B&B Transcript Thursday 2/12/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/12/04

by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Eric: Listen, you guys. Your grandmother and I have some great news, and we hope very much you'll be happy for us. She and I are getting back together again. And we're gonna move back into our home, where we belong.

Thomas: Wow. That's great, Grandpa, really, you guys getting back together. It's just --

Steffy: We really liked having you around, especially now that --

Stephanie: I really liked being around, too, especially now that --

Thomas: See, Grandma, when Brooke and Hope were here, we were just starting to feel like a real family again for the first time since Mom died. Now that's a lost cause, unless a miracle happens.

Eric: Well, Stephanie and I are great believers in miracles. Although in this situation --

Thomas: I know. It's complicated. I get it. I just wish -- never mind.

Catherine: Okay, girls, you guys have homework to finish. I'm sure Stephanie and Eric will be up soon to check in on you guys.

Stephanie: Absolutely!

Eric: Yes, we will. Look, Thomas, if you need to talk about this --

Thomas: Actually, I've just got one question.

Eric: What's that?

Thomas: How can we get Brooke back?


I'm goin' back again I'm goin' back again I'm goin' back again

[ Applause ]

Jackie: It will happen, Nicky, for you and Brooke. It already is.

[ Door bell rings ] I'll get it, Claudette.

Caitlin: Hi, Mrs. Marone. I'm Caitlin Ross from Forrester Creations. We met --

Jackie: Yes, in Eric's office.

Caitlin: Yes.

Jackie: Um, I do remember. You're a model, right?

Caitlin: Oh, actually, I'm an intern.

Jackie: Ah, well, you're certainly pretty enough to be a model. Come on in.

Caitlin: Thanks. Um, Mr. Forrester asked me to bring this by.

Jackie: Good. These are Eric's sketches for the new line. Super.

[ Jackie humming ]

Caitlin: That's catchy.

Jackie: What?

Caitlin: Uh, that tune you were humming.

Jackie: Humming? I was humming?

[ Jackie laughs ] Oh, I didn't realize.

Caitlin: Well, you seem really happy. Did you just get some good news?

Jackie: Actually, yes. I'm going to be a Grandmother. I think that qualifies, don't you?

Caitlin: Yes!


Brooke: An annulment? My God, Ridge. It's like you're saying our marriage never happened.

Ridge: Well, maybe it shouldn't have.

Brooke: What are you talking about? We were happy! You know we were!

Ridge: Of course we were happy, Brooke. I've been saying that all along, too. That was then. That seemed like another lifetime back then. Everything just seems different now.

Brooke: Because of the baby.

Ridge: I thought you wanted to end this.

Brooke: Not like this. I didn't want this. I've loved you all my life, Ridge.

Ridge: Brooke, and I've loved you all of my life. But you made it very clear to me that the only way to get through this was to just make a clean break, so that's -- that's what I think we should do. I think that's the only way to, uh -- spare everyone anymore heartache.


Nurse: Doctor -- this report just arrived from Hillside Clinical Labs.

Dr. Paxson: I will get to it later, Joan. Just put it on my desk.

Nurse: I think you should look at it now.

Dr. Paxson: Uh, is there a problem?

Nurse: Apparently, there was some sort of glitch in their software program awhile back. Several test results may have been compromised.

Dr. Paxson: What patients were involved? Oh, no.


Stephanie: I know how difficult this is for you and your sisters.

Thomas: It's not fair, Grandma. Brooke and Dad love each other so much, and they deserve to be together. And they would be if it weren't for the baby. I know, okay? I know that it's Uncle Nick's kid.

Eric: How did you find out about that?

Thomas: I heard stuff. Enough to put things together, anyway.

Stephanie: Well, this is a very delicate and complicated situation, and I think to be fair to your Father, he's the one you should talk it over with.

Thomas: I don't want this chance for our family to slip away. And I don't want Dad to hurt the way he's hurting. There's gotta be a way around this.

Eric: Thomas, it might be too late for that.

Thomas: What, you telling me Dad's given up? Well, news flash, I'm not giving up on Brooke and dad, or what it could mean for our family. I still think it can happen, and I'm gonna do something about it.


Brooke: This is all happening so fast. You leaving Logan Designs and then this annulment -- why don't we just take some time to --

Ridge: To what? You're carrying my brother's baby. It's just ripping me up inside. I wanted this baby to be ours more than anything in the world, Brooke, but it's not. And I have to live with that, so we have to live with that. Look, I know this is the hardest thing you've ever had to do in your life. Believe me, I know. I think it's best that we just do this, too.

[ Ridge sighs ] Maybe it's best for everyone, especially for that little child that's growing inside of you. So --

Brooke: I can't. I just can't.


