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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/28/04

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By Boo
Proofread  by Becky

Jackie: Massimo? Massimo? Can you hear me? Oh, what's happening? What's happening? What have I done to you?!

 Deacon: Jackie, the paramedics are on their way.

 Jackie: Oh, thank god.

 Jackie: He can't talk. Look, he's trying to talk. But he can't talk. Oh, what have we done? What have we done?


 Eric: You know, Ridge, this could have waited until morning.

 Ridge: I'm afraid not, Dad.

 Eric: You've been gone. Your wife and your kids miss you.

 Ridge: I miss them, too. A lot. But we've got to get moving on this right now.

 Eric: It's as bad as we thought.

 Ridge: Thorne scored a direct hit. Every meeting I had, all they wanted to talk about was Spectra -- Thorne's triumph, how proud you must be. No one asked about our line. Our distributors didn't even know it had been cancelled.

 Eric: Well, maybe that's a good thing.

 Ridge: Dad, we've been eclipsed here. We've got to get back in the game. And I mean right now.


 Nick: There's probably one thing you ought to know about the old man. He's a bit of a throwback.

 Felicia: What does that mean, "old school"?

 Nick: More like stone age. It's all about duty and honor, family -- it means everything to him.

 Felicia: So what's going on with him and Ridge? Or not going on? I mean, it's gotta be hard on him.

 Nick: You know, he really doesn't talk about it.

 Felicia: Neither does Ridge. I know that he's upset that Massimo supported you over him.

 Nick: That's not what happened. He supported the child. He thought the baby was mine. And he wanted his grandson to be raised by his biological parents.

 Felicia: That is old school.

 Nick: You know, Felicia, you gotta understand. My father didn't raise us. We didn't know him. He didn't know us. So he tried to do the right thing for me and my son. And it all would've been different if we knew your brother was the father.

 Felicia: Ridge doesn't understand that?

 Nick: There was a little issue with the mother, actually.

 Felicia: Yeah, Ridge can't forgive her.

 Nick: Well, maybe he'll have to just suck it up and start by forgiving his own father, huh?

 Felicia: So Massimo was willing to lose his son forever to get back with your mother? He must really love her.

 Nick: I don't think he can live without her.


 Jackie: Please, please, help him.

 Medic #1: What happened?

 Jackie: I don't know. He just collapsed.

 Medic #2: Mr. Marone? Massimo, can you hear me, sir?

 Jackie: He hasn't said anything since he fell.

 Medic #2: Did he hit his head?

 Jackie: I don't think so.

 Medic #1: Bp is 170 over 80. Got a heart rate of 110. I'm starting an I.V.

 Medic #2: Was he experiencing any pain in his head or chest?

 Jackie: I don't think so.

 Medic #2: Was he acting appropriately before he fell? Was he confused? Was he disoriented?

 Jackie: Well, yes -- no -- I mean, I don't know. We were arguing. He was upset.

[ Massimo moans ]

 Medic #2: He's aphasic.

 Deacon: What does that mean?

 Jackie: Is he going to be all right?

 Medic #1: Mrs. Marone, your husband may be having a stroke.

 Jackie: Oh, god. No.

 Medic #2: Mr. Marone, close your eyes. Can you close your eyes, sir?

 Medic #1: Sir, I need you to squeeze my hand.

 Medic #2: No, he's unresponsive. Contact the emergency room.

 Medic #1: This is R.A. 12. We have a possible CVA. Male, mid-50s, aphasic and nonresponsive. We've got him on o2 and I.V. ETA five minutes.

[ Radio ]

 Medic #2: Let's go.

 Jackie: I'm gonna come with you. Deacon! You call Nicky. You have him meet us at university hospital now!


Eric: I was hoping the news would be better.

 Ridge: Yeah, well, there's more.

 Eric: What has Thorne done now?

 Ridge: Not Thorne. My other backstabbing brother.

 Eric: Nick?

 Ridge: Get this, he's going into business with his mother.

 Eric: I heard that Jackie might be leaving Fenmore, but to start up a business with Nick? That doesn't make any sense.

 Ridge: They're not starting up a company, they're taking over an existing one.

 Eric: Montgomery enterprises.

 Ridge: You heard, too, huh?

 Eric: I heard that Hayden was considering retiring. He'd been talking about it all year. He thought he might even -- might even sell it. But I didn't think he'd actually do it.

 Ridge: Yeah, well, he did. Marone industries. We've now got popeye in charge of the biggest chain of fashion boutiques in the world. The guy can't even dress himself, Dad.

