B&B Transcript Monday 3/1/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/1/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: Oh, Taylor. It's really you.


Massimo: A-ha, there you are.

Jackie: Were you looking for me, darling?

Massimo: Yes, one minute you're in the bedroom getting ready for bed, and the next minute here you are.

Jackie: Well, I was feeling tense, so I thought I'd just come down and have a nightcap.

Massimo: Because of what happened earlier this evening between Dominick and Ridge and --

Jackie: The woman in this photograph --

Massimo: Uh-huh, Taylor, yes.

Jackie: She's breathtaking.

Massimo: Ah, yes. She was an amazing woman. Ridge and the children were Taylor's life. Which is why they devastated when they lost her. I suppose it makes it a double tragedy now that Brooke is not going to be in their lives.

Jackie: I hope you know that I really didn't mean to upset Ridge tonight.

Massimo: Even so, though, what you said about Taylor -- it's as if you feel that because Ridge found happiness with her, now it's Dominick's turn with Brooke. But sweetheart, it has nothing to do with turns. I want both my sons to be happy.

Jackie: So do I. So do I. More than you know.

Massimo: So, ready to come up?

Jackie: I don't know -- no, you go ahead. I'm just gonna stay down here and -- it's been a long day, darling, for everyone.

Massimo: Yes. Don't take long.


Ridge: Taylor, where are you?

Taylor: I'm right here, Ridge. In spirit.

Ridge: But I felt you.

Taylor: And you always will. In your heart. In your soul.

Ridge: God, how I want you back. Our kids need you. I need you.

Taylor: You still have me. You will always have me.

Ridge: I want more than memories.

Taylor: You have more. You have so much more.

Ridge: My life is in shambles now. Is that why you're here? You know, don't you? How everything's going to turn out. Are you here to reassure me that everything's gonna be okay -- or to prepare me for the worst.

Taylor: All I know is you deserve to be happy.

Ridge: I was happy, Taylor, with you. But you were taken from me.

Taylor: And you thought you'd never find love again -- but you did -- with Brooke.

Ridge: Now she's gone, too.

Taylor: Do you really believe that? That it's over between you two?

Ridge: Well, she is having my brother's child. She's made certain decisions I don't agree with, but I have respect.

Taylor: Because you know how much courage it took for her to make those decisions. Sweetheart, I know you've been through a lot with Brooke and Nick and this baby. I know how much it's cost you. But Brooke is trying so hard to do the right thing, and she's succeeding. You all are.

Ridge: Then why does it feel like my heart's being ripped out?

Taylor: You know why. Because you desperately want a life with Brooke, and that's what she wants. Unfortunately --

Ridge: We can't always get what we want, huh?

Taylor: But sometimes we do.

Ridge: What are you saying? What're you trying to telling me?

Taylor: Even though Brooke and I were at odds all those years, I've seen her heart. Her heart is changed. And if I can't be there for you, I'm glad she can.

Ridge: But she isn't there. She might never be again. That's the reality I have to deal with. That's the reality our kids have to deal with. And it just hurts like hell.


Jackie: No! I cannot keep doing this to myself. I don't need any more tests to tell me what I already know -- Nicky is the father of Brooke's baby, not ridge. There's not a doubt in my mind about that.

Oscar: Better take it easy on that.

Jackie: Oscar. How long have you been -- how long have you been standing there?

Oscar: I just got home. Mo upstairs?

Jackie: Um -- yes, he is.

Oscar: And you're down here alone?

Jackie: Yes, I'm having a nightcap. Would you care to join me?

Oscar: Yeah, yeah, sure. You all right?

Jackie: Of course I'm all right. Everything's fine. In fact, I am celebrating.

Oscar: Oh, yeah?

Jackie: Yeah. I saw an ultrasound today of my grandchild. Oh, and he looks just like his father.

Oscar: Like Nick, you mean.

Jackie: Of course like Nicky. Who else would I be talking about?