Dr. Paxson: Yes, Chip, I understand how it happened. What I don't understand is why you didn't catch it before now? Well, do you have any idea the lives that this could -- yes, I realize that the test still could be accurate, but we don't know that, do we? My concern is for my patients. Oh, that's good. That's good. I'm glad we understand one another.

Nurse: Want me to contact the patients involved? Reschedule their tests?

Dr. Paxson: Yes. Uh, I will handle this one myself, due to its personal nature.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.


Caitlin: You look too young to be a Grandmother.

Jackie: Oh, I do like you. Actually, I think just happiness makes you feel young, and I am so happy for my son, because he is going to make a wonderful father. You know the song I was humming? He wrote it.

Caitlin: For the Mother of his child, right?

Jackie: Romantic, isn't it?

Caitlin: Yes.

Jackie: But then she is a very special woman -- and they're going to have a very special baby.


Stephanie: It isn't easy -- seeing how difficult this is for the kids.

Eric: Well, I know. I'm just hoping that after tonight things will settle down.

Stephanie: Why would tonight make a difference?

Eric: I spoke to Jonathan earlier today. Apparently Ridge had asked him to draw up annulment papers -- and ridge is going to deliver them to Brooke tonight. I just -- I didn't have the heart to tell Thomas.

Stephanie: Annulment papers. Oh my God, who'd have ever thought it would come to this?


Ridge: Brooke, look at me.

Brooke: I can't sign those papers, Ridge. It just feels so horribly wrong.

Ridge: It is wrong. It is wrong, but what choice do we have here? This isn't just about us anymore or the child you're carrying. My family's been disrupted. Thomas and the girls -- they miss you so much.

Brooke: And I miss them, too. And so does Hope.

Ridge: I, uh -- I just can't have them be any more confused about all this than they already are. I don't want them seeing me like this. They need to know they can count on me. So please, would you just sign the papers so I can get back to my kids and be there for them.

Ridge: Damn it, Brooke, you can't have it both ways, come on. You can't expect me to support you and nick and be "uncle ridge" to this baby.

Brooke: It isn't like that Ridge, because I don't love Nick! I love you!

Ridge: And I love you. And I always will. But you have a responsibility to this little child now -- of making a great life for him. And now you have to live that life, and I have go back to my life -- without you. Oh, god. Brooke, when you sign that just let me know, okay?

Brooke: Ridge, wait! I can't let you walk out of my life like this. I just can't. I'm trying to have faith -- and I'm trying to be strong, but how can I be? I mean, I don't even know why this is happening?! Dear God -- I don't understand!


[ Phone rings ]

Brooke: Hi, this is Brooke.

I can't get to the

phone right now

so please leave

a message and I'll

get back to you

as soon as possible.

Thanks, bye.

Dr. Paxson: Brooke, uh, this is dr. Paxson. I need to speak to you as soon as possible. Um, please call my

office at your earliest convenience.


Ridge: I can't share you with another man -- with you carrying his child. I just can't do that -- not even for you.

Brooke: I don't want to lose you.

Ridge: And I don't want to lose you. Oh, Logan, you've been my world since the first moment I laid eyes on you. Little did I realize then --

Brooke: Everything we'd go through to be together.

Ridge: We survived a hell of a lot. And through it all I always sensed that it was happening for a reason. That if we just held on to each other -- believed in our love -- that everything would be all right. God, what fools we were to think that we could have it all.

Brooke: No, Ridge, don't say that. We weren't fools. Every moment that we spent together -- every time you held me in your arms, and you told me you loved me -- I'll never forget that.

Ridge: I guess there's nothing left to do. Lord knows we've tried. The only thing left to say -- is good-bye.


Jackie: Thanks again for dropping those sketches by. Please would you tell Eric that --

Caitlin: Oh, um, you'll call him next week to place Fenmore's largest order ever?

Jackie: Oh, you're good. You're very good.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jackie: My day for company. Just a second. Dr. Paxson! Oh, my goodness, what an unexpected surprise.

Dr. Paxson: Hello, Mrs. Marone. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Jackie: Uh, no. I -- I was just showing Caitlin out. Come in.

Dr. Paxson: I'm looking for your son. Is Nick here?

Jackie: No, no -- why?

Dr. Paxson: It's confidential.

Caitlin: Oh, um, okay -- then I'll be going. It was nice to see you again Mrs. Marone.

Jackie: Yes, you -- you, too.

Dr. Paxson: So, you have no idea where nick is?

Jackie: You haven't told me why you're looking for him.

Dr. Paxson: I was on my way over to Brooke's office. I thought I'd stop here and see if I could find Nick as well.

Jackie: What's going on Dr. Paxson. Look, if this involves Nicky, then I should know. I mean, I am his Mother, for goodness sake.

Dr. Paxson: I really need to talk to the parties involved first.

Jackie: The parties involved? You mean -- Nick and -- oh, my God. Does this have to do with the paternity test? Is that why you're looking for Nicky and Brooke?

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