B&B Transcript Thursday 2/5/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/5/04

by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Bridget: Only my Mom could analyze revenue projections with everything else she's dealing with right now.

Brooke: Bridget. Well, it's certainly more productive than dwelling on everything else.

Bridget: Well, it's going to be hard to avoid it tonight at the Marone dinner party.

Brooke: To tell you the truth, I'm trying not to think about that. On one hand, I appreciate Jackie's enthusiasm, but on the other hand --

Bridget: You're just not ready to take that leap?

Brooke: Not even close.

Bridget: Well, that's understandable, mom. I mean, you and Ridge both could use some more time. I wonder --

Brooke: What?

Bridget: If Ridge is gonna be there tonight.

Brooke: Ridge is an extraordinary man, but even he can only take so much.

Bridget: This is such a nightmare for you two.

Brooke: But I've learned that everything happens for a reason. A reason bigger than me, Ridge or even this baby. Now, I don't know what that is yet. But we can't lose sight of that. We just can't.


[ Knock on door ]

Nick: Someone is -- there you are. Can I lend you a hand with anything?

Jackie: Oh, darling, that's fine. Claudette's got everything under control. Look at you.

Nick: I guess I do clean up all right, huh?

Jackie: You are positively dashing.

Nick: Really?

Jackie: Yes.

Nick: Well, don't get used to it, because this noose you suggested I wear is about ready to cut off my air supply.

[ Coughing ]

Jackie: You may be squirming in that tie, but -- I've never seen you more comfortable in your own skin.

Nick: I guess I don't look like that sailor who spent weekends on the barroom floor, do I?

Jackie: Nope. He has been replaced by a father. By a parent. It's amazing, isn't it? What a child can do to your life.

Nick: So I'm finding. I spoke with Samantha about redecorating the penthouse.

Jackie: And?

Nick: Well, I'm thinking of giving it a shot.

Jackie: Oh, darling, darling, that's wonderful. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I mean, I'm not gonna have to worry anymore about if you're gonna ship out or when you're coming back. I can't tell you how much I've worried.

Nick: How many years does this have to happen? I've told you over and over, don't worry about me.

Jackie: Well, I don't have to. Not anymore. Your life, it's been filled with the joy of parenting. I mean, I had feared, really, I had feared that you were never gonna get a chance to experience that, but Brooke is your chance, Nicky.

Nick: Mother, please, I don't know what the future brings.

Jackie: But I do. You are going to be a terrific father, and Brooke is going to see that. She's confused right now. I know that. She's gonna get through it, though. With our love and our support. That is what the party is tonight. It's to welcome Brooke into the Marone family.


Massimo: Now, there is a man who looks like he could use a good meal.

Ridge: And that means what?

Massimo: How does dinner at chez Marone sound? Hmm? My lovely wife is hosting a soiree tonight.

Ridge: What's the occasion?

Massimo: Well, Jacqueline thinks it would be a nice idea to welcome Brooke and the, you know, child, to the family.

Ridge: Is there a knife in my back? I think there's a knife in my back. Just give it a good twist, huh?

Massimo: Oh, Ridge, listen. I -- I know how you feel, okay? But you are an integral part of this family, and we have to rally together when we are in unpleasant times like this.

Ridge: You know, Massimo, I really do feel like a family man, but I think you're asking just a bit too much here.

Massimo: Look, all I'm asking is that you understand that this is a significant evening, all right? For all of us.

Ridge: Oh, I have no doubt it's significant -- especially for Jackie.

[ Massimo sighs ]

Massimo: Listen -- you can't blame Jacqueline for trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

Ridge: What, by bringing nick and Brooke together?

Massimo: Ridge, they've been brought together. All right? By their son, who is your nephew.

Ridge: Oh, that's right. Yeah. I'm Uncle Ridge, aren't I?

Massimo: Ridge, knowing you as I do, I know you'll be there for the child. I'm certain of it.

Ridge: I can't deny that, Massimo. There's a part of me that will be there for that child as if he were my own.

