B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/3/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/3/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Amber: You know, he's not going to blow it off, Deacon. We're previewing the collection.

Deacon: I just don't want any snags. Amber, c'mon. Guys, we've worked so damn hard on this thing.

Sally: I know. And Eric is planning to put all of his clout behind it.

Deacon: Yeah, well, let me tell you something. He's got to approve the designs first.

Amber: He will.

Deacon: Amber, this isn't exactly Forrester's usual style.

Amber: Well, it's not supposed to be. Okay? I mean, we're branching out. We're trying something new. Now, isn't that what you've been telling me?

Sally: Cut him a little slack, will you, honey? It's his first fashion showing as head honcho around here. He's bound to have a couple of jitters.

Deacon: All right. Listen, you know what? Amber's absolutely right. There's no reason to be nervous what-so-ever. The collection's fantastic. Despite whatever Eric might think about me personally, the designs are -- their brilliant.

Amber: They're gonna blow him away.

Eric: Amber, let's see what you got.

Deacon: Please, go seat the Forresters. Amber, tell the models they're on stand-by. Guys, let's do this thing, all right?

Amber: Okay.

Sally: Hello, hello, hello. Welcome, everybody, welcome.

Eric: So, you're ready for us?

Sally: Oh, yeah, we're ready for you. The only question is are you ready for us? Take a seat.

Stephanie: Okay.

Eric: Thanks.

Sally: You know, Eric, you better fasten your seatbelt. Because this collection is going to blow your socks off. It's like nothing you have ever seen before.

Deacon: Good morning. And welcome to L.A.'S hottest fashion premier. Thanks to the vision and -- well, not to mention the deep pockets of Eric Forrester -- Sharpe Designs is proud to announce it's inaugural collection. A fusion of west-coast style and urban chic.

Sally: What do you say? Let's give him a hand, huh?

[ Applause ]


Caitlin: Guess who?

Thomas: Um -- is it the cutest girl at Forrester creations? Yep. I was right.

Caitlin: I've been looking for you.

Thomas: Yeah?

Caitlin: Yeah. I wanted to thank you.

Thomas: For what?

Caitlin: Last night. The way you opened up about your mom. It really meant a lot to me.

Thomas: It meant a lot to me, too, but shouldn't I be thanking you?

Caitlin: I didn't really do anything.

Thomas: Yes, you did. You understand.

Caitlin: I just -- I wish that there was someway I could help you feel better.

Thomas: I do feel better. But I'm not the only one. I talked to my dad this morning. He was in a good mood.

Caitlin: Well, did something happen?

Thomas: With Brooke? I don't think so.

Caitlin: Well, something must've cheered him up.

Thomas: Don't get me wrong. He wasn't doing cartwheels or anything. He just seemed more like himself.

Caitlin: Well, maybe he's starting to move on.

Thomas: Whatever it is, I wish it would last.

Caitlin: You don't think it will?

Thomas: I hate to say it. I want him to be happy more than anything. But sooner or later, he's gonna run into Brooke or Nick. Something will remind him.

Caitlin: He's never going to forget how much Brooke meant to him.

Thomas: He still loves her, Caitlin. He says he always will.

Caitlin: And maybe someday it won't hurt him so much.

Thomas: Well, right now, it's killin' him.

Caitlin: Not today.

Thomas: That's something.

Caitlin: It's amazing when you think about it. Loving somebody that much.

Thomas: He's not happy without her.

Caitlin: You read about stuff like that in books. See it in the movies. You never think it could actually happen.

Thomas: Movies make everything seem so easy. It's not. It's a big risk. Letting yourself get that connected to someone when there's no guarantee it's gonna work out.

Caitlin: But if there's even a chance -- it's worth it.

Thomas: That's what my dad says. When I was younger, I thought he was nuts. I totally didn't get it.

Caitlin: And now you do?

Thomas: I'm starting to. But that's why I feel so bad for my dad. It's so frustrating. I mean, I want to help him. If there was just something I could do.

Caitlin: I know exactly how you feel.


Sally: Great, girls! Big finish!

Stephanie: And not a moment too soon.

Amber: Oh, thank you, girls. That was great.

Sally: So, what did I tell you, Eric? Huh, huh?

