B&B Transcript Monday 7/19/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/19/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

(missing a few seconds)

Ridge: Flirt with the crowd, you know, have fun. You're sexy, irreverent and you know it. And you -- you, ms. Ingénue, you are queen bee. It's your first flight out of the hive. Do you know why?

Caitlin: No.

Ridge: Mating season.

[ Caitlin laughs ]

Ridge: Okay, this is the first time they're gonna see these designs. So we need to hit it out of the ballpark, ladies. No pressure at all.

Model: No problem.

Ridge: Good girl. All right. It's almost time here, so let's get hair and makeup workin' to get you guys fierce! Even more fierce! If that's possible. Go for it. And you, have fun, go for it. Relax.

Caitlin: Okay.

Ridge: You'll be great, okay?

Caitlin: Okay, thanks.


Ridge: Go for it.

Rick: What?

Ridge: You know what.

Rick: I just wanted to go backstage and make sure everything was ready.

Ridge: Is that the only reason you came by?

Rick: Well, there's no harm in wishing her luck.

Ridge: Do we need to go over this again, Rick? There's too much riding on Caitlin and this line for you to be messing with her head.

Rick: Okay, fine, then I'll just stay out here.

Ridge: No, you're gonna distract her out here.

Rick: Well, then maybe I should've just stayed home. If I do recall correctly, I am a part of this team.

Ridge: Yes, you are, but that means playing by the rules, Rick. I'm not taking any chance here. I've got her father and our esteemed president just looking for a reason to shut this down.

Rick: I am just as committed to this as you are.

Ridge: Well, good. Then you'll do exactly what I say and stay away from the girl.


Caitlin: Has anyone seen Rick?

Hairdresser: Not yet. Hold still, honey.

Caitlin: Sorry.

Joyce: Now, that's a handsome young man.

Thomas: Hey, Joyce. It is you. I hardly recognized you under all that -- stuff.

Caitlin: Okay. Thanks.

Hairdresser: I'll be right back.

Thomas: So. For luck.

Caitlin: Thomas, you shouldn't have.

Thomas: I figured you could use some moral support.

Caitlin: A pair of steady legs would be great, too.

Thomas: Don't worry. When you get out on stage, your inner diva will take over. At least, that's what I've heard.

Caitlin: I don't know. I mean, have you seen what your dad has done with my designs?

Thomas: Oh, you don't like them?

Caitlin: No, no, they're great. It's just they're -- they're a little revealing.

Thomas: Cool.

Caitlin: Oh, come on.


Darla: Have you seen Ridge yet today?

Thorne: No.

Darla: God, I wish you could have put off this preview.

Thorne: Maybe it's exactly what we need. I mean, it's one thing for dad to fall for Ridge's sales pitch. It's another to see the designs on their feet.

Darla: Yeah. Kind of like, Deacon's line, right? I mean, once they saw it, they determined that it was absolutely wrong for Forrester. So maybe there's still some hope.

Thorne: I just can't believe that dad would let these go out with his name on them. He knows better than anyone, it takes years to rebuild a damaged brand.

Darla: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Hey, take spectra for example. Brooke and Ridge go over there, try to turn it into something high-class and it just totally and completely confuses the customers.

Thorne: That's an excellent point. Come with me today.

Darla: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Thorne: Why not?

Darla: You know how Ridge feels about me --

Thorne: Forget Ridge.

Darla: Honey, I don't want to make things any worse than they already are.

Thorne: You'll make things better, okay? And listen, I value your perspective. You have years of experience in this business. Besides, if I'm way off base with this line, you'll let me know.

Darla: And if you're not?

Thorne: Then Ridge is going to have one hell of a fight on his hands.


Oscar: Hey. Aren't you going to Ridge's preview?

Rick: No.

Oscar: Good. 'Cause I've been wantin' to catch a few minutes with you about this Ingénue line.

Rick: Yeah. What about it?

Oscar: Well, here's the thing. I'm thinking we need a catchy tagline. And I've been thinking about it, been thinking about the word "on," you know, the sound of it, like "Ingénue." Now, there's a lot we could do with that. Like, "on top," "turned on," "on ice," "on the edge" --

Rick: "On the edge with Ingénue" -- yeah, I like that.

Oscar: Always with the sexual subtext --

Rick: Yes, sexy, but clever.

