B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/5/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/5/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Stephanie: Hi, honey.

Ridge: You don't want to be here right now, Mother.

Stephanie: I was looking for Eric.

Ridge: He's not here.

Stephanie: Just as well -- gives me a chance to talk to you.

Ridge: Not tonight, Mother. I'm busy.

Stephanie: Yes, I can see that.

Ridge: Then you won't mind if I ask you to leave.

Stephanie: Something is obviously bothering you, and don't try and say it's me.

Ridge: I don't want to talk about it, all right?

Stephanie: This is about Brooke, isn't it? You miss her, and that's understandable.

Ridge: It's understandable -- is it understandable? Do you understand that you're the reason she left?

Stephanie: Brooke is an adult. She made her own decision. Now, it's true -- I encouraged her to accept Nick's proposal. But I didn't force that ring on her finger.

Ridge: Oh, Mother -- she thought you guys were friends! She trusted you!

Stephanie: She got on that airplane because she wanted to go to Hawaii with Nick.

Ridge: I don't want to hear about Hawaii anymore, okay?

Stephanie: You can't stand the thought of Nick and Brooke together.

Ridge: And you can't stand the thought of Brooke with me! You never have!


Eric: You know, I think that these are just about the most beautiful shells on the beach. Thanks for bringing them. Oh, and now I have something for you. You know what it is? It's a kiss. Mm.

Brooke: Hope, honey -- Marta has a snack for you in the kitchen. Okay? Then after that, I'm gonna put you to bed. So, run along. Go on.

Eric: Here we go.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Eric: You're staying here tonight?

Brooke: Where else would I be?

Eric: I don't know -- with your fiancÚ?

Brooke: You heard about what happened at the party?

Eric: Yeah, Ridge told me.

Brooke: Did he send you here?

Eric: No, I was concerned. Brooke, what Stephanie did was incredibly manipulative.

Brooke: She saw that I was struggling, and she stepped in to help.

Eric: By pushing you towards Nick?

Brooke: By encouraging me to make the right decision -- for me and my children! She's really looking out for me, Eric. And I can't tell you how good that feels.


[ Samantha sighs ]

Samantha: I think it still hasn't sunk in yet. My daughter is alive. I keep saying it, but it just doesn't feel real.

Hector: Well, it is.

Samantha: She's a teenager.

Hector: Yes.

Samantha: I want to meet her.

[ Hector laughs ]

Hector: Well, you will.

Samantha: Okay, right now.

Hector: Wait -- maybe we should take a little more time.

Samantha: I don't need time.

Hector: She might.

Samantha: Oh. You think this is gonna be hard for her?

Hector: Extremely.

Samantha: You thought that I had abandoned her. She doesn't think that, does she?

Hector: No, no.

Samantha: Thank god.

Hector: But there is something that I have to tell you.

Samantha: Yeah. No, come and tell me everything! You did tell me she's beautiful. Tell me more.

Hector: Yes, Caitlin is beautiful, and smart, and creative. There's just so much of you I see in her.

Samantha: Her name's Caitlin?

Hector: Yeah. Maybe you've run into her. She was an intern at Forrester Creations.

Samantha: Caitlin's my daughter?

Hector: Samantha, what is it?

Samantha: I know her.

Hector: You've met Caitlin?

Samantha: I hired her. She told me that her father wouldn't let her work at Forrester Creations, so I hired her at Logan.

Hector: You're her new mentor?

Samantha: Oh, my God! It explains so much. We've just had this connection. The last few days, we've really bonded.

Hector: She's had a very rough week.

Samantha: I know. Her birthday's coming up. She said that her Mother died. Why would she say that, Hector? Is that what you told her -- that I died?


Stephanie: You're determined to put all of this on me.

Ridge: I know what you did.

Stephanie: You're angry. What's happened?

Ridge: Oh, well, let's see. The woman I love is engaged to another man, and my mother convinced her to do it.

Stephanie: Ridge, she's chosen her own path. She slept with your brother.

Ridge: He took advantage of her! That's what happened!

