B&B Transcript Friday 6/4/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/11/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Darla: Oh, my gosh. Look what Stephanie and Samantha have done with the place. It's gorgeous. The perfect bride's room. Sal?

Sally: I'm right here, Darla. I'm right here. Please forgive my being absent for a few minutes, but I am busy practicing my juggling act, because I figure if spectra's new collection tanks, I can always get another job with Cirque Du Soleil.

Darla: Hey, honeybun, I offered to help you.

Sally: I know. I know. But what self-respecting matron of honor would ever allow a bride to lift a finger on her wedding day? Never.

Darla: Now that tradition, I like. The rest of them -- eh.

Sally: Are you referring to the fact that you had to spend one night in bed without Thorne?

Darla: Yeah. I didn't sleep at all.

Sally: Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Well, missing somebody will do that, you know. So will too much excitement, so watch yourself.

Darla: Yeah. True, true, true. Oh, Sally, check out this spread. Oh, my god, there's stuff here I don't even know how to eat.

Sally: Well, you better learn, Darla. You better learn how to get used to a gourmet lifestyle. You're going to be Mrs. Forrester.

Darla: Mrs. Thorne Forrester.

Sally: Ha-ha. Oh, boy, it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Yeah. Lovely. Nice ring. Oh, Darla, ring.

Darla: What?

Sally: Ring.

Darla: Yeah.

Sally where's the ring? Where's the ring, the groom's ring? I had it. I saw --

Darla: Sal? Hello? Hello!

Sally: No, no, no, no. What kind of matron of honor would lose a ring? I mean, how could anybody do --

Darla: Are you kidding me?

Sally: Oh. Well, of course, I knew that.

Darla: Mm-hmm.

Sally: What kind of matron of honor would lose a ring? Not me.

Darla: Exactly. And you know something, babe? You are going to be the best matron of honor a girl could ever have.

Sally: I am pretty good, aren't I?

Darla: The best.

Sally: Yeah. I am aware, of course, that you were a little nervous there for a while, but there was really no need. Sally Spectra is on the case, and everything is under control.


Ridge: How's it going up there, Catherine? Oh, you just worry about your part. You let me handle Brooke.

[ Call waiting beeps ]Ridge: Oh, wait a minute, I got another call coming in. I'll have to talk to you later. Bye. What do you want, mother?

Stephanie: Hello, Ridge. Your father's told me something, and I would like you to tell me that it's not true.

Ridge: Well, I would, except I'd be lying.

Stephanie: Are you telling me that Brooke has agreed to come to this house today with you?

Ridge: Not yet, but she will.

Stephanie: And you don't see anything wrong showing up here with Nick's fiancé?

Ridge: She never said "I do."

Stephanie: Are you telling me that she's broken the engagement?

Ridge: It's just a matter of time.

Stephanie: Ridge, please don't do this. I mean, haven't you humiliated yourself enough with that stunt that you pulled at her wedding?

Ridge: Good-bye, mother.

Stephanie: I haven't finished, Ridge.

Ridge: Oh, yes, you have. Lovely talking with you as always.


Thorne: Hey. Who wants to party?

Stephanie: Well, I can see that you do. Hi, sweetheart.

Thorne: Hey, mom. Wow, the place looks great. You guys really went all out on it.

Stephanie: Oh, thank you. Well, of course, only the best for you and Darla. And this beautiful little baby girl.

Thorne: Well, she's really excited her parents are getting married. Aren't you, Alexandria?

Stephanie: Probably not as excited as you. Where's the rest of your clothes?

Thorne: Oh, well, I thought I'd do a Chippendale's thing. You know, kind of add some spice to the wedding.

Stephanie: Please, we'll have enough drama as it is.

Thorne: Oh?

Stephanie: No, no, everything will be fine. Don't worry.

Thorne: You're talking about Brooke coming as ridge's date, aren't you?

Stephanie: Doesn't that bother you?

Thorne: Mom, Brooke's not going to cause any trouble.

Stephanie: I hope not. What I really hope is that she just won't show up at all.


Brooke: Marta, did you find Hope's blanket yet?

Ridge: She's not gonna need it, not where she's going.

Brooke: Ridge, I didn't know you were coming over.

Ridge: Well, I didn't want to slow us down, because we just don't have that much time.

Brooke: For what?

Hope: Mommy. We're going to a wedding.


Stephanie: All right, Joanne, never mind. Thank you. Thank you. I just wanted that chardonnay that you and Darla like so much. I mean, how hard can it be? We're here in California, aren't we?

Thorne: Mother, whatever you have will be fine.

Eric: Everything's all right, isn't it?

Stephanie: Oh, yes, yes. I just wanted the wedding to be perfect for him.

Thorne: As long as we get married, it will be, okay?

Eric: There you go. The voice of reason.

Thorne: Coming from the most unlikely places, huh?

Eric: You have surprised your mother and me a lot lately.

Thorne: Well, I think I've surprised myself, you know? I'm about to get married, a father, President of the company.

Stephanie: Everything that you had, you've earned.

Thorne: Thank you. But I've had two great role models.

Both: Thank you.

