B&B Transcript Friday 7/16/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/16/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Eric: Are you feeling any better?

Stephanie: I hope to God I never see another bottle of Tequila as long as I live.

Eric: Well, so much for drowning your sorrows.

Stephanie: I hit rock bottom tonight. That's for sure.

Eric: What I don't understand is why this has hit you so hard.

Stephanie: I was trying to figure that out when I was in the shower. I think it's shaken my faith. I always believed in virtue and decency win out. I mean, I've believed that all my life. But I was wrong.

Eric: There's another interpretation of what's happened. Did you ever stop to consider that maybe Brooke is more decent than you give her credit for? Stephanie, what Ridge and Brooke share is very real. They have survived many, many challenges over the years. To me, they're an inspiration.


Thorne: You know you're the best thing that's ever happened to me, huh?

Darla: I am?

[ Baby coos ]

Thorne: And you, too.

Darla: I'll go check on her.

Thorne: Okay.


Samantha: Caitlin? Hey, you got a big day tomorrow. Don't you think you ought to get some sleep?

Caitlin: I'm way too excited to sleep.

Samantha: Is it because you're previewing the line or -- is it something else? When you disappeared from the party, I noticed that Rick wasn't around, either. Should I be concerned?


[Rick remembering]

Ridge: I'll tell you

what's over, Rick.

You and Caitlin --

as of now.

Amber: I had a feeling I'd find you by the pool.

Rick: Amber?

Amber: In the flesh.

Rick: What are you doing here?

Amber: I'll give you a hint.

Rick: You know, there is an entire ocean outside of your beach house.

Amber: Mm, yeah. I like the scenery better here. Do you mind?

Rick: No. Not really in the mood for conversation, though.

Amber: Even better. How was the wedding?

Rick: It was nice.

Amber: You and Ridge getting along any better? Wow, you really weren't kidding about the not wanting to talk part, huh?

Rick: Sorry.

Amber: No, don't apologize. It just makes me sad. I used to know everything that was going on in your life. And, uh, I miss that. I miss being close to you.


Caitlin: I'm not sure what you're asking.

Samantha: Well, Rick is a very charming guy. I can understand how you might have a little crush on him.

Caitlin: It's more than a little crush.

Samantha: Honey, I didn't mean to offend you.

Caitlin: That's okay. I should probably be focusing on my designs anyway.

Samantha: Caitlin, you do realize that he's too old for you.

Caitlin: But, you --

Samantha: And he's was married and he's been divorced, and --

Caitlin: He's changed since then. We talked about it.

Samantha: I know I said I wasn't gonna say anything to your father --

Caitlin: Please don't. Please don't. I won't do anything stupid. I promise.

Samantha: Okay. We'll keep this between us. For now. You think you can get some sleep now?

Caitlin: Yeah. I love you, mom.

Samantha: I love you, too. Sweet dreams.

Caitlin: You, too.


Darla: One lullaby and that sweet baby is back to sleep.

Thorne: I'm sorry, honey. What?

Darla: Ridge's sketches?

Thorne: For the new line. We're supposed to preview some of these tomorrow, but -- no matter how many times I look at them, they just don't say Forrester creations to me.

Darla: Because they're not Forrester. And why Ridge would push this line, I don't know. Honey, you have wonderful instincts. You should follow them. Now, go into that meeting tomorrow and speak your mind. And if Ridge can't handle that, well then -- -- that's his problem.


Brooke: I wonder if it's possible --

Ridge: What's that?

Brooke: For me to love you any more than I do right now?

Ridge: Mm. We have our whole lifetime together to find that out, don't we?

Brooke: Well, that works for me.

Ridge: Works for me, too.


Amber: Okay -- so, you don't want to tell me what's bothering you, and you won't let me help get your mind off of it.

Rick: Amber, I don't wanna get into this with you.

Amber: Oh, what is there that you can't talk to me about? Hmm? Oh -- it's a girl.

Rick: Yes. There is someone, but it's never gonna amount to anything because it can't.

Amber: Why not? Who is she?

Rick: Amber --

Amber: You don't have to tell me. I can figure it out for myself. Let's see -- it's gotta be someone at work, right? 'Cause you never leave the office. So, uh -- process of elimination. Megan -- no, way too old. Caitlin -- no, no, no. She's too young. She's way, way too young.