Stephanie: According to you, everyone takes advantage of her. I've duped her -- this is all part of my evil scheme. She's always the damsel in distress for you.

Ridge: Mother, you've been trying to get her out of my life since the first day she and I met!

Stephanie: That's true. And I've succeeded. But it isn't all my doing. Brooke has her responsibilities in all of this, too. I'm sorry you can't see it, because that's the reality.


Brooke: Stephanie's been really wonderful to me, Eric. Look at this.

Eric: Yeah, I see.

Brooke: She sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers in Hawaii. And I wanted to stop by the house and thank her tonight on the way home, but she wasn't there when we called, so --

Eric: She's probably at the office.

Brooke: Oh. I guess I'll see her in the morning.

Eric: If she is, she'll be very anxious to hear about your trip.

Brooke: It was amazing.

[ Eric sighs ]

[ Brooke sighs ]

Eric: So, things are going well with you and Nick Payne?

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Eric, you know better than anybody how deeply connected I am with Ridge. And I always will be. But the life that I've wanted with him -- that is just not possible.

Eric: According to whom? Stephanie?

Brooke: Well, I have to admit, without her guidance, I probably wouldn't be engaged to Nick right now.

Eric: And that doesn't bother you?

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: It was the right thing to do.

[ Eric sighs ]

Eric: Brooke, I know you. You cannot ignore your heart. Now, if your heart is telling you that you should be with Ridge --

Brooke: I am engaged to Nick! I've made up my mind.

[ Eric sighs ]

Eric: But it went against your instincts, didn't it? Admit that to me.

Brooke: Since when have my instincts served me, Eric? Since when has chasing my desires and following my heart led to lasting happiness for anybody? My God, look at what I did to your marriage with Stephanie, and how much pain I've caused our children.

Eric: Brooke, stop! That's not you talking!

Brooke: Yes, it is. And it's about time. I've spent half my life chasing my desires, and I'm not going to do that anymore. And I would think that you would respect that, Eric. Just like Stephanie does!

[ Eric sighs ]

Eric: Oh, Brooke. I know how much you value Stephanie's opinion.

Brooke: Yes, she has been incredibly supportive.

Eric: I know it seems that way.

Brooke: Look, I know we had our problems in our past, but that is over now. And she really cares about me.

Eric: Her tactics may have changed, but her motives haven't.

Brooke: Eric, my God! Are you saying that she's lying to me?

Eric: Yes! Yes, I am. What Stephanie wants now is what she's always wanted -- to get you out of our family! And now she has it.

Brooke: Eric, that is a terrible thing to say.

Eric: I know it is, Brooke. But you have to know that she has been deceiving you.

Brooke: I can understand why you think that. Because of all the animosity between us for all these years, it's hard to believe that Stephanie would come around. But she has! And Eric, if it was an act -- I know Stephanie well enough, I'd be able to tell.

Eric: No, Brooke, I think that she wanted this so much, that she actually convinced herself.

Brooke: She didn't force me to leave Ridge.

Eric: No, but when you did, she rewarded you. You left Ridge, and then she gave you the respect that you've always wanted.

Brooke: Oh, Eric!

Eric: Brooke, she encouraged you to accept Nick's proposal to get you out of our lives forever! She admitted that to me!

Brooke: She said that?

Eric: Yes. And all the animosity that she has always felt for you is all still there. You know the old expression, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Well, she -- Brooke, she manipulated you. She manipulated you like I've never seen.

Brooke: So, all of our talks, and her love -- support -- that was all a lie?

Eric: I'm sorry. Yes. She gained your trust. And then she -- she used it against you.

Brooke: Tell Marta to watch Hope.

Eric: Brooke? Brooke, where are you going?


Ridge: My concern for Brooke is real, mother. Which is a lot more than I can say for your respect.

Stephanie: Maybe my motives haven't always been genuine. But the change in Brooke as a person is.

Ridge: Yeah, thanks to your bogus encouragement?

Stephanie: It didn't take as much encouragement from me as you might think.

