B&B Transcript Tuesday 8/17/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/17/04

By Boo
Proofread By Becky

       (I missed the first two minutes..:( Sorry)

[Amber remembers]

Ridge: You so much as look in his direction, or mention his name at all -- I swear to you, I'll make sure you burn in hell. Do we understand each other?

[ Cell phone rings ]

[ Amber sighs ]

Amber: Sorry, Thomas. It's for your own good.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Thomas: Come on, Amber. Pick up.

[ Thomas sighs ]


Brooke: I wish you would leave Rick out of this.

Ridge: Hey, you're the one that said you'd do anything to keep Amber out of your son's life.

Brooke: And now that she is, I would like it to stay that way.

Ridge: I'm scared to death for Thomas. You, of all people, should understand that.

Brooke: I do, but --

Ridge: Okay, well, don't ask me to back off, then. If there's anything I can do for my son, I'm damn well gonna do it.


Caitlin: Thank you. Hi.

Amber: Hello.

Caitlin: Mind if I sit with you?

Amber: Be my guest.

Caitlin: Looking for a new place?

Amber: Found one.

Caitlin: Oh. Well, that's great.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Caitlin: Aren't you gonna get that?

Amber: Nope.

Caitlin: Okay, I know that this is kind of weird.

Amber: Why would you say that?

Caitlin: Because I'm dating Rick.

Amber: Hmm. Yeah, you're right. That is weird.

Caitlin: I wish you didn't feel that way about it.

Amber: Well, how am I supposed to feel, Caitlin?

Caitlin: Well, you are divorced. And I think that if you were to find someone else, that Rick would be happy for you.

Amber: Depends on who that someone else is.

Caitlin: That's your business. Rick wouldn't have a say. And, you know, maybe you already are dating, I don't know.

Amber: No, I'm not.

Caitlin: Well, that's got to be by choice. Because you are beautiful, and you're smart, and you're fun. You must have guys asking you out all the time.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Caitlin:  Okay, who keeps calling you?

Amber: Just some guy.

Caitlin: Uh-huh -- who wants to go out with you, am I right? Is he cute?

Amber: Yeah.

Caitlin: Is he a jerk?

Amber: No, he's a sweetheart.

Caitlin: Okay, so why aren't you taking his calls?

Amber: Because it's not gonna happen.

Caitlin: Why not?

Amber: For about 100 different reasons, none of which are your business.

Caitlin: I just wish that we could go back to being friends again.

Amber: That'd be kind of hard, don't you think?

Caitlin: Because of Rick? All right, well, that's your call, Amber. I just think it's really sad. If you let your past with him get in the way of friendship, or keep you from dating really cute, nice guys who are obviously really interested. I mean, what if he could be the one? Where are you going?

Amber: I'm going to get a refill.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Caitlin: Thomas? No. Hello?

Thomas: Amber, thank god. Listen, I need to see you. We've got to figure this thing out.

Amber: Excuse me! Good-bye, Thomas.

Caitlin: You and Thomas?


Ridge: Hey, Rick. Thanks for coming.

Rick: Well, I didn't really have much choice.

Brooke: Hi, honey.

Rick: Hey, Mom. So, what's the big emergency?

Ridge: Thomas.

Rick: Did something happen to him?

Ridge: Not yet.

Brooke: We found out who his new girlfriend is, and we definitely don't approve.

Rick: Is that why you brought me over here? Just to tell me about some girl Thomas is seeing?

Ridge: Not just "some girl," Rick. It's Amber.

Rick: Am -- my Amber, with Thomas?

Ridge: That's right.

Rick: Well, this is insane. Wait, are you sure?

Ridge: I found them at the beach house last night.

Brooke: Amber claims that you let her stay there.

Rick: Well, it was empty, and I figured -- when you found them together --

Ridge: In bed.

Rick: They had --

Brooke: Thomas says no.

Ridge: From what I've seen, it's only a matter of time.

Rick: Oh, my god, what are you gonna do?

Ridge: What am I gonna do? I'm not the one that caused this problem.

Rick: You think I am?

Brooke: That's not fair, Ridge.

Ridge: You're going to tell me you didn't know what it would do to Thomas if you went after his girlfriend? Amber figured it out pretty quickly. You and Caitlin break Thomas' heart, and she just steps right in and picks up the pieces.

Rick: I didn't push Thomas into Amber's bed, if that's what you're suggesting.

Ridge: Look, you're the one that caused all this, you're the one that's gonna solve it. You break it off with Caitlin, right now.


Amber: What are you doing answering my phone?

Caitlin: I saw the name Thomas. That was Thomas Forrester.

Amber: Yeah, so?

Caitlin: He's not the guy you were talking about. That couldn't have been Thomas.

Amber: Oh, no, of course not. Because Thomas is in love with you, right? Everyone's in love with you.

Caitlin: Amber, he sounded really upset.

Amber: Yeah, let's just say we had a long night.

Caitlin: You were together last night?

Amber: Come on, will you just stop?

Caitlin: Wait, you said you weren't dating anyone.

Amber: And I'm not!

Caitlin: What have you done?

Amber: What have I done? Oh, that's real nice.

