B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/8/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/8/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Jackie: You shouldn't be calling me.

Deacon: Well, if you came over here, we could talk in person.

Jackie: I told you. Massimo and me, we're --

Deacon: Yeah, I know, Jackie. I know, he wants his little stepford wife back.

Jackie: Stop!

Deacon: The problem is, Jackie, you're not that person. Don't you get it? Hell, you never really were that person.

Jackie: I can't have this conversation with you!

Deacon: I miss you, Jackie.

Jackie: In time, you won't even --

Deacon: In time -- we're wasting time. Don't you get it? You and I, we should be together right now, making love.

Jackie: Stop! I have my family back. I have Nicky back. This -- is where I belong.

Deacon: Were you happy, Jackie? I mean, were you really happy the way you were with me?


Stephanie: Amber. Tell me that you're not involved with Thomas.

Ridge: She can't. Because it's not true.

Brooke: She's taking advantage of him, just like she did with Rick.

Amber: It's not true.

Eric: You weren't in bed with him?

Amber: I mean, technically -- technically, we were on the bed.

Ridge: Oh, come on. Come on, you're not gonna finesse this. You're the same old gold digger you've always been, Amber, using the same tactics.

Stephanie: All right, Ridge. I want to hear what Amber has to say.

Amber: I'm not a gold digger. Did I take one penny from Rick when he divorced me? No! I loved him.

Stephanie: I know you did.

Amber: Thank you.

Stephanie: This isn't about you and Rick. This is about you and Thomas. Now, I want you to tell me the truth. What happened?

Amber: We haven't done anything wrong.

Stephanie: You took a teenage boy into your bedroom.

Amber: It wasn't like that. I ran in there because I was crying. I was upset. Rick and I, we had just had this big fight, and it was just -- it was terrible and -- Thomas followed me.

Brooke: Like she knew he would.

Amber: No. I told him to leave. I told him that he was a stupid kid. I was even really mean to him. But he wouldn't leave. He said that he was worried about me and that he wanted to stay and cheer me up. And he was -- he was nice to me. He was -- really sweet. And -- he kissed me.

Stephanie: And you let it happen.

Amber: I told him it was a big mistake.

Ridge: So what are you saying here? That my son forced himself on you?

Amber: No!

Ridge: When I walked in on you two, you were making out. Now, whoever started it, you should have stopped it! But you didn't, did you?

Stephanie: Oh, Amber.


Massimo: You gonna let me in on it?

Jackie: What?

Massimo: Whatever's put that smile on your face.

Jackie: Oh. It's no secret. I'm happy. I'm happy to be home.

Massimo: Glad to hear it.

Jackie: So -- Nicky, he's going to be home soon?

Massimo: Oh, yes.

Jackie: The two of you seem to have gotten a lot closer in the last few months.

[ Massimo sighs ]

Massimo: We've sort of been in the same boat.

Jackie: You mean you've both been hurt by me.

Massimo: Let's not go there.

Jackie: Why? I mean, why can't we talk about this?

Massimo: Look. Jacqueline -- one step at a time. I would like to focus on mending our family.

Jackie: Why? I mean, you're clearly still angry with me. Are we gonna have a real marriage, Massimo, or are you just doing this to make our son happy?

Nick: Hey, the third wheel has arrived.

Massimo: Dominick.

Nick: Hello, mother.

Jackie: Hi, darling.

Nick: It's good to have you home.

Jackie: It's good to be home.

Claudette: Your salad, Madame?

Jackie: Oh, thank you, Claudette.

Claudette: You're welcome, Madame. Anything else for you, sir?

Massimo: No, I think we're fine, Claudette. Thank you.

Claudette: You're welcome.

Nick: Did you want something, mother?

Jackie: Actually, I was just wondering if we had any pepperoccini.

Nick: For your salad? You don't eat hot food.

Jackie: Darling, you know tastes change. But don't worry. It was just a craving.

Massimo: Well, I certainly hope that your taste in wine hasn't changed.

Jackie: Still my favorite.

Massimo: Good. Dominick, why don't you do the honors, huh?

Nick: Absolutely. Here you are, Mother. A bit weird, isn't it? The three of us sitting around a dinner table, after everything that's happened. Just as though nothing has happened.

Jackie: I don't think that any of us can forget what happened. We never will.

