B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/12/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/12/04

By Boo
Proofread By Becky

[ Crowd murmuring ]

Stephanie: Thank you so much for coming today. I really appreciate it. Well, this is your big day.

Thorne: Yes. Well, I've got a million butterflies to prove it, too.

Stephanie: Oh, really?

Darla: Well, you'd never know that, Mr. Calm, cool and collected.

[ Light laughter ]Darla: You want me to call you Mr. President, huh?

Thorne: Well -- ?

Sally: I think Mr. President is the right name for him, don't you?

Stephanie: I do, too.

Sally: Congratulations, Thorne.

Thorne: Thank you, Sally.

Eric: Well, everybody, could we get started here, please? Good. Well, first of all, I want to thank you all for being here today. This is a very special moment for me for many reasons, not the least of which is what it says about my son. In all the years that he has spent helping make this company the success it is today. And so it is with a father's love and pride that I introduce you to the new president of Forrester Creations -- Thorne Forrester.

[ Applause ]


Ridge: Okay. All right, girls. So, what do you think?

Model #1: I think I'm in love.

Ridge: With the dress? Yeah.

Model #1: With the designer.

Paige: Get in line, Sweetie. I've got first dibs on him.

Model: Since when?

Paige: Since Ridge made me lead model at Forrester.

Ridge: Now hold on a minute, Paige. You're getting a little ahead of yourself, here. Only a handful of people know I'm back.

Paige: Well, what about all the reporters we passed on the way up? They're still in the dark, too?

[ Knock on door ]

Megan: Ridge, the press conference for Thorne is starting.

Ridge: I'm in the middle of something here, Megan, okay?

Megan: Wait, you're not going?

Ridge: Well, this is Thorne's chance to shine, you know? I just don't want to step in his spotlight.

Megan: Yeah, I know. But still, you should be there, don't you think? I mean, even if you stand in the back. I know it would mean a lot to Thorne and your father.

Ridge: I can't go anywhere before I get these designs right. That's all there is to it.

[ Megan sighs ] Hmm. Then again, how can you improve on perfection, huh?

[ Women giggle ]


Priscilla: You have your family now, Samantha. The family I deprived you of so many years ago. I never meant to hurt you, darling, but that's exactly what I did. At least you're having your reunion now at long last.

[ Priscilla sighs ]


[ Samantha crying ]

Samantha: You're probably wondering why I'm so emotional.

Caitlin: Is everything all right?

Hector: Everything's fine, honey. Better than fine.

Samantha: It's just when I saw you, suddenly it all just came rushing back.

Caitlin: What did?

Samantha: Um -- our conversation the other day about your birthday. You know how you can't celebrate knowing --

Caitlin: My mother died giving birth to me.

Samantha: Right. I know that it's hard, sweetheart. There's just so much you don't understand.

Hector: So much we have to explain.

Caitlin: About what?

Hector: Honey, the most wonderful thing happened. Something amazing. The best birthday present I could possibly give you.


[ Applause ]

Sally: You know something, your highness? I think Thorne is not going to be content with hiding in Ridge's shadow anymore now that he's found front and center. And as for Ridge -- well, he's not here, is he? Well, that's because he is not going to be featured and he figured why bother?

Thorn: So again, dad, I'd like to thank you for this opportunity and for your faith in me. We're going do some amazing things together.

Eric: So we are.

Jarrett: Sounds like you've got some big plans.

Thorne: Actually, Jarrett, I have several things in mind. Mostly to do with production. Increasing efficiency, reducing cost overruns, exploring new technologies and new sources of fabric. You see, I'm a nuts and bolts kind of guy.

Albry: Excuse me, Thorne, but I'm curious. Where do you see fashion trends heading?

Sonya: And will Forrester Creations continue to be a major player?

Thorne: I'd be happy to answer that question, Sonya. As most of you know, I'm not a fashion designer. However, Forrester will always be first to break new ground in the fashion industry.

Dane: With all due respect, we hear that from all the design houses.

Thorne: Yes, but do they have the track record to back it up? Because Forrester Creations does. And that's why my father and our family are more committed than ever to setting fashion trends, not following them. Now, speaking of family, I would like to introduce you to someone very special to me -- my fiancée, Darla Einstein. Sweetheart, please --

[ Applause ]Darla: Unfortunately, our daughter Alexandria could not be with us today. But still, this is an exciting time for Forrester Creations. And as groundbreaking as this company has been in the past, you ain't seen nothing yet.

[ Light laughter ]

[ Applause ]


Mother: Here are our seats, Samantha. All right, let mommy buckle you in. Oh, excuse me. I hope we're not disturbing you.

Priscilla: No, it's just my little girl's name is Samantha, too. Only she's not little. She's all grown up with a daughter of her own.

Mother: How nice.

Priscilla: Yes. Yes, it is. I'm very happy for her.


Caitlin: But what, dad? What is this all about?

Hector: This is about your birthday, honey. What do you think? That's why Samantha is here. She's part of the surprise that I was telling you about but there's so much more.

Caitlin: Dad, I don't really need anything.

Hector: Yes, you do, honey. I only wish that I didn't keep from you what was important to you all these years. I've kept something from you, Caitlin. I shouldn't have but I did.

Caitlin: But what, dad? What is this all about?

Hector: It's about something that was taken from you, honey. I'm talking about your mother.


Mother: Oh, thank you.

[ Phone ringing.

Samantha: You've reached

Samantha Kelly.