Thorne: Okay. I'd better get Alexandria over to Helen, or I may be getting married like this.

Stephanie: Go ahead.

Eric: He's really coming into his own now, isn't he?

Stephanie: Yes, he is. Wish we could say the same for ridge. He just won't learn from his mistakes. And I think he's about to make another big one.


Brooke: Ridge, what were you thinking?

Ridge: That my brother's getting married, you and hope are family, so -- so -- better get dressed.

Catherine: Look, Hope, you and mommy have the same dress.

Hope: Isn't it pretty?

Brooke: Yes, it is. It's very pretty, sweetheart, but what about Nick?

Ridge: I'm sorry, I didn't make one for him.

Brooke: I can't just forget about Nick and go off with you.

Ridge: Now, you don't want to disappoint hope, do you? By the way, you and I have the first dance, okay? I promise.

Hope: Okay.

Brooke: This isn't fair.

Ridge: Oh, don't worry, Logan, I'll save the second dance for you, okay?

Brooke: You're impossible!

Catherine: Hope, I think we left your flower headband on the patio. Should we go get it? Okay, come on.

Brooke: Thank you, Catherine.

Ridge: Come with me, Logan. What could it hurt?

Brooke: It could hurt Nick. When I saw him in that jail --

Ridge: Hey, I saw him, too, and he's exactly where he needs to be right now. And so are you. You know I'm right. You know it.

Thomas: So are you coming?

Phoebe: You are, aren't you?

Steffy: It'll be so much fun.

Ridge: Hey, don't look at me.

Thomas: He didn't put us up to this.

Phoebe: It was totally our idea.

Thomas: We heard you might be on the fence, so --

Brooke: So you thought you'd just push me over?

Thomas: No. No, we would never pressure you.

Brooke: Mm.

Steffy: 'Course, it won't be the same without you there.

Thomas: Please come.

Steffy: Hope!

Thomas: Hey.

Phoebe: She looks so cute!

Thomas: Hey, squirt, long time no see.

Steffy: Too long.

Brooke: Look, I know you all have your heart set on this, but nick and the Marones, they're my family, too. And they're going through a really hard time right now.

Phoebe: You can bring them home some wedding cake.

Steffy: That'd make me feel better.

Brooke: Did anybody ever tell you you are the sweetest girls ever?

Steffy: You told us.

Phoebe: And you also said we could always count on you.

Thomas: Wouldn't want to eat your words now, would you?

Brooke: Oh, gosh. You are as bad as your father.

Phoebe/steffy: Yes.

Ridge: You won't regret it, Logan.

Thomas: And let's just hope this wedding thing's contagious.

Darla: Thanks for bringing her by, Helen.


Sally: So what did I tell you? Alexandria came through with flying colors, didn't she?

Darla: Yes, she did. And I hope we can say the same thing for her daddy, 'cause that was his first night that he was alone with her.

Sally: It's good for him.

Darla: Yeah, he was so sweet. Sally said to me that he didn't want me to think about anything else except becoming a bride.

Sally: Good for him.

Darla: Yeah.

Sally: And he's absolutely right, you know that. However, I do think we have to do a couple more things other than just think about it or it's never going to happen, right?

Darla: Yes.

Sally: So what do you say? Let's go in here and take a look at that gorgeous wedding gown of yours. Come on.

Darla: Let's do it.

Sally: Oh.

Darla: Sally, can you believe this? Me in a Forrester original.

Sally: It is absolutely stunning, I have to say.

Darla: Oh.

Sally: You know, Eric Forrester really outdid himself with this.

Darla: Oh, yeah.

Sally: I mean, look at the detail on this. I wonder how much it would cost to --

Darla: Sally, don't even think about it. No. Forget about it. You are not gonna turn this dress into a knockoff.

Sally: But of course not. Whoever would have thought of such a thing, you know?

Darla: God.

Sally: But actually, now that you mention it, do you realize what this would do for spectra sales if we had an item like this to lead the collection?

Darla: Sally, I don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry wearing my wedding dress.

Sally: Oh, well, you got to put it like that, of course. I agree with you.

Darla: Thank you.

Sally: Honey, the truth is, if anybody deserves something wonderful and beautiful and special that is hers alone, it is you.

Darla: Thank you. Cinderella makes good, huh? Who would have ever thought it?

Sally: Me. I thought of it the first time I ever saw you. I remember, I said to myself, "sally old girl, you'd better hold on to that one. She's got something special."

Darla: Sally, you were the only one who ever believed in me. You and Macy. I mean, at least until --

Sally: Honey, Macy forgave you for all of that. You know that.

Darla: It's just not the same, you know? Not having your best friend here to -- to see your wedding.

Sally: Let me show you something. See these?

Darla: Oh.

Sally: This is my birthstone, and Macy's birthstone. I gave these to her on her 21st birthday, when she and I were gonna conquer the world. And now -- now, it's up to you. It's up to you.

Darla: Oh, Sal.

Sally: Well, I figured, you know, you could use the two of them for the old bridal cliché. You know, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

Darla: Blue.

Sally: There's only one thing that's different. You don't have to return these to me at the end of the day. Because you see, I always meant these for my daughter.


