B&B Transcript Monday 2/16/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/16/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Nick: You're asking me to give up my son.

Thomas: I'm asking you to help us be a family again.

Nick: By turning my back on my child. I could never do that, Thomas -- just like your father could never turn his back on you.

Thomas: But adopting this baby would make him and my sisters so happy.

Nick: I'm hoping there's a way that we can all get along together.

Thomas: No, we're not looking to "get along." What we want is our family back, which we'd have if it weren't for you.

Nick: It's not about me, Thomas. This is about a duty -- a responsibility that I have to Brooke and our child.

Thomas: Babies are a huge responsibility. I saw what my parents went through with my sisters -- and, trust me, it's not all fun and games.

Nick: Really?

Thomas: Oh, yeah. Once you have a baby, forget about having a life. No more partying -- smoking cigars -- sailing around the world -- those days are long gone.

Nick: Hmm, sounds awful. But, if that's the case, why would you want a little kid living with you?

Thomas: See, that's the thing -- we have a house full of people to share the responsibility. But you'd be stuck, all alone, with the little rugrat.

Nick: Right -- now I appreciate you looking out for me -- really I do -- but, uh, I'm sorta looking forward to being "stuck with the little rugrat."

Thomas: So you won't even consider it?

Nick: Actually, I'm looking more forward to being a Dad now than ever.

Thomas: How's that?

Nick: 'Cause you're such a great kid -- the way your looking out for your family, what you want to do for them. There's a reason for that, because you have such a great dad. I'm sure you had a wonderful mother, too.

Thomas: Sure did. And we need one again, especially my sisters.

Nick: Well, I'm sure your Dad will find somebody.

Thomas: No, you've got to understand, there's only one woman who can be that for us -- and it's Brooke.


Bridget: Are you in the mood for visitors?

Brooke: Oh, Bridget, I'm always in the mood to see you.

Bridget: I wasn't sure you'd be here. And what are you doing working this late? Shouldn't you be resting?

Brooke: I'm waiting for Dr. Paxson. She said she had to come by and talk to me about something.

Bridget: Why? What is it? Is it the baby?

Brooke: No, no, don't worry -- she assured me that nothing's wrong.

Bridget: Thank goodness. Well, mom, if it's not the baby what has you so upset?

Brooke: Ridge.

Bridget: What about him?

Brooke: He stopped by a little while ago with the annulment papers.

Bridget: Oh, Mom -- oh, I can only imagine what you must be going though.

Brooke: It's just sort of an empty feeling. I mean, I can hardly blame Ridge, right? I'm the one whose been telling him we need to end our marriage. But now that it's here -- it's just really hard to take.

Bridget: Mom, I'm so sorry.

Brooke: Yeah.


[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Caitlin: Mrs. Marone? Mrs. Marone?! Um, I'm sorry to intrude, it's just I left one of the sketches in my car. And I was going to put it outside your door, I was afraid something might happen to it --

Jackie: Just put them down anywhere -- anywhere.

Caitlin: Okay. Mrs. Marone, are you okay? I hope that doctor didn't say anything to upset you.

Caitlin: Are you all right?

Jackie: I'm fine.

Caitlin: No, no, you're not. I mean, you're obviously in some sort of pain.

Jackie: No, this isn't about me. It's, um -- it's about my son, and, um -- about his baby.

Caitlin: Yeah, I know. You told me about your grandson. It seems like that should be cause for celebration?

Jackie: Yeah, it should be, shouldn't it? But I've just had some really horrible news. Turns out I may not be a grandmother, after all. You see, it's a question of paternity. We thought that we had everything resolved, now it seems that we actually don't know anything for certain. Oh my God, this baby's got to be Nicky's. It's just got to be.


Nick: Brooke's a wonderful woman. There's no doubt about that.

Thomas: So you understand where I'm coming from?

Nick: Of course. It's very easy to understand why you would all miss her.

Thomas: So if you understand that, then why are you being so selfish?

Nick: Is that what you think? That I'm doing this out of selfishness?

Thomas: You told me you thought my Dad did a good job raising me.

Nick: That's right. I do believe that.

Thomas: Then why not let him be a father to your child, so our family can stay together?

Nick: Thomas, you can't think of me as a bad person because I won't walk away from my son.

Thomas: Think of what it would mean to Phoebe and Steffy.

Nick: I'm sorry about what you and your sisters are feeling and what you have to go through -- I hate that you have to go through it.

Thomas: We don't have to. You could make things right, Nick.

Nick: Do you really think me walking away from my son and turning my back on him will make things right?

Thomas: I don't know. I just want what's best for my family.

Nick: Yes, I respect that. I but I'm going to tell you exactly what I told your dad. Nobody's gonna take my son from me. And nobody's gonna be a father to him except me.


Jackie: This baby means so much to Nicky.

Caitlin: Of course it does. And I'm sure it means the world to your son's wife, as well.

Jackie: Oh, well you see -- she and Nicky, they're not actually married. Not yet. They would've been, though. I know they would have been. They would have made such a wonderful, wonderful family -- but if this child isn't Nicky's -- that may never happen.


Catherine: Rough day?

Ridge: The worst. I gave Brooke the annulment papers.