Massimo: Well, we can learn from it, move forward as a family.

Nick: A bit smaller of a family than we expected, I guess.

Jackie: Have you been able to resolve things with Ridge?

Massimo: He's been busy. His business with Forrester Creations, you know?

Jackie: Does he know that I've moved back in?

Massimo: We haven't spoken in quite a while.

Jackie: I'm sorry, Massimo.

Massimo: I know you're sorry, Jacqueline. And I've forgiven you. So let's just move on.


Amber: It's not what you think.

Ridge: No, Amber. It's worse. You see, what she's not telling you here is this isn't the first time they've kissed. It's been going on for weeks.

Brooke: Since the night of that Ingénue showing.

Amber: We had both just found out about Rick and Caitlin. You know, I'm sorry. I mean, we -- we were upset.

Stephanie: Oh, so this excuses your behavior?

Amber: No! Nothing happened! We were just talking, and he was so down on himself, I just wanted to make him feel better. No, no, no, no -- no, no, not -- not like that. You know, we just -- we just kissed. That's all. And I told him that it was wrong and that we shouldn't see each other anymore and he shouldn't even call me.

Eric: But you kept seeing him.

Amber: He's very persistent. He was --

Stephanie: How could you let this happen?

Amber: Stephanie: I -- he wouldn't listen to me.

Stephanie: Amber -- you are the adult. You're supposed to be responsible. I can't believe I'm even having a conversation of this sort with you. You're the adult! You're supposed to know the difference between what's right and what's wrong.

Amber: Well, I tried to stop it!

Stephanie: Well, it doesn't seem you tried very hard.

Eric: There's no excuse, Amber.

Amber: You know, it really wasn't that big a deal!

Stephanie: It's not a big deal?

Ridge: Not to her. It's part of the routine.

Amber: Oh, that is not fair! Don't let them turn you against me. There was nothing sick or perverted about this. It was just two people who were lonely and a little bit depressed. And, yes, it went too far. I would never do anything to hurt Thomas. Or anyone else in this family. You know that. Please, Stephanie. You gotta tell me that you know that. No, no no no no no no no no


Nick: Not hungry?

Jackie: I'm just a little keyed up, I think. You know, all the changes, it's --

Nick: It wasn't too long ago you thought you lost your family. Now you got us back, you lost your appetite.

Jackie: Don't take it personally, all right, darling?

Nick: I won't take it personally if you relax. You're on solid ground here. Right, pop?

Massimo: Well, yes. I said so.

Jackie: I think it's just going to take me a little while to get acclimated. That's all. I know that you want things to be the way they were before.

Massimo: That's the last thing that I want.

Jackie: No, I meant before I started keeping secrets.

Massimo: No, even before that, Jacqueline. You weren't happy, were you? Did you think I didn't notice?

Jackie: Of course I was happy. Of course I was -- I was happy to be with you. I was happy to be your wife. It's -- it's just that I was overwhelmed, you know? There were such high expectations of being Mrs. Massimo Marone. I wasn't prepared for it, darling.

Nick: Well, who would be?

Massimo: I understand the pressure that you were under.

Jackie: You do?

Massimo: Of course I do. I grew up with it. I was raised to live up to the Marone legacy from the day that I was born. To expect the same thing from you with any kind of ease is unrealistic. And I apologize.

Jackie: Oh, no, there's no need to apologize. Just to know that you understand --

Massimo: I do. And I promise you, from here on in, it's gonna be different.

Nick: That's what I like to see.

[ Cell phone rings ]Nick: Excuse me. Yeah.

Jackie: Massimo, I can't tell you what you've done for me. I mean, I just feel as though this weight has been lifted.

Massimo: You shouldn't have had to carry that weight on your own. Jacqueline, you won't have to from now on. Believe me. Because I am going to be there for you, to help you, guide you, coach you.

Jackie: Coach me?

Massimo: We are going to make a proper Marone out of you yet.

Nick: Hey, I gotta run.

Massimo: Oh, you haven't finished dinner.

Nick: No, no -- I got a bit of an emergency. Besides, I'm a third wheel. You crazy cats have fun.

Massimo: Hey, crazy cat.


Ridge: Don't play the victim, Amber. No one's buying it.

