B&B Transcript Monday 8/16/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/16/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Hi. Did you find Thomas?

Ridge: Yeah. We're on our way home.

Brooke: Well? Was he at the beach house?

Ridge: Sure was.

Brooke: All by himself?

Ridge: No. He was with Amber.

Brooke: With Amber?

Ridge: I'll tell you about it when we get home.


Oscar: Hey, Amber. What's going on? What's up? I don't have a lot of time.

Amber: I don't know what to do.

Oscar: Did you get into another fight with Rick?

Amber: Well, yeah, no -- well, yeah, I mean, that's how it started --

Oscar: Okay, okay. I'm gonna stop this real quick. I'm gonna tell you what you do -- find somebody else, please. And preferably someone over 21. I mean, I know how much fun you had messin' with the Forrester kid, but --

Amber: I wasn't messing with him.

Oscar: Oh, please. From what I saw, it looked like you had him wrapped around your little finger.

Amber: Ozzy --

Oscar: Or should I say your lips?

Amber: Please stop!

Oscar: Chill out. I'm just teasing, all right.

Amber: Well, I'm not laughing.

Oscar: Okay. Come on, Amber. You and Thomas? You gotta admit it's a little bit funny. Come on.

Amber: Why? Why is that so funny if Caitlin and Rick are the romance of the century?

Oscar: Okay. What's going on?

Amber: I got evicted.

Oscar: Evicted? From the beach house?

Amber: From the beach house -- from the whole Forrester family.

Oscar: Oh, boy. You got busted with Thomas, didn't you?


Ridge: We're going to talk about this.

Thomas: You mean you're going to talk about it!

Brooke: Thomas, what were you doing with Amber?

Thomas: Doesn't matter what I say. He's not gonna listen to me.

Brooke: I'm listening.

Ridge: It was the girl in the car, wasn't it? The one I saw you making out with. How long has this been going on, anyway? What, since you saw Rick and Caitlin? Amber just sees you vulnerable, and then she pounced?

Thomas: Pounced? Give me a break. We were just hanging out.

Ridge: In bed?

Brooke: You're not saying --

Ridge: Yeah, that's where I found them. Doing god knows what.

Thomas: We weren't doing anything!

Ridge: Then why would Amber hide under the covers, then?

Thomas: Because we knew you'd overreact.

Ridge: To what?

Brooke: Thomas. Look, we're not angry with you. We just need to know -- how far has this gone?


Oscar: I'm right, right? About you and Thomas?

Amber: Ridge caught us together.

Oscar: Caught you? That doesn't sound good.

Amber: No. We were kissing.

Oscar: Okay.

Amber: On the bed.

Oscar: Were you dressed?

Amber: Mostly.

Oscar: Mostly? Amber, what are you doing?

Amber: I tried to hide under the covers!

Oscar: That was smooth. I bet ridge flipped.

Amber: Yeah, he wanted to kill me.

Oscar: No offense, but I can understand why he'd be mad.

Amber: Oh, no, no, no. He wasn't just mad. He's like, convinced that I'm this evil incarnate.

Oscar: Yeah, well, you hookin' up with his teenage son ain't gonna help matters any.

Amber: Oh, don't you start.

Oscar: It's just --

Amber: Just what? Is it so hard to believe Thomas and I are friends?

Oscar: Actually? Yeah. I'm just sayin' --

Amber: What, what? That I'm an opportunist who likes to prey on little rich boys, hmm?

Oscar: Amber, I --

Amber: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You know what? You're right. In fact, I got my sights on little RJ next.

Oscar: Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen to me, okay? I'm just saying -- seems like you and Thomas wouldn't have anything in common. Except the fact that you're both lonely.

Amber: Right. I'd rather have you think I'm a scammer than a loser.

Oscar: Oh, don't do that. Don't do that. Don't put words in my mouth.

Amber: Thomas, he doesn't see me that way. You know? See this?

Oscar: Yeah. It's nice.

Amber: He gave it to me. And he sent me flowers. And he thinks I'm amazing. And when I'm with him --

Oscar: You do, too.

Amber: He makes me feel better about myself. You know, if you think about it, the age difference, it really isn't all that bad. I mean, because in a few years he's gonna be --

Oscar: A few years? I've got news for you. If Ridge catches you with his son again, you'll be lucky to live another day.


Thomas: I told you guys, you've got nothing to worry about.

Ridge: Yeah, I'm sure it seems that way to you.

Brooke: You don't understand, we've heard that before. From Rick. When Amber took advantage of him.

Thomas: This is not the same thing at all! Amber's changed. She's been an awesome friend to me in a way no one else has.

