B&B Transcript Monday 2/9/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/9/04

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Massimo: Good night, Bridget, Oscar. Thanks for coming.

Jackie: You drive safely!

Massimo: Ah, isn't it nice that they are both so in love?

Jackie: Yes, it is. Another Marone wedding. Oh, I love happy endings.

Massimo: What're you talking about? Marriage is just the beginning.

Jackie: So it is. You remember that, darlings. When two people are meant for each other --

Nick: Oh God! Ya know, I'm feeling a speech coming on.

Massimo: No, c'mon, c'mon. I'll save you. A new shipment from the Dominican Republic just arrived.

Jackie: I hope you know that I am not trying to push anything on Nicky or you. It's just that I'm so happy --

Brooke: You want the same thing for us.

Jackie: I truly believe that you and Nicky could have a wonderful life together, Brooke. And I think that after tonight, you're starting to believe it, too.


Ridge: What the hell's going on over there?

Stephanie: Just dinner, honey. It's just a simple, family get-together.

Ridge: No, it's Nick and Brooke they want to get together.

Stephanie: Ridge, have a little faith, will you? After all the soul-searching that that woman has done, do you really think that she's going to let anyone talk her into doing something she doesn't want to do?

Ridge: C'mon. You know how persuasive Massimo can be. And Jackie -- Jackie'll do just about anything to make sure that her son comes out first in all this. That little baby shoulda been mine! It shoulda been mine.

Stephanie: Yes -- yes, it should have.

Ridge: But he's not, so get over it, is that what you want to say?

Stephanie: Who am I to judge?

Ridge: You know exactly what I'm going through, don't you?

Stephanie: Yes, honey, I do. And I wish I could tell you that it's going to get easier, but -- I want you to be happy, Ridge. I certainly don't want you to end up in the same place that I am.


Thorne: What're you doing?

Eric: I was just, uh -- it's just fascinating how the energy from this ball just transfers through the others.

Thorne: Uh-huh, well, it may be fascinating, but it's not gonna help you get your designs in.

Eric: Yeah, well, neither is sitting in front of an empty sketch pad.

Thorne: Dad, you've got a big showing coming up --

Eric: I don't have to be reminded of that.

Thorne: We're weeks behind!

Eric: Don't you think I know that?! Sorry. It wasn't directed at you.

Thorne: Who was it directed at?

Eric: It's directed at the person who's responsible for turning this company upside down.

Thorne: Deacon? Massimo?

Eric: Stephanie.


Ridge: How is it that two wonderful, nice people like us always wind up on the short end of the stick, huh?

Stephanie: Who told you you were nice? You didn't deserve this, that's for sure.

Ridge: Oh, like you did?

Stephanie: If I were to be perfectly honest with myself and with you -- maybe the only person I was really protecting was me.

Ridge: Mother, you only found out I was Massimo's son what -- two years ago or so? It's not like you were lying to dad your whole marriage.

Stephanie: Didn't I?

Ridge: What're you saying here?

Stephanie: Well, I slept with Massimo, so there was always, always a chance that he was the father.


Thorne: You're blaming Mom for your lack of creativity?

Eric: Yes, and not just for that -- for everything that's gone wrong around here. Morale being down, Ridge leaving --

Thorne: That wasn't her fault.

Eric: Initially, no -- but you know what? He would still be working here if he were my son.

Thorne: Oh Dad, you don't know that --

Eric: Yes, I do. Because of your Mother, you lost a brother, I lost a son, and now -- and he's my best designer. I've lost that, too! And now I've lost my inspiration.

Thorne: What about all the things she gave to you? You're CEO of this company because of her, Dad. She got it back for you.

Eric: I don't want to talk about that.

Thorne: Why? Because it might involve being grateful to her? Forgiving her? You know, maybe you should try that, you might not be so damn blocked up.

Eric: That's ridiculous.

Thorne: Really? Dad, you are so focused on your anger, no wonder you can't come up with any designs.

Eric: This is not helping.

Thorne: Look Dad, just try concentrating on the good times that you had with her?

Eric: Don't you have something to do?

Thorne: Dad, you spent a majority of your life with her. You can't just cut her out! She is a part of you. And until you learn to accept that --

Eric: Good-bye, Thorne.

Thorne: Fine. Fine, you wanna let your stubborn pride just bring this company down? Fine.


Massimo: A special cigar for a special occasion.

Nick: Very, very nice.

Massimo: It's a gift from the minister of trade. He said that there are none finer.

Nick: It's the perfect way to say good-bye.

Massimo: What do you mean "say good-bye"?

Nick: Quitting. Ya know, with the child running around.

Massimo: Well the, you are a better man than me.

Nick: C'mon, Pop. You would've done the same thing if you had Forrester and I running around when we grew up.

Massimo: Oh, no. If you only know how I regret not having had that chance -- but you know something? You know what makes me happy? That history is not going to repeat itself with you.

Nick: Brooke wants to be a single mother.

Massimo: Aw, listen -- a couple more nights like this and you two are gonna be setting up a nursery together.

[ Nick laughs ]

Nick: I do have to hand it to you. You were on best behavior tonight. Very good. Made her feel right at home here.

Massimo: That's what I wanted. I want this house to be filled with love, with laughter -- with a bunch of grandchildren.

Nick: Please! Let's just deal with the one at hand, shall we? This is all new to me.

Massimo: Who would've ever thought it, huh? Two old sailors -- finding their port at last. I just wish that ridge hadn't lost his. I just -- I hate to see him hurting like this, but a child belongs with his father. You and I are proof of that.


Jackie: You know, I feel as if tonight we all came to a turning point, you know, a fork in the road where we just put our arms through each other and we're all heading in the same direction now.

Brooke: Down the yellow brick road, huh?

