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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/7/04

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by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Jackie: Thank you, darling -- where'd you think the best place -- I think over by the fire --I'll get the fire lit -- and, um --

Nick: Why don't you come with me --

Jackie: Thank you very much. Thank you. This will be just fine. There you are, darling -- there you are. And when you wake up, you'll be home. You'll be home, darling -- that would be much more comfortable and --

Nick: Doc -- listen, thank you so much for everything. Especially letting us bring him home like this. Thank you.

Mark: Not a problem, not a problem. It's just good he's surrounded by people who love him. Can we help you get him situated?

Nick: No, I think we got it covered, thank you.

Jackie: You've been really wonderful. Thank you, doctor.

Mark: Well, you have my number. If there's anything else you need --

Nick: We'll call.

Nick: You okay, Mom?

Jackie: No. No.


Thorne: Look what we have here, Sally -- a room full of professional designers trained by Eric Forrester, the best in the business.

Sally: Just a couple of minutes ago, we had a roomful of his actual designs.

Thorne: Knock-offs are short-term fixes, short-term thinking. It's no way to do business. Sally, what we need is guarantee product. We need our own design team. Ours.

Sally: Listen, I had to remind you of this, but we have definitely been down this road before!

Thorne: You've tried to plug Forrester designers into the Spectra system. Square pegs, round holes. You can't take someone who has been trained to create the best of the best, and give them substandard fabric, outdated equipment, untrained staff --

Clarke: I've been telling you that for years, Sally.

Thorne: I know how to support designers. I spent my career making sure that my father has everything he needs to be successful -- and I did it. I can do it here. We can pulled together, we can out-Forrester Forrester -- there is no doubt in my mind.

Felicia: So what are you picturing here? The island of misfit toys, with tape measures and sketchpads?

Sally: Wait a minute, hold on, hold on Fifi-Felicia -- first things first, okay? You and Ambrosia here are not exactly misfits or rejects. I kept up with you and your career when you were working in Paris. And I know there's a world-class designer in you underneath all of that attitude, okay? And as for you, miss ambrosia -- you might be convinced that the only place a brassiere ought to be seen, or really belongs, is outside in the open air, but if you could just put the kibosh on your need to shock people and focus on what you do best, which is making women happy to open their closet doors -- I think you can give even Ridge Forrester a run for his money.

Thorne: So you're on board?

Sally: You bet I am.

[ Cheers ]Sally: I got a few things to say -- some of you may already know this, but if havenít gt use to it because you're going to hear it again.

[ Laughter ] Sally: My mother took me to see the statue of liberty when I was knee high to a grasshopper, barely out of my baby shoes -- and when I saw that great lady standing in New York harbor with torch blazing in the twilight sky, I turned to ma, you know what I said? I said, "ma, she's from Paris, France. She was born there. And that is the birthplace of haute couture. So, why the hell did they dress her in that tacky green shmatteh?"

[ Laughter ] Well, my mother cuffed me up one side of the head and down the other, and she said, "Sally, it is not about her outfit. It is about her message." And, you know, she was absolutely right. And I feel like that statue today.

Darla: Only much better dressed.

[ Laughter ]

Sally: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Send me all of those unfortunate souls who had the audacity and the nerve to tick off Ridge Forrester, all of that unsung talent that Stephanie and Eric ignored when they were seated at their own dinner table -- to you all, I lift my lamp beside the golden door of Spectra!


[ Applause ]

Reporter #1: Eric, is Brooke's return your response to losing Thorne to Spectra?

Eric: The timing is coincidental. Brooke has proven herself to be a top-notch executive and we're thrilled to have her back. We have some wonderful plans.

Jarrett: Speaking of Thorne, how much of a mess are you walking into here, Brooke? How much damage has he done?

Brooke: Well, from where I'm standing, Forrester has never looked better.

Jarrett: Eric, is it true that those were your designs on the Spectra runway?

Eric: No comment.

Reporter #2: Your employees have been quoted saying Thorne stole the line. Is that true?

Eric: Now, I've said all I'm going to say.

Brooke: You'll forget all about that when you hear what we have planned.

Reporter #1: Is that the idea? To change the subject?

Ridge: All right. Come on, guys. Let the lady finish a sentence.

Jarrett: How's it feel being hijacked by your own son?

Ridge: How do you think it feels, Jarrett?

Jarrett: So that's confirmation, then.

Eric: Ridge, don't.

Ridge: Yes, Thorne stole the line.


