B&B Transcript Tuesday 3/16/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/16/04

by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: It's beautiful.

Nick: On the outside, but look even closer. I'm asking you to marry me?


Thomas: I told you, Rick -- my dad's not here.

Rick: Any idea when he'll be back?

Thomas: Why? You plan to hang around, hassle him the minute he walks in?

Rick: I'm not gonna hassle your father. I just want to -- okay, look. I realize we'll probably never see eye-to-eye on this issue between my mother and Nick and Ridge.

Thomas: This isn't about us. It's about a kid --

Rick: And what his life would be like if things continue the way they are.

Thomas: Which is my dad's fault?

Rick: I'm not pointing any fingers, Thomas. But providing a child with a loving and stable household is so important. It's something I wish amber and I could have done better for little Eric -- if we had, maybe he wouldn't be living with Deacon right now.

Thomas: It's all over Forrester about what went down -- with Sharpe Designs. Amber quitting, and everything.

Rick: Yeah, well, she feels like she's done our family -- and me -- enough damage.

Thomas: But you're still worried about her.

Rick: Yeah, I am. I just hope wherever Amber is -- let's hope she's doing all right.


Jackie: Oh, hello, Marta. It's Jackie Marone and I was just checking to see if -- oh, good. You've heard from Brooke -- excellent! And she's where? No, no, no, no. I know all about the island. Nicky was just being a little secretive, so -- oh! Now I know why.

Karen: Good evening, Mr. Forrester.

Ridge: Good night, Karen.

Karen: Good night.

Jackie: Yes, well, with any luck, Nicky and Brooke might not make it back until morning. Okay, Marta, you do that. Yes, bye-bye. And I will keep my fingers crossed that tonight is the most romantic night of their lives.


Brooke: I don't know what to say.

Nick: Well, then don't say anything. Will you do something for me, though?

Brooke: What?

Nick: I want you to look out to the ocean, and tell me what you see.

Brooke: I don't see anything. It's too dark.

Nick: That's right. And to sail out into that is like taking a step into the future. It's a scary journey that I don't want to take alone. This is the beginning, Brooke -- this is a start of an incredible adventure for us -- and our little sailor. And I'm asking you to share it with me.


Ridge: Everything's working out the just the way you planned, isn't it, Jackie.

Jackie: You were eavesdropping?

Ridge: I couldn't really help overhearing.

Jackie: Meaning you were.

Ridge: And meaning -- you don't miss an opportunity, do you?

Jackie: I really resent that.

Ridge: Oh, you resent it, huh? You're not denying it.

Jackie: Because it wouldn't do any good. Not when you are so --

Ridge: What? Finally finding out what you're really about here.

Jackie: Oh, please --

Ridge: Oh, admit it, Jackie. You are manipulating this whole situation!

Jackie: You're just scared, that's all. You're scared because Brooke is running away from you. She's running toward my son.

Ridge: Brooke is confused.

Jackie: You know what? I don't think that confused is what Brooke is feeling right now. Oh, Ridge, I'm sorry. I don't mean to hurt you -- I really don't. But, Brooke is where she belongs. She's with the father of her child.

Ridge: You know, don't you -- what's going on on that island tonight?

Jackie: It's my fervent wish that Nicky and Brooke are finding their way to each other. For their sake. For their child's sake. And yes, Ridge, I mean this -- for your sake, too.


Brooke: It really is a beautiful ring.

Nick: It pales in comparison to the woman wearing it. Only you're not wearing it yet.

Brooke: I just never anticipated this.

Nick: What are you thinking?

Brooke: I'm thinking that you're just being you. You're a wonderful, caring man.

Nick: And soon-to-be dad. And husband if you put that on your finger.

Brooke: I wish it were that simple.

Nick: But, it can be. If we let it. Okay. I really didn't expect you to say yes. Not yet, anyway. But I want you to know how I feel. You know, that little first mate is gonna come kickin' and screamin' into port soon. And I want him to know that he's coming home to a safe harbor. And that means, a mom and dad that love him. And a mom and a dad that are there for him -- to care for him together. Kids want that. Kids deserve that. And that's why I gave you that ring. Maybe you can't wear it yet -- I realize that. But I want you to take it. Because I never want you to forget about what's really important.


Rick: Crazy, huh? I mean, my marriage to Amber is over. And there's no going back.

Thomas: Doesn't mean you still don't care about her. So, what's she gonna do?

Rick: Now that she's no longer designing?

Thomas: Yeah. Is she planning to stay in L.A.?

