

Jackie: I am completely devoted to my husband.

Deacon: I respect that.

Jackie: I hope so, Deacon.

Deacon: Hey, listen, why don't you -- why don't you go upstairs, you know, get some rest. You look like you're real strung out. And I'll keep an eye on him until the nurse gets here. It's not a problem, really. He's in good hands. No worries.

Jackie: Okay.

Deacon: Okay.

Jackie: I could do with rest.

Deacon: Yeah. Go on. Life sure is a funny thing, isn't it, old man? Turn on a dime, you know? I mean, one minute, you're calling the shots in your own world and the next minute, you're sitting here like a -- vegetable, I guess, is really the only word you could use, isn't it? I mean, you got a guy like me right down the hall from your wife. Massimo? Massimo? The lights are on, but nobody's home, huh, pal? Well, I guess I'll just have to make myself at home. What? A cigar? That's very nice of you. Don't mind if I do. Be right back. You do have good tastes, Cubans. Hey, Massimo, listen, I don't want you to worry about a thing, because, you know, now that I'm here, I'm gonna take care of everything. And I do mean everything.

[ Doorbell rings ]


Thorne: Hey, kiddo.

Thomas: If you're here to see my dad, he's not here.

Thorne: Actually, I'm here to see you.

Thomas: About what?

Thorne: You okay?

Thomas: Not really.

Thorne: This about Amber?

Thomas: How'd you know?

Thorne: I just saw her.

Thomas: So she's in town? Oh, thank god.

Thorne: Yeah, why?

Thomas: Dad found out that we're still seeing each other. And he's on his way to her place right now.

Thorne: Oh, man.

Thomas: Yeah, he's out of control, but I mean, at least, if she's not home then --

Thorne: She was going home, Thomas.

Thomas: Oh, no.

Thorne: Can you call her and warn her?

Thomas: I tried, her cell's out of range. I mean, if my dad finds her, I don't know what he's gonna do.


[ Ridge remembering ]

Ridge: What did you

just say?

Thomas: You heard me.

Amber and I made love.

[ Knock on door ]

Amber: Just a minute.

[ Knock on door ] Geez. Oh.

Ridge: Open the door, Amber.

Amber: What do you want?

Ridge: Let me in.

Amber: No, no, no. Go away.

Ridge: I'll give you three seconds. One.

Amber: I'll call the cops. I will. Oh, my god! What are you --

Ridge: I warned you. Keep your filthy hands off my son. You burn in hell.

Amber: Oh, my god! What are you doing?

Ridge: You didn't take me seriously, did you, Amber? But maybe now you will.

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