Eric: Wait, so you drove your sisters over here?

Phoebe: It's great having your own chauffeur.

Thomas: Hey, don't get used to it. This is a one-time only deal, a favor to dad.

Stephanie: Oh?

Thomas: Well, we wanted to give him some alone time with his date.

Stephanie: His date?

Phoebe: Uncle Thorne!

Eric: Stephanie?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Eric: When ridge brings Brooke through that door, you're gonna smile and be gracious and lovely. Promise me.

Stephanie: You know, you're asking me something that's almost impossible.

Eric: But you will do it, for Thorne and Darla's sake.

Stephanie: Well, maybe I won't have to.

Eric: Hey.

Ridge: Hey. Mother, dad.

Stephanie: Hi, honey. Catherine, how are you? This is a wonderful surprise. I didn't realize you were going to be here today.

Brooke: She came here to watch hope. Hello, Stephanie.

Eric: Brooke, good. You came. I wasn't sure you were coming.

Brooke: Ridge and the kids convinced me.

Stephanie: Oh, and I bet you just jumped at the chance.

Ridge: Mother --

Eric: Stephanie. Come on, darling. Let's go see the groom. Thorne, you're not gonna believe who's here.

Ridge: All right you.

Stephanie: Who does she think she is?

Ridge: Just leave it alone.

Stephanie: You think I'm going to leave this alone.

Ridge: Come on with me. We need to talk.

Ridge: We're not gonna do this, mother. You're not gonna cause a scene.

Stephanie: I am not the person that brought Brooke to this wedding. Have you lost your mind?

Ridge: No. Actually, I haven't. I've found it. And now you're gonna get a piece of it!

Darla: Oh, no, no, no, no!

Sally: What is it? What is it? What's going on? Oh, please. Don't tell me. Another run, and you're going to qualify for the Olympics.

[ Knock at door ] That better be a stocking or pantyhose salesman.

Darla: Who is it?

Thorne: I'll give you one guess.

Darla: Thorne! What are you doing here?

Sally: You can't see the bride!

Thorne: I know. But there is no rule against kissing her.

Darla: Oh, that's a good point. I'm right here baby. I'm right here.

Thorne: Thanks, Sal.

Sally: Very funny. In your dreams, pal. In your dreams.

Thorne: So how is my beautiful bride to be? Any butterflies?

Darla: No, baby, I am butterfly free.

Sally: Geez! Do you want to save a little bit of that for the honeymoon, hmm?

Darla: You should go.

Sally: Ah, but be sure and hang on to the blindfold. It may come in handy tonight.

Thorne: Ooh, take some lessons from us now. See you at the altar?

Darla: It's a date, honey.

Thorne: Okay.

[ Sally laughs ]

Eric: Thorne and Darla really wanted you to be here.

Catherine: See?

Eric: So we just have to make sure the usher gives you a nice seat right down front. Speaking of Ridge, where is he?

Brooke: With Stephanie.

Eric: Still?

Brooke: I know because my ears are burning.

Eric: Well, don't you worry about anything. No matter what Stephanie says, you're a member of this family, and you always will be.


Ridge: I'm sick and tired of your interference!

Stephanie: And I'm sick and tired of watching you self-destruct!

Ridge: I asked Brooke to a wedding!

Stephanie: No, you're throwing this in everybody's face! I mean, you go over there, you break up her wedding and -- my god, nick and Massimo are not common criminals!

Ridge: Well, that's up to the FBI to decide now.

Stephanie: You don't even care that you put your father in jail, do you?

Ridge: Well, mother, that part was not my intention.

Stephanie: Do you know what you're sounding like -- who you're sounding like?! Brooke. "Oh -- oh, I didn't mean to hurt anybody."

Ridge: Look, I've made it very clear to everyone that I'm gonna do whatever it takes in my power to keep from losing Brooke.

Stephanie: She's already gone, Ridge, and you don't get it.

Ridge: What, just because she's carrying Nick's baby?! That does not make her his!

Stephanie in her mind it does.

Ridge: 'Cause you put it in her mind -- you and Jackie and Massimo.

Stephanie: That's not true. We gave her the courage to do what she knew was the right thing.

[ Ridge laughs ]

Ridge: My god. You can put a spin on everything, can't you?

Stephanie: It's the truth!

Ridge: The truth? The truth is that that baby's best place is with a mother who's where she wants to be. That happens to be with me.

Stephanie: Are you gonna marry her again?

Ridge: You're damn right I am!

Stephanie: Are you going to begin this entire cycle all over again -- nothing but lies and betrayals?

Ridge: Oh, please. That -- that's not gonna happen.

Stephanie: Of course it's going to happen, ridge. That's all she knows. If you do this, I'm telling you, it will kill me.

[ Ridge laughs ]

Stephanie: And I'm not being dramatic about this! I'm telling you, I will not be able to stand by and watch you ruin your life, your children's lives -- Taylor's children, who I promised to protect! I won't be able to go through that again. How many people are you willing to cut out of your life? How many people, for what? For this woman -- for this woman who could not remain faithful to you for one night? Is she really worth this? Is she?

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