B&B Transcript Friday 4/23/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/23/04

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[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: "Dear Ridge -- there's so much I need to say to you."

Nick: Whoa. Whoa, god.

[ Nick coughs ] I love the ocean!

[ Brooke laughs ]

Brooke: You're getting my wet!

Nick: Well, that'll teach you that you should come with me next time. Huh?

Brooke: Okay, okay. I promise.

Nick: Where's the little one?

Brooke: She's sleeping from all the excitement.

Nick: Oh. I'm very exciting? Her mother gets engaged, gets swept off to Hawaii like that. Hmm? How 'bout one?

Brooke: Oh, okay. I'm writing a letter to Ridge, to let him know that I'm okay. I guess I'll do this later. So have you noticed?

Nick: Noticed what?

Brooke: How relaxed I've been. I haven't felt like this in a long time.

Nick: I'm still not okay with this. And I know we talked about it. Being pressured into taking this ring, it's just not okay. I don't want to marry somebody who doesn't want to marry me. Would you? It's gotta be about what's in your heart.

Brooke: I know. Feels right wearing your ring, being here with you and hope. The father of my child -- it feels right.


Eric: Stephanie, wait. Don't go anywhere. I want to talk to you.

Stephanie: Eric, I have an appointment.

Eric: That's not important. This is.

Stephanie: You're upset.

Eric: About what happened last night? Yes, I am. You're damn right I am.

Stephanie: Because -- because Brooke finally accepted Nick's proposal?

Eric: Which you had absolutely nothing to do with.

Stephanie: Why don't we discuss this when you're a little calmer?

Eric: No, let's discuss this now.

Stephanie: Eric --

Eric: You went to that party last night with an agenda, which you and your merry band of conspirators managed to accomplish. Although god knows I'll never understand how.

Stephanie: That's not the way it was at all. Look, all we did was talk to her and try to get through to her.

Eric: Get through to her? You brainwashed her!

Stephanie: No, no, no! Every single person that was there is genuinely concerned about Brooke and the baby.

Eric: And what about your son?! What about Ridge?!

Stephanie: What about him?

Eric: How do you explain convincing the woman he loves to marry another man -- his own brother for god's sake?! What the hell is the matter with you?!


Deacon: Just couldn't stay away, could you?

Jackie: Should I have called before I came over?

Deacon: Why? You're not gonna be getting me out of the shower, answer the door half-naked --

Jackie: Oh?

[ Jackie laughs ] You're in the habit of doing that, are you?

Deacon: Well, when I'm fairly certain that there's a beautiful and sophisticated woman under the sign. What can I get you?

Jackie: Well, I guess I'll have what you're having.

Deacon: Root beer.

Jackie: Oh -- root beer. We sophisticated types have to let our hair down occasionally, I suppose.

Deacon: I'll tell you how to do this now. Straight from the bottle, no glass.

[ Deacon belches ] Give it a shot.

[ Jackie laughs ]

Jackie: The things I learn, coming here.

Deacon: Stick around, honey. You could learn a lot more.

Jackie: Deacon --

Deacon: Okay, now, you can't blame a guy for trying. Or for asking the obvious question.

Jackie: Which is?

Deacon: Which is, what are you doing here? I think I already know.

Jackie: Actually, I'm here to celebrate.

Deacon: Which can only mean one thing.

Jackie: My son and Brooke are engaged!

Deacon: Wow! It looks like you got your fairy tale ending after all, didn't you?

[ Jackie sighs ]

Jackie: Yeah. I just wish that I hadn't learned what I did. I haven't had a moment's peace or slept since -- it's really been hell, you know? But last night -- oh, when I saw the joy on Nicky's face when Brooke finally agreed to marry him. And then this morning,, when he called from Hawaii, he was so happy.

Deacon: So wait, wait. Nick took Brooke to Hawaii?

Jackie: And Hope. The three of them, their unborn child, they're together, where they should be --away from everybody, just being able to appreciate what they found in each other.

[ Jackie sighs ] It's so special, Deacon. It's so, so special.


Nick: You like the shirt? What do you think?

Brooke: It's a little loud.

Nick: Loud? I like loud.

Brooke: You do, huh?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Hmm. Okay. Loud it is!

Nick: Where's your head right now? What are you thinking while you're looking out here?

Brooke: I -- gosh, my life and this baby. Stephanie.

Nick: Stephanie? How did she get in there?

Brooke: Well, Stephanie's the big reason why we're engaged, you know?

Deliveryman: Excuse me. These were delivered for you, ms. Logan.

Brooke: Oh!

Nick: Set 'em right there, will you? There you go.

