B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/24/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/24/04

by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: All right, you guys. Be careful.

Brooke: No, it's okay.

Ridge: You need your rest.

Brooke: I need this more.

Steffy: We're still gonna see you.

Phoebe: Yeah, we'll baby-sit Hope whenever you want.

Thomas: Yeah, just call the house. I'll drive them over.

Brooke: You got your license?

Thomas: Now, all I need is a sweet ride.

Brooke: Congratulations, Thomas.

Thomas: Thanks.

Brooke: You're really growing up fast.

Ridge: All right, we should get going.

Phoebe: We just got here.

Ridge: And we've had enough excitement for one day, huh? Brooke needs to relax and take care of her baby.


Caitlin: I brought you a coffee.

Jackie: Thank you.

Caitlin: You still haven't gone in.

Jackie: No, I don't want to disturb them.

Caitlin I heard some of the nurses talking. It's Dr. Paxson's funeral today.

Jackie: Is it?

Caitlin: Don't you think it's time that you talk to Brooke?

Jackie: The woman is in the hospital, Caitlin.

Caitlin: Mrs. Marone, I have talked to Thomas. Brooke is really important to their family. If there is just a slight chance that Ridge is the father of this child --

Jackie: Then I want to tell her when and where I decide.


Thomas: You ready to go?

Caitlin: Is everything okay?

Thomas: Yeah, here, take my jacket. It's cold out there.

Caitlin: Thanks.

Ridge: Would you take the girls home?

Thomas: I told Caitlin I'd give her a ride.

Ridge: Well, just -- you can drop her off on the way.

Phoebe: What about dinner?

Thomas: I'll order a pizza. Come on. We're leaving.

Ridge: I'll be home soon. This won't take long.


Nick: You brought the kids in to see Brooke, huh?

Ridge: You got a problem with that?

Nick: No, I'm happy they're here. My problem is with you.

Ridge: You don't want to get into this, Nick. Not now.

Nick: I do.

Ridge: I didn't come here to argue with you.

Nick: That's why you came by my boat today, isn't it?

Ridge: I said everything I had to say.

Nick: And Brooke heard every word of it. You know how upset she was? She stormed off that boat, she slipped on the deck, and now she's back in that hospital bed, and we're lucky her and the boy are okay.

Ridge: Thank god they are.

Nick: Well, no thanks to you and me.

Ridge: It was an accident, though, wasn't it, Nick?

Nick: It coulda' been a tragedy. A tragedy that I could easily prevent. Now what about you?

Ridge: Of course, what are you talking about?

Nick: Well then it stops. It stops right here, Forrester. I'm not gonna argue with you anymore. Now, the fact is Brooke and I are having a baby together, and you either accept that or you don't.

Ridge: And what if I don't, Nick?

Nick: Then you just keep it to yourself.

Ridge: I told you to stay away from my kids because I'm very concerned about protecting them.

Nick: I understand that now. Just like I wanna protect mine.


Stephanie: Are you all right?

Brooke: Yeah, fine.

Stephanie: What happened?

Brooke: I slipped on Nick's boat. I wasn't really paying attention. I was trying to get away, actually.

Stephanie: From what?

Brooke: Things aren't getting any better, Stephanie. I left town so that Nick and Ridge could try to work things out, but they're not. It's just not getting better.

Stephanie: I know. And you're right, it isn't getting any better.

Brooke: No, they were fighting. And Ridge is so angry. And the kids, they're --

Stephanie: What about the kids?

Brooke: They miss me.

Stephanie: And I know you miss them, but moving back into the house is not the solution.

Brooke: I wasn't suggesting that.

Stephanie: I know you too well. I know what you're thinking.

Brooke: You should've seen how they reacted when they saw the ultrasound. Ridge was really hurt.

Stephanie: He saw the baby? Before Nick?

Brooke: No, Nick was here for the exam. But then the technician came in, and he turned on the machine while the kids and Ridge were here.

Stephanie: Why did he do that?

Brooke: He thought that they were my family.


Jackie: Oh, doctor, what a shame. I know you died thinking that those paternity tests needed to be run again. I'm sorry. I couldn't bring myself to tell them.

Jackie: You were on your way to tell Brooke when you died. She still doesn't know. She ended her marriage. She left Ridge and the children because of this. It was the hardest choice she's ever had to make. How could I force her to make it again? How can I put this family back through all that turmoil for what may be nothing? Nicky and Brooke -- they're connecting. I saw it today at the hospital. Oh, you should have seen how they reacted when they saw the baby on the ultrasound. It was -- they were becoming a family. And it was the kind of family Brooke has always wanted. And Nicky can give that to her. How can I take that away?


Ridge: You're protecting your child?

Nick: Yeah.

Ridge: From me?

Nick: From us. From this.

Ridge: Well, I have a very easy solution to that, Nick.

Nick: Don't walk away from this Forrester.

