B&B Transcript Monday 8/9/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/9/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Deacon: No, it's cool. I'm -- I guess I'm leaving, right?

Massimo: Don't go. This won't take long. Come in.

Jackie: When you said that you wanted to see me, I was hoping that it meant that we could just --

Massimo: After all these weeks of pleading for my forgiveness, that it finally it had paid off. With me, anyway. Well, even you must realize that your relationship with Dominick may never recover.

Jackie: Please don't say that.

Massimo: He continues to shut you out.

Jackie: He's hurting. That's all. I have to believe that in time, he will --

Massimo: Mm-hmm. All will be forgiven.

Jackie: I am his mother, Massimo. I love him and I would do anything to make things right with my son again and my husband. Please. Massimo, I'm begging you. Don't do this, I can't take it anymore. I mean -- I don't sleep, I hardly eat. I miss you so much. I miss our life together, darling. Can you please just see it in your heart to give me another chance, to make up for all the pain that I have caused you. Massimo, I'm begging you. Let me come home, darling. Let me be your wife again. I'm begging you. Please.

Massimo: Take your hand off me.

Jackie: What?

Massimo: Take your hand off me. I thought I married a woman of integrity. But you lied to me over and over and over. You made a mockery of our vows. And now you stand here, begging for a second chance? All the time talking about our family as if it means something to you?

Jackie: It does.

Massimo: You turned your back on this family months ago. You don't deserve to be a Marone. And you never will be --

Jackie: No!

Massimo: -- Again. Divorce papers.

Jackie: Massimo, no --

Massimo: Sign and return them to my attorney!

Jackie: No!

Massimo: You -- I cannot trust you. I haven't been able to trust you for months. And when trust goes out of a marriage, there is nothing left! Take the papers!

Jackie: No!

Deacon: Massimo! What the hell are you doing!

Massimo: Excuse me.

Jackie: Deacon, don't. Please don't.

Deacon: You feel like a big man now?

Massimo: This is no longer any of your concern.

Deacon: The hell it isn't.


Ridge: This is so crazy. We're talking about the future of Forrester Creations here. You're gonna entrust it to these two?

Thorne: Ridge, there's no reason to jump all over --

Ridge: Just shut up, Thorne!

Eric: All right. I've heard enough. I've heard enough! I didn't start this company years ago to have it end up like this. Forrester Creations is a family business. That's always been its true strength. But now my two sons tell me it's too hard, it's too difficult -- it's impossible to work together as family. Well, if that's the case, then I don't want to be here, either. If anybody's leaving, it's me. I'm retiring. This is my last design here. I'm done.

Ridge: Dad, you can't possibly be serious.

Eric: You can have this office. Thorne, you keep yours. You can run this business together or you can sell the place. But the one thing I won't do is stand here and watch this. These halls out here, I walk up and down those halls every day, and you know what I see? I see my children. I see their faces. I see my two sons and I see my daughters, all of them working here. Each one of you making your own mark on this company. I treasure those memories. They fill my heart. And I won't have those memories tainted by this. So I'm calling it quits. Especially if staying means I have to choose one son over the other. Because to choose you over Thorne -- or to choose you over Ridge is unthinkable.


Amber: You're too much.

Thomas: So that means you like the flowers.

Amber: Are you kidding? They're incredible. I don't know how to thank you.

Thomas: I can think of a way.


Deacon: How you doing? Sorry, that was a stupid question. Jackie, I know you were hoping that Massimo would take you back. But after the way the guy spoke to you in there, the hell that he's put you through, Jackie, you don't need that kind of abuse.

Jackie: Abuse?

Deacon: You can't even see that that's what it is, can you?

Jackie: Whatever it is, I deserve it.

Deacon: No! Nobody deserves to be treated like they're nothing, no matter what they've done. Jackie, I know how you feel.

[ Jackie sighs ]

Jackie: I know that Massimo hasn't been very respectful towards you.

Deacon: Nah -- come on, listen. He's just the last one in a long line. I've been getting kicked around since I was a kid, Jackie. It doesn't matter. It's not about me. I just want you to understand that I know what it's like to feel worthless. I've been where you are right now.

Jackie: He's just -- he's angry, that's all. He's hurt and he has every right to be --

Deacon: Every right to what? To turn this on you? Jackie, it kills me to see you like this.

Jackie: I just want him to forgive me, that's all.

Deacon: I know. I know. And instead, he gave you divorce papers. Which might wind up being the best thing that Massimo has ever done for you. Whether you believe it or not. If you want crystal clear glasses,

Jackie: You don't understand.

Deacon: Jackie, I understand that your husband is letting you go.

Jackie: Yes. Because I am a drunk and a liar and an adulteress who doesn't deserve to be loved by anyone --

Deacon: Oh, what? By a guy that is incapable of forgiving? That is such ah unbelievable control freak that you -- you can't confide in him! Would you stop beating up on yourself for one second to see what the hell this guy's done to you? Jackie, that secret you kept -- you couldn't tell him. You were afraid. I understand. That's why you started drinking. Hell, he drove you to it!

Jackie: No, he didn't! It was me! It was all me! It was my guilt. It was my lies. Look what they've cost me. My marriage, my son's father. I mean, Nicky had finally got what I couldn't give him when he was growing up -- a father! A family! How am I gonna be able to look at him again knowing that I've completely ruined -- Deacon, don't!