Brooke: Nick, they're exquisite!

Nick: Hold on! Before you say I shouldn't have, I didn't. But I should have.

Brooke: You didn't?

Nick: No.

Brooke: Oh. Well then, who did?

Nick: I dunno. Who sent 'em? Nice.

Brooke: Stephanie.


Stephanie: I resent that.

Eric: And I resent what you've done to Ridge, and to Brooke.

[ Stephanie sighs ]

Stephanie: They couldn't keep going the way they were!

Eric: And so you shoved Brooke in Nick's direction?!

Stephanie: He's the father of the baby. At least this way, the three of them can get on with their lives.

Eric: Oh, stop it! Don't try to justify this to me!

Stephanie: I am not trying to justify anything. I am simply trying to explain to you is that --

Eric: Explain what? How the great Stephanie Forrester is the only person who understands what's best for everybody else?!

Stephanie: I am not the only -- your son, Rick believes that his mother belongs with --

Eric: Oh, don't bring -- leave Rick out of this!

Stephanie: Why should I leave Rick out of this?! Why, so you can put the blame all on me?! Listen, whether you want to admit it or not, you may have done more harm than good by encouraging Ridge to stay with Brooke.

Eric: Unlike you, who jumped all over this opportunity to get her out of his life for good!

Stephanie: What are you talking about?

Eric: I'm talking about this charade of yours!

Stephanie: What charade?

Eric: Starting with this newfound concern of yours for Brooke, which you've been pouring on pretty heavily for the last few weeks now.

Stephanie: I am concerned about her!

Eric: But not for the same reasons that you want everyone to believe.

Stephanie: What are you accusing me of now?!

Eric: You've been telling everybody who would listen how proud you are of Brooke!

Stephanie: I am! I am so proud of the fact that she's finally matured into this wonderful person who's able to put her child's needs before her own!

Eric: And you admire that?

Stephanie: I do! And I've said it over and over.

Eric: Oh, come on, Stephanie, you don't admire Brooke! You despise her! You hated her!

Stephanie: Are you accusing me?! Are you accusing me of lying?!

Eric: Stephanie --

[ Stephanie sighs ]

Eric: You told Brooke that you loved her!

Stephanie: I do!

Eric: Now, you look me in the eye, and you tell me that. You say that to me! You say, "I love Brooke." - ( Crying ) - hey, what is it?


Deacon: Gotta hand it to you, Jackie. You really know how to rub it in.

Jackie: I -- did I, um --

Deacon: Did you hit a nerve? Is that what you're trying to say? What do you think?

[ Jackie sighs ]

Jackie: I think I forgot, all right, that you were once involved with Brooke. I'm very sorry.

Deacon: Jackie, the only thing -- the only thing that I care about is my daughter. And I'm not going to let this messed-up situation tear this poor kid apart.

Jackie: It won't. It won't. I promise you. Just as long as we accept things as they are.

Deacon: As they are. Because of what you did, or didn't do?

Jackie: Hey. I never orchestrated this, all right? If Dr. Paxson hadn't stopped by my house that afternoon --

Deacon: Then what? Then Brooke might be in Hawaii with ridge instead of Nick? Is that what you're trying to say?

Jackie: Your little girl will be fine. I promise you. Nicky is going to make a wonderful father.

Deacon: Hey, lady, let's get something straight right now -- that little girl has a father, and you're looking at him.

Jackie: Yes, I know. I didn't mean, it's -- it's just --

[ Jackie sighs ] What, Deacon -- I mean, if Brooke had stayed with Ridge, I mean, let's face it, we all know what Ridge thinks about you. Right?

Deacon: Yeah, that I'm dirty.

Jackie: So with Nicky being with Brooke -- well, it just means that you're going to have a much better chance of spending time with your child.

Deacon: Really? Hmm. How do you figure that?

Jackie: Because I will make sure of it. Trust me. Now that I've seen how much you care about your child --

Deacon: Get out of here. You're just saying this so that --

Jackie: No. No, I am not. I'm saying it because I have seen what a loving and caring father you can be, how much you care about your child, just as Nicky cares about his child.

Deacon: What do you suppose Ridge would want if this kid were his? By the way, I gotta tell you, I'm more than a little curious as to how he took all this? My guess is the guy went completely medieval.

Jackie: Well, if by that you mean was he torn up? Yes, he was. In fact, so much so that he gave Massimo back the Marone ring.

Deacon: Well, I'm guessing that couldn't have gone over too well with the Italian stallion, now could it?

Jackie: No. I've never seen Massimo so upset. It broke my heart, truly.