Ridge: What the hell does that mean?

Thomas: It --

Ridge: How good of a "friend" has she been, anyway?

Brooke: We're listening. Aren't we, Ridge?

Ridge: Yes. Go ahead.

Thomas: The night of the Ingénue showing, when I saw Caitlin and Rick kissing. I just wanted to be alone. So I went to the beach house.

Brooke: You didn't know Amber was staying there?

Thomas: No, and when I found out, I almost left. But we got to talking and she'd had a pretty rough night, too.

Ridge: Because she still wanted Rick.

Thomas: Okay, maybe we were using each other to feel better at first. But the more we talked, the more I realized how cool she is.

Ridge: Oh, I'm sure she was pulling out all the stops.

Thomas: Amber's not like that! She didn't try to seduce me. Though I wish she had.

Ridge: Oh, come on! That's her M.O. She reels you in, makes you feel like you're the one pursuing her.

Thomas: I am!

Ridge: You don't know what you're dealing with here!

Thomas: I know her better than you do. And thank god that I do! At least there's someone in my life who thinks I'm not just some stupid kid!

Ridge: Well, she's not in your life. Not anymore!

Thomas: You don't get to decide that!

Ridge: Thomas! We're not through! Thomas! God!

Ridge: I hope he's telling me the truth. If I find out he had sex with Amber Moore --

Brooke: He knows exactly how you'd react. That why he wouldn't admit it, even if they had.

Ridge: You don't think they really, uh --

Brooke: No. That would be moving too fast, even for Amber. Especially if all this started the night of the showing.

Ridge: Yeah. When Thomas saw Rick kissing Caitlin is when it started.

Brooke: Yeah. It was tougher on him than we imagined.

Ridge: And completely preventable. If Rick had just kept his damn hands to himself, like I asked him to --

Brooke: Ridge, please don't blame Rick.

Ridge: Why not?

Brooke: Because this is going to be just as upsetting to him as it is to us.

Ridge: We didn't create this, Brooke.

Brooke: Well, neither did he. Look, he's falling in love.

Ridge: Love? Oh, please.

Brooke: He came over here tonight to tell me his feelings, what he was feeling for this girl, Caitlin.

Ridge: Thomas did the same thing.

Brooke: Well, Caitlin didn't reciprocate those feelings.

Ridge: She didn't exactly get a chance to, did she? Before Mr. Rising young executive, you know, puts on the moves. If he'd just listened to me first off and backed off, we'd never be going through this right now. Instead, he practically delivered Thomas to Amber's front door.

Brooke: Speaking of amber's front door, I don't think we should be providing her with free room and free board.

Ridge: Believe me, we're not. I kicked her out.

Brooke: In front of Thomas?

Ridge: You're damn right, in front of Thomas.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Ridge: What?

Brooke: Ridge.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: You can't do that. If you're too tough on her, you're playing right into her hands. That's what she wants. You remember how hard this was for me. All I wanted to do was to get Rick away from Amber.

Ridge: I remember.

Brooke: Instead, I pushed him right into her arms.

Ridge: I'm sure she's counting on that happening all over again the same way. And so far, it sure is. He's up there furious at me, feeling sorry for that witch.

Brooke: Oh, shh. He can probably hear you.

Ridge: How am I supposed to protect my son? Tell me that.

Brooke: Just focus on him, not on Rick, not on Amber, not on Caitlin. Look, I know this is hard for you, but you hardly let him get a word in.

Ridge: I just can't sit around and listen to him go on and on about how cool Amber is.

Brooke: You have to let him express his feelings. Otherwise, he's going to show you. And that's what Rick did to me. He showed me. He went off and married Amber. I believe the best defense against Amber is for you to have a good relationship with your son. Don't talk at him. You have to talk with him. And do it before it's too late.

Ridge: Okay. Thank you.


Amber: You know, maybe Thomas can get through to him.

Oscar: Yeah, yeah. Maybe. Maybe. That is, if Ridge ever lets him out of his room again.

Amber: Thomas has been through enough.

Oscar: You know, if you really care about Thomas --

Amber: Well, of course I do.

Oscar: Okay. Well, then there's only one thing you can do. Stay away, like Ridge asked you to.

Amber: That's not what Thomas wants.

Oscar: Okay. Here's the thing. He's a kid. You're an adult. It's up to you to make the responsible decision here.

Amber: What? And turn my back on a friend.

Oscar: No. Respect his father's wishes.

Amber: It's not like Ridge has shown me any respect.

Oscar: I don't care what you think about Ridge. I can tell you this -- all he's doing is trying do what's best for his son. You know, Amber, Thomas is very lucky. He's got the kind of father you never did. You wanna mess that up for him?