Ridge: You know, that's enough.

Stephanie: No, it's not. You know, you keep pointing the finger at me and at Nick. But the fact is, Brooke has left you. She isn't sitting over there in Hawaii, looking at the sunset, pining away for you. She's there with the man she's going to marry.

Ridge: Oh, would you just stop it?

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I know -- I know how much this hurts you. You've got to accept the fact that the relationship is over. And knowing her, she's probably already slept with him.

Ridge: Oh, get out of here!

Stephanie: She's moved on with her life, darling. And you have to do the same thing.

Ridge: Get out! I said, get out! Get out! Go! Go! Get out of here! Damn it, mother! Get out!


Samantha: You told Caitlin her Mother died giving birth to her?

Hector: I thought you abandoned her, Samantha.

Samantha: You lied to her to punish me?

Hector: I thought it would be easier for Caitlin to think that her mother died, instead of thinking that her mother didn't want her. I was protecting her.

Samantha: Caitlin told me she dreads her birthdays, because she thinks it reminds you of her Mother's death!

Hector: I know.

Samantha: And still, you never said anything.

Hector: It was torture, hearing her wake up calling your name. Trying to comfort her with lies. It made me sick inside, Samantha. Telling Caitlin how much you loved her -- what a wonderful person you were.

Samantha: Caitlin thought those stories hurt you because you loved me so much. But you must have hated me.

Hector: I hated the person I thought you'd become. But you weren't that person. I was wrong.

Samantha: Maybe if you'd told her the truth, you could have found that out a long time ago.

Hector: But that's exactly what I couldn't do. I signed an agreement -- no contact. If Caitlin ever tried to find you, I could lose custody. And I was never gonna let that happen. I'm just sorry that I couldn't have stopped it from happening to you.

[ Hector sighs ]

Hector: This has caused us all so much pain.

Samantha: And I never thought you cared.

Hector: I never thought you did, either. We were feeling the same tragedy, the same loss.

Samantha: And no one to share it with.

Hector: You never married?

Samantha: Did you?

Hector: I couldn't.

Samantha: Why not?

Hector: Because of you. The way I remembered you -- I never stopped loving you.

Samantha: That summer we had, hector, was so special. Nothing else ever compared for me, either. I tried to believe that there would be someone, but it just never happened.

Hector: When it all fell apart, I just felt like such a fool. I mean, we were only together for a matter of months. How could we have thought that it was gonna last forever?

Samantha: Because we said it would.

Hector: And we meant it.

Samantha: And my Mother knew that. That's why she took me away.

Hector: Shh. It doesn't matter. We have each other. That's all that matters now.

Samantha: I missed you, Hector. I needed you.

Hector: I missed you, too, Sam.

Samantha: I'm here now.

Hector: And you're just the way I remembered you. Oh, Sam.

[ Samantha sighs ]


[ Brooke remembering ]

Eric: It was all a lie, Brooke. Stephanie deceived you. She doesn't respect you. She supported your engagement to Nick to get you out of the family.

Stephanie: I love you, Brooke. I hope you know that. I'm so proud of you for doing the right thing. Nick is your future. Trust me. If you've ever trusted me, trust me now.

Stephanie: You're back. Oh, how wonderful! Hi. Oh, come on in. You must have had a wonderful time. Oh! Look, there's the ring. You still have it on. Come on in, sweetheart. Brooke, you know, you're gonna be very happy, because you've made the right decision. If you need me for anything, anything at all -- and the wedding, I mean, if you need help planning that, you certainly can count on me.

Brooke: My best friend Stephanie.

Stephanie: A tuberose. Oh, I love them. They are so wonderful, the smell.

Brooke: Oh, cut the crap! Eric told me what you've been up to. And I was a fool not to see it myself! I was a fool to believe that you could change, Stephanie, because you haven't! Are we friends? Were we ever friends? No, we weren't, Stephanie, so just admit it. Damn it, admit it! You played your best hand to get me out of the family, just like you've always wanted. And you succeeded -- or have you?

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