B&B Transcript Friday 7/9/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/9/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Felicia: Better take your hands off those flowers. And wrap your arms around me.

Eric: Felicia, Felicia!

Felicia: Daddy!

Eric: Oh, my sweet baby girl! Oh, I'm so glad you're here.

Felicia: As if I'd miss this? Kristen and I were just talking about it in the car.

Eric: Where is she?

Kristen: Right here!

Eric: Oh, my goodness -- give me this. How are you doing?

Kristen: What do you have in there, your date?

Felicia: No, I didn't bring one.

Eric: Apparently you didn't either.

Kristen: No, Zende has a soccer tournament. Tony's there cheering for both of us.

Eric: I'm sorry they're not here.

Kristen: Me, too.

Felicia: Well, at least they didn't have to walk in and see you playing floral arranger. I mean, what is going on? I thought that was mother's thing.

Eric: Well, she's not here.

Kristen: She's not here, or she's not coming?

Eric: Uh, I'm not exactly sure. Brooke is over the house right now trying to convince her to come. I'm not certain she's gonna have much luck with that, though.


Stephanie: How dare you say something like that to me?

Brooke: Oh, just admit it. You're obsessed with Ridge. We all know it. That's what's causing the problems with Thorne, why Kristen and Felicia left. They can't compete. For you, it's all about Ridge.

Stephanie: If I have focused too much on Ridge --

Brooke: If?

Stephanie: If I have focused too much on Ridge, it was to protect him from you!

Brooke: Oh, right. My unhealthy obsession. Talk about projecting!

Stephanie: Oh, please, don't give me any of this -- psychological babble. You can't blame me for your issues. It's not my fault that you're a slut.

Brooke: You can't bait me anymore, Stephanie. I know what's really going on here. You want me out of Ridge's life so you can have him all to yourself.


Ridge: You named your new ship "Hope." You know, you can still be a part of her life.

Nick: Why are you really here, Forrester?

Ridge: I told you. Brooke would like you to be at the wedding.

Nick: Forget it.

Ridge: I'd like to, Nick. I'd like to forget the whole damn year, but I can't.


[ All talking at once ]

caitlin: Is it done?

Hairstylist: Almost.

Make-up artist okay, close your eyes, honey. We need to put a little more color on them.

Caitlin: Okay. Wait, more?

Make-up artist: Just a little.

Rick: They're bringing out your best features.

Giovanni: It takes a while because you have so many of them. You're a natural.

Caitlin: A natural? They're dying my hair and covering me up with makeup.

Hairstylist: Darlin', in l.A., That's as natural as it gets.

[ Laughter ]

Caitlin: Oh, no.


Felicia: Mother isn't coming to the wedding?

Eric: We're not sure. She might not.

Kristen: What? She has to. Ridge is her favorite.

Eric: I wouldn't say that.

[ Kristen scoffs ]

Eric:  Now listen, you two, do not bring this up in front of your brothers.

Kristen: Why? What is going on?

Eric: What's going on here is this is Ridge's wedding.

Felicia: Yes, and if you don't tell us, we'll just ask him.

Eric: Yeah, well, he's not here.

Kristen: Where is he?

Eric: He's talking to Nick.

Kristen: Nick is Brooke's former fiancé.

Felicia: Well, he's probably warning him to stay away from the wedding.

Eric: Actually, no. He's inviting him.


Ridge: We can't erase the past, unfortunately, Nick. All we can do is move forward.

Nick: How poetic. Either way, I'm not coming to your -- your party. What's it called here? Your "reaffirmation" party. I won't be there.

Ridge: Brooke knows this isn't easy for you. She wouldn't have asked if it wasn't important to her.

Nick: She didn't ask. She sent her whipping boy to do it. Real nice being on top, isn't it Forrester? Riding the high road. You and Brooke, you got your whole future, family you're gonna raise. You're happy, she's happy.

Ridge: Would you like it better if she wasn't happy?

Nick: I'd like it better if I knew it was gonna last.


Brooke: Either you accept me as Ridge's wife, or you won't be a part of our family.

Stephanie: I'm his mother.

