B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/24/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/24/04

By Boo

Ridge: You can't be serious. Brooke? You are not going to accept nick's proposal, are you?

Samantha: Thomas, you got me a puppy?

Thomas: Dad told me pucci died. Look, if it's too soon, it's cool. We can take her back.

Samantha: Where did she come from?

Caitlin: My brother found a litter of strays.

Samantha: Isn't she a little young to be taken from the mother?

Caitlin: She doesn't have one.

Samantha: Oh. Poor baby.

Thomas: Look, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Caitlin: We're not trying to replace pucci, miss kelly.

Thomas: No.

Caitlin: That would be impossible. Thomas told me how much you loved her.

Samantha: I did.

Caitlin: We're just trying to find a good home for this little angel. And thomas thought that you might be able to help her.

Samantha: Well, maybe we can help each other.

Stephanie: Fine, fine. Thank you. Good-bye.

Jackie: Stephanie. Are you waiting for, nicky?

Stephanie: No, actually. He's gone to a board meeting.

Jackie: Oh, no. I was going to take him to lunch.

Stephanie: To celebrate.

Jackie: What?

Stephanie: The proposal.

Jackie: What proposal?

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I haven't spoiled the surprise.

Jackie: Oh, wait a minute. You -- nicky and brooke? He proposed?

Stephanie: Well, I just assumed that he would have told you about this.

Jackie: No, no, no, no, no. I mean, he said he had big plans. But, oh, gosh. They are engaged.

Stephanie: Wait, there's a ring, but there's no commitment.

Jackie: She didn't say yes?

Stephanie: But, she didn't say no, either. And at this point in time, I'd say that's pretty good.

Nick: Thank you.

Massimo: Is there something you'd like to tell me, my boy? Because I've never seen you this excited about a board meeting.

Nick: I'm very excited. Not necessarily about this board meeting, but -- I guess I ought to tell you. I proposed to brooke.

Massimo: Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.

Nick: Yeah.

Massimo: When?

Nick: Last night.

Massimo: Well, did she accept?

Nick: No. But, she's thinking about it.

Massimo: But you seem very optimistic.

Nick: That's the word -- very optimistic. I am, pop. I am.

Massimo: Congratulations, dominick. I mean, this is excellent news.

Nick: Thanks. Don't spread it around, okay? Although, I'm sure everybody knows by now, anyway.

Massimo: Ridge doesn't know?

Nick: No. I was going to tell him today after the board meeting.

Massimo: If you like, we can tell him together.

Nick: No. I think I'd ought to do it. I'm a big boy.

Massimo: And brooke is a lucky woman. You're going to make a fine husband, dominick, and one helluva pop.

Ridge: Brooke, tell me you're not actually thinking about this.

Brooke: I don't know. I don't know what to think anymore.

Ridge: But you want to put this ordeal behind you, right?

Brooke: Well, don't you?

Ridge: Yes, of course. But not this way.

Brooke: I want my children to have a stable future.

Ridge: Kids need more than just stability, brooke. They need to be surrounded by love. They need to know their parents are happy. And you can't just fool them. If you're just going through the motions, they're gonna know something's wrong. And you know -- I know you know what it's like growing up with that kind of insecurity.

Brooke: So what are you saying? If I accept nick's marriage proposal, I am going to ruin my son's life?

Ridge: No. No. You are an excellent mother. I know you'd do anything for your children. But marrying nick -- that is not the answer here.

Brooke: But do you have a better one?

Brooke: You say that I can't marry your brother. Well, then tell me -- what should I do?

Ridge: Brooke, you know what I think you should do.

Brooke: You're the one who gave me those annulment papers.

Ridge: Yeah, and neither of us wanted them.

Brooke: But, we did it.

Ridge: Well, we can undo it, brooke. That's what your heart's telling you to do, isn't it? You never ignored that before.

Brooke: And look what it's gotten me. My heart told me that this child is yours. And even after the paternity test results I still wanted to believe that we could raise him together.

Ridge: I feel the same way, brooke. Listen to me. Everything you're feeling right now -- I'm right there with you.

Brooke: I know you are.

Ridge: So, doesn't it make sense we're feeling the same thing? We're feeling the same pain. It just makes sense -- we should go through this together.

Brooke: Ridge, I need to do what's right. What's best for my child. Isn't that what I need to do? I mean, we've been through this already.

Ridge: Not if it means ignoring your own feelings.

Brooke: I am not going to let my feelings ruin my life anymore! Please, ridge -- don't do this to me. You know how I feel. You know how much I want to be with you -- and make love to you. But, there's a child here. Your brother's child. And we can't just ignore that. You tell me, you think we can make it work out -- but we can't! Why can't you see that?

Ridge: Because, brooke -- I'm not looking at all the obstacles in front of us. I'm looking beyond them -- that's what we always did.

