B&B Transcript Friday 8/13/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/13/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: I said, whoever you are, out of the bed right now.

Thomas: Leave her alone.

Ridge: Why? So you two can pick up where you left off? Forget it!

Thomas: Dad!

Ridge: Come on, young lady! Out you go!

Thomas: No! Don't!


Caitlin: Hey, what's the holdup in there?

Samantha: I know! Come on, we're having popcorn withdrawal.

Hector: Almost ready.

Caitlin: Okay.

Samantha: So how much are your dad and me beating you by?

Caitlin: You wish.

Samantha: Well, you just wait till next round. We are gonna smoke you and Jimmy.

Caitlin: Okay. So you're having fun?

Samantha: Can't you tell?

Caitlin: Well, you're probably used to a lot more excitement than family game night.

Samantha: I like family anything.

[ Phone rings ] Rick?

Caitlin: No.

Samantha: You telling me the truth?

Caitlin: Mom? Fine, you wanna see it?

Samantha: No. I trust you.

Caitlin: Look, you really don't have to be so worried.

Samantha: Caitlin, I can't feel good about this -- lying to your father. I don't know when you're out with Rick, I don't know where you are. I don't know what you're doing.

Caitlin: Mom. Mom, nothing's happened. Well, actually, one thing did. I told Rick that I loved him.

Samantha: You did?

Caitlin: Mm-hmm.

Samantha: And he reacted -- well, I guess. Caitlin, this is just going so quickly. You really need to talk to your father about this --

Caitlin: No, no!

Samantha: He'll understand.

Caitlin: You know -- Mom, I'd like to think that, too, but -- what if he doesn't? I mean, I can't take that chance.

Samantha: Caitlin, you have to talk to --

Jimmy: Yo! Heads up.

Hector: Mm -- mm. Come and get it while it's hot.

Samantha: Let's go!

Hector: Okay. You and Jimmy are up, right?


Rick: What have you been feeding that kid? He's grown like a weed since I last saw him.

Brooke: Ridge is already planning R.J.'S future with the Lakers.

Rick: Well, that will be nice.

Brooke: Yeah. At least it will keep him away from Forrester's with all that fighting going on.

Rick: Yeah, things have been pretty intense around there lately.

Brooke: It's really taken its toll on Ridge.

Rick: I don't think Thorne is exactly celebrating either. I mean, it's just so hard to believe that he's gone.

Brooke: Well, he never should have forced the issue, making your father choose between him or Ridge. That would never end up well.

Rick: Tell me about it.

Brooke: You haven't been caught in the crossfire, have you?

Rick: No. No, I've just been keeping my head down and concentrating on work.

Brooke: And on Caitlin?

Rick: Yeah, we've been hanging out together.

Brooke: Does Amber know that?

Rick: Why would you ask?

Brooke: I just heard that she was trying to stir up something between you and her again.

Rick: Yeah, well, she's wasting her time.

Brooke: Well, good. I mean --

Rick: No, no -- Mom, it's okay. Trust me, I completely understand where you're coming from.

Brooke: I really do wish her the best. I'm just glad she's not a part of our lives anymore.


Ridge: What is the matter with you? What are you thinking here?

Thomas: Just leave her alone.

Ridge: She and I are gonna have a conversation.

Thomas: She doesn't want to talk to you.

Ridge: Well, that's too bad.

Ridge: No, Dad, come on! Stop it! She's embarrassed enough.

Ridge: Well, she should be. Look, I'm not in the mood for games here! When her parents find out what she's been up to --

Thomas: Just give her a break! Okay! You're always telling me to act like a gentleman.

Ridge: A lot of good that's done.

Thomas: Look, Dad, you want to chew me out, you can chew me out later. Let's just go.

Ridge: Look. Do you have a car? Do you have a way to get home?

Thomas: She'll be fine.

Ridge: Has she been drinking?

Thomas: No! No, come on!

Ridge: This is not over. There are gonna be consequences here. You guys have made a big mistake and you're gonna suffer the consequences. Do you understand that?

[ Phone ringing ]

Thomas: What? Let's go.

Ridge: Is that for you?

Thomas: No. No, come on.

Ridge: It's a vacant house.

Thomas: So it's a wrong number.

Amber: Hi.

You know who this is.

Sorry I missed you --

Thomas: All right, Dad. Come on. Let's go.

Amber, I'll be right back

at you.

[ Machine beeps ]

Ridge: That voice. I know that voice!

Thomas: Come on. Dad! Come on! Wait a second!


Brooke: Decaf okay?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, the last thing I need is to be wired all night. I've got a early meeting with the new president tomorrow.