I can't come to the phone right

now, so please leave a message

after the beep.

[ Beep ]

Priscilla: Darling, it's me. I just couldn't leave without telling you again how sorry I am for everything. I hope you find all the happiness you're looking for with your daughter and Hector. And I hope that you have the honest relationship with Caitlin that I wasn't able to give to you. And despite what you might think, I do love you, Samantha.


Caitlin: I don't want to talk about this, dad.

Hector: We have to, honey. Listen to me. You have lived your whole life -- your whole life with this hole in your heart because you never had what every other child in the world deserves -- a loving and caring mother. It's a terrible loss, honey. And I wish to god you never had to go through it.

Caitlin: That's not your fault. It's not anyone's fault. You lost her, too, dad. I know how much you loved mom.

Hector: I still do. And that's what's so tragic. Knowing how different things may be -- may have been if only --

Caitlin: If she would have lived? I think about that, too, all the time. But she died. And she's never coming back. My mother is never coming back.


Thorne: So the real strength of this company is the Forrester family. Which we've never lost sight of and never will.

[ Applause ]

Dane: Hey, it's Ridge.

Ridge: Hey, don't mind me. I'm just here to --

Sonya: Wish your brother well?

Jarrett: Or upstage him with your own announcement, perchance?

Ridge: Jarrett, I'm not here to upstage anyone. I'm very happy for my brother.

Albry: Happy enough to give him your full support?

Ridge: He already has my full support.

Dane: Meaning you approve of your father's decision.

Ridge: Meaning this is a chance for Thorne to step up and do what we all know he's very capable of doing.

Sonya: So, what Thorne just talked about, the strength of the Forrester family, any chance you'll be coming back, too?

Ridge: This isn't about me.

Jarrett: You're not denying it.

Ridge: Like I said, I'm very happy for my brother.

Jarrett: Oh, come along, Ridge. My sources tell me that you've been sequestered in your father's office for days sketching your heart out. Now, you can't stand there and tell us that --

Eric: All right, Jarrett, all right. As usual, your sources are impeccable -- not to mention your wardrobe.

[ Laughter ]Eric: I was going to save this announcement. But -- well, now that it's been brought up -- yes, Ridge is returning to Forrester and I couldn't be more thrilled.

[ Applause

[ Scattered cheers ]

Sonya: So, it's official. Ridge, you're back at Forrester.

Ridge: This really isn't the time.

Jarrett: Oh, come on, Ridge. I'm sure your brother doesn't mind sharing the spotlight for a moment. Do you, Thorne?

Eric: Of course he doesn't. Welcome back, son.

Ridge: Thank you.

[ Applause ]

Sonya: How does it feel being back?

Albry: Like you never left, right?

Ridge: Aubry, Aubry, Aubry. You always could read my mind.

Aubry: Too bad you can't read mine. If you did --

Ridge: I'd realize how anxious you are to come out and check out my latest designs?

Jarrett: Which I understand are much more provocative than anything you've ever done.

Ridge: Let me put it this way -- is it wrong to want to have fun? To want to change things and enjoy doing it? 'Cause that's what we're going to do at Forrester now that I'm back. We're going to make some big changes and we're going to shake things up in a big, big way.

Dane: You're talking -- ?

Ridge: I'm talking sex and sex appeal. Bold designs that celebrate a woman's body.

Sonya: Does this mean you're bringing back "Brooke's bedroom"?

Dane: If so, is Brooke returning, too?

Jarrett: Oh, yes, what about it, Ridge? Is your ex-wife going to be returning and rejoining you at Forrester?

Sonya: Even though she's engaged to Nick Payne?

Aubry: Or is this sexier line your tribute to her because you know she won't be coming back?

Ridge: Next question.

Jarrett: Seems like we've hit a nerve.

Ridge: All right you guys. We're here talking about fashion, not feeding the rumor mill. Of course, if you want to talk about gossip, there is one little juicy tidbit floating around about Jarrett over here. What was -- it had something to do with --

Jarrett: Please, I don't deal in gossip. And neither should any of you.

[ Laughter ]

Eric: Well, as you can see, Ridge is not only back but he's in rare form. Which means --

Ridge: Which means my father and I are back as the Forrester Design team.

Eric: And nothing can stop us.

[ Applause ]

[ Scattered cheers ]


Hector: Honey, I know how painful this is.

Caitlin: Then why are you dredging it up? Today of all days?

Hector: Because I've done something terrible. I'm not who you think I am.

Caitlin: But, dad, of course you are.

Hector: No, I'm not. I've always tried to be truthful and honest in my life. And when it comes to the daughter who I love more than anything in the world -- god help me -- I've lied to you, honey. I'm sorry. I thought I was protecting you but I wasn't. I allowed myself to be manipulated. But, more importantly, I lost faith.

Caitlin: You lost faith in what?

Hector: In Samantha. And I never should have.

Caitlin: Wait. But, dad, that's crazy. You don't even know Samantha.

Hector: But I did years ago. And I loved her, with all of my heart. But then something happened, someone came in between us and it changed everything.

Caitlin: And this person that came between the two of you, was it mom?

Hector: No, honey.

Caitlin: Well, then it must have happened before you met mom, right? Because then -- dad, what's going on? What are you trying to tell me?

Hector: Caty, your mother isn't dead. She's alive.

Caitlin: What?

Hector: She's alive, honey.

Caitlin: No, no. That's not possible. Mom? Mama?

Samantha: That's right, Caitlin. I'm your mother.

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