 Eric: I know somebody who might be willing to help him with is fashion sense.

 Ridge: His mother?

 Eric: Your little sister.

 Ridge: Still going on? I thought that was over.

 Eric: I know that most of Felicia's relationships have been short-lived, but I think maybe this one might be different.


 Felicia: I'd like to meet your parents.

 Nick: They're a little bit busy people right now. My father just bought my mother a high-end boutique chain.

 Felicia: Montgomery enterprises? That was the big, extravagant gift?

 Nick: Yeah. You know that company?

 Felicia: Yeah. One of my good friends is the buyer for them. She said her boss said to look out for some changes.

 Nick: Oh. Well, tell your friend not to worry. Because I don't plan on changing anything that's not broken.

 Felicia: You?

 Nick: Yeah. Mom's the CEO, I'm the president.

 Felicia: President of a fashion company?

 Nick: Well, I run ships, I run business. She'll handle the fashion part.

 Felicia: Good idea.

 Nick: Are you suggesting that I have fashion issues?

 Felicia: Oh, yeah. But you know what? You happen to be in luck. Because I am an excellent tutor.

 Nick: I'll bet you are.

 Felicia: I can't believe that your father bought her a company.

 Nick: You'll learn us Marones -- actions speak louder than words.

[ Phone rings ] I should probably get that.

[ Phone rings ]

 Felicia: Okay.

 Nick: I don't want to, but I will. Hey, speak of the devil. What's up, old boy?

 Deacon: Nick, it's Deacon. Listen to me. Your dad -- he collapsed. The ambulance took him to university.

 Nick: What do you mean, collapsed?

 Deacon: Just get over there, okay? Your mother will explain everything.

 Nick: Yeah, yeah. I'm on my way. Listen, I'm sorry, but I have to go. Something's happened with my father.

 Felicia: Well, I'll go with you.

 Nick: No, no, no, no. You've had your turn of hospital time. I'll be fine.

 Felicia: All right. Well, just call me if you need me for anything, okay?

 Nick: Yeah, yeah. I will.


 Mark: Is this the cva?

 Medic #1: Yeah. He's aphasic and nonresponsive. But his vitals are stable.

 Mark: Massimo Marone? Mr. Marone. This is Dr. Maclaine. You're in the hospital.

 Jackie: They said that it might be a stroke.

 Mark: It could be. We'll know more after we run a head CT and MRI.

 Jackie: My god, is he gonna need surgery?

 Mark: We'll know more after the tests. Let's get him upstairs right away. Come on. Go!

 Jackie: He's going to be all right, isn't he?

 Mark: We'll know more after the neurologist takes a look at him. Hey, girl.

 deacon: What's going on? Where's Massimo?

 Jackie: He's upstairs. They're running tests and --

 Deacon: Can he speak?

 Jackie: No, not yet.

 Deacon: But he's probably gonna be all right, huh?

 Jackie: I don't know. They think probably is a stroke.

 Deacon: What else did they say?

 Jackie: Nothing. They just told me to wait here until they'd seen a neurologist.

 Deacon: Jackie, this is good. This is good. This gives us time to get our stories together before Nick gets down here.

 Jackie: Did you talk to him?

 Deacon: Of course I talked to him. I told him his dad collapsed. I said, "get your ass down to the hospital." And I did not say a word about the argument, okay?

 Jackie: This is our fault. We did this.

 Deacon: No.

 Jackie: Yes, we did. It was the shock of finding out about us. It was just too much for him.

 Deacon: Jackie, Massimo is not a shrinking violet here. The guy went ballistic. He blew a gasket.

 Jackie: He could die, Deacon! Do you realize that? He could die! And god, if he does, I will never, ever forgive myself.

 Deacon: I'm sorry.

[ Jackie sobs ]


 Eric: Your brother has been a really, really good friend to Felicia.

 Ridge: Oh, so it's a coincidence she's been staying with Brooke and me?

 Eric: I don't think that has anything to do with it.

 Ridge: Oh, no?

 Eric: Well, i hope not.

 Ridge: The guy is on the rebound, Dad.

 Eric: Well, you might want to keep that opinion to yourself when you're speaking to your sister.

 Ridge: I am gonna talk with her.

[ Knock on door ]

 Felicia: Dad, I hope you're not too busy -- Ridge, what are you doing here?

 Ridge: Working.

 Felicia: Shouldn't you be at the hospital?

 Ridge: Hospital?