Rick: Look, I'm well aware of that. Just drop it, okay?

Amber: Fine, fine. Look, Rick -- you've got somebody you want to forget. And I've got something I want you to remember.

Rick: Amber -- Amber, I can't do this.

Amber: Yes, you can.

Rick: No, look. I don't want to use you.

Amber: You're so damn noble. And I really hate that about you. But I'm not giving up.

Rick: Now, why am I not surprised?

Amber: Just you wait right here, okay?


Thorne: There's no way these designs belong at Forrester. Yeah, they're cutting edge, make a statement. But -- a fashion house with our reputation? Is that the statement we want to make? In my gut, the answer is no.

Darla: Well, then tomorrow Ridge and your father will know that, too. Sweetie, you'll find a way to get through to them.

Thorne: I haven't yet.

Darla: You will.

Thorne: You know what? Maybe the smartest thing to do would be to put this preview off. Give me some time to work on Dad.

Darla: Ridge did just get married. You know, maybe he won't even feel like coming into the office tomorrow.

[ Baby cries ]Darla:  One lullaby from mommy is never enough.

Thorne: Kiss her goodnight for me.

Darla: I will, babe.

Thorne: This is wrong. It's just wrong. I gotta find a way to put a stop to this.


[ cell phone rings ]

Rick: Hello?

Caitlin: Am I calling too late?

Rick: Caitlin?

Caitlin: I haven't stopped thinking about you since we left the party. Oh God, did I just say that?

Rick: I'm glad you had such a nice time.

Caitlin: I really did. Well, thanks again. I guess I'll just see you tomorrow.

Rick: Good night, Caitlin.

Amber: Caitlin.


Eric: Is that all you think this family needs from you? Protection?

Stephanie: Well, somebody has to fight Brooke. You defend her at every turn. And Ridge has been seduced by her.

Eric: Ridge loves her. You have to hear that, Stephanie. You need to accept that. 'Cause you're not going to get anywhere with Ridge or his children until you do.

Stephanie: Am I supposed accept this grandiose notion of hers that she's the matriarch of the family? I tried and I can't. I won't. She doesn't represent what we're about. She doesn't even understand it. I don't know. Maybe you and I should just go away for a while.

Eric: Oh, Stephanie. Some things in this life are inevitable. You, fading quietly off into the sunset is not one of them. You've never run away from anything or anyone in life, and I'm not about to start letting you now. You're the heart and soul of this family. You're our home. You get any thoughts of giving up right out of your head. I love you. I'm not going to let you give up. Never.


Ridge: Hey, sweetheart, I'm missing you out here.

[ Phone rings ]Ridge: Oh, for god's sake. Whoever this is, your timing stinks.

Thorne: Well, you didn't have to pick up. I could've left a message.

Ridge: Hello, Thorne.

Thorne: Listen, I won't keep you. But I was just showing some of your sketches to Darla, and I realized that we have this preview scheduled for tomorrow.

Ridge: Don't worry, I'll be there.

Thorne: Ridge, you and Brooke deserve a honeymoon. Okay, even if you are staying in town. I can just reschedule it.

Ridge: No. Don't worry. Brooke understands.

Thorne: Really, we can do it another day.

Ridge: Look, we really have to get going on this. Besides, I'm really excited about it. And you're gonna be too, when you realize how it's all come together.

Ridge: Hello?

Thorne: Look, Ridge, I think we should slow down, okay? Give everyone a chance to --

Ridge: A chance to what? Reconsider?

Thorne: I have my reservations.

Ridge: You have reservations, or Darla has reservations?

Thorne: Ridge, leave Darla out of this.

Ridge: I would love to. You're the one consulting with her.

Thorne: You haven't shown your sketches to Brooke?

Ridge: Look, Brooke knows what she's talking about.

Thorne: Oh, I see! And my wife doesn't?

Ridge: Dad's opinion is the only one that matters here, and he happens to love the line. So if you and your wife wouldn't mind --

Thorne: Ridge, I told you to leave my wife out of this.

Ridge: She has no business sticking her nose into design decisions. That's all there is to it. If she thinks she knows more than dad about all this, then she's as dingy as they say.

Thorne: You know, you better shut your freakin' mouth, Ridge!

Ridge: Good-night, little brother.

Thorne: Son of a -- you want a war, you got one.

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