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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/30/04

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by Boo
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Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: Good morning. Why'd you let me sleep so late?

Brooke: Because you needed it. Last night was really tough on you.

Ridge: Seeing Massimo in that hospital just was a real kick in the head for me. Someone so powerful, so full of fire, lying there all hooked up to those machines. It makes you reassess your priorities.

Brooke: You're feeling guilty.

Ridge: I just feel like I really let him down. I didn't want to wear that Marone ring. It all seems so petty now. Especially when it meant so much to him. Now I don't know if I'll get a chance to tell him that.

Brooke: Well, you said so yourself, he's powerful and full of fire, so don't lose hope.

Ridge: Yeah. I was wondering if it had been dad in that bed. That would have made Thorne regret all the stuff he's putting our parents through now.

Brooke: Honey, don't stress out about this. Thorne's gonna realize that this isn't the way to go.

Ridge: Well, I'll telling you this right now. He'd better lay off of Forrester Creations. Because I'm back. And I'm not gonna stand for it.


Marty: Everything's in order here as we discussed. But, Thorne, as your attorney, I have to ask one more time -- are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?

Thorne: Absolutely. As far as I'm concerned, it's a done deal.

Marty: You're aware of the shockwaves this is going to cause, especially in light of what you've been doing here at Spectra.

Thorne: I think surprise may work in my favor.

Marty: With Sally, too? You haven't told her about this, have you?

Thorne: No, I haven't, but I'm sure she'll understand. My family has been through enough all ready. It's time I end this war. This is the only way to do it.


Eric: Have you seen the quarterly sales projections? Profits are down 50%. They're still falling.

Stephanie: The Ingénue line is keeping us afloat.

Eric: Yeah. Barely. And our son is still selling the rip-offs of the Ingénue line over at Spectra.

Stephanie: Why are you getting yourself all worked up?

Eric: Well, I have very good reasons. Forrester pulled a line for the first time in its history. Our reputation has been sullied all over the world, and I haven't been able to concentrate on anything for at least a week.

[ Papers rustling ]

Stephanie: What are you talking about? This is wonderful.

Eric: All lot of good it's going to do me if I hand it off to one of Thorne's spies.

Stephanie: Oh, Eric, he's not going to do it again.

Eric: You don't know what he's going to do! God, I thought after we gave him the couture collection, that maybe we had settled something, that maybe we'd even closed the rift between us. That maybe he would leave Spectra and come back to his family.

Stephanie: Perhaps that's asking too much.

[ Buzzer sounds ]Eric: Yes, Megan? It's your son.

Thorne: Hello, Dad.

Eric: Hello, son. Um, what can I do for you?

Thorne: Take a meeting with me. I need to talk to you and mother. Can we make it your office?

Eric: Yes, yes, of course, that would be fine.

Thorne: Good. I don't want to fight anymore.

Eric: I'm really glad to hear you say that, son.

Thorne: And I want Ridge there, too. Can you arrange that?

Eric: Yes. Yes, Iwill.

Thorne: Okay, thanks, Dad. I'll be there shortly.


Eric: He wants to meet with you and me. And he wants Ridge to be there at the same time.

Stephanie: How did he sound?

Eric: He sounds like a son who wants to come home.              

[ phone ringing ]


Brooke: It could be the hospital about Massimo.

[ Phone ringing ] oh. It's Eric's office.

Ridge: Hello?

Eric: Ridge, sorry to wake you. I know you must have had a late night.

Ridge: It's okay. I'm up.

Eric: Good. Look, I need you here. Thorne's called a meeting.

Ridge: The only place Thorne can call a meeting is at spectra.

Eric: Look, he wants to meet with your mother and me, and he asked that you be at the meeting, as well. I think he wants to come back.

Ridge: Thorne wants to come back to Forrester Creations to work? You shouldn't even be letting him in the front gate, more or less groveling for his job. No, I think I'll pass on this one, thank you very much.

Eric: Ridge, I'm still CEO. And I want you at that meeting. You get in here.

Brooke: So, Thorne wants to call a meeting?

Ridge: Yep.

Brooke: You really think he wants his job back?

