B&B Transcript Thursday 3/4/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 3/4/04

by Boo
Proofread by Becky

 Jackie: Caitlin, I understand that you're worried about Thomas and his family.

 Caitlin: Brooke's paternity test could change everything for them.

 Jackie: It already has. And for my family, too.

 Caitlin: You wanted your son to be the father.

 Jackie: Oh, you don't think that I'd want to be sure about that? Dr. Paxson was concerned, but she was wrong. The computer glitch did not affect the test results. It's just really lucky that she didn't get to tell Brooke that they did.


 Brooke: You go like this. Make a little mouth, and you talk.

 Nick: Hello.

 Brooke: Hello.

[ Brooke laughs ] Guess who's here?

 Nick: Who is that?

[ Brooke laughs ] Thanks for asking me over. Why aren't you at work?

 Brooke: I'm going in later. How about you?

 Nick: About me? I was on the phone with Hong Kong all night. But I heard you were gonna be here, so I had to come home.

 Brooke: If you're tired, you don't have to stay.

 Nick: Tired? Me tired? Put it this way, if she doesn't need a nap, I don't need a nap. Do you need a nap? Do you need a nap? Do you want to play all day? Not all day, maybe just a little part of the day. Just a little part of the day. Let me see this on you.

[ Brooke laughs ]

Nick: How are you doing?

 Brooke: Oh, I'm -- I'm doing great.

 Nick: Well, that's good.

 Brooke: You know, I invited you over here 'cause I wanted to tell you something.

 Nick: Oh, yeah?

 Brooke: Mm-hmm.

 Nick: What did you want to tell me?

 Brooke: Uh, I hope you don't think it's kind of silly, stupid kind of --

 Nick: Oh, I like silly, stupid.

[ Brooke laughs ]

Nick: Let's have it.

 Brooke: I'm not sure.

 Nick: You know, I don't put swim trunks on for just anybody, so let's have it.

 Brooke: I had the most wonderful dream last night.

 Hope: Gimme it! Gimme!


 Thorne: Make it a large, Tommy.

 Tommy: You got it, Thorne. There you go.

 Thorne: Thank you, Tommy.

 Tommy: Sure.

 Hector: Excuse me.

 Tommy: Can I help you?

 Hector: Yeah, I'm looking for my daughter Caitlin. Is she working today?

 Tommy: Uh, who?

 Hector: My daughter, Caitlin.

 Tommy: I'm sorry, I don't know her.

 Hector: Are you new?

 Tommy: No, sir.

 Hector: Maybe you guys work different shifts. She's tall, long dark hair.

 Tommy: Sorry, doesn't sound familiar.

 Hector: I don't understand.

 Thorne: Excuse me. I couldn't help overhearing the way you described your daughter.

 Hector: Yeah, you know her?

 Thorne: Well, I know a Caitlin. Caitlin Ross?

 Hector: No, her name is Ramirez. And she works here.

 Thorne: Oh, well, must be just a coincidence then. The Caitlin I know hangs out here, but she's an intern over at Forrester creations.


 Megan: Hey, that was fast.

 Thomas: Pierre put a rush on it.

 Megan: Oh, Cafe Russe, huh? Wow. You really are trying to make an impression.

 Thomas: Too much?

 Megan: No Caitlin will love it.

 Thomas: It's just lunch, Megan.

 Megan: Oh, yeah, right. In that case, why don't you just have her meet you in the break room?

 Thomas: I wanted to do something special to pay her back for being so cool the past couple weeks.

 Megan: Well, you know, you're pretty cool yourself.

 Thomas: Thanks for helping put all this together.

 Megan: Oh, hey, it was my pleasure.


 Jackie: I think that it is so sweet of you to be so concerned about Thomas and his family. You're obviously a very sensitive and intelligent young lady. You want to help a friend.

 Caitlin: More than anything.

 Jackie: Then you have to let it go. Nicky is the father of Brooke's baby and Thomas and his family are going to have to accept that. And they will. But if you stir things up, cast doubt on the results, it's --

 Caitlin: I would've gotten their hopes up for nothing.

 Jackie: Exactly. So, you see, everything worked out for the best. And now, I really have to go.

 Caitlin: Mrs. Marone?

 Jackie: Mm-hmm.

 Caitlin: I shouldn't have said anything. I'm sorry.