Massimo: But he's not, Ridge. He's Dominick's.

Ridge: Yes, I'm well aware of that. Especially with Jackie shouting it from every rooftop every chance she gets. You say I'm welcome tonight? Well, I have a problem believing your wife feels the same way.


Nick: Let's just not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Let's make sure tonight goes smoothly, without any waves or surprises, all right?

Jackie: Surprises? I have a surprise for you.

Nick: Mother, no. Please, Mother, I --

Jackie: Don't "Mother" me, Nicky.

Nicky: No surprises.

Jackie: It's a gift, darling.

Nick: What is --

Jackie: It's something that I've wanted to give you for a long time.

Nick: You got me a guitar?

Jackie: And I can't take it back.

Nick: I already have a guitar, you know that.

Jackie: Yeah, but --

Nick: This is a Martin O.M. 45.

Jackie: Yep, so I was told.

Nick: It must have cost you a fortune.

Jackie: Well, nothing is too good for you, my darling. Although when Massimo saw the withdrawal from my bank statement, he had more than a few words.

Nick: Well, I can't really say that I blame him. Why do I deserve something like this?

Jackie: You deserve all your dreams to come true, Nicky.

Nick: It's a little too much, wouldn't you say?

Jackie: Too much? To pass on to your son? What greater gift is there to give than the gift of music? It's always been an important part of your life. Don't you want to share that with him?

Nick: Well, lullabies with a Martin O.M. 45 might be spoiling him, don't you think? What possessed you to buy this?

[ Playing guitar ]

Jackie: You've been through so much lately. The paternity test, you've been under a lot of stress. I just wanted to get you something to show you how proud I am of you.

Nick: I did the same thing most men would have done in my shoes, mother.

Jackie: That's absolute nonsense. Most men, they wouldn't have had a clue, actually. But you, you were there for Brooke. And you didn't push yourself on her. And Ridge, you could have lost your temper, but you didn't. You just showed him compassion, sensitivity.

Nick: I don't know how overwhelmed he's been with my "sensitivity" lately.

Jackie: Ridge won't feel like that forever. Nicky, I promise you, everything is going to turn out wonderfully for you and Brooke.


Brooke: I'm trying to find the strength to accept the things that are out of my control. One day at a time.

Bridget: You know, I respect you and this decision you've made so much.

Brooke: Walking away from Ridge, from our marriage, that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Bridget: But that doesn't mean you have to stop loving him. I mean, you can still be his closest friend. His soul mate.

Brooke: Just not his wife.

Bridget: Yes, you have to draw the line there. You're having his brother's child. But as tragic as that is, you've proven who you really are, what you're made of, to me, to this family, and most importantly, to yourself.

Brooke: I just did what was best for Ridge and me.

Bridget: No, Mom, that's not true. You made this decision for your unborn child, who's going to be able to look up to his mom and be proud in a way that I couldn't for a long time.

Brooke: All that unnecessary pain.

Bridget: Look, I'm not dredging this up to hurt you, or to relive the past. But the truth is, I knew what was going on. The scandals that surrounded us while I was growing up. Kids are so smart. So impressionable. It affected me.

Brooke: You had to suffer because of my mistakes.

Bridget: But my point is, your son isn't going to have to endure any of that. Do you have any idea what an amazingly unselfish act of love that is? Look, I am sorry that you and ridge can't be together in every way. But I am even more proud of you for choosing the right path, and you should be, too.

Brooke: I'm just not quite there yet, honey. This is very hard for me. I'm grateful for Jackie and for the Marones, who are throwing this party, but I'm afraid that if I go, I'll raise their expectations of -- about my future with nick.

Bridget: Just come to the party, Mom. I'm sure the only thing they're expecting is your appetite.


[ Playing guitar ]

Jackie: Is that an old song, Nicky? I don't recognize it.

Nick: No, it's something I wrote recently.

Jackie: Oh, really? I'd love to hear it.

Nick: Hmm-mm.

Jackie: Please? Just a few verses? One verse?