Rick: Far as I know. She's been renting Ozzy's old place. But still, it can't be easy for her. She didn't take any money from the divorce. She wouldn't accept any kind of severance, so --

Thomas: She's really striking out on her own, huh?

Rick: It's taken a long time, but I really think she's starting to grow up.

Thomas: Just a little too late for the two of you.

Rick: Afraid so.


[ Sirens blaring ]

[ Sirens blaring ]

Ridge: Talk about rationalizing. You really take the prize here.

Jackie: And you are refusing to see just how impossible you're making this for everyone!

Ridge: Impossible for you, you mean. This crusade you have to win Brooke for Nick.

Jackie: No, that's not how it is, Ridge! I care about all of you!

Ridge: Oh, Jackie, you care about nick because he's your flesh and blood.

Jackie: I don't see where you're going with this.

Ridge: Then, I'll explain it. Nick will always come first with you. That's a given. Frankly, I think you see me as nothing more than an obstacle in his way to Brooke.

Jackie: Oh, Ridge, that is really unfair, you know. I have never, ever, ever tried to harm you. And neither has nick.

Ridge: Then why do I get this feeling?

Jackie: What feeling?

Ridge: That you'd do anything -- anything at all, Jackie, to get Brooke and Nick together. Even if it means compromising every principle in your book.


Fireman #1: Step aside, folks! Come on, give 'em some room. Step aside!

Fireman #2: She gonna make it?

Fireman #1: I hope so.

Hector: Chief, very little pulse -- no breathing.

Fireman #1: I've got the count.

Hector: Okay. One, two, three, four, five. Come on, come on! Come on, that's it. Breathe! Breathe, baby.

Fireman #1: You saved her. Nice work. One very lucky young lady. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.


Jackie: Apparently you think that I'm some kind of monster. Ridge, you are never going to find any peace until you accept reality. Brooke has ended your marriage. She's beginning to make a new life for herself with my son. Nicky deserves that. Please, for the love of god, give them a chance.

Ridge: To what? Become some fantasy family you've conjured up in your mind, huh? Nick, Brooke, and their son living happily ever after? Well, Jackie, it's not like that. Brooke will never feel for Nick what she feels for me!

Jackie: Because you won't let her! Because you will not let go!

Ridge: And that bugs the hell out of you, doesn't it? Doesn't it? Because no matter how hard you try, you're never going to make this happen for your little "Nicky," will you? You know why, Jackie? Because I'm on to you. I'm on to both of you. You scheme to divide and conquer Brooke and me!

Massimo: Ridge! Enough! I will not have you speaking to my wife like this.

Jackie: Massimo, it's all right --

Massimo: No, it's not all right. I told you, Ridge. You are going to have to accept this situation with Dominick and Brooke. And I meant it.

Ridge: And I told you! I told both of you. I will never accept this. And you, Jackie, one of these days this is all gonna backfire on you. And when it does, god help you!

Massimo: Jacqueline, you're trembling. Why do you let Ridge get to you? You've done nothing wrong, sweetheart.

[ Jackie sighs ] You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.


Nick: You know I've captained many a ship. But I have never captained a family. But I bet I'd be good at it. And I know squalls are gonna hit. And they push you off course. You know what you do, then? Look up there. You see that star, the brightest one -- that's the North Star. For centuries, sailors used to watch that, 'cause it would guide them -- and put 'em back on course. This ring -- this is our north star. We can escape to this island. We can get away from all of that craziness back home. And, as much as I'd like to stay here with you forever, we can't. We've gotta go back. And we're going to get pulled in all kinds of different directions. We could very easily go off course. That's why I want you to keep this ring. And I want you to see it when you wake up in the morning -- and I want you to see it before you go to bed at night. Because this is going to be the light at the end of the tunnel -- for you, for me. For this beautiful child. Now, I gotta to be strong, Brooke. Gotta be strong in direction, our guidance, and in how we make decisions. You may not see yourself as a sailor's wife right now -- and maybe you never will. But we share something. Something so incredible and special. I believe we can build on that and have a good life together. But you got to want it to happen. I'm gonna pack up the boat.

Brooke: Please -- guide me to what's right.


Announcer: On the next bold and the beautiful --

Jackie: Deacon, you know how my husband feels about you.

Deacon: You know, I would do my damndest to make sure that Massimo hires me. So that we can keep a lid on this nasty little secret of yours. Whadda ya say?

Massimo: Deacon sharp -- what the hell are you doing here?

Amber: My entire life was destroyed in that apartment. There's nothing left.

Hector: Except the most important thing -- you.

Amber: I am a big, fat failure! Just get yourself out of here, before it rubs off on you.

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