Oscar: Like the girl.

Rick: Yeah, but it's about more than just her face or her body.

Oscar: Though the body's not bad, huh?

Rick: Yeah, but it's her ambition, you know? Her intelligence, her sense of humor. The way her face lights up when she smiles, the way you light up -- that's what's so sexy. What?

[ Oscar chuckles ]

Oscar: You got a thing for this chick, huh?


Caitlin: Who is that?

Thomas: Move over, Gisele.

Caitlin: I look old.

Thomas: At least 25.

Caitlin: So? You're going to be out there?

Thomas: I know what you're thinking.

Caitlin: You do?

Thomas: I'm just a lowly intern and how could I possibly get into this a-list event? Well, I happen to know a guy who can pull some strings.

Caitlin: Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm just -- I'm already freaking out.

Thomas: And I'd make you nervous?

Caitlin: I've just never done anything like this before. I – I really need to focus. You understand?

Thomas: Uh, yeah -- yeah, that's fine.

Caitlin: Thank you.

Megan: Hey.

Caitlin: Hey.

Megan: You big superstar. Are you ready to go knock 'em dead?

Caitlin: Oh, god. Wish me luck!

Megan: Luck.

Caitlin: Thanks.

Thomas: I can do better than that.

Joyce: No, no, no! Wait! Not the lips. And not the cheeks!

Hairdresser: Not the hair!

Caitlin: Thanks for the flowers.

Thomas: Just don't forget me when you become a big success, okay?


Ridge: Just one change. I want to play the second number on the first cue. All right? Thank you.

Stephanie: Hi, honey.

Ridge: Dad, mother. Right on time.

Eric: Well, of course we are. We're anxious to see you work your magic again.

Ridge: Well, I'm anxious to show it.

Eric: Good.

Ridge: Hey, guys.

Thorne: Hey. I asked Darla to join us.

Ridge: Yeah, so I see. Welcome.

Darla: Thanks.

Stephanie: Aren't we waiting for Rick?

Ridge: No, he's got a lot of things to do. I'll bring him up to speed later.

Eric: Okay.

Stephanie: All right. I'll go here.

Eric: Okay.

Stephanie: You go there.

Eric: All right.

Ridge: All right. What you're about to see may surprise you a bit. At least I hope so. But I think that's what we should be doing now -- grabbing people's attention, maybe even shocking them a little. Oh, who am I kidding? We're gonna shock the hell out of 'em. And they're gonna love it, too. Because women around the world have always looked to Forrester for elegance and sophistication. But what happens when they feel a little dangerous? A little wild? Just a little bad, huh?

Thorne: The naughty side of Forrester.

Ridge: You got it. Designs that don't play fair, that break all the rules that steal the show, just like the women who wear them. Well, don't take my word for it, though. Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to see the premiere showing of Ingénue by Forrester.

Ridge: Yes. Thank you, ladies. Now let's turn up the heat. Forrester's own Ingénue -- wearing what could be our showstopper -- Caitlin Ramirez!


Rick: Look, Oscar --

Oscar: No, that's cool, man. We do our job right, the whole world's gonna fall in love with her. I'll tell you what, though, I'd rein it in just a little bit if I were you. 'Cause it was pretty obvious right now what's goin' on through your head. And if Ridge were to find out --

Rick: He knows.

Oscar: You told him?

Rick: No, I didn't tell him. He saw us --

Oscar: He saw you what?

Rick: Kissing.

Oscar: You're comin' onto a high school girl?

Rick: I wasn't 'coming onto her, okay? It was just a kiss. That's it.

Oscar: Can I just ask -- what were you thinking?

Rick: Dude, what are you talkin' about? It's almost the same age difference between you and Bridget.

Oscar: Bridget's legal.

Rick: It was just a kiss.

Oscar: Okay, so that's it? That's as far as it's gonna go?

Rick: Yes. Okay. I do not want to screw up this opportunity for her.

Oscar: So then you told her, right? That it's over?

Rick: Not yet. But I'm gonna have to.


Thorne: Stop. Stop the music please. Lights. Caitlin, thanks, you were great.

Ridge: What are you doing?

Thorne: We've seen enough.

Stephanie: And then some.

Caitlin: Um, should I go?

Ridge: Caitlin, you were wonderful. Just give us a minute, will you?

