B&B Transcript Monday 6/28/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/28/04

By Boo

There you are.

Brooke: So the kids are gonna be up?

Ridge: For sure.

Brooke: But it's early. They don't have school today.

Ridge: Exactly.

Thomas: Dad!

Steffy: Brooke!

Phoebe: You had the baby!

Brooke: Yes, your dad delivered him.

Phoebe: No way!

Ridge: We didn't have time to get to the hospital.

Thomas: Well, no wonder you didn't come home last night.

Steffy: Is he okay?

Ridge: He's perfect.

Thomas: Way to go, dad.

Ridge: Brooke had the majority of the work to do.

Brooke: Your father had more to do with it than we thought.

Phoebe: He's so tiny.

Thomas: It's kinda soon for his first car trip, isn't it?

Brooke: He couldn't wait to get home and meet his new brother and his sisters.

Thomas: Home?

Ridge: We wanted to talk to you guys first before everybody moves in.

Thomas: What is there to talk about? This is great. Right?

Brooke: Yeah, it's incredible. We can be a family. Just like we always planned.

Megan: No comment.

[ Phone riing ] forrester creations. No, I'm sorry.

[ Phone ringing ]

forrester creations.

No comment.

Forrester creations.

Darla: Knock, knock.

Thorne: Hey.

Darla: Hi. I missed you this morning.

Thorne: Yeah?

Darla: Yeah. I had a little something to give you, so I had to bring it to work.

Trne: Where's alexandria?

Darla: I dropped her off at day care. Figured you'd be a little busy to play.

Thorne: Yeah. The phone's been ringing off the hook since i got here.

Darla: Yeah? You know what, i saw a couple of reporters at the gate.

Thorne: Yeah. Apparently everything my brother does is front page news.

Darla: Well, it is a pretty amazing story, you know. Ridge delivers brooke's baby, and then finds out he's the father. Oh my god.

Thorne: It just happened last night. How does the press even know about it?

Darla: Hey. I thought you were happy for them.

Thorne: I am. I am.

Darla: Honey? What's going on? What's wrong?

Thorne: Ridge is working on a new collection.

Darla: Oh, yeah. He had that idea that he was talking about at our wedding.

Thorne: It's not just an idea, darla. He's already pitched it to dad. I didn't even know about it.

Rick: Hiding from the press?

Megan: Oh, do i need a break. One of our distributors just called. And I even told him, "no comment."

Rick: Yeah, mom and ridge definitely know how to cause a commotion.

Megan: Well, I think even this one caught them by surprise. Have you talked to her?

Rick: Yes. She's ecstatic.

Megan: Oh. She should be, though. I mean, what she and ridge -- right. Sorry.

Rick: Oh, no. Don't worry about it.

Megan: Really? You're okay with them getting back together now?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, you know what megan? I want this relationship to last -- for my mom's sake and for the sake of my new baby brother.

Megan: He's a lucky little boy, rick.

Rick: No, i think ridge is the lucky one.

Megan: And I'm sure he would agree with you.

[ Knock on door ]

rick: Come in.

Caitlin: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm supposed to meet with ridge. He said to come to his father's office.

Megan: Oh, caitlin, ridge won't be in today.

Caitlin: Oh.

Rick: I guess you'll just have to settle for me.

>>Aitlin: Can I reschedule? No offense.

Megan: I'll go check his schedule.

Caitlin: Thank you, megan.

Meagan: You're welcome.

Caitlin: Ridge asked me to stop by and show him my designs. He was going to critique them and give me some advice.

Rick: Well, i can take a look at them. I mean, I know i'm not a designer, but I've been in this business long enough to know a hot prospect when i see one.

caitlin: You're busy. I should go.

Rick: What? You're not even gonna give me a peek?

Caitlin: It's no big deal. Ridge was just doing this because he and my mom are old friends.

Rick: Well, wouldn't you rather have an unbiased opinio

caitlin: You think he'd say they were good just to be nice?

Rick: No. I'm just trying to get you to show me what's in the bag.

Caitlin: Okay, promise to be straight with me?

Rick: Brutally.

Caitlin: I'll settle for honest.

Rick: Ok, you got it.

Caitlin: Well, is there somewhere I can change?

Rick: Yeah, back there behind that changing screen.

Caitlin: You're sure this isn't too much trouble?

Ric no. Really, it's my pleasure.

Caitlin: Thanks.

Darla: Ridge went over your head?

Thorne: This is exactly what i was afraid would happen.

Darla: Well, maybe he just wanted eric's opinion before he ran it past you for the final approval.

Thorne: He hasn't asked me for anything, darla. I didn't even know about this collection until i walked in and i saw these designs.

Darla: How are they? Are they good?

