B&B Transcript Thursday 7/8/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/8/04

by Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: Think he knows?

Brooke: What a special day this is for mom and dad?

Ridge: Oh, special doesn't begin to describe it, Logan. It's --

Brooke: It's the "happily ever after" we've been waiting for so long.

Hope: Mommy.

Brooke: Hi, honey. Oh, look who's here.

Ridge: Good morning. It's your big sister. You wanna give your little brother a kiss right there? How 'bout a good morning kiss for me right there? Oh, that's not a good morning kiss. A good morning kiss would be all wet and sloppy, make your toes curl. Kinda like this.

Brooke: Oh, no. Oh, honey, why don't you run downstairs and let  Cathy make you some breakfast, okay?

Ridge: Yeah, we don't want your tummy getting all growly during the wedding, do we? It gets all growly like this, like this, and growls like this. Go get some breakfast.

Brooke: Hurry.

Ridge: We'll see you in a little while. Bye, cutie.

Brooke: Bye.

Hope: Bye.

Ridge: So, gorgeous, a few more hours and we'll be --

Brooke: Reaffirming our commitment.

Ridge: In front of all our family and friends, huh?

Brooke: Wait, all our family and friends? You said we were gonna keep this simple.

Ridge: Well, just, just calm down here. Relax. I just kinda tweaked the guest list a little bit.

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: Kristen and Felicia are gonna fly in. I also called your sisters and Storm, but unfortunately --

brooke: They can't show up on such short notice. I know, I tried them, too.

Ridge: Disappointed?

Brooke: Well, it's not exactly my first time as a bride.

Ridge: But it is gonna be your last. Because this time it's forever.


Eric: So you had dinner at Thorne and Darla's last night?

Stephanie: I wanted to, uh, thank you. I wanted to go over there and see him and just check on him. You know, after everything that happened yesterday.

Eric: Yeah, good. And you ended up staying for cheeseburgers and ice cream?

Stephanie: Yes, Alexandria insisted that grams stay.

[ Eric laughing ]

Eric: Good, I’m glad you had a good time.

Stephanie: At least I have one grandchild I don't need Brooke's permission to see.

Eric: Give it some time. It'll get better.

Stephanie: I'd like to believe that. But she has me at her mercy, and she's making the most of it.


Caitlin: Please tell me what's going on.

Rick: That would ruin the surprise. No way. Okay, we're here.

Caitlin: Can I take the blindfold off now?

Rick: No, no, wait. Hold on a second. I'll do it for you, okay? All right, there we go --

Caitlin: I'm dying here, Rick. Thorne's old office?

Rick: Your new one.

Caitlin: What?

Rick: Welcome to excitement central. Headquarters for the young, hip arm of Forrester creations, or now known as Ingénue by Forrester. Three guesses where we got our inspiration.

[ Caitlin sighs ]

Caitlin: This can't be happening. Not to a girl like me.

Rick: You earned it.

Caitlin: I got lucky. Very lucky. In more ways than one.


Brooke: There you go.

Ridge: Morning tea delivery.

Brooke: Oh, thank you. I'm gonna hate myself for asking, but what about your mother?

Ridge: That anxious to have her at the ceremony, are you?

Brooke: Any chance she'll be there?

Ridge: I tried to reach out to her last night, but that didn't go too well. Who knows, maybe she'll have a change of heart and show up anyway.

Brooke: Hmm.

Ridge: I understand how you feel about her. But I'm thinking maybe if she sees us exchange our vows it would finally sink in that we're husband and wife and you are a permanent member of this family.

Brooke: I'll make you a deal. I'll go to Stephanie and invite her personally to the ceremony.

Ridge: Whoa, that is extremely generous of you, I must say.

Brooke: I think so.

Ridge: And what exactly will I have to do to repay this favor?

Brooke: You will invite Nick.

Ridge: You're kidding me.

Brooke: You did say you wanted your family to be there.

Ridge: He's not family.

Brooke: He's your brother. And no matter what's happened, I think he needs to know that we don't hold him responsible for --

Ridge: What do you mean we don't hold him respon -- Brooke, I'm still not okay with all of that.

Brooke: Ridge, please, for me.

Ridge: All right. All right.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: I wouldn't get my hopes up too high where my mother's concerned.

Brooke: I know, but I am going to do my best. But given how she feels about me, I think my chances are slim to none.

Stephanie: "A reaffirmation of our love." The idea of going there and standing and watching --

[ Stephanie sighs ]Stephanie:  I can't go.


[Nick remembering times with Brooke]

Still water looking back at me still wondering what

it is i see and I'm still thinkin there's a place for you and me

one moment that we can't forget one night that we never spent

that one chance we may never ever get

still water lookin' back at me it's your reflection that won't let me be

i got dilusions that you're all i need still water, let me be

still water, just let me be still water, just let me be free

still water, just let me be still water, just let me be free

still water, just let me be still water, just let me be free

Nick: You take a wrong turn?

Ridge: No. Don't make me regret being here, Nick.