Eric: Well, you were right. I've never seen anything like it.

Deacon: Well, come on. What'd you think?

Stephanie: The music was a little too loud.

Amber: Well, we wanted you to get the full effect. You see, Deacon had this whole underground rave idea. We could rent an old warehouse downtown. And I thought we could send out invitations with a number so you could call the number and get the address. Strictly a-list, of course.

Thorne: You're already planning the fashion show?

Deacon: Well, yeah. I got Ozzy pulling permits. He's looking for space right now. It's gonna be fantastic.

Eric: Tell him to stop.

Deacon: What?

Eric: There's no way I'm going to produce this collection.


Thomas: Man, I almost forgot. I'm supposed to meet up with Megan.

Caitlin: Oh, well, that's okay. Um -- I'll see you later.

Thomas: You bet.

Caitlin: Mrs. Marone, wait. I need to talk to you.

Jackie: Caitlin, I can't right now. I've got a --

Caitlin: It won't take a minute. Please. I have a question for you about the paternity test.


Deacon: You're not going to produce it?

Eric: No. I might as well flush Forrester's reputation and quarterly earnings right down the drain.

Deacon: Wait a second. Eric, with all due respect, we're not talking about Forrester creations. We're talkin' about Sharpe designs.

Eric: Deacon, it was a disaster.

Amber: You don't like it?

Eric: Amber, you're a wonderful designer. You did some terrific work with me. But this -- what happened?

Deacon: What happened was I encouraged her to push the envelope.

Thorne: Deacon, it's too extreme for this company.

Sally: What are you talking about? It was not too extreme! It was modern. It was rad. It had street cred.

Amber: You know, this is what people would wear to a club.

Deacon: Wait a minute. This is what you told me you wanted.

Eric: You and I discussed hip, urban, edgy. But you took it way, way too far. Look, Deacon, as a subsidiary of Forrester creations, there are certain standards that need to be adhered to.

Deacon: Sharpe Designs is going to set a new standard!

Eric: Well, you're going to have to do it without my backing. I'm sorry. I just can't put my resources into a project that I don't believe in.

Deacon: Okay, wait a second. Were you, or were you not in the same room with me when I told you what I wanted to do? You were all for it!

Eric: It was a good idea. It just failed in the execution.

Deacon: No! No, it did not! Stephanie, please. Look, I understand -- this isn't your style. But, I mean, it's not a complete disaster.

Stephanie: Deacon, I can hear exactly what he's saying. He just thinks you've just taken it a little too far.

Amber: Okay, so, we'll make some adjustments. We'll tone it down.

Deacon: No.

Sally: What do you mean? That's what you do. That's why you have a preview before a show.

Deacon: No, Sally! Aren't you listening?! There isn't going to be a showing, is there, Eric?

Amber: Look, we had the right idea, we just got a little carried away.

Deacon: Bull. No, no we didn't. You know what we got? Screwed. Why don't you have the guts to admit that it's not the collection you have a problem with. It's me! And as long as I'm around, this thing's never going to succeed, is it?

Stephanie: Deacon -- honey, this isn't personal.

Deacon: Stephanie, this doesn't get more personal. This company is supposed to be my kid's future. His legacy. Look, if this isn't gonna work with me on board -- you know what, man? I'm outta here.

Amber: What?

Deacon: You know what? Call it Ambrosia. Call it Spectra. I don't give a damn what you call it! I quit!

Sally: What? Deacon, come on.


Jackie: Caitlin, please. We don't need to go into this again.

Caitlin: I'm really not trying to be a nag.

Jackie: I told you. It's been settled.

Caitlin: The test results were accurate?

Jackie: Yes. So, there's no need to discuss it.

Caitlin: I'm not asking for myself, Mrs. Marone. It's Thomas.

Jackie: Mm-hmm.

Caitlin: He's really worried about his dad. I just have to be sure that there is no chance that Ridge could be the father --

Jackie: Can we just take this inside?

Caitlin: Okay.

Jackie: What are you doing?

Caitlin: I'm sorry, Mrs. Marone. I just -- I have to be clear.

Jackie: All right. I've explained to you, dear, that the paternity results were not affected by the computer problems. Nicky is the father of Brooke's baby.