Thorne: They're ridge forrester originals. Of course, they're good. They're just not right for the company. I mean, look at them. You know, dad and I are trying to reestablish forrester's classic reputation. The timeless elegance. And this is not them. I mean, these are the total opposite direction. They're too flashy. There's nothing left for the imagination.

Darla: Yeah, well, this was the youth line that ridge was talking about.

Thorne: You know, what we need to do right now is to focus on our history, our tradition. Forrester means quality. It's class. When you're wearing one of our gowns, you are wearing one of the best. And you are never out of style. This doesn't cut it. This is a risk, and it's one i don't think we should take.

Thomas: So, what about uncle nick? You guys were going to get married.

Ridge: Why don't you guys sit down on the couch.

Steffy: What's going on?

Ridge: Uncle nick found out there might've been a problem with the first paternity test. So when this baby came along, we did a second test. The results came out quite different.

Thomas: The first test was wrong?

Ridge: He's my son. He's your brother.

Brooke: Ridge forrester jr.

Thomas: How did this happen? I mean, if uncle nick knew that the first test was wrong --

ridge: Well, it's a long story, and i'll explain it in due time. Right now, though, i just want to focus on this family. Hey, guys, brooke and I have been through an awful lot and so have you. All the confusion and the mishaps and things that have happened are all behind us now. We're a family. We're a family together, right?

Brooke: That's right.

Ridge: And nothing is going to separate us ever again, okay?

All: Okay.

eric: Well, this is the perfect family portrait.

Phoebe: Grandpa, look! Brooke had the baby.

Steffy: He's our brother.

Eric: I know, i know. Congratulations.

Ridge: Thank you.

Eric: To both of you. I know -- I know how much you both wanted this.

Ridge: It's still kinda hard to believe. I mean --

brooke: It's a miracle.

Eric: Let me see him.

Brooke: Okay.

Eric: Hey.

Brooke: Careful, he's sleeping.

Eric: Oh, yeah. That's good. Hey, little guy. Hi. Listen, I'm -- i'm your grandpa. My name's eric. What's -- what's his name?

Brooke: Ridge jr.

Ridge: Ridge forrester jr.

Eric: I'm so happy. I'm so happy for all of you.

Ridge: You were t one. You always encouraged me. You were the one said it was possible for me to be a father to this boy. You have no idea how right you were.

Thomas: Has he told you how it happened?

Eric: Yes, actually, stephanie filled me in with the whole thing last night.

Ridge: How's she doing?

Eric: It was a very long night.

Brooke: For all of us.

Ridge: Which is why you and ridge jr. Need to get some rest.

Thomas: You know, that's a pretty big name for such a little baby. Maybe we should just call him R.J.

Brooke: R.J. I like that.

Eric: Actually, i like that, too.

Ridge: All right. R.J. It is. Who wants to help brooke and little r.J. To our room?

Phoebe: Me!

Ridge: All right, i gotta get going here for a little while. I don't want to hear anything but silence. Silence in the house, okay?

Thomas: Are you leaving?

Ridge: Yeah, I gotta go to the office.

Eric: The office? Now? Aren't you tired?

Ridge: No, actually. I'm rather fired up here. This little guy has given me a whole burst of inspiration. I have to go do some things with thorne at the office, but I wanted to thank you for coming.

Eric: Sure.

Caitlin: I'm ready.

Rick: Okay. Let's see it. Wow.

Caitlin: Yeah?

Rick: Yeah. Incredible. The detail, the quality of this stitching. Who's your sew?

Caitlin: Me.

Rick: You made this?

Caitlin: Yeah. I've been working on it for weeks.

Rick: I mean, you sketched the designs and then drew the patterns?

Caitlin: I cut and sewed them.

Rick: And this beading?

Caitlin: Oh, I did it by hand.

Rick: Wow. These lines, they're perfect. And this waistline. Where did you learn this technique?

Caitlin: I read a lot of fashion magazines.

Rick: You know, i met with some designers the last time i was in paris, and they're experimenting with something similar, but -- it takes an incredible amount of patience.

Caitli : I'm kind of a perfectionist.

Rick: Well, it shows.

Caitlin: It's too rigid?

Rick: No. No, no, it's crisp and it's elegant. But it's also got energy and flair. It's very you.

Caitlin: Is that good?

Rick: Very good.

Caitlin: Thanks.

Rick: Wait a minute. Hold on. We're not finished yet. I thought you had another one.

Caitlin: You want to see it?

Rick: Absolutely.

Caitlin: Okay.

Ridge: Hey, there, little brother.

Thorne: Ridge. What are you doing here?

Ridge: Just checking in. Megan said you were here with darla.

Thorne: Yeah. She just went down to day care, actually.

Ridge: Yeah, and what do you think about that? Both of us new dads, huh?