Brooke: I'll put in a good word for you.

Rick: Where is he, by the way?

Brooke: Checkin' up on Thomas.

Rick: Is something wrong?

Brooke: We think he has a new girlfriend.

Rick: He's seeing somebody?

Brooke: Yes, although we know nothing about her. We don't even know her name, so he went to try to figure out this mystery.

Rick: Yeah, well, he's probably making time with the head cheerleader under the quarterback's nose.

Brooke: I hope it's something like that. Caitlin. You know, I still feel really bad about hurting him.

Brooke: I know.

Rick: I tried to back off, it's just Caitlin is so --

Brooke: Special?

Rick: Yeah.

Brooke: I'm really happy for you.

Rick: Really? I mean, even though Ridge is so ticked off?

Brooke: Yeah, as long as you take things slowly. Rick, you are taking things slowly, aren't you?

Rick: Yeah, yeah, I am. It's just --

Brooke: What? What was that look for?

Rick: The other night, Caitlin told me that she loved me.

Brooke: Oh.

Rick: I mean, it was just one of those spur of the moment things. You know?

Brooke: Yeah, I do know. A teenager in her first relationship.

Rick: Yeah, but she's way ahead of some girls twice her age.

Brooke: And what about you?

Rick: Well, I'm ahead of those girls, too.

Brooke: You know what I mean, you smart aleck. Are you in love?

Rick: Could be. Probably. Yeah, I am.

Brooke: Did you tell her that?

Rick: No, not yet. Well, don't worry, Mom. Okay? I don't want this getting out of hand any more than you do. I know what it's like when you let things go too far too fast. You know, I really learned that the hard way with Amber.


Amber: Oh, I know what this must look like, but there's really a very good explanation. You see Thomas and I --

Ridge: Let me guess -- you're just friends.

Thomas: We are. It's true.

Amber: We were helping each other out.

Ridge: So I see.

Thomas: Dad --

Amber: Oh, no, no, no. It's not like that! He was depressed!

Thomas: Because of Caitlin and Rick.

Amber: Yeah, and I was, too, because I love Rick. And Thomas came over, we started talking --

Ridge: One thing led to another.

Amber: Yeah! No, no! We definitely didn't --

Ridge: I guess I arrived at just the right moment, huh?

Amber: Nothing would've happened.

Ridge: You mean nothing you hadn't planned from the beginning. Huh, Amber?

Thomas: It wasn't like that!

Ridge: I'm surprised you lasted this long. I mean, look at him. Wide-eyed, impressionable, rich -- just the way you like 'em.

Amber: You're so wrong.

Ridge: Just like Rick.

Amber: No. That has nothing to do with this.

Ridge: Did you know that? Did you know that she seduced Rick when he was your age? Got him into bed. Even got pregnant with his child?

Amber: I didn't seduce him.

Ridge: You've been mouthing off all over town, trying to back into this family, Amber.

Amber: Yeah, but not by using Thomas.

Ridge: Oh, you always entertain your guests in bed?

Amber: Nothing happened!

Thomas: We were just kissing!

Amber: It was totally innocent!

Ridge: There's nothing innocent about you. You're just a scheming gold digger, looking for her next score. Well, I got news for you Amber. This time you picked the wrong one.


Jimmy: Sounds like jump. Hop.

Caitlin: No, but what am I? What am I?

Samantha: Hey!

Caitlin: Sorry.

Jimmy: You're a kid who has to pee.

Caitlin: Jimmy, come on.

Jimmy: A rabbit who has to pee?

Caitlin: Okay, okay.

Jimmy: Um, uh -- a bunny. Funny. Runny. Funny. Money.

[ Caitlin claps ] Time is money.

Caitlin: Baby, good job. Good job.

Hector: 55 seconds.

Jimmy: Try and top that.

Hector: Did you hear him?

Samantha: Yeah, c'mon, show 'em how it's done. Come on.

Caitlin: We are so beating them right now.

Hector: I've got a good one. Ready?

Samantha: Yes.

Caitlin: Better be good.

Jimmy: Go!

Samantha: It's a quote. Four words. First word. Sounds like.

[ Hector whistles ] Pancakes. Flip. Cook. Cook? Your face. Grill. Okay, sounds like -- will!

Caitlin: Lucky guess.

Samantha: Second word. It's a little word. Me. Oh, you.

Jimmy: Uh-oh, they're making up time.

Samantha: Fourth word. You. Me. Will you something me.

Caitlin: I don't remember writing that one.

Samantha: Third word.

[ Hector growls ] Frankenstein. Mummy. Creature from the black lagoon?