Brooke: We always saw what we wanted to see.

Ridge: That's right, and then -- we made it happen.

Brooke: Well, I can't do that this time. There's just too much at stake.

Ridge: Why do you think I'm fighting so hard here? I know I'm hurting you, brooke -- and I hate that. But, I am not -- I am not gonna give up on you! We can get through this, brooke -- together.

Brooke: I can't, ridge. I can't go back -- I can't keep making those same selfish choices. I need to do what's best for my child and move forward.

Ridge: Then, let's move forward together.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Ridge: Brooke, I totally understand that you've changed.

Brooke: No. It's not just me. This baby -- this baby has changed

everything. And we have to accept that.

Ridge: We deserve better, brooke. You deserve better. Have you forgotten what nick has done to us here? He betrayed us, brooke. He took advantage of you in your most vulnerable moment. And you know what? He's doing it again.

Brooke: No. I don't -- I don't think that's what he's doing.

Ridge: Why do you think he dragged you back to that island this time?

Brooke: He just wanted me to relax, ridge. And I did.

Ridge: No, brooke -- no, no. It was a very calculated move on his part. Trust me. There's a lot more going on here than meets the eye. He's offering you a fantasy. And I'm sure it's got to be very enticing -- you know, sailing off into the sunset, leaving all your problems in your wake. But the reality here, brooke, is that you're making a commitment to a man you don't even love.

Brooke: Nick is the father of my child.

Ridge: That is not a reason to get married.

Brooke: Rick and bridget didn't grow up in a home with their father. And hope isn't, either -- and I'm not going to let that happen to this little boy. I have to break that cycle. I need to do what's best for my children.

Ridge: How do you expect your kids to be happy if you're not?

Brooke: Well, maybe I will be. Maybe once I get out from under this black cloud --

Ridge: You're just gonna throw our life away on a maybe?

Brooke: Ridge, no! I just can't do this anymore.

Ridge: So we'll try something else. We'll find another way. This, brooke -- this is a mistake. And I'm not gonna let you make it.

Brooke: It's not up to you, is it?

Ridge: Are you telling me, you're actually considering this proposal of nick's? Brooke, no! You've sacrificed far too much already. And if you're not going to listen to me about this, I know someone who will.

Brooke: Ridge, wait! Ridge, please!

Jackie: A good sign. Is that what you said?

Stephanie: Well, she's contemplating the future with nick.

Jackie: Yes, but for the sake of the child.

Stephanie: I think it will be good for her, as well.

Jackie: You do?

Stephanie: As a matter of fact, I suggested that she accept nick's proposal.

Jackie: Why? Oh, no, no. Don't take it the wrong way, stephanie. I'm very, very grateful. I know how much brooke respects your opinion. It's just that I also know how much it's gonna hurt ridge.

Stephanie: Yes, it will. But, they've gotta both move on.

Jackie: But can they? This was brooke's decision. I mean, no one forced her to make it.

Stephanie: And no one can force ridge to accept it.

Jackie: Will he fight it?

Stephanie: Oh, I think this situation is going to get a whole lot worse, before it gets better.

Massimo: Let's get started. Now, I can tell you that marone industries has had a very, very profitable quarter. And while our diversification has been successful, our biggest gains have been through shipping, thanks to the pacific fleet. Now, with the addition of more asian routes and our completion of our newest tanker, it has pushed our revenues to record highs. And gentlemen -- I want to keep them there. Ridge, you're late. Where have you been?

Ridge: Picking up after my little brother. Hey, nick? I think you misplaced something.

Jackie: Of course ridge is upset, but he'll get over it -- eventually.

Stephanie: Well, if brooke accepts nick's proposal, he'll have to accept it.

Jackie: Of course she's going to accept it. I mean, this engagement -- it's the best thing that's happened in a long time for all of us -- including ridge.

Stephanie: That's overstating it a bit.

Jackie: Stephanie, I've seen what this ordeal has done to him. He's miserable. Both he and brooke, they need to close this chapter in their lives. And with your support and this proposal, I think they can do it.

Ridge: You're not going to get away with this, nick!

Nick: I'm not getting away with anything.

Ridge: Oh, you're damn right about that.

Massimo: Ridge, we're in a meeting.

Ridge: Nick and I have our own business to settle.

Massimo: This is a not the time or the place. And your behavior is inappropriate.

Ridge: Inappropriate? He proposed to my wife!

Nick: She's not your wife anymore.

Massimo: Dominick, don'T.

Ridge: No, do it. Come on. You wanna do it now? Let's do it now. Come on.

Massimo: Not here!

Member: Perhaps we should reschedule. Give your sons an opportunity to work out their differences.

Massimo: Right.

Ridge: Well, that's not going to happen. Not until my back-stabbing brother gets back in his dingy and sails off to wherever he came from.