Ridge: Dad does. Given all the reparations they've been throwing his way lately, they might actually believe him. Which is why I'm going to be there to put a stop to it.


Darla: Hi, baby.

Thorne: Hey. What brings you by?

Darla: Well, with Sally stranded at home, I figured there'd be no one to stop you from playing hooky at lunchtime today. I'm craving something hot and spicy. I don't know, maybe some shrimp vindaloo with my sexy husband. Huh?

Thorne: I can't.

Darla: Oh, come on.

Thorne: I have a meeting at Forrester.

Darla: You're kidding?

Thorne: No, I'm not. With me, mom, dad and Ridge. Could be the most important meeting of my life.

Darla: Thorne, what's going on?

Thorne: Well, let's just say it's a good thing the building over there is earthquake-proofed, because I'm about to shake the hell out of that place.


[ Cell phone rings ]

Darla: Hi, Brooke.

Brooke: Hi, Darla. Where are you right now? Good. Could you do me a favor and stay there, I need to talk to you about something.

Darla: Okay. Sure.

Brooke: Okay. I'll be over soon.


Eric: Thanks for coming.

Stephanie: Hello, sweetheart. Is there anything that I can do for you or Massimo?

Ridge: You could let me out of this farce of a meeting so I can get back to the hospital.

Eric: Ridge, Thorne wants you here.

Ridge: He's not going to want to hear what I have to say, dad. The little backstabber.

Eric: All right, give it a break. Give it a rest. Ridge, Thorne is your brother. And your mother and I have forgiven him for stealing the collection. We drove him to that, all of us. Including you.

Ridge: Oh, I'm not buying that for a second. I thought Thorne would be the one groveling, not you two. Don't you realize what serious trouble we're in here?

Eric: Of course, I realize.

Ridge: We are a joke. This company is a joke, Dad. We're being nailed by a member of our own family. God, distributors think we've completely lost it. There are buyers that are asking should they just go to sally directly now for our next line. Revenues are in the toilet, because of Thorne. You guys want to pretend it didn't happen. And you want to make him part of the team again?

Eric: Yes. Yes, we do. We have to bring all of this to an end, ridge. For the company and for the family.

Stephanie: If your brother wants to come back here, and he wants to make peace, we are going to make it work. All of us. That is what is the most important thing right now.

Ridge: Yeah, well, that doesn't seem that important to Thorne, he's late. Maybe Darla sent him out to get some more lip gloss.

Thorne: Darla won't be attending this meeting.

Ridge: Well, whoop-de-doo, you want to tell us why we are?

Eric: Ridge, come on.

Stephanie: Hello, sweetheart.

Thorne: Hello, Mother.

Stephanie: You're always welcome here, you know that.

Thorne: I'm glad to hear you say that. Because I want to stay here. For good.


Brooke: Thanks for seeing me.

Darla: Sure. You made it sound pretty urgent.

Brooke: Well, I heard about the meeting at Forrester with Thorne, his parents and Ridge. What's going on?

Darla: I don't know.

Brooke: Darla.

Darla: No, I'm serious, Brooke, I have no idea. He said it was really important, and he was excited about whatever it is. I don't know.

Brooke: Not angry?

Darla: No.

Brooke: Well, then, maybe he is ready to end the attacks on Forrester Creations.

Darla: Well, there really wouldn't be any attacks if they'd just let him do his job, which he did brilliantly, by the way. But I guess your husband couldn't stand sharing the spotlight, so -- here we are.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Brothers fight. Families, when they work together, they're going to argue, it's inevitable. I mean, it's only natural --

Darla: So, what are you saying? Thorne was overreacting?

Brooke: I'm sure you don't see it that way.

Darla: No, I don't. Thorne has been in Ridge's shadow for years. He just kept slaving away. And through so many different crises, he's the one that kept that place humming along over there. And now finally, he has a chance to be on top, and what happens? It's just taken away from him, just like that. Is it any wonder that he finally snapped?


Ridge: So you steal our designs, you completely destroy our sale figures and now you want to come back to work here? Well, while you're at it, Thorne, why don't you just burn the building down and ask for a raise.