Thorne: Congratulations, man.

Ridge: Thank you.

Thorne: Shouldn't you be at home with your new baby?

Ridge: Well, mom and baby needed to take a little nap.

Thorne: Yeah, well, i heard what happened last night. Sounds like you could use one, too.

Ridge: Not quite yet. I'm still kinda pumped up.

Thorne: You saw the press at the front gate?

Ridge: Yeah, I came in the back way.

Thorne: It's only been one day. Be more tomorrow.

Ridge: I thought we'd issue a press release. Maybe have a little reception in the showroom -- the small showroom.

Thorne: Or you could do it at home, you know. Dad and I are trying to keep the focus on the new collection.

Ridge: No problem. I've gotta stay focused myself here. Seen my new designs? I've gotta get them down to the cutting room.

Thorne: Yeah, they're right here. I've been giving them some thought.

Ridge: Pretty hip, aren't they?

Thorne: Yeah, they're very hip -- which is a concern.

We can do it you can do it

Rick: How's it going in there? Almost ready?

Caitlin: Almost.

Rick: I'm leaving my dad and ridge a note about your designs.

Caitlin: Wait, your dad?

Rick: Yeah, ridge might be out of the office for awhile.

Caitlin: You might wanna wait until you see this next one.

Rick: Why?

Caitlin: Well, it's a little different.

Rick: Versatility is a great quality in a designer.

Caitlin: It's not my usual style.

Rick: Really? You have the perfect figure for it.

Caitlin: Thanks.

Rick: I mean, it's cool, it's hip, but it's got the same clean lines as the other one.

Caitlin: Well, that'shat i've always admired about forrester's designs. Simple elegance. Nothing more, nothing less.

Rick: My dad calls that the beauty of economy. And less is definitely more in this dress. Is there lycra in this?

Caitlin: Yeah. I wanted some fabric with some give.

Rick: I like the elasticity.

Caitlin: But it's not too tight. See here -- the way that it can move.

Rick: That's nice. Are you cold?

Caitlin: No.

Rick: I'm almost finished.

Caitlin: No rush.

Rick: I just want get all the details. This hem and this decorative stitching -- it's incredible.

Caitlin: Uh-huh.

Rick: This is incredible work, caitlin. I'm truly impressed.

Caitlin: Me, too.

Ridge: You have concerns?

Thorne: Launching a new line is a big commitment, ridge. Allocating funds for marketing, advertising, buyer development.

Ridge: A line like this is well worth it.

Thorne: What about dad's collection? The budget's done.

Ridge: We'll tweak it.

Thorne: That collection is our cornerstone, ridge.

Ridge: Thorne, this line is gonna put us back on the map here. I mean, it's sexy. It's provocative. It's gonna turn heads.

Thorne: Slow down. Slow down.

Ridge: Look, we can't get complacent. We've got to push the envelope once in awhile, don't we?

Thorne: Ridge, our buyers want quality. They want classic tailoring. They want forrester elegance.

Ridge: This line is gonna get us a whole new market, thorne. A whole new market.

Thorne: Yeah, well, we tried that, ridge, with ambrosia and sharpe designs. It didn't work.

Ridge: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Are you comparing my designs with amber moore's?

Thorne: Look, don't take any of this personally, okay? This is not about you or your talent. Dad and I have a plan for this company. Keep it simple. Exclusive. And that strategy has been working for us and we're going to stick with it.

Ridge: Why, because it's safe?

Thorne: Because it's been successful.

Ridge: Listen, thorne. Nothing against you, but forrester creations was built around designers with vision, not by bean counters worried about the bottom line.

Thorne: Are you calling me a bean counter?

Ridge: You're an administrator. You can worry about your budgets and your marketing strategies all you want. But leave the creative decisions to the visionaries, okay?

Thorne: Well, you can't pay the bills with inspiration, ridge.

Ridge: And you can't attract new customers with budgets. Thorne, this is a great line, and it will get made. You're going to be a very important part of it.

Thorne: I'm supposed to be grateful?

Ridge: Yeah, as a matter of fact, you are. It's your job, now, to facilitate my vision.

Thorne: I know what my job is. Maybe better than you.

Ridge: Oh, yeah? What does that mean?

Thorne: Means that I'm president of this company now.

Ridge: Oh, what, are you gonna pull rank on me here? I'm trying to work with you here, little brother. But I don't answer to you, okay? So i highly suggest you get off your high horse and stay out of my way.

Darla: Who do you think you are?

Thorne: Honey, it okay.

Darla: No, it's not okay. You can't just come in here and start giving orders. You haven't been with this company for -- how long? Thorne is in charge now, and he's doing a great job. So, yes. I think you should answer to him. Thorne has always respected you, ridge. Now it's time you showed a little respect.

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