B&B Transcript Thursday 6/10/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/10/04

by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Sally: Okay, that's it. On the hustle. On the hustle. Keep it moving. Keep it moving. Seconds are ticking, everybody. Hey, hey! I love the old uniform. That's the way I like my team to look! Keep it up. All right. Energy, energy, everybody. Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Ah, attention. Now hear this. This is your general speaking. It is time to get back in action in a big way. And that means we have got to get those caissons rolling. We've got a big, big obstacle ahead of us. And we gotta break through it. And we're gonna do it, okay? So, I want everybody to concentrate and give it all you got. And the next time I am on parade, and you see me walking through your territory, I want you all to be thinking about that -- thinking about money! Prize-winning designs. And I want you to give me everything you've got. Over and out. That's it. Oh, Bucky, Bucky, Bucky. It feels so good to be back in the action again, you know? I keep getting the feeling that I've never really been away from this old sweatshop.

Clarke: Tell me about it.

Sally: Oh, yeah. So, what's that? What are you working on?

Clarke: This is my latest design. It's inspired by lingerie. A pin-tucked camisole here, worn over a lovely four-ply skirt. Now, it's got --

Sally: Worn over? Come on, Bucky! It looks like it's worn out. Lose it. I have much more interesting and provocative stuff I want you to be working on.

Clarke: You have some ideas for the fall collection?

Sally: Yes, I certainly do have some ideas. And I take my inspiration from the best, you know -- Armani, Versace, Oscar de la renta --

Clarke: These are Armani and Versace.

Sally: Well, of course they are, Bucky. That is the point! It is time that we got back to what we do best -- brilliant knockoffs!

Clarke: What you do best.

Sally: That's right. It is what I do best. I always have. I have always been willing to design good clothing for women who are on a budget. Okay? To make them look good. No, wait a minute, strike that. To make them look hot.

[ Sally makes sizzling noise ]

Clarke: Yes.

[ Clarke makes sizzling noise ] They'll be hot, with hot designs straight from Benny the fence.

Sally: Benny the fence.

[ Sally sighs ] You sound like you're above all that now. Is that right?

Clarke: Frankly, yes, I am. And Sally, you don't need to stoop to this. I know my last collection didn't work out so well, but the new designs I'm working on are brilliant. And maybe it's because I'm working with you instead of with --

Sally: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Stop with the snake oil. Come on, don't try and kid a kidder.

Clarke: Sally, we have an opportunity to re-brand Spectra. We don't need to go back to making second-rate copies --

Sally: Why are you talking about second-rate? Our knockoffs are gonna be the best that money can buy. So, what's it gonna be? Are you going to get on board this pirate ship with the rest of us, or are you gonna walk the plank?


Stephanie: So, are we going to see Ridge at the rehearsal?

Eric: No. He'll be here at the wedding tomorrow, of course. Oh, and he's bringing a date.

Stephanie: A date? Not even Brooke would be that tacky. Oh, my god. She has absolutely no shame. She's going to show up at her ex-husband's wedding, with her other ex-husband? And she's eight months pregnant by a different man? That's indecent, Eric. I'm not going to allow that!

Eric: Well, I don't think that's your choice to make.

Stephanie: Why are you enjoying this?

Eric: I'm proud of Ridge.

Stephanie: You're proud? He puts his father and brother in jail, and you're proud of him?

Eric: You can't hold him responsible for that.

Stephanie: Don't you think that they will?

Eric: Well, that's their problem.

Stephanie: Oh, of course. You're happy to see him break all ties with Marone.

Eric: That has nothing to do with it. Look, I'm proud of ridge for standing up for himself, and for fighting for the woman he loves.

Stephanie: Well, he's gonna make a fool of himself. She's gonna marry Nick.

Eric: We'll see about that.


Nick: So, you're taking Brooke back.

Ridge: That's right.

Nick: Well, that's good to know. Thanks for the heads-up.

Ridge: No problem.

Nick: Hope you have a nice life, raising my son with Brooke while I sit in here reminiscing. That's what you'd like, isn't it? It would make you happy.

Ridge: I should've come to my senses a long time ago.

Nick: Long before you walked in here.

Ridge: Brooke and I belong together.

Nick: Apparently, she didn't get the memo. She just left, you know. We were talking about how much we love each other. That's right. All your efforts wasted. I guess it's back to that sketchpad, huh, dressmaker?


Sally: So, Bucky, what's it gonna be? Are you in or out?

Clarke: In. Sure, why not?

Sally: Good. Now, I think it's time you got all those stars out of your eyes, and started focusing them on finding us an idea we can use. Something to get this company back on its feet again.

Clarke: Thought you had your answer -- ripping off the big boys.

Sally: Nah, nah. That's not the magic bullet we need. But it's a good start. All right, troops, this is admiral sally speaking.

