B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/21/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/21/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Stephanie: Let it go, Ridge! I know how painful this is for you. But Brooke's made the decision. She and Nick are engaged, they are moving on with their lives. And you've got to do the same thing.


Nick: Feels so much better to change, doesn't it?

Brooke: Yeah.

Nick: Hey. Feel good to be in your jammies? Hey, can you tell me where we're going? You know the place we're going? Say it.

Hope: Hawaii.

Nick: Hawaii! That's right.

Nick: You know what they have in Hawaii? They got -- beautiful beaches and blue ocean and they got boats and little grass skirts. Doesn't that sound cool? You know what else you can do? You know what a hula dance is? You wanna see? I'll show you. Move your hips like this --

Nick:[ Imitating hula music ] Come here, try it. See if you can do a hula dance with me. Come on. Do a little hula dance. Go ahead.

Nick:[ Imitating hula music ] Very good! Look at that! I bet you're feeling a little tired, aren't you? Guess what? I have got a bed made up just for you in the back of the plane. Just especially for you. You want to see it? Hmm? Okay. Come on. It's right back here. Say good-bye to mommy.

Brooke: Bye, sweetheart. Have a good nap.


Ridge: You. My father. Jackie. Of course, Jackie. All of you so concerned with my welfare and Brooke's, too.

Stephanie: Yes.

Ridge: You orchestrated this whole damn thing. You manipulated brooke to come here. You even got James Warrick, of all people, to kind of support this little theory of yours. Really great. You broadsided her is what you did. You broadsided her -- each and every one of you did.

Stephanie: You know, sometimes I don't think you give her very much credit. She can think for herself.

Ridge: Oh, but I do know that, mother. I'm very aware of that. In fact, I know exactly what she must have been thinking. She was thinking she'll be nice, make an appearance at your party here. What she didn't know was she was gonna be ambushed. A very well-planned ambush, too, with each of you chomping at the bit to brainwash her.

Massimo: Let's not blow this out of proportion, Ridge.

Ridge: I can hear exactly what you were all saying. "Hurry up, Brooke. Marry Nick before it's too late." Did you really think that was best for Brooke, huh? Or was it just best for each of you? Like you. Massimo. Making sure your precious grandson is born a Marone. Oh, yeah. And Jackie -- having her sea captain son finally married with a family. Did you really think that was Brooke's dream? Hmm? Was it Brooke's dream or yours? Yeah. I think we both know the answer to that one. And my mother. For years, you've been fighting to get Brooke out of our family. Convinced yourself she was the root of all evil, didn't you? Well, congratulations, mother. Congratulations. Hell of a performance. Best performance of your life. You finally got what you wanted, didn't you? And I'll bet you're just so damn pleased with your own cleverness, aren't you? Aren't you?

Stephanie: Don't talk to me like that, Ridge.

Ridge: Well, how do you expect me to talk to you, mother? You just manipulated the woman I love right out of my life.

Stephanie: A child's life is at stake here. You can't deny that. You were there the day the paramedics came. Look, these months of indecision have taken their toll on Brooke and that baby. She has not been able to choose between two men that she genuinely cares about. That kind of stress cannot continue without being harmful to that baby's life. She had to make a decision. And she had to put the baby's needs first.

Ridge: What? To marry Nick? The decision to marry Nick? That wasn't her decision, though. It was yours.

Stephanie: No! She chose Nick and accepted his proposal for all the right reasons! For the first time in that woman's life -- she made an unselfish decision. She put the needs of a child of hers first! That is a mature decision. And I want to tell you, I admire it.

Ridge: Oh, yeah. You're just so proud of her, aren't you?

Stephanie: That's right.

Ridge: You are such a liar!

[ Stephanie gasps ]

Ridge:And this is such bull and you know it! I know exactly what you're up to here, mother. I know exactly what this has meant to you. You may have been able to fool Brooke. You may be able to fool these two. But you can't fool me. For years, you have been fighting to get Brooke out of our lives, out of our family especially. And this was your chance, wasn't it? This was your big chance to do it. And that's exactly what you did.

Stephanie: You're absolutely right! Boy, are you right!

Ridge: Here we go.

Stephanie: Yes, indeed. I am glad that she's gone. She's out of our lives. I have wanted her out of our lives for years. I am thrilled! But what you will never understand is I am thrilled for the both of you. I am thrilled that you and Brooke will now each have a chance to be happy and to live the kind of life that you both deserve!

Ridge: Please!

Stephanie: No, you'll never accept that, will you? Well, let me say congratulations. She's yours. She is finally completely yours. She's no longer in our family. I hope that she will bring to your son the kind of stability and happiness and commitment that she never brought to Ridge. I mean that. She has a new life, a new beginning. And she is right where she belongs, Ridge.


Nick: She's pretty cute, you know? Hawaii, huh? Exciting place, isn't it? Why do I get the feeling you're on your way to the dentist? What's going on?

Brooke: Nothing. I know that they had the best intentions.

Nick: They? Who's they?

Brooke: Before I accepted your proposal, they had me locked in a room upstairs.

Nick: Who?

Brooke: Jackie and Massimo, Stephanie, Rick and James. They said that I had to do this -- for me, for our child. They urged me to let go and to move on. And they said the only way to do that is to take this step.

Nick: You're talking about the time that you were away from the party?

Brooke: Right.

Nick: Please. Go on. Tell me more.