[ Playing guitar ]

Open up your eyes tell me what you see

is there a place for me inside of you

can we both forgive try to just forget

forget the past and let today begin

Jackie: You wrote that for Brooke, didn't you?

Nick: No.

Jackie: Yes, you did.

Nick: Well, she might have provided some inspiration.

Jackie: Why don't you play it for her, tonight, at the party?

Nick: No.

Jackie: Yes, Nicky. You used to love to perform when you were a little boy.

Nick: Well, it's different now, mother. I'm not a little boy anymore.

Jackie: No, you're not, you're a man. And I know that you want to build a life and a family with Brooke. How could she resist you, Nicky, if you open up your heart to her? Let her know how you feel.

Nick: First things first, okay, mother? And that is, the first thing I have to do is pick her up. Okay? This is -- I'm speechless. It's beautiful. I love you. Thank you.

[ Door closes ]

Jackie: Oh, Nicky, all I have ever wanted is your happiness. You've finally found it.


Oscar: How's my favorite fiancée doing?

Bridget: It felt good to talk to my mom.

Oscar: Oh. You know what? You can talk to her some more tonight. You still want to go, right?

Bridget: Yes.

Oscar: The party at Mo's?

Bridget: Yes, I do.

Oscar: Good.

Bridget: I'm not so sure about my mom.

Oscar: Why not? I mean, if I know Mrs. M., She's gonna go all out for this shindig.

Bridget: My mom just doesn't want to get everyone's hopes up, you know, where she and nick are concerned.

Oscar: Why not? Just get everyone's hopes up. What's the big deal? I mean, Nick seems like a pretty cool guy.

Bridget: But it's gonna take a miracle to help her get over Ridge.


Eric: You want some company?

Ridge: I'm probably not very good company right now.

Eric: Well, I'll take my chances. I've been thinking of you ever since Brooke got back from her retreat with nick.

Ridge: I don't know why it should be a surprise that nick's horning in here. He's got a history of taking advantage at inappropriate times. But Jackie? Jackie literally stopped me in my tracks and refused to let me see Brooke.

Eric: Well, Ridge, I hate to be one of the people who keeps drilling this home, but Brooke is pregnant with nick's child.

Ridge: And you know, I could almost accept that, dad, if it wasn't for the feeling that Brooke and I have just been robbed of our life together. The idea of her sitting at that table with Jackie and nick beside her just --

Eric: Ridge, come on, come on. You've got to stop doing this. You're going to drive yourself crazy.

Ridge: It's not right, dad. It's just not right. I feel it in my gut that Brooke just shouldn't be there.


Jackie: Darlings, thank you so much for coming. Thank you both.

Oscar: Well, what's that I smell?

Massimo: I'll bet you know.

Jackie: Where is that precious little angel?

Brooke: Hope's at home with a baby-sitter. She had such a long day, she could barely keep her eyes open.

Jackie: Oh, I miss her, but thank you for coming. Let's go in. Would you? Everyone -- everyone, I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to you all for coming this evening. I mean, we haven't had many opportunities to be together as a family, because, well, we've only just really found one other, haven't we? I'm grateful for that. I'm also very grateful to you, Brooke, and your baby. You see, a mother, she gets her greatest joy from seeing her children happy. And I have never, ever had the pleasure of seeing Nicky this happy, and I owe it all to you. Thank you. I imagine it took a lot for you to come here this evening. It means the world to me that you did, that you're here. In our home, part of our family. Of course, I'm very sorry that Ridge isn't able to share in our joy. It is my sincere hope that he will find himself, in the not-too-distant future, in a place where he will be able to join us all. But tonight's about celebrating, right? And we have so much to be grateful for. I mean, this wonderful, wonderful Marone family, who have come together. And Brooke, and this precious baby. My Nicky's son.

Massimo: That was really sweet of you. Thank you.

Brooke: I really appreciate this, you opening your home and your hearts to me. Yes, this is a very challenging time. But one thing for certain -- Nick's going to be a very wonderful father to our son.

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