B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/28/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/28/04

By Suzanne
Proofread By Becky

Hector: This isn't right.

Samantha: The show should've started by now.

Hector: Yeah. Eric said "technical difficulties."

Samantha: They had every detail worked out last night.

Hector: Do you think Caty got cold feet?

Samantha: Oh, you saw her. You saw how excited she was.

Hector: I know. That's what worries me.

Caitlin: I can't believe this is happening.


Rick: All right, look, nobody panic. We're gonna figure this out.

Thomas: What, dad just took off?

Rick: Well, he went to Spectra to find some answers.

Megan: Who's going to make the announcement?

Caitlin: What announcement?

Rick: Ridge wants to cancel the show.

Caitlin: Cancel it?

Thomas: That's what dad would do.

Caitlin: Why?

Oscar: This line's old news.

Caitlin: Yeah, but it's good. Ridge said so.

Thomas: It's great. And so are you. And nobody's gonna get a chance to see that.

Caitlin: I don't understand.

Oscar: And there's tons of reporters out there. Somebody's gonna have to tell them something.

Rick: I will.

Caitlin: So that's it? We're done.

Rick: No.


Sally: Be reasonable, Darla. Think what you're saying.

Darla: Sally, they're going to find out anyway.

Eric: If we don't, the police will.

Clarke: Now, now. Hold on. Those are our designs. Completely original. Check it out, they're not identical to yours.

Ridge: And how would you know that, unless you'd seen ours?

Stephanie: Let's just stop playing games here!

Thorne: Sally, for Darla's sake, would you just give us the truth?

Darla: Please, Sal.

Sally: Honey, you really don't want me to do this.

Darla: How much clearer do I have to make this?

Sally: But what you are asking --

Darla: I'm not asking, I'm telling you, Sally. You have no choice here. Please. Look at them. They're not going to let this go. If they go to the police and they press charges, honey, I can't protect you.

Sally: Are you saying that you think I should do this for my own sake?

Darla: If that's what it takes to get through to you, yes. Sally, please, tell them right now. Who gave you those designs?

Sally: You. I got them from you.


Rick: We're going on.

Megan: What?

Oscar: Hold on.

Thomas: Well, my dad said to cancel the show.

Rick: Yeah, I know what he said. I know what he said. Caitlin, you ready?

Caitlin: Yeah.

Megan: Wait a second. You know how Ridge doesn't like to be overridden.

Rick: You know what, he just found out the line was stolen, he was upset. But he believes in Ingénue. And he believes in Caitlin.

Thomas: We all do.

Rick: All right. Oscar, you get everybody cued up. I'm gonna go out there and warm up the crowd.

Oscar: All right.

Rick: Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? Most of you know me. I'm Rick Forrester, vice-president of Forrester Creations. We apologize for the delay and thank you very much for your patience.

Jarrett: Rick, what's going on?

Reporter: Why haven't you started yet?

Rick: Well, we'll be starting in a minute.

Jarrett: Is it true? Did Spectra steal your collection?

Rick: Well, I can't comment on Spectra's line. And believe me, no one else will be after they see "Ingénue by Forrester."

Jarrett: So you're going ahead?

Rick: You bet we are.

[ Applause ]Rick:  So, you guys wanna see it? All right, let's get this party started! Here it is. The hottest new collection in LA. Inspired and modeled by our newest discovery, Caitlin Ramirez. You guys have caught the buzz. You've heard the rumors. And now, ladies and gentleman, I present to you "Ingénue by Forrester."

[ Applause ]


Thomas: Isn't she great?

Samantha: Amazing.

Hector: She looks so happy.

Thomas: Of course she is. This is her moment.

[ Applause ]


Darla: What did you just say?

Sally: What did you want me to say?

Ridge: You gave Sally my designs.

Darla: No.

Ridge: Yes, you did.

Clarke: You misunderstood.

Ridge: No, Sally misunderstood. Darla wanted her to lie.

Darla: No. She is lying. Why are you doing this to me?

Sally: Darling, you just got through begging me to tell them.

Darla: Thorne, I didn't do this.

Thorne: Well, obviously there has been some mistake.

Darla: I didn't do it, I swear to you. How could you do this, Sal?

Sally: I don't understand. I don't understand what you're talking about. I came to you. I asked you over and over again if you really wanted me to have them. You said yes, you did, and that's why you took them.

Darla: What?

Eric: Darla?

Stephanie: Oh, my god.

Darla: No. You can't believe her.

Clarke: Whoa. Wait a minute. Darla, I know you're scared, but you can't dump this on Sally. You brought her the proofs.

Sally: It was my birthday present.

Ridge: A birthday present -- lovely.

Darla: Oh, my god, the photos. Oh, god. Oh, my god.


Amber: Hey, shouldn't you be backstage? I heard a rumor you're in the finale.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. I'm walking Caitlin out in the showstopper.

Amber: Well, careful you don't show her up. You're looking pretty hot today yourself.

Thomas: Oh, yeah? I hope Caitlin thinks so.

Amber: Big plans for tonight?

Thomas: I'm driving her home after the show. And after that, who knows.

