B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/28/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/28/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Eric: Okay, mission accomplished. Kids are upstairs, all doing their homework.

Ridge: Thanks.

Eric: That's nice. You and Brooke in Portofino.

Ridge: And now she's in Hawaii -- with her fiancÚ. It's nice while it lasted, huh? Guess I should just admit defeat and move on.

Eric: Yeah. I'm so sorry, Ridge.

Ridge: Well, you're the only one that feels that way. That's for damn sure. Everybody else seems to be thrilled for the happy couple. Even my own Mother is pushing them together. Brooke and that guy that stabbed me in the back. Heck, let's just throw them a party. Who cares if he took advantage of my wife? Let's reward him by helping him put a ring on her finger. Lovely.

[ Ridge sighs ] She's gone. She's really gone.


[ Knocking on door ]

Brooke: Come in.

Nick: Close your eyes.

Brooke: What're you up to?

Nick: Come on, just close 'em. Okay? Trust me. You're not gonna want to ruin the surprise. Come on.

Brooke: As long as you're not planning to give me one of those Hawaiian Poi-Pois.

Nick: No Poi-Pois -- you have my word. But I think you're gonna want to eat this up. Come on, come on.

[ Nick clears his throat ] Ladies and gentleman -- introducing the temptress of the south seas, the Kahuna of the Kona coast -- Hope-a-laka-lui-lani! Ready? Here we go.

Oh go into a hukilau huki-huki-huki huki-huki hukilau

everybody loves a hukilau where the lau-lau

and the kau-kaus at the hukilau

where we throw the nets out into the sea and all the amma-ammas come swimming to me

yeah, we'll go into a hukilau

huki-huki-huki huki-huki hukilau

huki-huki-huki huki-huki hukilau

[ Laughter and applause ]


Samantha: I warn you, Mother. It's been a very long day. And I'm very tired.

Priscilla: You don't need to entertain me.

Samantha: Well, then what do you want?

Priscilla: Oh, my goodness. Who's this precious thing?

Samantha: This is Annie -- as in little orphan.

Priscilla: I didn't realize you bought another dog.

Samantha: No, I didn't buy her. Someone gave her to me. Very sweet girl -- a friend of Ridge's son.

Priscilla: Well, if Thomas is anything like Ridge, I'm sure he has them lined up.

Samantha: Caitlin is different.

Priscilla: Caitlin?


[ Caitlin crying ]

Caitlin: Mom? Mom?

Hector: Caty, Caty -- it's a dream, sweetheart. Just a bad dream.

Caitlin: No, dad --

Hector: Yes.

Caitlin: It wasn't. No.

Hector: Honey, honey -- calm down, sweetie.

Caitlin: No.

Hector: Calm down, baby. Daddy's here. Shh, shh. Just a nightmare. Just a nightmare.


Brooke: Oh, my gosh! That was incredible. I can't believe you learned to do that. It was beautiful.

Nick: I took her over to the hula school while you were having your massage.

Brooke: Nice. You're so lucky.

Nick: She did the best ami kuku of all the olapa.

Brooke: I hope that's a good thing.

Nick: We've gotta teach mommy how to speak Hawaiian, don't we?

Brooke: Right after she takes her nap. You're probably so tired from all that ami kooky --

Nick: Kuku.

Brooke: Yes, I'll say. All right. Let's go tuck you in. Okay?

Hope: Nick.

Brooke: You want Nick to tuck you in? Okay.

Nick: It'll give me a chance to practice my bedtime stories. Won't it?

Brooke: Are you sure you know bedtime stories?

Nick: You kidding me? Tons of 'em. Problem is, they all begin with, "there once was a sailor named chuck."

Brooke: Oh.

Nick: Oh, here. I got you a little something.

Brooke: My own hula outfit, huh?

Nick: If that's what you want to use it for.

Brooke: You'll have to teach me the moves.

Nick: When you're ready.


[ Caitlin sobbing ]

Hector: It's over. You feel better?