 Jackie: It's all right, dear. Let's just put everything behind us, shall we?

 Caitlin: Okay.


 Jackie: Thanks, Derek.

 Bartender: Good afternoon, Mrs. Marone.

 Jackie: Hello, Poppy. Give me a scotch, would you?

 Bartender: Are you all right? You seem a little stressed.

 Jackie: Yeah, I guess I am. Make it a double, actually.

 Bartender: Coming right up.


 Hector: Excuse me. This -- this girl -- you say she's an intern at Forrester Creations?

 Thorne: Yeah, she's one of our very best.

 Hector: Can I show you a picture of her?

 Thorne: Sure you can. That's her.

 Hector: Caitlin?

 Thorne: Yes. But she told us her last name was Ross.

 Hector: She lied to me.

 Thorne: Well, listen, if you -- if you want to talk to her --

 Hector: No, thanks.


 Caitlin: Thomas, hey, I got your message.

 Thomas: All right, come on in.

 Caitlin: Wait, what's this?

 Thomas: You said you were tired of eating out of the vending machines.

 Caitlin: You ordered lunch?

 Thomas: You didn't eat already, did you?

 Caitlin: No, I haven't.

 Thomas: Well, you'll be glad you didn't, because Cafe Russe is amazing.

 Caitlin: Oh, you ordered from Cafe Russe? You didn't have to go to all this trouble.

 Thomas: It was no trouble, not compared to what I've heaped on you, yakking my head off about my family's problems.

 Caitlin: I thought you liked talking to me.

 Thomas: I do. It's just -- I wanted to show you how much I -- how much I appreciate it.


 Nick: So you had a dream, huh?

 Brooke: Yes, I did. I had a dream. Well, it was more like a vision.

 Nick: Vision? Oh. Well, you're pregnant, right? That's kinda part of that package. Should be -- I don't know about hallucinations, but visions are fine.

 Brooke: No, this seemed very real. It was like Taylor was right there in the room with me.

 Nick: Taylor? Forrester's wife?

 Brooke: Yes. She said she was proud of me. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it was like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I've been driving myself crazy for the last few weeks trying to figure out if I made the right decision, ending my marriage, leaving ridge, the kids.

 Nick: It's called guilt, Brooke. A big part of you feels guilt, so maybe this vision or dream or whatever you had was a way of letting yourself off the hook a bit.

 Brooke: Yeah, but Taylor didn't let me off the hook. She kept pushing me. She was challenging me to be a better person.

 Nick: I think you're a good person.

 Brooke: Well, I think I could be even better. More like her. She has so much integrity and so much warmth. You just feel so positive when you're around her.

 Nick: Well, I think you have integrity and warmth. And I think a lot of people feel much more positive around you. Don't you think so? See?


 Jackie: Excuse me.

 Deacon: Hello, Jackie.

 Deacon: Hi. You know, Jackie, it occurs to me that you and I have never been formally introduced.

 Jackie: Oh, I know who you are, Mr. Sharpe.

 Deacon: Please, call me Deacon.

 Jackie: You are not allowed to smoke in here. Would you please put that out? If you don't, I'm gonna have to ask the bartender --

 Deacon: All right, relax. Don't get your knickers in a twist, all right? Do me a favor, give me another seltzer and lime. Would you please bring the lady whatever it is that she likes.

 Jackie: The lady's fine.

 Deacon: Are you? That's funny. I just see a woman in the middle of the afternoon, drinking. I don't know. I can't help but think that maybe there's a problem. Especially a woman as stunningly beautiful as you are, married to a billionaire. I don't know. I think maybe it's gonna be a big one.

 Jackie: Hmm. Well, I assume that you've heard about Brooke's involvement with my son.

 Deacon: Yeah, I did hear something about that today.

 Jackie: Brooke's pregnancy is not a problem for me. In fact, I'm very happy.

 Deacon: Well, good. That's -- that's -- that's great. Because, well, I mean, what with the, you know, the lab results falling your way and everything. Gotta be kinda hard for Brooke, though. I don't know. Not being able to stay in her marriage, having to leave ridge's kids. That's got to be tough. Not being able to be with the man you love. I'm gonna guess it's probably tearing her apart. But, you know, like I said, that's -- that's not your fault, now is it?


 Caitlin: I like talking to you, too, Thomas. But I've probably told you way more than you want to know. It's just been awhile since I talked about my mom.