Taylor: It's going to be all right, Ridge. You're an incredible father.

Ridge: Who's been left alone to raise our kids, when what they really need is you.

Taylor: They have everything they need in you.

Ridge: Still, when I think of what you or Brooke could've brought to their lives --

Taylor: Just have faith.

Ridge: Faith in what, though?

Taylor: Life. Your feelings for Brooke. Hers for you. Everything will work out the way it's meant to be. Come with me. There's something I want us to experience together.

Ridge: Poor guy. Must've fallen asleep studying. Our son's first crush.

Taylor: He's growing up so fast. Seems like only yesterday. He looks up to you, Ridge, so much.

Ridge: I know. Sometimes that scares me.

Taylor: It shouldn't. You're wonderful with him.

Ridge: I've never been more proud of him, doc.

Taylor: I couldn't wish for anything more than for our son to turn out just like his father.


Oscar: You sure you're okay, Mrs. M?

Jackie: Of course I'm okay. I told you -- I'm celebrating.

Oscar: Yeah, I know. Seeing your grandkid today on the ultrasound.

Jackie: You know, I wouldn't trade being a grandmother for anything.

Oscar: Yeah. For anything, huh?

Jackie: Oh, I'd make a pact with the devil before I'd have Nicky give up this child. It's because he's so happy.

Oscar: And if he's happy, then you're happy, right?

Jackie: I mean, don't I look happy?

Oscar: Yeah, I suppose, but, um --

Jackie: But what?

Oscar: It's just that if you're so happy, why are you down here by your gettin' sloshed?


Ridge: Remember this, doc?

Taylor: The music box we gave them on their first Christmas.

Ridge: When they'd wake up crying or fussy --

Taylor: We'd wind it up, and, like magic, they'd go right back to sleep. Look at them. The beautiful, remarkable young girls they've become, and that's because of you. As long as you all have each other you'll have everything you need -- love, happiness, fulfillment.

Ridge: What about Brooke's child? I wanted so much for him to be mine.

Taylor: You need to have a little more faith there, too. It'll all work out for the best.


[ Jackie laughing ]

Jackie: Don't be so ridiculous. Of course, I'm not getting sloshed.

Oscar: Okay, but you were drinking alone, I mean -- you know, until I got home.

Jackie: Well, Massimo went to bed. He was tired.

Oscar: All right, so, the two of you, you didn't have words or anything?

Jackie: Let's just say -- that Massimo and I, we, um -- we see certain things differently.

Oscar: Certain things like Nick and Ridge -- and which one of them is gonna to raise Mo's grandkid with Brooke?

Jackie: Look. I have said repeatedly how badly I feel for Ridge, all right? But if he would just step back and just let things happen the way that I have -- the way that they should -- happen, then everything would be fine. Everything, everybody would be fine, Ridge, the children, and you know -- I'd just like to talk about something else, now, really -- anything, actually.

Oscar: Well, actually, I'm -- I'm kinda beat. So, I'm going to turn in, too. How about it, Mrs. M. You going up now?

Jackie: No. I told you, I'm celebrating.

Oscar: Okay, well, you know what? It's all going to be all right. All right?


Ridge: You said to keep the faith that things would work out for the best. Are you saying that I should not give up on Brooke? Or that I should just accept things as they are -- and move on?

Taylor: The way things are -- aren't necessarily the way they seem.

Ridge: I don't understand.

Taylor: Sometimes true contentment comes from the most unexpected places.

Ridge: Are you saying that there's someone else out there for me besides -- come on, Taylor. I've only truly loved three women in my life -- Carolyn, you, and Brooke. There's no one out there for me. I trusted that you and I would live out our lives together. But that didn't happen. Now I've just got this incredible emptiness inside of me. That just can't be filled.

Taylor: It will be filled, my love -- from the most unexpected place. You'll see.


Jackie: I need another drink.

[ Jackie sighs ]

[ Jackie gasps ] What are you doing here? Answer me. What are you doing here?

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