[ Hector growls ] Ooh, scary. Okay, it sounds like scary.

Samantha: Will you scary me? Larry. Jerry. Marry. Berry. Oh, marry. Marry! Oh, will you marry me! I didn't get it? That's not it?

Hector: Not yet, but maybe this'll help.

Samantha: Oh.

Hector: Will you?


Brooke: Caitlin couldn't be more different from Amber.

Rick: Yeah, she's great. You know, Mom, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you're in our corner.

Brooke: Well, I wish she were a few years older. But you did say you were taking it slow. And love doesn't come in neat little packages. And if anybody understands that, I certainly do.

Rick: I think Ridge would, too.

Brooke: He's just watching out for his business investment.

Rick: Not to mention Thomas, and we both know that Ridge, when it comes to defending his kids, is a pit bull.


Ridge: You are not getting your hands on my son. You hear me?

Amber: You don't have to worry about me.

Ridge: Where've I heard that before, Amber? Oh, that's right! You with Rick!

Amber: I was not going to let this go that far!

Thomas: Dad, just leave her alone! She didn't do anything wrong.

Ridge: We'll let the police decide that.

Amber: You're gonna call the cops?

Thomas: What for?

Ridge: Contributing to the delinquency of a minor. How 'bout that.

Thomas: Wait. I went after her.

Ridge: Oh, you expect me to believe that?

Thomas: She told me to stay away.

Ridge: Thomas, that's part of the game you ever heard of playing hard-to-get?

Thomas: What could she possibly see in me?

Ridge: Oh, I know exactly what she saw in you.

Thomas: Amber, I'm sorry. I'll call you later.

Ridge: The hell you will! You go to the car. You -- out of here!

Amber: I live here.

Ridge: Not anymore you don't. Come on.

Thomas: Rick told her she could stay.

Ridge: Well, Rick was wrong. Go ahead, get your stuff.

Thomas: What, you're just gonna throw her on the street?

Ridge: Damn right I am! Right where she belongs!


Samantha: Hector, really?

Hector: You must know how happy you've made me.

Samantha: But it's only been a few months.

Hector: No, you've been there all along, and our daughter -- her beautiful face, her beautiful heart. That comes from you. I know exactly what I've got in you. It's taken everything I had to wait this long. But if you want to wait, if you're not sure --

Samantha: That's not what I'm saying.

Hector: Don't worry about me. Whether I'm ready. I've been here since the first day I saw you.

Samantha: Did you know about this?

Jimmy: It was all his idea.

Samantha: Well, what do you think?

Caitlin: Do you even have to ask?

Samantha: Jimmy? This is all happening so fast.

Jimmy: I used to think how unfair it was -- how Dad could go out there and save all these lives, nobody came around to save him. But you changed that.

Caitlin: You're what dad's been waiting for. What we've all been waiting for. And when you find that -- when you find that someone that you are meant to spend the rest of your life with, you make every minute count. Forget about the rules.

Hector: Sam, this is your home. This is where you belong, and I've never doubted that for a second.

Samantha: Neither have I.

Hector: So you're saying --

Samantha: Yes. I'm saying yes.


Brooke: Thanks for stopping by.

Rick: Well, I could stay a while longer if you want.

Brooke: Oh, that's all right. Ridge should be home soon.

Rick: That's what you said when I got here.

Brooke: Well, he and Thomas probably stopped off for a bite to eat. You know, a little father-son bonding time.


Thomas: You can't do this!

Ridge: I want you gone -- every last reminder of you.

Thomas: She doesn't have anywhere to go!

Ridge: Well, that's too bad.

Amber: The rest of my stuff --

Ridge: You get it later. Where are the keys?

Amber: They're on the counter.

Ridge: These the only ones?

Amber: Yes.

Ridge: Here are your car keys. All right, let's go. Out the door. Come on! Don't you even think of coming back here.

Thomas: This is so unfair!

Ridge: Yeah, well, one day you're gonna thank me. Go out to the car.

Thomas: No way.

Ridge: Out to the car. My car, now!

Thomas: I'm not gonna leave you alone with her!

Amber: It's okay. Okay?

Ridge: You really did a number on him, didn't you? Just like you did with Rick. Haven't changed your routine one bit, have you?

Amber: It's not a routine.

Ridge: You have cost my family more than I can measure. And you know what? It's not gonna happen anymore.

Amber: You've warned me, okay? Now, can I --

Ridge: You steal one more minute of my son's childhood -- you so much as look in his direction -- or mention his name at all -- I swear to you, I'll make sure you burn in hell. Do we understand each other? Good.

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