Brooke: Which is why he's giving you one last chance, inviting you to the wedding. Which is why I’m asking you one last time.

Stephanie: Don't bother.

Brooke: Stephanie, you talk about defining moments. Well, this could be yours.

Stephanie: Well, then, it is mine.

Brooke: Your children and your grandchildren are over at my house right now, waiting to celebrate my relationship with Ridge. Everybody's over there. Now if you don't join us, you'll be sending a message that you're just a bitter, old woman who would rather stew in her own hate than accept what I have to offer.

Stephanie: And what exactly are you offering?

Brooke: A place in the Forrester family.

Stephanie: You're offering me a place in my own family?


Giovanni: So you are a woman in charge of her destiny. Everything you do is a success.

Caitlin: So, I should look confident?

Rick: You always do.

Giovanni: That's it. Just like that.

Used to be afraid to look inside no more no more

the place where spirit and dreams collide no more no more

but that was where my beauty lies my spirit has unfolded just one day i looked

over and saw the moon upon my shoulder moon upon my shoulder and no more

no more not a fearful bone in me no more no more not a fearful bone in me

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

Caitlin: Don't use that one.

Giovanni: Just like that.

Caitlin: Okay.

Giovanni: Okay. That's a wrap.

Caitlin: Thanks, guys. We're done?

Giovanni: For now. But trust me, from what I've seen, you're just getting started.

Caitlin: Thanks.

Thomas: Wow. You look amazing.

Caitlin: Thanks.


Ridge: You don't have to worry about Brooke.

Nick: You make her happy, Forrester. But believe me, if you screw this up --

ridge: What? Are you gonna come looking for me, Nick?

Nick: No. But I'll make sure she knows where to find me. By the way, your gift's in the mail.


Brooke: Okay. If this is what you want --

Stephanie: It's not what I want. That's the point.

Brooke: Well, fine. Make your point. Boycott the ceremony. Exile yourself from our family, from your son, from the grandchildren --

Stephanie: That's not what I'm doing.

Brooke: Oh, you don't think so?

Stephanie: No, I'm just giving up the opportunity of watching Ridge make the biggest mistake of his life.

Brooke: This is the first day of a brand-new era. And I really couldn't wait for this moment to come. I thought I'd feel victorious, but I don't. Actually, I feel kind of sad. You have always put your family first. And that's the one thing I really admired about you. You would do anything for your family. But you couldn't do this. You couldn't let go. And now -- now you're gonna be left with nothing. I feel sorry for you.


Kristen: So Brooke is inviting mother and Ridge is inviting Nick?

Felicia: We may end up being the only guests at this wedding.

Kristen: Right.

Eric: No, no, no. Now, I wouldn't say that.

Felicia: Okay, so maybe mother will show up. But this Nick guy? I'm sure he doesn't want to be anywhere near this place. Unless he's a glutton for punishment.

Phoebe: Aunt Kristen!

Steffy: Felicia!

Eric: There you are.

Kristen: Hey. Hi, you guys.

Felicia: You guys have grown.

Eric: See, that's what happens when you stay away so long. So where have you two been hiding?

Steffy: We were working on our poem.

Phoebe: For the wedding.

Felicia: Oh, I can't wait to hear it.

Phoebe: Oh, it's not done yet.

Steffy: What rhymes with "marriage"?

Kristen: Marriage, marriage --

Eric: That's tough. That's not easy.

Kristen: That's not an easy one. But you keep working on it, all right?

Steffy: We'll figure it out.

Eric: Okay. I'm sure you will.

Felicia: You know, I think it's about time that we call the house and make sure mother hasn't shipped Brooke off to Timbuktu yet.

Eric: No more jokes about that.

Kristen: Oh, come on. It's fun.

Eric: No, I mean it, I mean it. It's a very important day for our family. Not just Ridge and Brooke, but for the unity of this family, all right? Hopefully your mother and nick will find some way to make peace with that.


Man: Hey, how you doin', captain?

Nick: Leave me alone.

Man: Okay, have it your way.

Stephanie: You saved a seat for me. Thank you. I thought I'd find you here.