I am warning you that the vessel is about to leave the shore. So, I want you to man those sewing machines, get 'em hummin', get those patterns cut, sew 'em up, and make it sizzle! Signing off.

[ Sally makes sizzling noise ]

Darla: Ooh -- you go, girl!

Sally: Will you look who's here?

Clarke: Hey, it's the bride-to-be.

Darla: Hi, Clarke! How are you? Ooh! It is so good to see you back in the saddle again, babe! Just like old times, huh?

Sally: Well, almost. It won't really be like old times until I get you back onboard.

Darla: Oh. Well, I've been just a little preoccupied lately.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Speaking of that, what are you doing here? Don't you have a wedding rehearsal to attend?

Darla: I do, I do. I just didn't want to go alone. So, will you come with me?


Ridge: Nick, let's get one thing straight.

Nick: Well, whatever you think you got straight last night, you didn't, 'cause she hasn't changed her mind about me or the wedding.

Ridge: You're in jail. You're facing federal charges. I don't think it's the time or place for her to be marrying you.

Nick: So you're saying she's marrying me out of pity.

Ridge: No, she won't even get that far.

Nick: You're the one who has such a problem with Marones. Now you're telling me you want to raise your son as one?

Ridge: He won't be a Marone. He'll be a Forrester.

Nick: We've been over this. You don't have permission to adopt my son. Just like you didn't have permission to break into my computer and cause the problems that got me in here in the first place. Just where do you get off, Forrester?

Ridge: Oh, just doing what I need to do.

Nick: That's the way it's always been, hasn't it? Just king of your own little world, aren't you? Nobody there to challenge you, nobody there to knock that smug little smirk off your face. Well, I got news for you, buddy. The king is dead.


Thorne: Mom, dad, I'd like you to meet Reverend Daniels.

Stephanie: How do you do?

Eric: Hello, Reverend. It's a pleasure.

Minister: Likewise. This is a lovely home.

Stephanie: Well, thank you very much. Why don't we walk around a bit and sort of get things organized.

Thorne: So, we're we the first ones here?

Eric: Yes, uh, Ridge isn't coming today, by the way.

Thorne: Oh, well, that's fine. He knows the drill.

Eric: Yes, he does. He wanted me to be sure and ask you if you're okay with him bringing Brooke tomorrow.

Thorne: I thought Nick and Brooke?

Eric: That may change.

Thorne: Really? Oh, well, hey, that's fine with me, but you're the one who's gonna tell mother.

Eric: Oh, that's already taken care of. Now, where's Darla?

Thorne: She should be here any minute. She had to stop and pick something up.


Sally: Darla, Darla, now would you please stop with the spy routine and tell me what gives?

Darla: What do you mean?

Sally: Why am I here?

Darla: Moral support?

Sally: Don't tell me -- don't tell me "her royal toughness" has been giving you a hard time, because if she has been --

Darla: Oh, no, no, no, no, everybody has been absolutely wonderful to me. It's just that Thorne has all of his family around, and I wanted mine here, too.

[ Sally sighs ]

Sally: That is so sweet.

Darla: Come on, gorgeous, let's go.

Sally: Oh --

Eric: Well, there you are.

Darla: Hi, baby. How you doin'?

Thorne: Mm, good.

Eric: Hi.

Sally: Hi, hello.

Eric: Hi.

Sally: Um, listen, I have an announcement to make for everybody's information. I definitely did not crash this party. For once, I did not. I am here by special invitation of the blushing bride-to-be.

Eric: Yes, we know.

Sally: You do?

Eric: Yes, Stephanie and I are both aware of that. Can I fix you something?

[ Sally scoffs ]

Sally: Thanks, don't mind if I do.

[ Darla laughing ]

Thorne: Does sally know why she's here?

Darla: Huh-uh, no, I wanted to keep it a surprise.

Thorne: Oh.

Sally: Stuff is runny.

Eric: So, Sally, you're back on top at Spectra Fashions and in charge once again. That must feel wonderful.

Sally: Yeah, but certainly you understand that feeling as well, don't you? You know, I think it's kinda surprising that both of us have managed to oust Brooke from our companies and our families.

Eric: That's a subject best avoided.

Sally: Okay, I'll play by your rules, when it comes to social engagements, but business is another story. So when we're out on that runway, watch your back.

Eric: Yeah, normally, I'd be shaking in my boots. But I have to tell you, in all modesty, this season you're gonna eat our dust.

Stephanie: Are you two talking shop?

Eric: Yes, yes.

Sally: Yes, we are, honey, but I'm finding it fascinating.

Stephanie: Thinking of Macy?

Sally: Sure, I am. I can't help it. But it's wonderful to see Darla this happy. She deserves it. You know, she really does.

Stephanie: She does deserve all the happiness in the world.

Sally: The only question is, I still can't figure out why she invited me here.

Stephanie: Sally, you're her family.

Sally: Oh.

Darla: Hey, Sal.

Sally: Hmm?

