B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/17/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/17/04

by Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Jackie: Brooke. Brooke, talk to me, please. Tell me what you're feeling.

Brooke: I'm just so -- stunned.

Jackie: Yeah, I know. Me, too. But I just want you to know -- that whatever you have to go through, you are not gonna go through it alone. Nicky and I, we're gonna be there for you. Whatever you need, honey. Oh, god, I know how upsetting this must be for you. But remember. We don't know anything for certain yet.

Brooke: What do you mean, "we don't know"? That call I got on the other line --

Jackie: Dr. Paxson, she was calling to tell you about --

Brooke: No, I -- Jackie, I don't think you understand. That call came from the hospital. Dr. Paxson is dead.


Samantha: Well, what do you think, captain?

Nick: What do I think? I could kiss you. I think I will kiss you.

Samantha: Whoa! Hey! Gratitude's one thing. Let's not go too far. It's just a crib, after all.

Nick: It's not just a crib -- it's the crib. This is -- look at this. It's a first mate's crib, huh?

Samantha: Well, you said you wanted a nautical theme for the nursery. Well, the crib is why I came by. But I have some other really terrific things you have to see for the baby. Of course, I didn't know that I was gonna walk in on -- whatever I've walked in on here. What have I walked in on?

Nick: What do you mean what you walked in on? You walked in on a crash course in fatherhood. Books -- you know, I gotta read up on all this. I'm a sea captain. I don't know what's going on. So I'm reading, I'm getting all the rules. I'm also product testing. There's nothing going in my son's body that I don't know what it tastes like, if it's good for him -- you know, health is the rage in this country now. So I make sure that I know what's in everything --

Samantha: Oh, this I've got to see.

Nick: Well, no. It says it right here, it's just -- what is it? Crushed peas, carrots and, you know, it's just baby --

[ Samantha laughs ]


Ridge: Thomas, I want you to listen to me --

Thomas: Dad, come on. If you're gonna tell me you've given up on Brooke --

Ridge: I haven't given up. But I am backing away.

Thomas: What does that mean -- you're backing away?

Ridge: It means she's not going to be the wife to me or the mother to you and the girls that she and I had hoped she'd be -- given everything that's happened.

Thomas: But things can change. Especially if Brooke didn't sign those annulment papers, like I asked her not to.

Ridge: Son, I realize that you thought you were helping there --

Thomas: I had to try, dad. I mean -- just like I had to try with Uncle Nick. Because I know how much it would mean to them.

Ridge: To who?

Thomas: To Steffy and Phoebe. They're not little kids anymore. They need a mom who they can talk to about -- you know, girl stuff. And they were doing that with Brooke. At least before -- I'm just worried about them, okay? I mean, you and I -- we're doing the best we can, but -- I just wish that kid weren't Nick's.


Jackie; What? What did you say?

Brooke: I'm sorry. I assumed from the way you were talking that you already heard.

Jackie: Dr. Paxson is dead?

Brooke: I'm afraid so.

Jackie: How? How did it happen?

Brooke: There was a terrible car accident. I really don't know much more than that.

Jackie: Brooke, are you sure? I mean, it -- it could be just some horrible, horrible mistake --

Brooke: Her nurse phoned from the hospital. Dr. Paxson was on her way to see me when -- I'm sorry, Jackie. I can't talk about this right now. I just can't.

Jackie: Oh, my God.


Ridge: Thomas, I worry about the girls, too. But we're still a family even though Brooke's not living here.

Thomas: I know. And you're awesome with them, Dad. It's just -- you can't do it all.

Ridge: That is why I have backup.

Thomas: Grandma.

Ridge: The rest of the Forrester clan -- you know, Dad, Thorne --

Thomas: Look, no offense -- but I cannot see Thorne dishing with Steffy and Pheobe about the latest teen heartthrob or planning a slumber party --

Ridge: Right, all right. I get your point. I just don't want you getting your hopes up for something that's not going to happen, though. I mean, Brooke's probably signed the annulment papers by now --

[ Doorbell rings ] Expecting someone?

Thomas: You?

Ridge: No, and I'm not really in the mood to see anybody either.

Thomas: I'll get rid of 'em. Dad and I were just -- I knew you couldn't do it. I knew you couldn't sign those papers--

Brooke: Thomas, please -- I need to see your father right away.

Thomas sure. Of course.

Ridge: Brooke, what are you doing here?

Thomas: Isn't it obvious? She came because --

Ridge: Look, I know you're upset about the annulment papers --

Brooke: Yes -- yes, but there's something else. Something that you need to know. If you haven't heard already?

Ridge: Heard what?

Brooke: There's been a car accident. Dr. Paxson's dead.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: It happened when she was coming over to see me. Oh God, Ridge, I can't believe she's gone.


Nick: Lotions, powders and all those -- oh, check this thing out. This thing is really cool.

Samantha: What is it?

Nick: You don't know what this is?

Samantha: I don't think you know what that is.

Nick: Oh, I know what this is. I know exactly what this is. It's like a suction thing -- you know, when a kid's nose is all runny you just stick it up there and suck it right out. No, you have to, because they can't blow their nose. They can't wipe their nose. That's why you gotta do that for them. You just suck it out and do it for 'em, huh?

Samantha: Yeah.

Nick: Pretty disgusting.

Samantha: Oh well, that why babies need loving parents. And you know, Nick Payne, I think you're gonna be one of the best.


Jackie: Dead. That's what Brooke said. Dr. Paxson is dead. A car accident before she even got to Brooke's. Which means that -- Brooke doesn't know there's a chance that Ridge could be the father of her baby. Oh, Nicky -- Nicky. If this baby isn't yours -- I just can't even imagine how crushed you'd be.

