B&B Transcript Tuesday 9/7/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/7/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Eric: Colon cancer? Felicia? Oh, god.

Stephanie: At least she's finished with the chemo.

Eric: I see. Where is she?

Stephanie: Honey, she wanted to have some time alone.

Eric: So you just let her walk out of here? Facing everything she's facing?

Stephanie: Well, she's been facing it all on her own for the past few months.

Eric: Well that's exactly my point. She should be with us. I'm gonna go get her. I'm gonna bring her home --

Stephanie: And then what? Eric? Then what? Not let her out of your sight? Treat her like a baby? That's not what she wants. Look, she's healthy now. The blood panels show that she's cancer-free. She continues to see the oncologist and she continues to be tested for the next five years.

Eric: It could come back. Why didn't she tell me this? She should be here with us.

Stephanie: Eric, she's been through so much. She doesn't even want to talk about the cancer, much less think about it, all right? And she also does not want us to tell the rest of the family.

Eric: Why? Why not?

Stephanie: Because she wants to tell them in her own time, in her own way and I respect that. I've gained a lot of respect for Felicia. It took real courage to go through this alone. And to do it with such grace.


Amber: Hello?

Ridge: Is he there?

Amber: Ridge?

Ridge: Just answer me, Amber. Are you with Thomas right now?

Amber: No!

Ridge: 'Cause if you are --

Amber: Ahh, listen, you warned me to stay away from him and I have.

Ridge: And I'm supposed to just take your word on that?

Amber: What, you want me to swear it in blood?

Ridge: Oh, don't get smart with me.

Amber: Then stop hassling me.

Ridge: I'm not hassling you, amber. I'm just reminding you what's gonna happen if I find out you're still pursing my son!

Amber: I never "pursued" Tomas.

Ridge: Like you didn't pursue Rick.

Amber: This is -- this is different.

Ridge: Oh, you bet it is. 'Cause before I let you ruin my kid's life --

[ Amber sighs ]

Amber: You'll see me in hell first. Yeah, you made that clear at the beach house.

Ridge: It wasn't an empty threat, amber. I don't care if he is 18 now. If I find you anywhere near Thomas, anywhere at all, you're gonna find out how much I meant everything I said.


Brooke: Please tell me Amber's not at it again.

Ridge: Oh, she swears I got through to her the other night, but --

Brooke: But you don't trust her.

Ridge: She could be over there with him right now for all I know.

Brooke: Actually, he was driving away when I was arriving at Rick's.

Ridge: Doesn't mean he's not gonna head straight to her house.

Brooke: Did you try him on his cell?

Ridge: Yeah. He's either got it turned off, or -- oh, Logan, I could wring her neck! She's taking advantage of a naive kid here. You know, she's just trying weasel her way back into this family. Of all the things -- Thomas?

Thomas: Just can't help yourself, can you, Dad? Gotta bash on Amber every chance you get.


Rick: I know we said we'd wait. And we probably should -- but it's not easy.

Caitlin: I know. Believe me.


Ridge: Thomas, this isn't about bashing amber. What it's about -- Forrester -- sound familiar, Brooke?

Ridge: Hey, watch it now.

Thomas: Eww, I'm not disrespecting Brooke.

Brooke: Yes you are, if you're comparing me to amber. Look, I know you think we're treating her unfairly. But I've seen what she is capable of. And I know what she's done to Rick. Nobody wants to see that to happen to you.

Thomas: For the umpteenth time it's not going to!

Ridge: Thomas, she's using you! She wants back into this family.

Thomas: Oh, and I'm her ticket in. Yeah, I've heard this before. From you, Rick. Well, tell me something, dad. Why would she want back in this family when you all treat her like dirt?

Ridge: How am I gonna get through to you here?

Thomas: No, how am I gonna get through to you? You're being a total hypocrite.

Ridge: In what way? How?

Thomas: Caitlin and Rick! It's okay for him to get her in the sack. But Amber and I fool around -- eww, I'm a chump and she's a scum.

Ridge: No, Thomas, you're not a chump. And for the record, I don't agree with Caitlin and Rick being together either. Thomas, with all the pain that amber's caused this family over the years --

Thomas: Oh, Dad, come on! People change. Amber's changed! Besides, not all the Forresters think the worst of her. Grandma -- grandma still believes in her.

Ridge: Not for long. Not after I tell her what Amber's been up to. Which I'm about to do right now.

Thomas: Come on --

Ridge: Look, if I can't get through to you, maybe your grandparents can.

Thomas: You're treating me like a 5-year-old!

Brooke: He's just looking out for you, Thomas.

Thomas: No, he's trying to run my life. I'm 18 now, Dad. You can't tell me what to do.

Ridge: Like hell I can't! As long as you're under my roof, you'll play by my rules. You understand that?

Thomas: Great. Great, Dad. I can't believe how little faith you have in me.


Rick: Want me to stop?

Caitlin: No. I mean, yes. I mean -- I want to be with you so much -- but --

Rick: Given everything that you've been through with your father --

Caitlin: I asked him to trust me. I promised him that I wouldn't let him down. But if you and I -- I can't.

Rick: It's okay. It's okay. I mean, if it doesn't feel right --

Caitlin: But it does. When I'm with you like this -- it is what I want. But when I take a step back and I think about my life, my family -- how important this is to my father -- then I'm really glad you stopped things from going too far the other night.

Rick: What was I thinking?

Caitlin: You were thinking about me, and what was best for me. And I love you for it.


Eric: It's not too late, you know.

Stephanie: For me to be a better mother to Felicia? Something I should have done all those years.

Eric: She didn't make it all that easy for you.

Stephanie: No, but I could've tried harder.

Eric: The important thing is that you're both trying now.

Stephanie: Well, we haven't resolved anything.