Darla: Reverend Daniels, this is Sally, my best friend. She's the one I was telling you about.

Minister: Oh, yes. Delighted to finally meet you.

Sally: It's my pleasure.

Minister: Well, let's begin. Okay, you've all done this before.

[ Laughter ] We'll have the groom to stand over here, with the best man right behind him, where you'll have a clear shot of our beautiful bride walking down the aisle. And then, Stephanie, you'll stand right here, right where the piano is now.

Stephanie: Fine.

Darla: What, what, what? What's wrong, Sal?

Sally: Well, if she's standing so far away from you, people might think she don't like you.

Darla: That's because we have to make room for the matron of honor.

Sally: Well, who is it?

Thorne: Who do you think?

Darla: What do you say, Sal? Will you stand up there with me?


Ridge: Strong words.

Nick: And I'll back them up.

Ridge: Problem is, it's not your decision. It's Brooke's.

Nick: She made her decision a long time ago.

Ridge: She was coerced.

Nick: She could have changed her mind, if she wanted, anytime.

Ridge: I don't know. The guilt they laid on her was pretty thick. Your mother, my mother, Massimo and you.

Nick: I wasn't a part of that.

Ridge: Oh, the hell you weren't. What was it like Nick? Standing up there with Brooke, saying your vows to her at your wedding, knowing that she had to be pretty much brainwashed to be up there with you?

Nick: You don't give her enough credit. But then again, you never have. That night she accepted my proposal, she was in tears, begging me to take her away. Take her away from you. You see, Forrester, you're not the guy on the white horse anymore.

Ridge: So that's how you see it.

Nick: More important, that's how Brooke sees it.


Darla: Don't leave me hanging here. Come on. Please, Sal, will you be my matron of honor?

Sally: Oh, honey, are you sure about this?

Darla: Am I sure? Who else? You're the only mom I've ever had.

Sally: How sweet. How sweet. Mm.

Darla: So, is that a yes?

Sally: Yes. Yes, yes, yes. The answer is yes. I would be honored. Okay?

Darla: Oh, good.

Sally: You know something? I think you are gonna have a very, very beautiful life.

Darla: I always want you to be a part of it.

Sally: Oh, thank you, sweetie.

Darla: Thank you.

Sally: Well, I guess it's just gonna be you and me, huh?

Minister: Once everyone's in their places, we'll proceed with the ceremony. Thorne and Darla will exchange their vows. I'll pronounce them husband and wife.

Sally: And then, of course, the husband will take his wife in his arms and plant a big, wet kiss on her.

[ Laughter ]

Darla: Oh, sally!

Minister: She took the words right out of my mouth. I think -- I think we're all set. And I'll see you both tomorrow?

Thorne: You will. Thanks, reverend.

Darla: Thank you.

Minister: Great.

Stephanie: If you're going, let me show you out.

Minister: Great.

Thorne: You know what, honey? We should get going, too.

Darla: Yeah, we should.

Sally: Oh, no, you don't. No. Darla is coming home with me.

Darla: Why?

Sally: Because -- the husband shouldn't see his wife on the morning of his wedding. It's not proper, and besides, it's bad luck. She's coming with me.

Darla: But Alexandria --

Thorne: Will be fine with her daddy.

Darla: Well, I guess it would be okay for you to miss me, just a little bit.

Thorne: Yeah, I always miss you when you're not around.

Darla: Oh, baby.

Sally: I think this could take some time.

Eric: Yeah, come on, I'll buy you a drink. The good stuff. Come on.

Sally: Great. Thank you.


Thorne: I think we ran them off.

Darla: Good.

[ Both sigh ]

Darla: Oh, god. We're getting married.

Thorne: We are?

Darla: This is just -- it's surreal.

Thorne: Well, it's finally happening. Tomorrow's the big day.

Darla: I'm so happy.

Thorne: Well, now you know how I feel.


Nick: Why are you doing this, Forrester? She's finally got a chance at being happy. Or maybe I just answered my own question.

Ridge: Here's the question you should be asking, Nick -- when there was no baby, no pressure, who'd she choose?

Nick: The situation's more complicated now.

Ridge: But it's not. You see, we're back to square one. I don't really care that the baby's not mine. And I've made damn sure the pressure's off, at least for now. So who do you think she's gonna choose?

Guard: Time's up, gentlemen.

Nick: Leave her alone, Forrester. She can't handle the stress.

Ridge: I'll make sure she's in good hands. All night long.

Nick: You son of a bitch! Son of a bitch, Forrester! Stay away from her, you hear me? Leaver her alone, Forrester!

Ridge: I'll take care of her, Nick.

Nick: Leave her alone, Forrester. I'm telling you, leave her alone.

Ridge: I'll take damn good care of her, don't worry.

Nick: Leave her alone, Forrester! I'm telling you, leave her alone! Forrester, stay away from her, you hear me? Leave her alone, Forrester!

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