[ Knock on door ]

Ridge: Thomas? Can I come in?

Thomas: No, but I'm sure you will, anyway.

Ridge: I'm not gonna come down on you.

Thomas: You've already made your point.

Ridge: No. Actually, I haven't.

Ridge: I'm sorry I lost my cool.

Thomas: Really?

Ridge: Yeah, really.

Thomas: Well, that's great, but I'm not the person you should be apologizing to.

Ridge: I don't owe Amber any apologies.

Thomas: You were a complete jerk to her, Dad.

Ridge: Because I'm concerned about you.

Thomas: I'm not a little kid anymore. I can look out for myself.

Ridge: Thomas, I'm always gonna be worried about you, even after you leave home and have kids of your own.

Thomas: You should be glad Amber's my friend.

Ridge: And why's that?

Thomas: Because I'd still be moping over Caitlin if it weren't for her. Amber's not like any girl I've ever known. Why do I even bother? You don't understand.

Ridge: That's not true. Believe it or not, I was your age once. And I also had a fascination with older women. Look, you and Amber are in completely different places now. You've got your whole life ahead of you. You've got proms, college, dating. A woman like Amber is only gonna get in the way of that.

Thomas: "A woman like Amber"? Wow, you make her sound so awful. She's not. Mom used to say there's no bad people. There's only good people who've made bad choices.

Ridge: That definitely sounds like your mother. You know, she was depending on me to guide you and your sisters. And I'm sure she would have handled this situation with a lot more finesse than I have. She always did.

Thomas: You're not all bad.

Ridge: Gee, thanks. I just want you to understand why I got so upset. I was afraid. I was afraid for you.

Thomas: I wasn't in danger.

Ridge: I know you're not afraid of Amber or what she might do to your life. But I am. This feels like a total deja vu to me.

Thomas: I am not Rick.

Ridge: But Amber is still Amber, and she always will be. She hasn't changed as much as you think she has. Look, I've got a few more years of experience under my belt than you do, so I'm just gonna have to ask you to trust your old man on this one.

Thomas: What exactly are you asking me to do?

Ridge: There are a lot of girls out there who would jump at the chance of dating you. Do them and yourself a favor. Will you at least think about it? That's my boy. Come here.


Oscar: Okay. I hate to do this to you, but I gotta head out.

Amber: Wait? Where you going?

Oscar: I promised Mo I would meet him for a nightcap. Between you and me, the guy's feeling kinda lonely.

Amber: I can relate.

Oscar: You gonna be all right? You got a place to stay?

Amber: Yeah, thanks. But I called C.J. He said I could stay upstairs tonight.

Oscar: All right. All right. Well, listen, I know this isn't easy for you, but --

Amber: I know. I know. Thomas is better off without me.

Oscar: But what I was gonna say was that you don't need him to feel good about yourself. You're doing the right thing. You should be real proud.

Amber: Thanks.

Oscar: I really -- really gotta go.

Amber: Bye.


Brooke: Well, I didn't hear anything being thrown.

Ridge: No. No throwing. No yelling.

Brooke: You're smiling. That means maybe it went well?

Ridge: I talked with him. Some of it may have even sunk in.

Brooke: Sounds like you had some pretty good advice.

Ridge: You're a wise one, Logan. You know that?

Brooke: I'm not gonna pat myself on the back quite yet. Not until we're sure that Amber and Thomas are through.

Ridge: Well, he definitely knows how strongly I feel about all this. They're through.


Amber: Hello?

Thomas: Hey, it's me. You okay?

Amber: I'm fine.

Thomas: So did you find a place to stay?

Amber: Thomas, you shouldn't be calling me.

Thomas: Of course I'm gonna call. I'm sorry about the way my dad treated you.

Amber: Don't worry about it.

Thomas: I'm going to make it up to you.

Amber: No, you're not.

Thomas: Just wait till you see what I have in mind.

[ Amber sighs ]

Amber: Just -- just save it, okay. For someone your own age.

Thomas: But I like you.

Amber: Yeah, well, I liked having a roof over my head.

Thomas: I didn't know he could locate me like that. I'm sorry. I'll be more careful next time.

Amber: Thomas -- Thomas, Thomas -- just back off, okay? I don't need this.

Thomas: You do need me, Amber.

Amber: Look, it was fun. You were nice to me, and I appreciate it, but this isn't worth the headache for either of us.

Thomas: You don't mean that.

Amber: Yes, I do.

Thomas: Well, then say it to my face. Where are you?

Amber: Good-bye.

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