Jimmy: Dad?

Hector: Hi, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Brought you a towel.

Caitlin: Thanks.

Jimmy: That was a bad one, huh?

Caitlin: It's been so long since I've done that. Why is this happening again? Why?

Hector: Honey, sometimes our mind works in funny ways. You just never know what's gonna set you off. But it doesn't mean you've fallen back into that pattern.

Caitlin: It's weird, though -- the way my Mom feels so close.

Jimmy: You've always said that she's watching over you. You know, like a guardian angel.

Caitlin: I just wish that she were here -- like, really here. Why did she have to die, Dad?


Samantha: You have something against the name Caitlin?

Priscilla: Of course not. I was just -- thinking how it sounds so beautiful.

Samantha: It suits the girl. There's something about her that's very special.

Priscilla: You say you met her through Thomas?

Samantha: Yeah. And now she's interning at Logan.

Priscilla: She's working for you?

Samantha: She wants to be a designer. I'm putting in a little extra time mentoring her. But I'm sure you didn't come over here to talk about Caitlin.

Priscilla: No. I came to check up on you before I fly home.

Samantha: Check up on me?

Priscilla: To see if everything is okay with you -- with us. Now that I'm here, I can see I need to use a few extra measures.

Samantha: What do you mean?

Priscilla: You look so lost, Samantha. The way you're holding onto Annie -- it's like you're afraid to let go. Or speaking so fondly about the girl you barely know. It's like you're reaching in the dark for anything to help you fill up the loneliness.

Samantha: It could be worse. I could be drinking or chain smoking.

Priscilla: It's not right, Samantha.

Samantha: And you always know what's right.

Priscilla: In this case, I do. Come to New York with me. Move back home.


[ Knock on door ]

Jimmy: Coming.

Amber: Hey, jimmy.

Jimmy: Yo, Amber. What's up? Come on in.

Amber: Thanks. Hey, is your Dad around? He owes me the end of a conversation.

Jimmy: Now is not a good time.

Amber: Is something wrong?

Jimmy: It's these nightmares my sister keeps having. She used to have them all the time. But tonight -- oh, man.

Amber: Is she okay? Does she need some help?

Jimmy: Not unless you can bring her Mom back.

Amber: Her mom?

Jimmy: Yeah. That's what she dreams about. It's the same dream every time. Cait's looking for her, but she can't find her and -- it really freaks her out.

Hector: Jimmy. Why don't you go on upstairs and sit with your sister. Okay?

Jimmy: I was gonna make her some tea.

Hector: You can make it later.

Jimmy: Okay.

Hector: He shouldn't have told you that.

Amber: He's worried about his sister.

Hector: She will be fine.

Amber: She's having nightmares.

Hector: That is none of your business.

Amber: You know what? Someone has to speak up for her. Because the girl is going through hell because she thinks her Mother's dead. You have to tell her the truth, Hector. You have to tell her now.


Samantha: Are you serious? Move back to New York?

Priscilla: Don't you miss Manhattan? The people, the pace?

Samantha: I've gotten used to L.A. Again.

Priscilla: All it is -- is pre-fab. The houses, the plastic surgery patients. Oh, Samantha, this town was never any good for you.

Samantha: You mean Hector wasn't ever any good for me. That's what it is really. You're still afraid of him -- afraid that I might still have feelings for him.

Priscilla: I know it's completely over with.

Samantha: Oh, of course it is. Because you took care of that. You took me away from the one person that I ever really loved. You got what you wanted.

Priscilla: I didn't. I didn't want to hurt you.

Samantha: Well, sometimes these things can't be helped, right? Especially when the family reputation is at stake.

Priscilla: That's the way I justified it, yes. But I was wrong about that.

Samantha: Did you just say you were wrong?

Priscilla: Mm-hmm. I never really acknowledged the pain you were going through. Never took you in my arms. Never told you how sorry I was. Especially when the baby was -- especially when you lost her. I know how devastating it is to lose a daughter. Come to New York with me, Samantha. Let me make it up to you. Let me -- help you make some new memories -- happy ones.