Caitlin: Okay.

Ridge: Thank you. Dad?

Eric: Well -- very, very bold.

Thorne: Could you just say it? It's completely wrong, for Forrester.

Ridge: Is that how you see it?

Eric: It goes against our tradition. I know that's what you were going for.

Stephanie: Well, he's gone too far. I don't like the message that this sends.

Ridge: What message? They're clothes. They're hot, cutting-edge, gotta-have-it clothes. And if we don't make 'em, somebody else will.

Thorne: It doesn't fit our image, Ridge.

Ridge: Well, maybe it's the image that needs changing. Have you thought about that? Fashion means reinventing oneself.

Thorne: What? You're gonna tell me now about fashion?

Ridge: If necessary.

Darla: Come on, honey, please --

Thorne: I grew up in this business the same way you did, Ridge.

Ridge: Not exactly the same way, huh?

Eric: Ridge, we're not going to go there.

Ridge: We're already there, dad. You resent me. You resent my place in this family. That's what's really going on here, isn't it, Thorne? Well, I've only got one thing to say to you -- get over it!


[ Knock at the door ]

Rick: Wow.

Caitlin: Not my usual style.

Rick: Yeah, but it works. You look very--

Caitlin: Fierce?

Rick: If that's a good thing. So, how was the preview?

Caitlin: Strange. Thorne jumped up in the middle of it and stopped it.

Rick: What?

Caitlin: I don't know. I did everything Ridge told me to do.

Rick: You know what? Thorne has his own issues with this collection. It's family politics, it has nothing to do with you. I'm sure you did great. So, how did it feel?

Caitlin: The truth?

Rick: Yeah.

Caitlin: It was awesome. I mean, I was totally nervous in the beginning, but then when I got up there-- I don't know, something just took over.

Rick: Well, you're a natural.

Caitlin: It was really fun. I kind of hoped you were going to be there.

Rick: Yeah, well I had planned on it, but something came up.

Caitlin: Well, that's okay. Just make it up to me. Take me to lunch.

Rick: I can't. I have a business meeting.

Caitlin: Come on. You're going to let all of this go to waste?

Rick: I'm sorry.

Caitlin: That's okay. I'll just wait.

Rick: No, that's not going to work, either.

Caitlin: Oh.

Rick: Look, you know, just -- things have gotten really busy.

Caitlin: But last night--

Rick: Last night, we both got a little carried away. Weddings.

Caitlin: Right. Does this have anything to do with Thomas?

Rick: No. No, not at all. It's just the way things workout sometimes. You look great, kid.


Eric: All right, that's enough. Both of you.

Ridge: I'm just tired of dancing around the issue.

Thorne: Is it really that hard for you to believe that I just don't like what you've done? This is a business decision, and we ought to be able to discuss your designs without it getting personal.

Ridge: We don't have to discuss anything, Thorne. I showed you this today as a courtesy, not as an audition.

Thorne: So I should just keep my opinions to myself?

Ridge: Better yet, why don't you leave the opinions to people who know what they're doing.

Stephanie: Ridge.

Ridge: Oh, I know. He's Mr. President here. They could make you emperor of Forrester, you still wouldn't know bupkus about design.

Thorne: You don't have to go to design school, or have some lofty vision to understand what works and what doesn't. I know this company as well as anyone, barring dad, which is why he promoted me.

Ridge: Oh, please. He only did that because he didn't know I was coming back.

Darla: Who the hell do you think you are?

Ridge: Oh great, Darla has something to say now.

Darla: You're damn right I do.

Ridge: You don't like me very much, do you Darla?

Darla: No. No, I don't. I think you're acting like a big jerk.

Ridge: Oh, that's gonna keep me up nights.

Thorne: Ridge, leave her alone.

Darla: Why do you have to be so mean to everybody, huh? He's your brother. This is your mother.

Ridge: Thank god there's somebody in the room to keep that straight. Why are you here, anyway? What, does Thorne need somebody to hold his hand?

Darla: Thorne respects my opinion.

Ridge: There's a terrifying thought.

Thorne: You know what? I warned you, Ridge. Not to ever use that tone of voice with my wife again.

Ridge: Or what? Or what, Mr. President?

[Thorne punches Ridge in the mouth and knocks him to the floor.]

Stephanie: My god.

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