Ridge: Isn't that what you want, Nick? To stop fighting. Hmm?

Nick: I wanna work this out.

Ridge: Not tonight. My family's waiting for me.

Nick: I'm your family. I'm your brother, and I'm asking you, I'm begging you -- we gotta try to get along.

Ridge: Well, smoothing things over with you, Nick, is not exactly on my priority list.

Nick: Understandable. What about Brooke? Do you really want our children to grow up around this kind of hostility? I meant what I said. I'm not gonna argue with you anymore.

Ridge: I don't wanna argue with you anymore. So why don't we just stay out of each other's way?

Nick: Forrester, I'll never know the pain you felt, and I know that ending your marriage was the hardest thing you and Brooke have ever done. Don't make it harder.

Ridge: Let me tell you something, Nick. You and Brooke have a child. That's an incredible bond. But that will never erase how Brooke feels about me and my family. Get a clue here. Brooke's heart will always be with me, Nick. Now, can you deal with that, hmm?


Brooke: I'm not complaining. My baby's fine, so I'm relieved.

Stephanie: I'm sure Nick was, as well.

Brooke: It was amazing. Seeing our child. He was beautiful. I can't tell you the effect that it had on me. For the first time, all of my anxiety and my tension, it just fell away. And I wasn't really worried about my situation. Meeting my child for the very first time.

Stephanie: Sounds wonderful.

Brooke: It was. I'm just glad Nick was there and able to share it with me. I think he deserves to enjoy this.

Stephanie: So do you.

Brooke: I'm trying. I just didn't expect to be doing this alone.

Stephanie: You're not alone.

Brooke: I know. Yeah, I know I have a lot of support.

Stephanie: Put me at the top of the list, okay?

Brooke: Oh, you're there. Believe me.

Stephanie: You just have to take a moment and really, really recognize what a sacrifice you've made for ridge and his family. I don't think I could have done it. You're a strong woman. You are. You're gonna come through this, and so will ridge and his children.


Nick: Hey. Feelin' better?

Brooke: Better, yeah.

Nick: Good. Had a few visitors, right?

Brooke: Stephanie was just here.

Nick: Yeah, I saw her. And I saw Forrester, too.

Brooke: Oh, no.

Nick: Everything's okay.

Brooke: You didn't talk to him, did you?

Nick: Yeah, I talked to him.

Brooke: And what happened?

Nick: Shh. No, I want you to -- I want you to trust me on this, okay? Everything's fine, all right?

Brooke: Okay, yeah.

Nick: Okay. So, any news from the doctors?

Brooke: No.

Nick: They want you to spend the night?

Brooke: Hope not.

Nick: Well, I can always call mom on her cell. She can bring some things over for you.

Brooke: She left?

Nick: Yeah, one of the nurses mentioned Dr. Paxson's funeral, so --

Brooke: Oh, that was today.

Nick: She thought somebody from the family should be there.

Brooke: That was very nice of her.

Nick: It was hard, wasn't it? To see Ridge and the kids. I know it was hard on him.

Brooke: It's not your fault. Leaving was my decision.

Nick: I respect your loyalty and your love for him and those kids. And I know you feel like you're missing a lot all the time. Like everything you wanted was, just, right on the horizon for you, and this big squall comes along, and you just can't set anchor. But it's a storm, Brooke. It's just a storm. And it's gonna pass. And if you had to pick anybody to go through a storm with, it'd be me. All I can ask you is that you give us a chance to love our son together. Can you do that?


Stephanie: Honey, why don't you just go home?

Ridge: I was going to.

Stephanie: Oh, and then you ran into Nick.

Ridge: Did she say anything about him?

Stephanie: Just that he was being very supportive.

Ridge: Yeah, he wants to call a truce. He thinks all this arguing is not good for his son.

Stephanie: Well, he has a point. I know it isn't good for mine.

Ridge: Did Brooke say anything else?

Stephanie: Did she mention you?

Ridge: No, the baby. Is there any more news?

Stephanie: No.

Ridge: Maybe I should just wait till the doctor comes back.

Stephanie: Ridge, Nick is in there with her.

Ridge: You have no idea what this is doing to me. To know that he is in there. Comforting her, telling her everything's all right with their baby. I saw the baby on the ultrasound, just for a moment.

Stephanie: How do you feel about that?

Ridge: I felt ecstatic. Standing there with Brooke, my kids are in the room. It was pretty much exactly like I had envisioned it. So strange -- the first glimpse of our child. Only it's not our child.


Jackie: Oh, I wish you'd never told me anything. I wanted answers. What did I get? I got this secret. This terrible, terrible secret. If I keep it, well, we could all put this ordeal behind us. We could get on with our lives. We could all start healing. I mean, you said yourself that there was a very, very strong possibility that even if the tests were run again, they could be the same. Well, they would be. Nicky. Nicky is the father of Brooke's baby. I know it. You took this secret to your grave. Well, god help me, so will I. So will

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