[ All talking at once ]

Jackie: Nicky, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You don't need this.

Nick: Mother -- if you need to cry. I know this is killing you.

Jackie: You don't know how much.

Nick: I think I do. This marriage almost falls apart, you put it back together, and now this. It's tough.

Jackie: I just want it to be the way that it was, before that awful day ever happened.

Nick: He'll come back to you again. Right? He always has. Like the doctor said, he just needs people around him that love him. That's why we're here. And that advice goes double for you.

[ Knock on door ]

Jackie: Oh.

Deacon: Claudette let me in through the kitchen.

Jackie: Why are you here?

Deacon: I'm not exactly sure. Nick asked me to come.


Thorne: So? What'll it be, ladies? Are you in?

Clarke: Don't make her get up and tap dance now.

Thorne: Amber, we've worked together before.

Amber: Yeah, and you've always been really nice to me -- which I appreciated.

Darla: I'm sure you did. Ridge was horrible to you

Amber: Is that why I'm here? Because of the way ridge feels about me and the way you feel about ridge?

Thorne: That has nothing to do with it, okay?. You are here because of your talent, Amber. Anyway, the bad blood between you and Ridge -- that's ancient history, right?

Amber: Look, Thorne, I'm dying to get back into designing, I really am. And I would totally take this job, except --

Thorne: Well, then, don't say no! Say yes!

Amber: Yes. Okay.

Thorne: Well, what about you, sis? You gonna stop me from being the knock-off king? Make an honest businessman out of me?

Felicia: Um -- how about a maybe?

Thorne: I like it better than a no.


Ridge: No! I'm not going to say anything further about Thorne, except to say we're all very disappointed.

Reporter: Have you told him that?

Reporter #2: What did he say? Is he still part of the family?

Brooke: All right. Let's get the focus back where it belongs -- on me.

[ Laughs ]

Jarrett: All right, then. I have a question about Brooke.

Brooke: Yes?

Jarrett: Actually, it's for Stephanie. She must be around here somewhere. Ah, Stephanie -- we haven't heard your reaction to Brooke's return. We all know how much she excites the Forrester men.

Stephanie: No comment, thank you.

Jarrett: I guess that's my answer.


Jackie: Why did you invite Deacon here?

Nick: We got trouble at Marone industries since the old man's stroke. Ugly speculation, stock's down. It's time for me to take over the company, which means I eat, breathe and sleep Marone industries. I'll have to move into those offices if I'm gonna pull this off, even though I'd rather be here, with you and the old me.

Jackie: You're making the right decision, Nicky. I'll be fine. We both will.

Deacon: Nick, I'm sorry. I'm not really grasping what this has to do with me.

Felicia: So this is it -- the big, final sales pitch?

Thorne: I know what I want and I go after it.

Felicia: And what exactly is it that you want, Thorne? My designs or just another way to stick it to Forrester Creations?

Thorne: Now how is my assembling a hot new design team sticking it to Forrester?

Felicia: Hmm. Well, let's see -- first, you hire Amber Moore, who happens to be probably Ridge's least favorite person on the planet. And then you try to lure me away from the family and join you on the dark side.

Thorne: No. No, no, no -- it's just the opposite. I want you to lead me away from the dark side and help me turn this into a legitimate fashion house, not a knock-off shop. Now, there's no way dad could object to that.

Felicia: Sure he can. I think he's been secretly trying to get me back at Forrester for years.

Thorne: But you haven't done that. Why?

Felicia: Well, he's never actually made me an offer. But, just, you know -- a lot of things going in my life that you don't know about.

Thorne: And you've handled them all on your own. Without the support of your family. Maybe 'cause you knew you wouldn't get that support -- not the support that you needed. Felicia, our family's attention is directed at Ridge. But you can come here, where you have family and you have support. And we can do some great things together. I believe in you. Your stuff kicks butt, sis.

Felicia: Well, you have a lot to offer, too. I have always known that.

Thorne: You bet I do. And if we team up together, the whole world's gonna see -- we're gonna blow 'em away. Felicia, I honestly believe that this is the place where I can reach my full potential. And I want to help you reach yours. And besides all that, we're gonna have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

Felicia: Thank you.

Thorne: "Thank you" as in -- "I'm not interested"?

Felicia: Thank you for your faith in me. Boss.


Ridge: Jarrett was really out of line with mother today.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Yes, I know. It's going to make things more tense between Stephanie and me.

Ridge: Look, it may not seem like it now, but mother really can separate business from the personal, so -- she was right behind us with the Amber situation, wasn't she?