Caitlin: You got confirmation?

Jackie: Yes. I was in touch with the lab.

Caitlin: Wait -- you said you found out at Dr. Paxon's funeral.

Jackie: Yes. That's right. At the funeral. I talked to the man from the lab at the funeral.

Caitlin: And he redid the tests?

Jackie: He confirmed the results.

Caitlin: Well, did you ask him how?

Jackie: Oh, Caitlin. I came here to drop something off for Eric Forrester. I don't have time to go through the third degree, thank you.

Caitlin: Okay. I didn't mean to upset you.

Jackie: I'm not upset, dear.

Caitlin: I wasn't accusing you, Mrs. Marone.

Jackie: Well, I should hope not.

Caitlin: Thomas is my friend. His family is having a really hard time with this.

Jackie: Well, it's been difficult for everyone.

Caitlin: I know. It's just -- Thomas has been so honest with me. I couldn't stand being dishonest with him.


Sally: It's all right. They're all gone.

Amber: Now can we talk about this?

Deacon: There's nothin' to talk about. I'm leaving.

Amber: Because we got a little criticism?

Deacon: Because that's all you're gonna get with me around here.

Amber: Oh, that's bull!

Deacon: Were you not here when Eric called the collection a disaster?

Amber: It needs some work.

Sally: You can't ignore the opinions of a man like Eric Forrester. He's known for his instincts.

Deacon: Come on. You've got as much experience in this business as Eric does. Hell, you liked the designs, didn't you?

Sally: Yes, I did. But I am a risk taker. Eric isn't.

Deacon: You know what? I'm gonna tell you what he is. He's a hypocrite. He voted Brooke out of the company for doing the same thing to him that he's doing to us!

Amber: Okay. Then go talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Maybe he'll understand.

Deacon: Oh, gosh. Maybe if I bare my soul and ask him real nicely he'll give us a second chance. Forget that.

Sally: All right, leave it to me, will you? Leave it to me. I'll deal with Eric. He and I have always been very simpatico.

Deacon: Sally, look -- you wanna go do something, that's fine. Just leave me out of it.

Amber: No! You can't quit. This was your idea.

Deacon: Don't you get it? This guy's never gonna give me a break.

Amber: Well, not if you give up and walk away!

Deacon: Hey, look, as long as I'm a part of this company, my hands are tied, Amber! Which means so are yours.

Amber: So, what are you going to do, huh?

Deacon: I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna get the hell out from underneath his thumb!

Sally: What are you talkin' about, tough guy? Where do you think you are? This is a tough game, right? There's always gonna be somebody higher up the ladder!

Deacon: Well, you know what, Sally? I'm not done climbing. All right? You, more than anyone, know you need power. You need leverage. You need strength. And more than that, you need respect.

Amber: And respect has to be earned!

Deacon: Well you know what? You're nuts if you think I'm gonna grovel to Eric Forrester! That ain't gonna happen.

Amber: Yeah? And what are we gonna do, huh?

Deacon: Well, you better make a success out of this company because I still own a third of it. Amber, I'm sorry. Sally -- look, I know that there's something out there for me. All I gotta do is keep my eyes open. And one of these days, I'm gonna be the guy who's in charge calling the shots.


Caitlin: Thomas has really opened up to me lately about his family. Especially his mother.

Jackie: Hmm. And what does this have to do with the paternity test?

Caitlin: If there was a chance it was wrong, I couldn't keep it from him.

Jackie: No one's asking you to lie, Caitlin.

Caitlin: But if I kept it a secret --

Jackie: Oh, there is no secret. How many times do I have to explain this to you? You have to forget about the paternity test. It's not an issue.

Caitlin: So, what Dr. Paxson said about the computer problem --

Jackie: There is no problem.

Caitlin: You told me that Dr. Paxon wanted to redo the test, but she didn't know if the results were right.

Jackie: Well, I do know that the results are right. Look, I know you're worried about your friend. The child's paternity has been very difficult for Ridge and the children to accept. But there is no question about the test results. Please understand, Caitlin. Whatever Dr. Paxon said, it was wrong! There's no doubt Nicky is that baby's father.

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