Catherine: Ugh, I'm so sorry. It was nice, having Brooke here. I mean, she brought this energy here that I haven't felt since --

Ridge: Since Taylor was alive? Well, you're right. Brooke was very good with the kids. Where is Thomas, anyway?

Catherine: Um, I'm not sure. But he took the car.

Ridge: The car? He just got his license. He's not allowed to drive the car.

Catherine: I know. I was busy with the girls and he must have slipped out. I tried calling you on your cell phone.

Ridge: Well, Thomas Forrester, what were you thinking, huh?

Thomas: I --

Ridge: Strike that. You obviously weren't thinking. Where were you?

Thomas: I went to see Nick.

Ridge: You what?!

Catherine: Excuse me. I think I'll leave you two alone.

Ridge: What possessed you to drive all the way down to the marina at this time of night, huh?

Thomas: I'm sorry, dad. I just can't take it anymore, watching this eat away at you.

Ridge: Thomas, this isn't your concern.

Thomas: Of course it is. Me, Phoebe, Steffy -- we all feel the same way I you do. We want Brooke back.


Jackie: If Nicky loses his son, it would be nothing short of a tragedy.

Caitlin: Well, um, they can always try again.

Jackie: No, you see if the Mother finds out that the baby she's carrying isn't Nicky's it'll be all over.

Caitlin: Wait, the Mother doesn't know that there's some question?

Jackie: Not yet. Dr. Paxson's on her way to tell her.

Caitlin: So it'll hit her pretty hard, huh?

Jackie: Oh, you have no idea.


Brooke: I hope those kids realized how much I wanted to be their mother. How much I wanted to live with them, with Hope, and Ridge, this baby -- all of them.

Bridget: I'm sure they do. They're perceptive kids.

Brooke: Just knowing that they wanted that as much as I did -- that means more to me than anything. Even though I know it can never be.

[ Knock at door ] That must be Dr. Paxson.

Nick: Welcome Back.

Brooke: Nick.

Nick: Hi. Mind if I come in? Hey, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi. You know, I hear a chapter on electron microscopy calling my name. So -- I'll catch you guys later, okay.

Brooke: 'Kay, honey. Thanks for stopping by.

Nick: Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Brooke: No, we were just -- chatting. So, what brings you by?

Nick: Um, I wanted to come over here 'cause I heard about the annulment papers. And I thought you just might be feeling a bit low.

Brooke: How'd you hear about that?

Nick: Thomas Forrester stopped by my boat. He asked me if I'd let his dad adopt my son.

Brooke: What did you say?

Nick: The only thing I could say -- that I sympathize with how he feels and his family, but I can't turn my back on my child.

Brooke: I would never expect you to.

Nick: And I know that that boy and those girls love you, and they need you. But our son needs both of us, too.

Brooke: Thomas was just looking out for his family.

Nick: I know what it's like to be raised with one parent. But I have a responsibility now Brooke. And that responsibility is to you and our child. And I'll do anything, anything, for both of you.

Brooke: Well, you can depend on us, too.

Nick: About that song --

Brooke: It was lovely. Truly.

Nick: Well, thank you. But I know I can never really understand what you're going through right now, but I would like to help you. If you need it. So just know that anytime, day or night, just to talk -- I'll be there.


Ridge: Thomas, I know you miss Brooke. We all do. But sometimes you have to let go of the people you love.

Thomas: For the better good.

Ridge: Yeah, something like that.

Thomas: Is that why you served Brooke with annulment papers? For the better good?

Ridge: How'd you know about that?

Thomas: I heard Grandma

Ridge: I'm sure you got an earful with everything that's been going on lately. I apologize for that, Thomas.

Thomas: It's okay. I like to know what's going on -- so I can help.

Ridge: You don't have to worry about helping with anything. You know that?

Thomas: But I want to. I even went to Brooke's office tonight -- tried to stop her from signing those papers.

Ridge: Well, that's very noble, but you can't roll back time.

Thomas: You sound like Brooke.

Ridge: Yeah, well, we're two very -- very wise people.

Thomas: Who belong together. That's why I went to see nick -- tried to convince him to let you adopt Brooke's baby. If he would just do that one little thing, then we could all be a family again.

Ridge: Yeah, well, I don't think he sees it as a little thing, though. I know he feels like he has an obligation to that baby.

Thomas: I get that. But it doesn't make it right. Doesn't he understand that sometimes you have to let go of the people you love for the better good?

Ridge: Now maybe you're a little too smart for your own good, kiddo.

Thomas: Smart enough to know how much you and Brooke love each other. I'd just hate to see you give up hope, Dad.


[ Phone rings ]

Brooke: Hello?

Jackie: Hello, Brooke. It's Jjackie.

Brooke: Oh, Jackie, hi. I thought you might be Dr. Paxson. She's supposed to be on her way over here. I figured she'd be here by now.

Jackie: Oh, so you haven't spoken to her yet?

Brooke: No, I haven't.

[ Phone rings ] Oh, that might be her on the other line. Hang on, okay? Yes, it's Brooke. What is it? Are you sure? How? When? Yeah, I understand. Just call me when you have all the details, okay?

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Jackie: Oh, Brooke -- what is it?

Brooke: Dr. Paxson -- I can't believe it.

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