Stephanie: Ignore your brother.

Eric: Thorne, I'm very happy you've decided to come home.

Stephanie: So am I. It's wonderful.

Thorne: Well, let's just take things one step at a time, okay? I've given this quite a bit of thought. I have a proposal I'd like to present to you. Mother. Dad. I also have copies for Kristen, Felicia and Brooke.

Eric: Ridge. Thorne, this is an appraisal and a purchase agreement.

Thorne: That's right. I said I wanted to come back to Forrester. So I've met with my attorneys and my investment bankers. An appraisal was done. I think you'll find that a very generous offer.

Stephanie: You want to buy Forrester Creations?

Thorne: That's right, Mother. I've already secured financing. Now, Dad, you can stay on in your current position or you can take an early retirement. You and mother can travel the world. You're welcome to stay, too.

Ridge: Oh, really? You already pick out my janitor's uniform?

Thorne: Or you can take your share of the sale price, you and Brooke can start your own company. Equally viable from where I'm standing.

Eric: Well, you've kind of blindsided us. I have no idea what to say.

Ridge: Well, I do. You're completely out of your mind.


Brooke: I know Thorne's had a rough time, but there's gotta be a better way to deal with it than trying to destroy Forrester.

Darla: If there were, he would have done it. It makes him sick to go up against Eric and Stephanie. I mean, Brooke, it makes him physically ill. I see him every day. He really just wants to put an end to this.

Brooke: And what about you, Darla? Could you forgive Eric and Stephanie and Ridge for trying to force Thorne out of the company?

Darla: Well, that broke my heart. It still does. But I hate this. I hate this even worse, this feud. I love Eric and Stephanie so much. And I know Thorne does, too. I think he even loves Ridge. Or his disrespect wouldn't hurt him so much. I don't want Alexandria growing up cut off from Thorne's family. You know, I want her to be able to play with her cousins, know that she's a part of something really special. 'Cause she is.

Brooke: And so are you. And I'd love that, too. So let's hope just that Thorne is leading the charge to resolve this right now.

Darla: Thank you.


Thorne: You've gotten my offer. You can go. I know your father's in the hospital. And that's where you belong.

Ridge: And you belong here?

Thorne: Yes, I do. I know my contributions weren't as flashy as yours, but it didn't make them any less essential. I was here -- supervising production, inspiring loyalty and achieving flawless work with an army of employees you don't even know exist. I've proven I can run this company. I deserve to. I'm your son. If you don't want to hand the company to me, that's fine. I'm willing to pay for it.

Ridge: Will you two tell him there's no way in hell we're gonna sell him this company?

Thorne: Before you answer that, think long and hard. And face the facts. This company is in trouble. And it's only just gonna keep sinking.

Ridge: Yeah, because you keep stealing from us.

Thorne: A lot of factors go into a company's success. Sometimes the departure of a key person affects the whole organization in ways you never could have imagined. Especially in a business as volatile as fashion. That's a generous offer. Have your financial team look it over, they'll tell you the exact same thing. You can cash out now or you can wait for my next offer, which is going to be considerably less. And my offer after that will even be slimmer. Until Forrester Creations is in such bad shape, you'll have to take whatever you can get.

Ridge: You thieving little weasel --

Stephanie: Stop it! Both of you! This isn't you! This isn't you talking. Do you want to put us in this position? I can't believe that. You love us, I know you do.

Thorne: Yes, I do, Mother. All of you.

Eric: Then come home, Thorne. Just put an end to all of this.

Thorne: I would if I thought it would put an end --

Stephanie: It will be the end, I promise you. We know how much we've hurt you. And we regret it.

Thorne: I don't. In a way, I'm actually grateful. Because it's what it took to open my eyes, to make me realize that things were never going to change unless I changed them. I'm tired of waiting, I'm tired of whining, as you'd put it. But most of all, I'm tired of blaming. If I'm not in charge of the company that I was born to run, it's because I haven't taken charge. Well, that's what I'm doing. I am taking charge. And I am staking my claim. I am the future of Forrester. So sell me this company and let the new era begin.  

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