Deacon: Yeah, yeah. Let me ask you something -- did it break your heart enough to come clean?

Jackie: Deacon, Massimo can never, ever find out. Please.

Deacon: Just relax! Relax, all right? Take --

Jackie: You must promise me --

Deacon: Jackie --

Jackie: You must never tell him. Please.

Deacon: Relax, all right? I'm on your side. You've got nothing to fear from me.

Jackie: Okay.

Deacon: Okay.

Jackie: Then I should be going.

Deacon: You're not touching your root beer?

[ Jackie belches ]

[ Deacon laughs ] You know something? You're a very cool broad. What do you do for an encore? Should I just let my imagination run wild?

[ Door closes ]


Stephanie: Why are you doing this?

Eric: I want you to be honest with me, Stephanie. I want you to be honest with yourself!

Stephanie: I am being honest! I love the fact that Brooke has finally --

Eric: You love that Brooke what? That she finally decided to move on with her life without Ridge? That's not love, Stephanie. That's getting her out of our lives, which you've always wanted to do! Why can't you see that?!

Stephanie: What I see is that she is with the father of her child, which is exactly where she should be.

Eric: And that's why you admire her?

Stephanie: Yes, among other reasons.

Eric: My god. You've actually convinced yourself.

Stephanie: No, Eric! No. Brooke has convinced me. And now, if you're finished badgering me --

Eric: No, we're not finished here, Stephanie! Not until you admit to me --

Stephanie: What do you want me to admit to you?! What do you want?! Do you want me to say I'm happy, I'm thrilled, I'm ecstatic that she's out of our lives?! Okay! I'm happy! I'm thrilled! I'm ecstatic! And I am not going to apologize, and I am not going to feel guilty, because we are rid of that woman! Not as long as I draw breath!


Nick: Stephanie Forrester. Honest and supportive, huh?

Brooke: She's not some heartless ogre, Nick.

Nick: Well, she ain't no Mother Theresa either.

Brooke: And she would be the first to admit that. Still --

Nick: All right, okay. People change. I'll give you that.

Brooke: I did. Why can't she?

Nick: Yeah. Anything's possible.

Brooke: But you don't buy it?

Nick: I guess the whole key is if you do.

Brooke: The last few months, she was there for me like nobody else was. And you don't know what that meant to me, to finally have her love and her respect.

Nick: Her love?

Brooke: Yeah.

[ Brooke sighs ] She said she loved me. That's what she told me. "Brooke, I love you." And finally, it was all over -- all of the bitterness and the years of despising each other.

Nick: Let's not forget one thing -- Stephanie is a mother, and mothers love their children. And she doesn't love anyone more than ridge.

Brooke: I know. Of course she loves Ridge. But it was trying to get her approval and never being able to. That's what was so painful.

Nick: All right. Well, I guess you got it! She sent you flowers.

Brooke: The card said, "Aloha, Brooke. Your friend, Stephanie."

Nick: Well, that's good. Aloha means hello and welcome, right?

[ Brooke sighs ] It also means good-bye.

Brooke: You know, I never thought it would happen. After all these years, to finally have her acceptance.


Eric: You admit that all this time that you were telling everybody that you've accepted Brooke, that that was a lie! You will never accept Brooke!

Stephanie: Why should I accept someone who's done nothing but hurt my family?

Eric: Oh, for god's sakes!

Stephanie: You're not gonna make this about me -- not this time you're not! Oh, no! Do you have any idea how miserable and lonely I was when you were gone? Do you? Do you know how many lonely nights I spent in this house, wanting you, pining for you? She got her hooks into you. She got her hooks into you, my husband -- the man that I loved, the man that I raised my family with. You were besotted with her. And so was Thorne, and Ridge still is. Well, I'm not gonna let that happen again. I'm not gonna let her do that to another generation. Not of my family. I made a decision. I made the decision to protect Thomas and the girls, to keep them away from someone who has done nothing but bring heartache to anyone she's around. You can understand that, can't you? You can't understand that? I'm a wife and a mother and a grandmother whose only sin has been to love her family, to not want to see them hurt, who cannot bear to see them hurt. You can understand that, can't you?!

[ Stephanie laughs ] Okay, fine.

[ Stephanie laughs ] Go ahead. Walk out the door. Go ahead. Make no mistake about this -- I will do it again if I have to. I will do whatever it takes to rid this family of Brooke. I have done that. We are all safe. We are all better off without her.

[ Stephanie sighs ]

Eric: I will never understand you, and I don't condone what you've done! But I'm not gonna leave you, Stephanie. I'm not gonna leave you ever again.

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