Hudson: Well, I'm off to see Massimo's new foal that was born this morning. Don't think I should be long. I've been assured by the veterinarian that -- Jackie? What is it? What's the matter?

Jackie: I've just heard some terrible news. Nicky's going to be devastated.

Hudson: Poor dr. Paxson. How terribly, terribly sad.

Jackie: I can't believe it. I don't want to believe it. I have to tell Nicky. He has to hear it from me.

Hudson: I didn't realize Dominick was that close to the doctor. Jackie, perhaps you should sit down. This news is obviously taking a toll.

Jackie: I have to get to Nicky right away. He has to hear it from me -- he has to.

Hudson: You're still very upset. Why don't I drive you?

Jackie: No. No, I have to do this alone. I have to do it alone, Hudson.


Ridge: Brooke, it was an accident. I hope you're not blaming yourself.

Brooke: She was on the way to see me.

Ridge: How do you know that?

Brooke: She left me a message, and when I called her back, she said she needed to stop by and talk to me.

Ridge: You know what about?

Brooke: She didn't say. I thought it might be about my baby, but she assured me that my little boy's just fine.

Ridge: Oh, thank God. Still, she must have had a reason. Unfortunately, we may never know what it was.

Thomas: Look, Brooke, I'm sorry, okay? For bombarding you off the bat like that. It's just --

Brooke: It's all right, Thomas. I understand.

Thomas yeah, well, I wish I did. Because all I really understand right now is how much we miss you around here. Right, Dad?


Samantha: Where do you find this?

Nick: It's a speed boat. No, it is, see?

Samantha: Yeah, I see that.

Nick: It's just missing a crew.

Samantha: Speaking of crews -- mine is going to be back over in the morning to continue making the place a little bit more baby-friendly. But come here. You've gotta see how cute this is. Look at this.

Nick: Oh my god -- this kid doesn't have a chance. Look at this.

Samantha: Well, you want him to follow in his dad's and his granddad's footsteps. There's nothing wrong with that.

Nick: I don't care what he does. I just hope he's a happy boy.

Samanth: Really?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Samantha: You know, you never cease to amaze me, Nick.

Nick: Well, you're pretty amazing yourself, you know Samantha. You really came through for me, thank you. This whole place is, I -- hard to describe. You're good at it. You're good at the family, the whole kid thing. You ever think of having a little rugrat yourself?

Samantha: You know, I'd better scoot, uh --

[ Doorbell rings ]

Samantha: Look at that, probably somebody else bringing you good news. You have to admit, you've kinda been on a roll lately.


Ridge: That's my son -- Mr. Subtle.

Thomas: Hey, you've always told us to say what we feel. And this is what my sisters and I feel. This house is not the same without Brooke here -- and hope.

Ridge: Thomas, maybe this isn't the right time to get into --

Thomas: To what? To what, Dad? You don't want me to tell Brooke how much she means to us? Or how when she was living here we felt like a real family for the first time since Mmom died? You don't want her to know how special that felt for us and how unfair it feels to be over? Well, I'm sorry. I can't just stand here and pretend like it didn't mean anything! Because it did -- in a huge way! That's why I went to uncle Nick's after I left your office tonight and tried to convince him to give up the baby. Because I thought if he understood how much we need you -- look, I get that all this is complicated. But more than anything -- I get how much having you as their mother means to Pheobe and Steffy. And now there's this empty space inside of their hearts like there was when mom died. They need you, Brooke. We all need you.

Brooke: I feel the same way, Thomas, but just because I'm not living here doesn't mean that I love you and the girls any less. I will always be here for you. No, it won't be the way it was. Or the way it would have been if things had worked out the way we wanted. Still, you will always have the best Mother ever -- Taylor. You're everything that Taylor would've wanted in a son. And don't you forget it.

Thomas: I still miss her a lot.

Brooke: Of course you do.

Thomas: But now she's gone and you're gone, and -- if I can't have my Mom back I just wish it could be you. I wish there was some way we could find a way to have you raise your baby with us so we could be a real family again.


Jackie: I didn't mean to run Samantha off.

Nick: Of course you did. That's the only way you can have me all to yourself.

Jackie: Nicky, this isn't the time for that kind of --

Nick: Mother, please. Let's not be transparent. You're a bit transparent -- at least to me anyway.

Jackie: Transparent?

Nick: Yeah. You don't think I don't know why you're here? You knew Samantha was coming over here with all the goodies -- all the grandchild toys and stuff, and it was just eating you up inside, wasn't it? It was killing you, 'cause you wanted to come over and see all the things you're gonna get to do. And look at this crib -- look at this.

Jackie: Very nice.

Nick: Very nice? This is a sea captain's dream for his kid. Look at the flag here. The Marone flag, huh? The old man's buttons are gonna pop off, aren't they? Oh, yeah. We got it all set up here. There'll be some good sleeping going on in there. We got -- look at this -- see? How 'bout that? You know what that's for right? This is when they really get cranky, you kinda rock 'em in that. Think I'm gonna spoil you, don't you? Not gonna. I might spoil you. I think I may spoil you just a little bit. I wish little Thomas would be able to see things differently.

Jackie: What did you say?

Nick: Thomas Forrester, ridge's son, paid me a little visit and asked me to give the boy up for adoption so Ridge and Brooke could raise the child with Thomas and his sisters. I hate what they have to go through. I -- I could see the pain in his eyes. This is my flesh and blood though, Mother. You know, this is my -- my son. I haven't even seen this child's face yet, and I already feel how much I love him. I can feel what it's like to be a father. What's the matter?

Jackie: Oh, Nicky. Sweetheart, I wish -- with all my heart I wish I didn't have to tell you this.

Nick: Tell me what? What is it? What's wrong?

Jackie: Something terrible has happened. Something you have to know.

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