 Thomas: You and your dad don't talk about her?

 Caitlin: No, it's too painful for him. Whenever I bring her up, he just looks so sad. He never says anything, but I can tell how much he loved her.

 Thomas: You guys are really close.

 Caitlin: Yeah, and that's what makes working here so hard. Thomas, I hate lying to him.

 Thomas: You really don't think he'd approve?

 Caitlin: This isn't exactly what he had in mind for me.

 Thomas: Well, maybe if you explain to him what an honor it is, how many applicants you beat out to get this internship, he might be proud.

 Caitlin: Yeah, or he could be furious.


 Megan: Hi, can I help you?

 Hector: Is my daughter here? Caitlin Ramirez?

 Megan: Ramirez?

 Hector: Caitlin Ross.

 Megan: Yeah. Yeah, as a matter of fact, she is. She's working here today.


 Thomas: You think he'd make you quit?

 Caitlin: He could.

 Thomas: Well, then I hope he never finds out.

 Caitlin: Well, I have to tell him sooner or later.

 Thomas: I vote for later. Much later.

 Caitlin: That's not very nice.

 Thomas: No. It's selfish. But I'm kind of addicted to seeing you every day.

 Caitlin: Yeah, I'm kind of addicted to seeing you, too.

 Hector: Caitlin.

 Caitlin: Dad?

 Hector: What's going on here? Get your things together. We're going home right now.


 Brooke: For the first time in months, I really believe that everything's going to work out for us -- for all of us. I don't know how, but they will.

 Nick: I've been telling you that. Haven't I been telling you that? I've been saying that. I've been saying that.

 Brooke: Yes. You think I'm a crazy person?

 Nick: For which part exactly?

 Brooke: For seeing dead people.

 Nick: Oh, absolutely. But I think you're even crazier if you think we're gonna spend the rest of the day talking about it. Come on. Open up your eyes tell me what you see is there a place for me inside of you

 Nick: Oh! Can we both forgive try to just forget the past and let today begin I'm going back again take it to the end remember where we've been and where we have to go take a look around look at what we found and know that we can be what we want to be I'm going back again every other day I think of what to say but the words, the words are just a part of it I run into the wall and then I see it all and I dance alone and think of you I'm going back again take it to the end remember where we've been and where we have to go take a look around look at what we found and know that we can be what we want to be I'm going back again I'm going back again I'm going back again going back again


 Jackie: It's nobody's fault. It's biology. Nicky is the father. The paternity test proved it.

 Deacon: Well, results can be wrong.

 Jackie: They were accurate. They ran the test twice.

 Deacon: No, sure. I mean, I know that, you know, the lab did their job and everything, but -- you know, what if there was, like, a computer glitch or something?

 Jackie: What?

 Deacon: What if there was, like, a problem with the computer? I mean, that would completely screw the results up, wouldn't it?

 Jackie: I don't know what you're talking about.

 Deacon: Really, you don't? Oh, you didn't see this? Oh, my god. This is on the front of the page one. Yeah, a big stink, everybody is ready to sue, because, apparently -- what does it say -- there was bug that got into the mainframe and all the results from the tests got screwed up, and this is one of the most respected labs in Los Angeles.

 Jackie: Let me see that.

[ Jackie sighs ]

 Deacon: Jackie, if you're gonna use my office for private conversations, you probably want to make sure the door's locked.

 Jackie: You heard.

 Deacon: Every scandalous word.

 Jackie: Caitlin was confused.

 Deacon: Oh, I'm sure she was. I mean, after all, you did a pretty damn good job confusing her. Now, fooling that little girl might be one thing. Fooling me -- well, that's a whole different deal. So, what do you say? You want to come clean with me? I mean, 'cause if not, I can just go down to the lab --

 Jackie: No.

 Deacon: If the test results were wrong?

 Jackie: They weren't wrong.

 Deacon: Well, then, I can go and discuss it with Brooke.

 Jackie: Deacon, you have no idea what's at stake here.

 Deacon: Jackie, I understand that you think this baby is gonna somehow bring Brooke and Nick together. But you know what? It's not. Trust me. There's only one man in this world for Brooke, and it's Ridge. Jackie, come on. My god, if she's pregnant with Ridge's baby, don't you think she deserves to know that? Are you gonna go tell her, or am I?

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