Brooke: Right.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: Nothing.

Ridge: Did mother back down with Amber while I was gone?

Brooke: No.

Ridge: No, "no" or no, "maybe"?

Brooke: No, she didn't back down. In fact, she told Amber she'd better leave.

Ridge: She did?

Brooke: Yes. And so did I. And Amber left.

Ridge: How do you know?

Brooke: Because we made it very clear that if she stayed, she'd end up jail.

Ridge: How could you put her in jail unless she violated the restraining order? Is that what you're trying to tell me? Did Thomas get together with Amber while I was out of town?


Eric: Well, there you are. I was worried about you.

Stephanie: Oh? So now you're worried about me? That would come as a surprise to the reporters that were here earlier. You made it very clear to them -- and to everyone -- how little you really care about me. And how little you respect me.


Nick: We've got all the nurses and what have you to look out for pop, but it's not the same as him knowing there's somebody around that he knows and trusts. Hudson's on leave -- the old man likes you.

Deacon: What, me? Nick, are you asking me to stick around here and help out?

Jackie: Nicky --

Nick: I know the two of you have had your problems, a little friction in the past, but that's over with. Am I wrong?

Deacon: Yeah, it's cool. I think we all want what's best for your dad. Right, Jackie?

Jackie: Yes. But --

Nick: Mother -- this is going to be very difficult -- emotionally and physically. Now, Deacon's been through his own rehab. It's not the same as the old man, but I'm sure you can identify.

Deacon: Yeah, I can.

Nick: You can have in Oscar's old room.

Jackie: Darling, you cannot expect deacon to just uproot everything to look after your father. You --

Nick: He's not just looking after my father. He's looking after my mother, too. This is too much for you to handle. The old man wouldn't want you to. I think it'd be a relief for him to know that Deacon's here taking care of you.

Deacon: Whatever I can do to help.

[ Massimo growling in his head ]

Nick: See? I knew there was a reason the old man liked you.

Deacon: It'll be just fine.

Nick: Gather your things and bring them on over.


Eric: I'm so sorry. They had no right to ask those questions.

Stephanie: What did you expect? And it's only the beginning. Now that Brooke is back, the gossip and innuendo will just keep going on and on and on. And I will be the butt of the joke in the industry.

Eric: The press conference was a bad idea.

Stephanie: The press conference? That's what you think the mistake was, hmm? How long and how hard did I fight to get you and this company back from Brooke? Do you remember?

Eric: I didn't think that it would end up this way.

Stephanie: Oh, of course, you did. You knew exactly how it was going to end up.

Eric: Stephanie, I promise you, I will look after you. I will look after your interests in this company and this family.

Stephanie: Too late. She's already won.

Eric: You haven't lost the company and you won't. And you haven't lost me. You never will. You're my rock. You're my foundation. Everything I am, everything I have, I owe to you. And there isn't a person in that press conference or in this family who doesn't know that.

Stephanie: I don't know that.

Eric: I'm yours. I always will be. I love you.


[ Knock on door ]

Thorne: Hey, you.

Amber: Hi. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Thorne: No, no, no -- my door is always open. Especially for my design team.

Amber: Yeah. About that --

Thorne: No, no, no -- we have a verbal contract, missy. Don't make me get all presidential on you.

Amber: Um -- I appreciate this job offer -- I mean, more than you possibly know. But -- I think that you should be aware of some things. Like -- Ridge and I, we haven't really been getting along all that well lately.

Thorne: Join the club. Listen, it's not going to affect what we're gonna do here, okay?

Amber: Well, the police may have a different opinion. Ridge took a restraining order out on me.


Brooke: Yes. Thomas went to see Amber.

Ridge: Where?

Brooke: The Insomnia. She was working there.

Ridge: Why didn't you have her arrested?

Brooke: He said, if I did he would take her to Las Vegas and marry her.

Ridge: What!

Brooke: Stephanie already told her to leave town. And I backed it up by going there with Lieutenant Baker. And I think that was the end of it.

Ridge: It better be. How'd you find out they were meeting?

Brooke: Stephanie found out. I don't know how she knew.

Ridge: Well, I guess we should be counting our blessings. At least it was a public place, they couldn't get into much trouble there. What?

Brooke: You should really be talking to Thomas about all this.

Ridge: Why? What's he going to tell me? There more to this story? Come on, Logan. What happened at the Insomnia?

Thomas: I'll tell you what happened. Amber and I made love.

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