Samantha: It is hard sometimes being here -- where it all started.

Priscilla: Is that a yes?

Samantha: It's not a no.

Priscilla: You think about it. I have some calls to make. I'll use the phone upstairs.


Hector: We are not having this conversation again. You already know how I feel.

Amber: So you're not going to tell Caitlin about Samantha -- ?

Hector: Will you be quiet?

Amber: Even after what jimmy said? He said Caitlin hasn't had one of these nightmares in ages.

Hector: What about it?

Amber: So aren't you afraid this stuff is starting to come back up again?

Hector: We'll deal with it.

Amber: How? By pretending everything is okay? By just blocking out the sound of Caitlin's voice when she cries for her mother at night? No. That may have worked for a long time, but things are different now.

Hector: Nothing's changed.

Amber: Caitlin's Mother is living in L.A.

Hector: Shh! Keep your voice down.

Amber: The two of them are living in the same town. Don't you think on some level Caitlin feels that?

Hector: No, I don't.

Amber: Come on. You've never had that special kind of bond with your kids that you -- you had that sixth sense type of thing happen to you?

Hector: No.

Amber: You've -- you've never known what they were going to say before they said it or -- or you never knew that you were thinking about them at the exact same second that they were thinking about you.

Hector: I said no!

Amber: Look, you're scared. I understand that. Hey, you're afraid that Caitlin is gonna be hurt worse than she already has been.

Hector: What if she finds out that her Mother didn't want her?

Amber: Then at least she'll have the truth. The pieces already aren't adding up for Caitlin. She already feels with every nerve in her body that something's wrong, something's being held from her.

Hector: For her own good.

Amber: I've lived with lies, Hector. They're never good. And if you don't tell her the truth now, when the truth does come out, she will feel more betrayed than she already has been. And it will come out. Secrets always do.

Hector: Not this one. It can't.

Amber: Don't fool yourself, Hector. And don't fool your daughter. She is screaming for help. And you can give it to her. You can give her the mother that she's been looking for in her dreams. You can give her the mother she's been aching for her entire life.

Hector: But what about the custody agreement? If Caitlin contacts Samantha, I could end up losing my daughter.

Amber: Well, if you keep her from her Mother, you'll lose her for sure.

Hector: What if she rejects her again?

Amber: Then you and Jimmy and Caitlin, you'll -- you'll learn how to deal with it. But be there for her now, Hector. Just like you are for all those other people you help. Just like you were for me when you pulled me out of the fire. Pull Caitlin out of this one. She's needs you to save her.

Hector: Will you stay here with them for me?

Amber: Where are you going?

Hector: Samantha has ignored her daughter long enough. It's time.


Brooke: Oh, pretty.

[ Phone rings ]

Ridge: Hello.

Brooke: Ridge? Hi, it's me.

Ridge: Logan? Hi.

Brooke: Hi. I hope I'm not disturbing you or the kids.

Ridge: No. No. Not at all. The kids are fine. What about you? You're in Hawaii.

Brooke: Yeah.

[ Brooke sighs ] I was writing you a letter earlier, but I just -- I just decided to call. I accepted Nick's proposal. And I'm wearing his ring.

Ridge: You can take it off just as easily, you know?

Brooke, I know what happened at that party. And I know that you were pressured into all of this and it shouldn't have happened.

[ Brooke sobbing ]

Brooke: Oh, god, Ridge. I'm so confused.

Ridge: Well, then talk to me here. Come on, talk to me.

Brooke: I'm engaged to Nick and carrying his child. But Ridge -- he wants to make love.

Ridge: Logan, no. I'm telling you right now, no. Don't do it.


Samantha: What you think, Annie, huh? Do you want to go to New York?

[ Knock on door ]

Samantha:  Come on. What are you doing here?

Hector: We need to talk.

Samantha: About what?

Hector: About our daughter

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