Nick: This for me? Hmm? Well, let's open it. Sweet. "A reaffirmation of our love."

Ridge: That's right. Brooke wants you to be there.

Nick: Does she?

Ridge: Mm hmm.

Nick: Well, that's nice. What about you, Forrester? Is that what you want?


Stephanie: Oh, God.

Brooke: Now, now. Is that any way to treat your soon-to-be daughter-in-law?

Stephanie: No thanks. One is more than enough.

Brooke: You're not coming?

Stephanie: I would rather be coated in honey and run naked through a swarm of bees.

Brooke: Well, I tried.

Stephanie: Did Ridge send you over here?

Brooke: We made a deal. I would invite you, and Ridge would invite Nick.

Stephanie: You think that Nick wants to be at that wedding any more than I do?

Brooke: We'll see. But you know, this would give you a chance to spend some time with your grandchildren, but if you don't want that --

Stephanie: You don't want me to spend time with my grandchildren.

Brooke: You're wrong.

Stephanie: No, it's wrong what you're doing -- keeping me from them. It's spiteful. And it's going to come back at you. In ways you can't even begin to imagine.


Rick: So, you like the office?

Caitlin: I love it. I'm just, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing in it, exactly.

Rick: Oh, well your day is all mapped out for you.

Caitlin: It is?

Rick: There should be an itinerary right here.

Caitlin: Wait, Rick, this says "photo shoot."

Rick: Really? Well, what time is that?

Caitlin: 9:00.

Rick: Well, that's right now. I guess we better get started. Come on in, guys.

Giovanni: Hey, Bongiorno. At last, I'm here.

Caitlin: Oh, my god. Giovanni? You're going to take my picture?

Giovanni: You are right, Rick. She is beautiful. Stunning. Bellisima, Miss Ramirez.

Caitlin: Giovanni, you need to know, I have never modeled before. And I'm kind of, sort of, scared to death.

Giovanni: Then put yourself in Giovanni's hands. And you will be transformed.

Rick: You guys are doing a location shoot, right?

Giovanni: Unless your ingénue would prefer something a little less adventurous?

Caitlin: Would that be okay, if we did the shoot here? Like, where I work? That way, people won't think I'm trying to be a real model, and they'll see I can actually design.

Rick: That work for you?

Giovanni: It's inspired. Now we'll begin. This is our hairstylist, Sarah.

Sarah: Hi, nice to meet you.

Giovanni: Skye, she's my assistant.

Caitlin: Hi.

Giovanni: And Christine, make-up artist.

Christine: You're gonna be great.

Rick: You know what? Can you give us a minute?

Giovanni: Sure, sure. Okay. Andiamo. Let's go outside.

Rick: Thank you.

Giovanni: Hey, no problem. Ciao.

Caitlin: You think I can pull this off?

Rick: You are going to be great.


Ridge: So, what's it going to be? Yes or no?

Nick: I thought you'd left.

Ridge: I need to tell Bbrooke something.

Nick: She put you up to this, huh?

Ridge: Well, let's just say it was her idea. So, are you going to be there or not?

Nick: Oh, come on, Forrester. Let's talk like men, shall we? You don't really want me at this thing.

Ridge: It's not about me, Nick. Brooke would like you to be there. I'm sure hope would like to see you, too.

Nick: Would she? Did she tell you that? A couple of months from now, she won't even know who I am. Besides, you're the family man. You know what you're doing. Good luck at putting the brush to those curls -- though I'm sure you'll manage.

Ridge: So, are you through with all of it, are you?

Nick: I gotta lot of work to do. I'm launching a new cargo ship -- you probably didn't know that. The model just came in. What do you think?

Ridge: "The Hope."


Brooke: You're threatening me today? Today of all days? That's not very wise.

Stephanie: Really? I don't have anything to lose.

Brooke: I'll say it again. I'm not keeping you from your grandchildren.

Stephanie: Oh, so you do want me at the ceremony?

Brooke: I came all the way over here to ask you, didn't I?

Stephanie: You don't want me there.

Brooke: You're right. I don't. This is the happiest day of my life, and I don't really want to see your scowling face looking back at me. But, it's important to Ridge. For whatever reason.

Stephanie: That doesn't surprise me that you wouldn't understand that. You have no idea -- what he and I mean to each other.

Brooke: Oh, yes I do. More than I want to.

Stephanie: What does that mean?

Brooke: Forget it.

Stephanie: No, what are you trying to say?

Brooke: This has nothing to do with the grandchildren. Or the fact that I'm not Taylor. You didn't like Taylor, either, when she first married Ridge. This is about you, Stephanie. You are upset because you don't want anybody to come between you and your greatest love. I mean, do you know how sick that is? The way you look at him, the way you feel. You love him in a way that no mother ever should.

Stephanie: Get out of here, Brooke, before --

Brooke: You wish it was your face on this invitation, not mine. You talk about me being obsessed all these years, Stephanie, it wasn't me. It wasn't me at all, it was you. You!

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