Brooke: Well, they certainly did come on too strong, but they weren't completely off base. Some of the things they said did strike a chord. Like what a good man you are. And Rick -- he adores you. He thinks you're going to be a wonderful father. And Massimo -- he was so worried about our baby.

Nick: Why was he worried about the baby?

Brokke: Well, James explained that with prolonged stress, the baby could be born with low birth weight. Premature delivery.

Nick: They used our child? When you came down those stairs and I proposed to you, were these things going on in your mind? I'll ask you again. Stephanie, James, my parents -- did they pressure you into accepting my proposal?

Brooke: I don't know. I know they were -- looking out for me. They didn't want me to blow what could be a really good thing.

Nick: Guess what? I don't give a damn what they think. And if I'd have known this, I never would have proposed.

Brooke: Nick.

Nick: This is wrong. And I'm not doing it. I'm turning this plane around.

Brooke: Nick, wait!


Ridge: What the hell gives you the right to decide where Brooke belongs?

Stephanie: Brooke has caused you more pain than any person should endure in a lifetime. And I cannot bear to watch that anymore! That is one of the reasons why I wanted her to move on. Whether you want to believe it, I also wanted her to move on for her own sake.

Ridge: Oh, right, right, right --

Stephanie: I don't care whether you believe me!

Ridge: Beautiful.

Stephanie: All the things that I have ever done for you, I've done because -- because I thought it was best. And I have done this with the best of intentions.

Ridge: Oh, yeah! Because you always did everything with the best of intentions, didn't you, mother? You convinced yourself you had the best of intentions with everything. We've been down this road before. When I first met Brooke, she was this wonderful, innocent girl.

Stephanie: Oh, please.

Ridge: But you refused to give her a break. No wonder she's confused now. Her entire adult life, you bullied her, you pushed her around. Every time she started to get close, you attacked. You even attacked her family.

Massimo: You can't blame everything on Stephanie.

Jackie: Yes, sometimes, things just -- they get out of hand.

Ridge: You two don't know the half of it. She would never accept Brooke in her family, would you, mother? Never. They were beneath you. But you know what? All the years, brook finally started getting stronger. She started standing up to the great old Stephanie. Because she had to -- to survive. And now this. Putting on a great old charade, making it seem like you're just Brooke's best buddy. Forcing her to take a ring she's not ready to accept. And from whom? From whom? My own brother? My own brother , damn you!

Stephanie: I'm sorry that you see it that way.

Ridge: How do you expect me to see it? If my mother was honest, we wouldn't be here right now. Brook would still be in my life. But she's gone. Yeah. Brooke's gone. And right now, I wish, so were you. Forever! Out of my life!

Stephanie: I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm sorry that you can't see that anything that I have ever done for you was done -- only because I love you.


Brooke: We're not going back there.

Nick: I'm having the pilot turn this plane around.

Brooke: This plane is staying on course.

Nick: No, it's not.

Brooke: Yes, it is! Nick, please. Listen, I need to do this, okay? I need to get away. Like we did on our island -- just you, me and Hope. And you saw how excited Hope was. She wants to get away, too.

Nick: Well, I'm not marrying Hope! I'm not going to be your second choice. You don't deserve that and neither do I.

Brooke: No, of course you don't.

Nick: I think you ought to take that ring off.

Brooke: No. I don't want to. We've come this far. We are not turning back. I want to move on. Just take me away. Nick, please -- please, take me away.


Massimo: We all love you, Ridge. We've just been trying to rescue you from a situation that's been spiraling out of control. Now, whether you want to believe it or not, Brooke's welfare has been our main concern. Now she's with Dominick, just as it should be.

Ridge: As it should be?

Massimo: A father with his son -- together.

Ridge: When you came in to my life -- my father -- for all these years, we finally found each other. It changed everything. It changed my entire life. I wound up leaving Forrester Creations, I left Eric Forrester, the only man I'd ever really known as a father, because I felt our connection, Massimo. I drew on your strength and your support. And then Nick, your other son comes along, and you want us to just all be one, big, happy family. What does ol' Nicky-boy wind up doing?

Massimo: All right, please, Ridge --

Ridge: He takes advantage of my wife at her most vulnerable of moments. And this is the clincher -- who do you support?

Massimo: It's not a matter of taking sides.

Ridge: You think about this, Massimo. Because of Nick's disgusting behavior, he ends up usurping my entire life. Brooke and I did have a life. We were married, we had a family -- which is exactly what you're now encouraging Nick to take for himself. And you have the gall -- the gall to tell me to just let go of it, to give it up, to turn my back on Brooke. Because we can't have a Marone child born out of wedlock. No, not Massimo Marone's grandson. 'Cause that wouldn't be proper. Like you're so proper. You managed to have two bastard sons born with these two women right here.

Massimo: Damn it! That's enough now!

Ridge: You bothered by that, Marone, huh? Well, so am I! I've had it up to here! Not that anyone gives a damn about ridge! Or, more importantly, what Brooke's had to endure. No, as long as that Marone family dynasty thing is preserved. That's all that really matters to you, isn't it, Massimo? Well, you know what? You got exactly what you wanted! And so did you! You both got exactly what you wanted here and it's all gonna happen for you. But it's gonna happen without me.

Massimo: No, Ridge. You must understand, that all those years ago, when I learned that I lost you, it was the greatest loss of my life. I could not allow that to happen to Dominick and his son. And believe me when I tell you, I could never take losing you again.

Ridge: Well, you've given me no choice, Massimo.

Jackie: Ridge, no.

Massimo: No, son. No, I will not allow you to do this.

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