Amber: I'm not a victim. But I am not evil or cold-hearted. Stephanie, you know me. You stood by me all these years.

Brooke: You were counting on that, weren't you?

Amber: No, not the way that you are thinking. I counted on knowing that there was one person in this world who understood me. Who knew that I was a good person, and someday I was going to make something of myself. You stood by me when no one else did.

Stephanie: Yes, amber, I did. I absolutely did. That's why I took you in when you were pregnant. Why I forgave you when the baby turned out not to be Rick's. Why I let you stay at the beach house after the divorce, so you could get a new start in life. And this is how you repay me? You seduce my grandson?

Amber: No! It wasn't like that.

Thomas: Leave her alone.


Deacon: Hey.

Nick: What's going on? Something wrong with Hope?

Deacon: No, no, no. She's fine.

Nick: They still letting you see her?

Deacon: Yeah, I see her from time to time. Thanks to you. You know, I've got to tell you, I wish she was living with you and Brooke.

Nick: Well, I guess things worked out the way they were supposed to.

Deacon: They don't always, do they?

Nick: You know, I was having a nice dinner when you called. So --

Deacon: You were with your parents, right?

Nick: How do you know that?

Deacon: Nick, um, you might not know this, but I've been tailing your mother.

Nick: You've been what?

Deacon: Your dad, he hired me to keep an eye on Jackie.

Nick: Why would he do that?

Deacon: He suspected that maybe she was having an affair.

Nick: That's crazy.

Deacon: Well, he didn't seem to think so, Nick. You remember a night a couple of months ago, she stayed out all night? I'm guessing you heard about that one, right?

Nick: That was a long time ago. You're telling me he's hired you to follow her since then, even though she moved out?

Deacon: I'm telling you that your father has a tough time letting things go.

Nick: Well, they're back together now.

Deacon: I would imagine you're pretty happy about that.

Nick: Why wouldn't I be?

Deacon: Nick, I didn't tell your dad, but he was right. There was another man.

Nick: I don't believe you.

Deacon: I don't blame you. But I know what I saw.

Nick: Well, maybe you were wrong.

Deacon: Look, she spent days at this guy's house, Nick. She spent nights there.

Nick: Why are you telling me this?

Deacon: I'm telling you this because -- I'm telling you this because I figured maybe you and I could put our heads together. You know your old man's temper. I sure as hell don't want to hand him a lit match like this.

Nick: Who is he? This guy you're talking about, who is he?


Massimo: I've missed you, Jacqueline. You seem surprised.

Jackie: Do I?

Massimo: You're still worried that I took you back because that's what Dominick wants? I took you back because it's what I want.


Thomas: What is wrong with you people?

Amber: Thomas, it's okay.

Thomas: No, it's not. They're ganging up on you.

Stephanie: And you're going to hear from me in another minute.

Thomas: I've heard this before. From my dad, Rick. None of you have any idea what you're talking about. You're not even listening to her.

Brooke: Because we know she lies when she's in trouble.

Thomas: What about me? Am I lying? I've told you over and over again, she wasn't pushing this. I was.

Ridge: No matter how it happened, Thomas --

Thomas: I know. I know. Amber's not appropriate for me. Well, tell me, who is? Caitlin? You want to talk about liars.

Stephanie: Well, everyone knows that you were upset about Caitlin. And, obviously, you still are.

Eric: Thomas, that should tell you something. This infatuation of yours with amber isn't even about her. You're on the rebound.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, right. Because you know so much better than I do how I feel. Just like dad can read Amber's mind.

Ridge: Not too hard to do.

Thomas: He thinks she's setting a trap. That this whole time she's telling me to go away and leave her alone, it's some diabolical plot to take over my life. I mean, come on. You've got to see how ridiculous that is.

Amber: You don't believe it, do you?

Stephanie: I don't want to.

Amber: Well, it's not true. I love you. I love this family. I respect you all so much. We're just friends. I mean, he was there for me when I was really hurting.

Stephanie: And that gives you the excuse for this?

Amber: No, no! I'm just -- I'm trying to make you understand.

Stephanie: I think I already do.

Amber: No. Please don't turn your back on me, Stephanie. Come on. I just -- I didn't mean to hurt anybody. I just -- needed someone. Come on. I mean, you can understand that, can't you? Please. Stephanie, please. Come on.

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