Jackie: Yes, exactly. Oh my, what a sight we'd all make. Going off to the emerald city. Massimo, of course, he would be the lion -- growling, snarling, trying to hide the fact that he's really just a pussycat.

Brooke: Well, he really seemed that way tonight.

Jackie: He respects your decision, Brooke -- not to break up this family by staying with Ridge. You changed Nicky's life, you know? And for that I will be forever, ever grateful to you.

Jackie: I barely recognize Nicky anymore.

Brooke: He has been smiling a lot more lately, hasn't he?

Jackie: Oh yes, hasn't he? And he's found music again. When you came into his life, Brooke, that is when he picked up a guitar again. And now he's singing and playing and he's getting ready to move into a penthouse, for goodness sake. And preparing for the birth of his baby.

Brooke: It's amazing how a baby can turn your life around.

Jackie: Yeah, it is, isn't it? You know, I had actually begun to wonder if Nicky would ever have a family. If he would ever know the joy of sharing his heart. Because he was just afraid, I think. He was just afraid to reach out and love someone. It's terrible, you know -- to be a mother and think of your child living his whole life alone.

Brooke: I can't imagine anything worse.

Jackie: Every night, I'd pray for a miracle -- and it happened. You, the baby, happened.

Brooke: Jackie -- I care about Nick. I really do, but whether it's going to turn into something permanent -- I don't know. I'm just not ready to make that kind of commitment.

Jackie: Darling, all I'm asking is that you keep an open mind. You can do that, can't you? I mean, I know that you are perfectly capable of raising this baby by yourself, but why? Why put yourself through that when you have a man -- a good, honest man who asking you to share that experience. And a family, darling, a family who's behind you every step of the way.

Massimo: Jacqueline's right, Brooke. We, uh, we are your family. And anyone who's made the sacrifice that you have made will always have a place at my table.

Brooke: That means a lot, Massimo.

Massimo: We'll help you get through this. With our love and support, we'll help you start a new life.


Ridge: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You told us it never crossed your mind that Massimo might be my father.

Stephanie: I was so madly in love with Eric I didn't want to face any other possibility. I took the idea, I pushed it to the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind. I locked it up, and I never looked back.

Ridge: Kinda like I did when I found out Brooke was pregnant. And that she and Nick had, uh -- I couldn't stand the possibility that that child that Brooke and I had wanted all those years might not be mine.

Stephanie: But at least, at least you faced it.

Ridge: Well, the paternity test kinda took care of that, didn't it? If Brooke hadn't taken that test, I'd still be convinced that I was the baby's father.

Stephanie: It's interesting how we fool ourselves into seeing things the way we want to see them. Maybe if I had just trusted how much Eric and I really loved each other then and been honest -- honest with him and honest with myself, I wouldn't have ended up losing him.

Ridge: You also might not have had a relationship with him in the first place.

Stephanie: That's true. But at least he would have been spared all this pain and this feeling of betrayal. Can't do anything worse than that to somebody.

Ridge: Oh Mother, it's not like you did this on purpose.

Stephanie: No, I mean, you don't set out to drive away someone that you love. But, I mean, sometimes you do. Look at me with you.

Ridge: What about me?

Stephanie: How many years did I argue with you over and over and over again about Brooke. I kept telling myself it was for your good. I might as well just slammed a door right in your face.

Ridge: If you'd done that, I just would've opened it again, that's all. You're not gonna get rid of me that easily. I'm telling you right now -- Dad's gonna soften up, and he's gonna look at you the same way he used to. He will, you'll see.


Eric: My stubborn pride -- thank you, Throne Forrester. As if remembering good times with Stephanie would do any good.

Ridge: Dad still loves you,

Ridge: Dad still loves you, Mother. And I think he's as lost without you as you are without him.

Stephanie: Well, I can't deny I miss him. You know that. I just -- I miss the companionship and the fun. You know, every single day with him was an adventure.

Ridge: He misses that, too.

Stephanie: Obviously not enough.

Ridge: I think he'd surprise you. If he'd just let down his guard long enough to own up to his feelings.

Stephanie: No, I have to accept it whether I want to or not. Eric is just never going to see me the same way again.


Eric: My inspiration. Well, I'll be damned. You.


Massimo: I realize that it's not easy letting go, Brooke, but you did the right thing.

Brooke: Ridge doesn't agree with you.

Massimo: Well, I think in time he will realize that you did what you had to do to save this family. If you would've told me six months ago that I would be in your debt --

Brooke: I never would have believed it.

Jackie: All that anger and bitterness is behind you now.

Massimo: You're quite a woman, Brooke. And I wouldn't want anyone else carrying my grandson.

Nick: Well, now I really have seen it all.

Massimo: Well, get used to it, because it's just the beginning.


[ Phone rings ]

[ Voice on answering machine ]

Brooke: Hi this is Brooke.  I can't get to the phone right now so please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, bye.

Ridge: She's still with him -- my brother.


Jackie: That's right, bundle up, darling. It's freezing out.

Brooke: Well, thank you for such a wonderful evening.

Massimo: Thank you, Brooke. Dominick, she's all yours.

Nick: Ready?

Brooke: Ready.

Jackie: Let's do this again.

Nick: Good night, Mother.

Jackie: Good night.

Nick: Thanks.

Brooke: Thank you.

Massimo: Good night.

Brooke: Good night.

Massimo: Great to see you.

Nick: Just stay here. I'll get the car.

Brooke: Oh no, it's okay. It's not far.

Nick: Well, that's what expectant Fathers are supposed to do, right? Supposed to spoil the Mother of their kid?

Brooke: So this is what I have to look forward to until the baby is born?

Nick: Yeah, probably.

Brooke: Nick -- I had a really good time.

Nick: Really?

Brooke: Really.

Nick: Good, I'm glad.

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