Eric: It's a beginning.

Stephanie: Well, that's true. And thank goodness we get to continue.

Eric: So all those pills that nick found in Felicia's purse --

Stephanie: That was medication for nausea. And for pain.

Eric: And right away we jumped to the conclusion -- no wonder Felicia reacted the way she did.

Ridge: The way Felicia reacted about what?

Eric: Ridge? I didn't hear you come in.

Stephanie: Is something wrong? You seem upset.

Brooke: He's concerned about Thomas. We both are.

Eric: What's wrong?

Ridge: In a word -- Amber.


[ Knocking on door ]

Thomas: Amber, it's me!

Open up!

Amber: No! Go away! You shouldn't be here!

Thomas: I've gotta talk to you!

Amber: No, I mean it, Thomas! Okay, you need to leave now! Leave or -- or I'm gonna call your dad. And please don't make me do that.


Caitlin: I'm really sorry about this.

Rick: Don't apologize. I want what you want. Well, I'm not wild about waiting. I respect your decision. And I respect you for making it.

Thomas: Step back, I'm gonna break it in.

Amber: You wouldn't.

Thomas: On the count of three.

One, two --

Amber: Have you lost your mind?!

Thomas: I had it out with my dad -- again.

Amber: So you come right here? Smart move.

Thomas: He didn't follow me. Even if he did --

Amber: You know, don't even think of finishing that.

Thomas: What? You're upset with me?

Amber: No, no, okay? It's not you.

Thomas: It's the situation -- this witch hunt my dad's on.

Amber: Yeah. He called me earlier with a not-so-subtle reminder.

Thomas: What is the deal with him? He treats you like you're an ax murderer.

Amber: Well, in his eyes, I'm worse. I'm trying to corrupt his little boy.

Thomas: Oh, give me a break. He refuses to see me as an adult. Now he's threatening to get my grandparents involved.

Amber: What?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, he's probably over there right now, giving them the sordid details.

Amber: Oh, god --

Thomas: Whoa. Whoa, don't freak. It's okay, grandma's always been in your corner.

Amber: No, no, no. Okay, if ridge tells her that he found me in bed with her grand -- oh!

Thomas: Look, maybe I can stop him.

Amber: How?

Thomas: I'll think of something. Don't worry. It's going to be okay.


Stephanie: Thomas and Amber?

Ridge: She is hell bent on getting back into this family.

Brooke: It didn't work out with Rick, so --

Ridge: -- She goes after Thomas.

Stephanie: You're sure about this?

Ridge: Yes, I'm sure, Mother. That's what I just told you.

Stephanie: Well, I know what you just told me, but -- Thomas should know better, and if he doesn't, well, amber should.

Ridge: Amber just doesn't care.

Eric: How far has this gone?

Ridge: I found the two of them in bed.

Stephanie: What?

Ridge: I think it was before anything happened, but -- I laid down the law to both of them, Thomas isn't listening, and Amber, I just don't trust. Mother, I know you're a strong supporter of Amber --

Brooke: But you can't support this, Stephanie. There's really no excuses.

Ridge: Mother, I'm asking you to talk with her.


Amber: He's told her. He's told her. He's already told her. Oh, god.

Eric: Amber, you've messed with the Forresters one time too many.

Stephanie: I trusted you, and now this? You seduced my grandson? Have you no shame?

Brooke: You took advantage of my son, you won't do the same to Thomas!

Ridge: I warned you, Amber. Over and over. Now you're going to pay the price.

Amber: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! It was just a kiss! Please, god, it's not what you think!

[ Drum rolls ]

Rick: Ready! Aim! Fire!


[ Phone rings ]

Amber: Hello?

Stephanie: Amber, I want you to come up to the house. I want to talk to you.

Amber: Stephanie? Is --

Stephanie: Now, Amber.


Caitlin: Okay. Now I really am convinced.

Rick: Of what?

Caitlin: That you are the sweetest, most understanding guy in the world.

Rick: Who's going to be taking a lot of cold showers.

Caitlin: But when we finally do make love, it'll be even more wonderful. 'Cause we'll have had the time to get to know one another --

Rick: And learn all of each other's deepest, darkest secrets. Oh, wait. I guess I'm fresh out of deep, dark secrets.

Caitlin: Me, too.

Rick: We could create some.

Caitlin: After what I've been through with my dad? No way. I want to be smart. Responsible. So that everybody, especially my father, can see that we really do belong together.

Rick: So you think that waiting will help convince him?

Caitlin: Yeah, I know it will. 'Cause he'll see that you're with me for me, and not just for sex. Plus, your family can see that I'm not amber.

Rick: You don't have anything to prove to them.

Caitlin: Yes, I do. I'm young, but I want them to see that I'm mature -- that I can make the right choice, and stick to it. I want everybody to feel as good about us as I do.


Amber: Hi.

Stephanie: Come in.

Amber: Hello.

Ridge: You don't seem too surprised to see us.

Amber: I'm not. I know what this is about.

Ridge: Did Thomas tell you? How else would you know?

Amber: Okay, fine. He warned me.

Ridge: In person?

Amber: He -- I told him he should leave, but he said he was going to break the door in --

Brooke: There's more excuses.

Ridge: You see what we're dealing with here?

Amber: Look, Stephanie. I don't know what they told you. But Thomas and I are just friends, okay? He needed someone after Caitlin dumped him for Rick, and I --

Stephanie: Amber -- we have a long history, you and I, I know you better than anyone. I know what you've had to overcome, and I respect you because you're a survivor. Because you always try to do your best. Ridge has told me you are involved with my grandson, who is a teenager. I do not want to believe that you would be capable of behavior that is so reckless. I'm going to give you the chance to tell me that it's a mistake. Amber -- I want you to look me in the eye and I want you to tell me the truth.

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