 Felicia: Oh, god. Nobody called you. Ridge, Massimo had some sort of an attack. They took him to university E.R.


 Deacon: Jackie, I know you're upset, but you can't panic.

 Nick: Mother? What's going on?

 Jackie: Oh, Nicky! Nicky, they think your father had a stroke. He's upstairs. They're running tests.

 Nick: Stroke?

 Jackie: Yes.

 Nick: Is he going to be all right?

 Jackie: They don't know, darling. It happened so fast. He just -- he collapsed. He wasn't talking. He wasn't moving. And that's what made it so scary. Because he was awake. He was moaning and --

Nick: All right. This all happened at the office, right?

 Jackie: Yes.

 Nick: Out of the blue? No warning at all?

 Jackie: No. Doctor. Doctor, how is he? How is my husband?

 Mark: He's stable. He's stable. We just moved him to the I.C.U.

 Nick: Did he have a stroke?

 Mark: I'm still waiting on the results from the CT and MRI. But yes, the neurologist believes your father had an Ischemic stroke. Luckily, he was brought in soon enough for us to administer TPA.

 Jackie: What's that?

 Mark: It's a drug that helps break down the blood clots that caused the stroke before they can do any more damage.

 Nick: Can we see him?

 Mark: Briefly. Okay? And only one at a time.

 Nick: You should go.

 Jackie: No, you should go. I was with him in the ambulance. He'd want to see you.

 Mark: I'll take you to his room. As soon as I get the test results, I'll be back, okay?

 Jackie: Thank you.

 Deacon: Jackie, you don't want to see him?

 Jackie: After what I've done? How could I face him? How could I face him?

 Ridge: Massimo collapsed? You mean, like a heart attack?


 Felicia: I don't have any details.

 Ridge: How did you find out?

 Felicia: Well, I was with Nick when they called. And he looked pretty scared. I think it's serious.

 Ridge: I've gotta go over there.

 Eric: Of course. Of course, you do. I'll tell Brooke and the kids for you.

 Ridge: Sure. Thanks.

 Felicia: That's good that he goes. I mean, I know that he's been upset with Massimo --

 Eric: He's still his father. And if things are as serious as you say they are, he's gonna need his family around him.


 Nick: Pop? Pop? Good god, how did this happen? How do you go from being in an office, starting a business -- well, I hate being in hospitals and I know you do, too. So we're just gonna work on getting you the hell out of here. Think of what had happened to the company, huh? Or mom? She needs you. She needs you. She does okay on her own, but when you get the family and the man that you've prayed for your whole life -- little tough to just lose that. So don't do that to her, okay? Or to me. You see, I know who you are. Because you helped make me who I am. I know you hear me. Before I knew you were my father, you were my mentor and my idol. And now I know the guts and the drive and the strength it takes to build an empire and most importantly build a family and you you brought me in, you made me part of that. But I'm not ready to take the helm. It's too soon. I need more time. I need -- I need my father. I need my dad. Now you show me those guts. And you show me that courage and that drive. And you get it together. And I'll be right here. I'll be right here. Right here.


 Jackie: Maybe that's what he needs -- to hear his son's voice. He'd fight for his sake, wouldn't he? He'd fight to come back. Don't you think?

 Deacon: Yeah, yeah, definitely. I hope so. Jackie, I also hope that Massimo doesn't remember what we were talking about. That way, you two could go on like nothing happened. That is what you want. Right?

 Jackie: Yes. Yes.

 Deacon: Okay. Okay. And I -- I really am sorry that he heard us.

 Jackie: That's okay. I was going to tell him anyway. I wanted to be honest. I wanted to -- deserve him.

 Mark: Mrs. Marone?

 Jackie: Have you got the results?

 Mark: Yes. But I'm afraid it wasn't what we hoped for. The CT and MRI revealed a massive stroke affecting your husband's brain stem. Now, this is the most basic part of the brain. And the stroke damaged his cardiovascular system, his speech and his motor function.

 Jackie: But it's not permanent. I mean, you know, with rehabilitation and --

 Mark: It's a miracle that he survived the initial event. A lot of times with a stroke like this, he could end up in coma or even death.

 Jackie: Massimo's a fighter.

 Mark: Yes. He is a very strong man. But I'm afraid to say -- that he may never walk or talk again.

 Deacon: Doc, would you -- would you mind giving us a few minutes alone, please?

 Mark: Yes.

 Deacon: Thank you.

 Jackie: What have I done? What have I done? What have I done?

[ Jackie sobs ]

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