Amber: Well, the way things are going, it looks like we'll all have a lot to celebrate.

Thomas: What do you and Rick have planned?

Amber: "Who knows."

[ Amber laughs ] well, you had better get going, stud. You don't want to keep her waiting.


Darla: Where are they?

Sally: What?

Darla: The photos. Where are they?

Ridge: You're admitting it then, huh?

Darla: The envelope, Sally. Where is it?

Thorne: Darla, what are you talking about?

Eric: Just tell us what you did, Darla, and why.

Darla: It was an accident. It was just an accident. I gave Sally an envelope full of photos from her birthday party. They were supposed to be from her party. You remember, Thorne, I printed them up in your office.

Ridge: What, you let her use your computer?

Thorne: The pictures from the birthday party. We saw them, remember? I brought them to dad's office. I picked up the wrong envelope.

Darla: So did I. That's what must've happened. And they got mixed-up. Sally, how could you think that I would betray my own husband and his family?

Sally: Darla, honey, I asked you about this. I asked!

Darla: You shouldn't have had to ask! I would never --

Ridge: But you did!

Darla: Not on purpose. And you need to know that.

Ridge: I know all I need to know, Darla. You took confidential material from Forrester and dropped it on Sally's desk. And I don't care how it happened. You are not getting away with this.


Hector: I can't believe that's my little girl.

Samantha: She's beautiful, Hector.

Hector: Yes, she is.


[ Applause ]

Caitlin: Do you hear that?

Rick: Yeah. They love you.

Caitlin: Is it always like this?

Rick: Yeah, it's a rush, isn't it?

Caitlin: My heart is beating a mile a minute.

Rick: Mine, too.

Caitlin: Please. You've been to hundreds of fashion shows.

Rick: Yeah. But I've never seen you in that outfit.

Rick: Well, we better get ready for the finale. Where's Thomas? He should be here.


Darla: I'm trying to explain this to you.

Ridge: Yeah, well all I'm hearing are excuses. And lousy ones at that.

Darla: It was an accident.

Ridge: Right.

Darla: It was! Oh, god, it was. You all have to listen to me. Please. Sally had a party. I printed up the photos in Thorne's office. I put them in an envelope. I must have gotten distracted.

Ridge: Are you saying you had no idea Thorne had pictures of my collection?

Darla: No. I knew. I saw them. He showed them to me. But I didn't mean to take them. They must have gotten mixed up.

Thorne: When Sally called to thank you at the rehearsal last night, did --

Darla: Right, remember how strange I thought that was? I couldn't understand why she was so excited to just get pictures from a party.

Stephanie: But, Darla, if you thought it was strange --

Thorne: She knew how upset Sally was because Spectra was in trouble.

Eric: Well, they don't seem to be doing so badly now.

Darla: I am so very sorry.

Sally: So am I, sweetheart.

Ridge: No you're not. No you're not. Look at this place. You've got knock-offs piled to the ceiling around here. You can't ship them out fast enough. You're now making a fortune while we had to cancel our damn showing.

Eric: Forrester invested a huge amount of money in this collection.

Ridge: And now we're going to lose it. Every penny of it. Because of you, Darla! God, I warned you, Thorne. I warned you about her relationship with Sally. Obviously I was right.

Clarke: Ridge, she picked up the wrong envelope.

Ridge: So "ditzy Darla" does it again, huh? Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I did underestimate you, thinking you weren't smart enough to pull something like this off.

Thorne: All right. That's enough.

Ridge: So which is it, Darla? Are you a criminal genius or a dingbat?

Stephanie: Oh, Ridge, this is unnecessary.

Ridge: Oh, don't start feeling sorry for her now. This is what got us into this mess. God, I knew this was coming! I predicted it! The way you've been acting. The way you've been pushing Thorne and causing trouble all the time.

Darla: I was standing up for my husband.

Ridge: You're making him look just great right now, aren't you, Darla? Just great. He put his trust in you. So did my mother and father. And this is how you repay them? Whether you're a criminal or a dingbat, either way, you can't be trusted. That's obvious. You're a liability to our company and you're sure as hell a liability to this family. What?!


Caitlin: Did you find Thomas?

Oscar: No. Megan?

Megan: There's no sign of him.

Caitlin: He's supposed to be here. He's supposed to walk me down the runway.

Rick: Is there a problem?

Caitlin: We can't find Thomas.

Rick: Maybe he's out front?

Megan: No, we've looked everywhere.

Oscar: We don't have anymore time. You're on in 20 seconds.

Caitlin: By myself?

Rick: I'll do it. Let's go.

Amber: Oh, Thomas, Thomas -- where are you going? You're in the finale. What happened? Thomas, what's going --?

[ Applause ]

Oscar: Is everybody having a good time?

Audience: Yeah.

Oscar: Well, get ready. Make sure you reload those cameras, because now is the moment you've all been waiting for. Our showstopper, worn by our own Ingénue. And now welcome, Caitlin Ramirez and Rick Forrester.

[ Applause ]


Darla: Ridge is right. I am stupid. I know you're angry. I don't blame you. I screwed up. Go ahead, Thorne. Let me have it. I deserve it. Please, say something!

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