Nick: I'm not going, you know. They asked me to go, but I'm not going.

Stephanie: You don't think I drove all the way down here to try and talk you into going, do you?

Nick: If you came here for some Brooke bashing, you came to the wrong place. Let me tell you that right now.

Stephanie: Actually, I came for a drink.


Ridge: Hey kiddo, hey kiddo. I'm glad you could make it.

Eric: Ridge, how did it go with Nick?

Ridge: Well, let's hope Brooke has better luck with mother.


Thomas: I can't get over how great you look. It's just so different.

Caitlin: But you like it?

Thomas: Well, yeah, what's not to like? And the new office, too.

Caitlin: I know. Isn't it awesome?

Thomas: You said you liked it down here -- the heart of the business.

Caitlin: I did?

Thomas: Yeah, the first time we met.

Caitlin: Oh, that's right. And now, here I am -- the face of Ingénue by Forrester. You think I look silly.

Thomas: No, I think you look great. But, I mean, you looked great before. I just don't know why they made you change.

Rick: Oh, well, Ridge just wanted to update the look a little. And I gotta say, I think he's gonna be really happy with the picture we took today.

Thomas: You want to give him a preview? That's why I'm here. My Dad and Brooke are getting remarried today.

Caitlin: Yeah, I know. We got an invitation.

Thomas: So, do you want to go with me?

Caitlin: Um -- yeah. Yeah, sure. I'd like that.

Thomas: Great.


Thorne: Hello, everybody.

Kristen: Hey.

Darla: Hi.

Thorne: Felicia? I didn't know you were going to be here.

Felicia: Hey, how are you?

Thorne: Great.

Felicia: Hey, Darla.

Darla: Hi, Felicia. How are you, sweetie?

Felicia: Good. Where's that gorgeous little niece of mine?

Darla: Oh, she is with our babysitter. I think Alexandria has had her fill of weddings for a while.

[ Darla laughs ]

Felicia: Oh, I'm sorry I missed yours. I heard it was beautiful.

Thorne: Guess your schedule cleared up, huh?

Felicia: Well, couldn't miss this. Ridge and Brooke -- the final chapter? I mean, that's a must-see event.

Kristen: Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way.

Thorne: What's going on?

Eric: Your mother's not coming.

Thorne: You're kidding me? But everybody's here. I mean, even Felicia came in.

Brooke: She's determined to fight this to the end.

Eric: She'll come around.

Brooke: She didn't show signs of it today.

Eric: Well, I'm sure you got her thinking. She just needs some time to clear her head. It'll all start to make sense.


Stephanie: "Reign of terror."

[ Nick sighs ]

 Stephanie: My concern for my son and my grandchildren, according to Brooke, was a "reign of terror."

Nick: No bashing. Remember, we said no bashing.

Stephanie: How does this happen? How am I here drinking while my family rallies around Brooke? How is it possible?

Nick: I don't really know the history of that well, Stephanie --

Stephanie: You know, she had the audacity -- the audacity -- to offer me a place in my own family? All I had to do was bow to the queen. To the new Forrester matriarch.

Nick: I thought that was you.

Stephanie: It is me.

Nick: Well, if you're the matriarch, you should be at the wedding.

Stephanie: I tore up my invitation.

Nick: Oh, I have one. Take mine. Here. Here's mine -- take it.

Stephanie: No, thank you.

Nick: No, I don't need to be there. I'm not gonna go, so you might as well --

Stephanie: No, thank you.

Nick: You may hate Brooke, but you're still Ridge's mother.


Brooke: I'm sorry I couldn't get through to her.

Ridge: It's probably for the best.

Brooke: She tore up the invitation in my face.

Ridge: Well, if that's the way she feels, we're lucky she's not showing up. What the hell were we thinking, anyway? Having mother and Nick here? It would have been a total disaster.

Stephanie: You're right. I can't let Brooke win. I am going to that wedding.


Announcer: On the next "bold and the beautiful" --

Ridge: Let's finally put this back where it belongs.

Jackie: I can't lose you.

Massimo: You already have.

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