Caitlin: Please, tell me I'm wrong. You didn't just use Thomas to get back at Rick?

Amber: Where do you get off, huh? You are the one who used him. He was your cover for daddy and Ridge. You know, you didn't even have the guts to tell him the truth, that you were screwing around with his own stepbrother. And he only came to me because you stomped all over his heart.


Rick: Tell me something, Ridge. If I break up with Caitlin, how does that help Thomas?

Ridge: That's why this is happening, Rick. That's why he went after Amber in the first place. He's trying to get over Caitlin.

Rick: Well, he'll still have to get over her. She's not interested in him in that way.

Ridge: Until you swooped in.

Brooke: Ridge --

Ridge: Look, even if she's not interested, he shouldn't have to see the two of them every time he turns around. I mean, what the hell is that gonna do to him?

Rick: We're not trying to rub it in his face, but we are in love.

Ridge: Oh, please, Rick. She's only in high school.

Brooke: This isn't about Rick or Caitlin. This is about amber. It's really disgusting, what she's doing. She's convinced Thomas that she has real feelings for him.

Rick: Oh, god.

Brooke: Ridge doesn't want him going through what you did.

Rick: Well, neither do I. I'll talk to Amber.

Ridge: I already chewed her out.

Rick: Yeah, but I know how to get through to her. She wants my attention? Well, now she's got it. And she's gonna be real sorry. This relationship is over, as of now.


Caitlin: Look, I know that Rick and I hurt Thomas' feelings. And yours, too, obviously.

Amber: Oh, don't you worry about me.

Caitlin: Why is Thomas so upset?

Amber: Let it go, Caitlin.

Caitlin: What did you do to him?

Amber: You know, nothing that he didn't love.

Caitlin: That is so sick.

Amber: You little hypocrite. You come in here bragging about you and Rick --

Caitlin: Oh, are you trying to say it's the same thing?

Amber: Well, isn't it?

Caitlin: No! Rick loves me.

Amber: Yeah, well, maybe Thomas loves me.

Caitlin: Or, maybe you're taking advantage of somebody depressed and lonely, trying to get to Rick the only way you can. Are you really that desperate, Amber? That pathetic? I guess you are.


[ Cell phone rings ]

Amber: Rick, hi.

Rick: We need to talk.

Amber: Well, I guess -- I guess you're in luck, 'cause my social schedule's pretty much empty.

Rick: Where are you?

Amber: I'm at the Insomnia, but I'm gonna be my new place soon. Ridge kicked me out of the beach house.

Rick: Where's your new place? 1304 Melrose, number 23. I'll be there.

Amber: Rick, what's this about?


Brooke: Let us know how it goes, okay?

Rick: I will.

Brooke: Oh, god. I hope he can get through to her.

Ridge: For Thomas' sake, he'd better.

Brooke: Where is Thomas?

Ridge: He's probably still up in his room, moping.

Brooke: Isn't he supposed to be at Forrester today?

Ridge: We're all kind of playing hooky today.

Brooke: Want to check on him?

Ridge: Honestly, I think we should give him a little space right now.

Brooke: Best not to push.

Ridge: Otherwise, we'll be pushing him right back into amber's arms, again. I swear, that woman has stooped to an all-time low.


[ Sirens ]

Amber: Oh, my.

Motel clerk: Nice, huh? Plumbing works. Got hot water, and one hell of a view.

Amber: I can see that. Here you go, that should cover it. And then some.

Motel clerk: Welcome home.

[ Knock at door ]

Amber: Rick?

Rick: Yeah, it's me, open up. So this is where you're living now.

Amber: Well, it's what I could afford. I guess you know why I'm not living in the beach house anymore.

Rick: Yes, I do.

Amber: It's not the way Ridge made it sound.

Rick: Were you making out with Thomas?

Amber: No. It wasn't like that.

Rick: Oh, really, Amber, I don't want to hear all the details, okay?

Amber: No, he heard what you said to me, and he felt sorry for me.

Rick: What I said?

Amber: Yeah, yeah. When you said that -- that I wasn't good enough.

Rick: So what is this, revenge?

Amber: No.

Rick: What, are you making me what I'm missing? Is that what you're doing, Amber?

Amber: No, I was lonely, okay? And he made me feel better.

Rick: Oh, so you're using him.

Amber: No! I just -- I just let someone be nice to me for two seconds. Is that so horrible?

Rick: You expect me to feel sorry for you, don't you?

Amber: Well, would it kill you, huh? I mean, look at this place. Look at my life! You have Caitlin, your work, your family.

Rick: You're right Amber, I do! I got my act together, finally. How long did it take? How many years did I lose?

Amber: Lose?

Rick: Yes, lose, Amber. Because you're so needy and so lonely, you never think before -- god, I have heard these excuses so many times. I thought, finally, I was free from it.

Amber: You know, it's not that big a deal.

Rick: Oh, you don't think so?

Amber: No. No. It was a couple of kisses. Nothing even happened.

Rick: And nothing is going to happen. You understand? Do you understand?

Amber: Rick, it's not like I'm some sort of child molester. This is me!

Rick: That's what scares me, Amber. You will not do to Thomas what you did to me. You understand? I won't let you!

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