Deacon: I'm not gonna let you do this to yourself, do you hear me? Jackie, I care too much about you. If you can't see that


Amber: I gotta stop letting you do that.

Thomas: It was just a kiss.

Amber: Right. Tell that one to your father.

Thomas: I did.

Amber: What?

Thomas: He saw us last night, parked outside the house.

Amber: Oh, my god! Oh, god! Ridge saw us kissing?

Thomas: No, relax. He didn't recognize you.

Amber: On, no, no, no, no! But my car! I mean, what if he --

Thomas: Hey! Chill! Okay? Everything -- everything's cool.

Amber: No, no, no! It's not! It's not! Okay, your father, he already thinks I'm a gold digger. And he --

Thomas: Finds out you're out to corrupt another Forrester son?

Amber: Oh, no, don't, don't joke. Don't -- oh! God! Oh, god! How'd I let this go this far?

Thomas: Amber! Come on! It's not like we're -- doing it. We're just having fun.

Amber: No! No. We're playing with fire. And it's gotta stop.

Thomas: Says who?

Amber: Says me. Says me. Okay? Now, Tommy, look. You -- you're a sweet, wonderful -- um , kid. But you're a kid. And I'm --

Thomas: Trouble with a capital "T." But so what? I like you. I like being with you and you like being with me.

Amber: Yeah. As a friend. As a friend, like I said before. But anything more --

[ Amber sighs ] Look, I still -- I still haven't even given up on Rick yet. You know, and this thing with Caitlin, it's just an infatuation, and infatuations --

Thomas: And sometimes infatuations can turn into the real thing. So why fight it?

Amber: Well, I'll tell you why. It's because this thing that you're feeling for me, it's -- it's just your hormones talking. Which is -- it's completely normal for a guy your age, but -- but I don't want you to confuse -- look, I just don't want you to get hurt. Like I said before, you're heir to the Forrester fortune. You've got a great life ahead of you. Trust me. There will be a girl for you someday out there. There will be. But not me. It can't be me.


Thorne: Dad, you can't walk away from Forrester. It's your life.

Eric: This family is my life. And I'm not gonna be the one to tear it apart.

Ridge: You leaving is not an option here.

Thorne: I'd go first.

Ridge: We both would.

Stephanie: They're right, Eric.

Ridge: Is this the decision you made last night?

Brooke: No, it's not. Your mother had a very shocked look on her face when Eric told us that he was leaving. She was just as surprised as we were, weren't you, Stephanie?

Thorne: Which means --

Ridge: Which means you did make a decision last night between Thorne and me. So who was it?


Thomas: So what I'm feeling, this can't be real, that's what you're telling me?

Amber: I'm telling you that I'm not the girl for you.

Thomas: Right, right. Like I should definitely steer clear of someone who's hot, funny and a brilliant designer.

Amber: I was all of those things.

Thomas: You still are! Wow, you talk like -- you talk like you're over the hill or something, but you're not. If we put our heads together, just thing of what we could do.

Amber: Thomas --

Thomas: I'm serious. I could slip some of your designs to your dad.

Amber: No, no! Absolutely not, okay. I do not want you going to ridge on my behalf. I mean, besides - -the way he feels about me --

Thomas: Well, okay. Then we'll find another way to --

Amber: No, no. We won't. We won't. Because there is no "we." Okay? And there's not gonna be. You gotta get this through your head.


Jackie: Deacon, please. Right now, I'm very --

Deacon: I know that you want to be alone, but I can't leave you, not when you need me to be here with you like this.

Jackie: What I need -- what I need is forgiveness.

Deacon: Jackie, Massimo doesn't know the meaning of the word. He's proven that. I want you to listen to me for a second. I know that, you know, I'm nobody's bargain. I'm an average Joe and what happened with us, I mean, between you and me, it was a fluke. I just -- I never expected it, whatever it is. But I want you to know how much I appreciate you. You've got a strength in you, you've got guts. And I admire that. That's gotta count for something, right? Listen to me. I know that you think you let Massimo down. He let you down, and he did it the very minute that you needed him most. Jackie, please believe me when I tell you you deserve so much more in this world. But first, you gotta sign the papers. Jackie. You need to let the great Massimo Marone know that if ain't gonna forgive you, you're gonna forgive yourself, that you're gonna move on. And you're gonna do it without him.

[ Jackie sobs ]

Deacon: Come here. Come here. It's okay. It's okay.


Eric: I created this company to bring us together as a family, not to have to choose between my two sons.

Thorne: But you did make a choice. You and mother --

Eric: It doesn't matter now! Now that I'm retiring --

Stephanie: You're not going to do that! Absolutely not! This is your company and this is your life's work! And Ridge and Thorne are grown men -- at least I hope they are. And they will work this out together, whatever it takes.

Ridge: We have tried, Mother. But things are different around here. It's just not the same.

Thorne: You know, would you leave Darla out of this, Ridge?

Ridge: Oh, Thorne, for god's sakes, I'm just trying to make a point!

Thorne: No, you're -- you think she's the problem when you're the -- you gotta decide, Dad, okay? Because until you do --

Ridge: He's just gonna keep thumping his chest, thinking --

Eric: You know how much I hate this?! Seeing the two of you at each other's throats?

Ridge: Then end it, Dad. End it, here and now.

Thorne: You made a choice. Tell us who it was.

Ridge: One of us stays. One of us goes. Who's it gonna be?

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