Massimo: I'm sorry, gentlemen. What can I tell you? These kind of things happen. I will see you soon.

Nick: Well done, bro.

Ridge: No, bro. I haven't done anything yet. But I'm about to.

Samantha: Thank you both so, so much. Thank you, thomas. Thank you.

Thomas: This is caitlin.

Caitlin: Hi, nice to meet you, miss kelly.

Samantha: It's nice to meet you. Oh, no, samantha, please.

Samantha: Oh. Samantha. Do you go to roxbury academy, too?

Thomas: No, she's an intern at forrester creations.

Caitlin: I'm in the public school program.

Samantha: Oh, you know, I always envied you public school girls. I always thought the boys at roxbury were so square.

Caitlin: Oh. Wait, you went to roxbury? Thomas said that you were from new york.

Samantha: Yeah, I moved there from here.

Thomas: But she grew up here. I think she's spent more time in this house than I have.

Caitlin: So you've known the forresters a long time.

Samantha: Mm-hmm. They're like family to me.

[ Dog whines ]

Caitlin: Oh, you know what, she's probably hungry. And I brought some food.

Caitlin: Can I put it in here?

Samantha: No.

Thomas: That was pucci's dish.

Caitlin: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Samantha: No, I am. Of course you can use that bowl. Pucci meant the world to me, but she's gone, and I need to accept that.

Thomas: Maybe once you name this one, we can get a bowl with her name on it.

Caitlin: Did you have any ideas?

Samantha: No, I'm up for suggestions.

Thomas: How about puddles?

Samantha: No.

Thomas: Okay. Goldie.

Caitlin: Um, precious?

Samantha: Oh, that's better.

Caitlin: Oh, I know. Annie. Like little orphan annie.

Samantha: I like that. Yeah, that's good. How about that, huh? Come on, annie, let's get you some water, huh? Come on.

Thomas: That worked out well.

Caitlin: Yeah. Samantha's great. You know, I think annie's going to be really happy with her new mom.

Massimo: You're not going to do anything to your brother. You're going to sit down and discuss this like adults.

Ridge: There's nothing to discuss. Nick has his ring back. End of subject.

Stephanie: Brooke, you're still here.

Brooke: Oh, thank god you're home. You have to talk to ridge.

Stephanie: What happened?

Brooke: I talked to him about the proposal. I tried to explain --

Stephanie: Well, this is a difficult thing for him to hear.

Brooke: I don't want to keep hurting him, stephanie.

Stephanie: I know, I know. I'll talk to him.

Brooke: No. I think he went to talk to nick. He took the ring.

Stephanie: He took the ring?

Brooke: I showed it to him, and he wasn't listening to me. And I thought if he saw it then maybe-- I just don't know how to get through to him.

Stephanie: Look, you're asking him to give up hope. And I don't think he's ready to do that yet.

Brooke: I'm having a baby with nick, and it's not going to be easy for either one of us to get over, but we're going to have to accept it.

Stephanie: Well, it's difficult for him to accept this.

Brooke: It's impossible.

Stephanie: Brooke, you've got to take it easy. Look, stress is not good for you or for the baby.

Brooke: I know, I know. And I can't just ignore what's happening, stephanie. I have to do something.

Stephanie: Yes, you do. You have to calm down, and you have to take care of yourself and the child. I'll take care of ridge. The family will take care of ridge.

Nick: I gave this ring to brooke.

Ridge: Now you're taking it back.

Nick: No, you are not.

Massimo: Stop it.

Ridge: I think I just did.

Massimo: Dominick, please. Ridge, listen to me. I know that this is difficult -- hearing about your brother's proposal. But you had to know that this was coming.

Ridge: A month ago, brooke was married to me, massimo.

Massimo: That was a month ago, ridge, okay? The situation is different now.

Ridge: You say that like it just happened. Like it just happened out of nowhere. Like it's nobody's fault.

Nick: You wanna blame me for your problems, that's fine, but don't dump them on brooke.

Ridge: We wouldn't have any problems if it wasn't for you.

Massimo: Okay, this is not getting us anywhere.

Ridge: Well, what do you want me to do? Congratulate the guy? Hey, hey, you did one hell of a job tearing my family apart! Thank you very much. And don't say he didn't know what was going on here, because he did. He's wanted this ever since he met brooke. All this talk about respecting my marriage. What a crock of it. If you really wanted brooke and me to be together, you'd be in hong kong right now, nick.

Massimo: He is having a child with brooke.

Ridge: And brooke and I were having a life. We had a future. And he took it away from us. Now, he's trying to make everything right by proposing to her. What the hell is that, huh? Massimo, five months ago, I was happily married. My wife was pregnant. I had everything I could possibly want. Now, for some damn reason, everything I want is yours! There's something wrong here. Something very, very wrong.

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