B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/28/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/28/04

By Boo
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Bethany: It's breathtaking, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: No, no, no, I'm not happy with the neckline at all.

Bethany: What are you thinking?

Eric: Oh, I don't know, maybe something more --

Bethany: Maybe like this?

Eric: You don't -- no, not something that radical, but -- I don't know.

Bethany: So -- what else would you like to see me in, Mr. Forrester?

Eric: That's all for now. Thank you.

Bethany: Okay, just let me know if you change your mind. Hi, Bridget.

Bridget: Hey, Bethany.

Bethany: See you.

Bridget: Hey, dad, you got a minute?

Eric: Sure, anytime. Bridget? What is it, honey? What --

Bridget: I was in Ridge's office earlier. He misses mom so much.

Eric: Did he hear from Brooke again? Has he heard from her?

Bridget: No. No, not since that one call, when she called to tell him and Nick that she was all right.

Eric: But still you're -- you're worried about her, aren't you?

Bridget: In her last e-mail, I got the feeling that she was in a really good place. But since then, the e-mails have stopped, and I just -- I just hope that wherever she is, she's finding some peace.


Brooke: Dear God, I feel more at peace than I ever have. And yet, here I am, still searching. Still trying to understand why my life has turned out the way it has. I realize it's my own human frailties that have kept Ridge and me apart. But why would you make this choice for me? Why would you make this child Nick's, instead of Ridge's -- when we could have given him such a perfect life? A perfect home. Please, God, just help me understand. Help me accept what is, and what cannot be changed.


Jackie: This can't be easy for you.

Ridge: What?

Jackie: Knowing that Nicky's gone after Brooke.

Ridge: Nick call you from the plane, tell you what he was up to?

Jackie: Yes.

Ridge: And I'm sure you just gave him your blessing, didn't you?

Jackie: I think Brooke needs to be here. I think Brooke needs to be with her family.

Ridge: Even though she made it perfectly clear she doesn't want anyone coming after her.

Jackie: She'll feel differently when she sees Nicky.

Ridge: Yeah, not that you're here to rub that in or anything, right?

Jackie: I'm here because I'm concerned about you, Ridge. I know what kind of pain you must be going through.

Ridge: Oh, Jackie, thank you so much for your concern.

Jackie: Still, what Nicky's doing is best for everyone, you know? For Brooke, especially, and her unborn child. I just hope that he can convince her of that.


Nick: Sister, please. I came a long way. And I'm asking you to let me see Brooke. I want to make sure that her and my child are okay.

Madelaine: You are a very determined man, mister?

Nick: Payne. My name is Dominick Payne, and you're right -- I don't give up easily. Especially when someone matters as much as Brooke does to me.

Madelaine: I believe you mean that. Just as I believe Brooke has gained much from her experience with us.

Nick: That's good, but she can't stay here forever.

Madelaine: True. And for Brooke, I think her time with us is nearing an end.

Nick: So you're saying that --

Madelaine: I'm saying Brooke is a very wise woman. Wiser, perhaps, than she realizes. Come, Mr. Payne. I will take you to her.


Ridge: You do realize that Brooke may not want to see Nick?

Jackie: But then again, seeing him might be the answer to her prayers.

Ridge: Oh, you'd love to believe that, wouldn't you?

Jackie: I didn't say that to hurt you.

Ridge: No, you said that because you're his mom. And because I'm sure you're so pleased that nick's finally going after what he wants.

Jackie: What he wants is to be a father to his child.

Ridge: There's more to it than that, Jackie, and you know it.

Jackie: If you're referring to Brooke and his feelings for her, then --

Ridge: We all know nick's in love with Brooke. Well, so am I, Jackie. That's why I can't sleep, I can't eat. All I can do is sit around and worry about Brooke being out there alone. A baby growing inside of her -- a baby that, God help me, still feels like mine.

Jackie: But it's not your baby, Ridge, is it? That's why you have to let Brooke go. This is Nicky's child, and the only way the Marones can go on as a family is for you to step aside -- as painful and difficult as that may be.

Marissa: Excuse me, Mr. Forrester. I have that phone number for you.

Ridge: You've located my wife?

Marissa: She's at a spiritual retreat center in the south of France. I've been assured she's fine. Will there be anything else?

Ridge: No, Marissa, thank you. I'll take it from here.


Brooke: I'm trying, God, to put myself in your hands. To follow your will, even though I don't understand it, and possibly never can. I need you to show me what step to take next. What path I'm to follow once I leave here. Please, god, show me a sign.

[ Phone ringing ] Hello? Hello?

Ridge: What the hell are you doing?

Jackie: You aren't thinking clearly, Ridge. If you were, you'd realize that contacting Brooke now is such a huge mistake for so many reasons.


[ Knock on door ]

Brooke: Come in. Oom taupe.


Bridget: Ridge told me something today, something he believes with all of his heart.

Eric: What? What did he tell you?

Bridget: He said that even though he knows he has to let mom go, somehow, some way, they will be together.

Eric: I'm sure Brooke feels exactly the same thing, knowing how much she loves him.

Bridget: It's not fair. Dad, it's just not fair.

Eric: It's not, is it? It's just not. Bridget, just because ridge and Brooke are having to spend some time apart, that doesn't mean that's ever gonna happen to you and Ozzy. That's what's worrying you, isn't it?

Bridget: How did you know?

Eric: After what happened at the engagement party, I'm not at all surprised you're thinking that way.

Bridget: You know my loyalty is with you, dad. But Ozzy, he's just finding himself as a Marone. You have no idea how important that is to him.

Eric: And how important it is for him to impress Massimo, too.

Bridget: I just wish, more than anything, there were a way to put an end to all this.

Eric: It's okay.

Bridget: I've got to go, dad. I've got a class.

Eric: Okay, bye, honey.

Eric: Massimo, good, you're there. You and I have to talk. I'm coming right over.


Nick: Are you okay?

Brooke: I just said a prayer, and asked God for --

Nick: What'd you ask him for?

Brooke: The phone rang, and nobody was there. I thought -- Nick, why did you come here?

Nick: You mean, why didn't I do like you asked and wait for you to call again?

Brooke: I told you I was fine.

Nick: I know. But I had to see for myself. I had to make sure.

Brooke: So, you've been worried about me.

Nick: Yeah, well, you're family, and everybody that loves and cares about you is worried about you. Well, you look good. I guess this place has been good for you. Helped you find some peace.

Brooke: It's hard to explain -- put into words everything that I've experienced here. Spiritually, emotionally -- everything I've learned.

Nick: I'm not here to pressure you or to ask anything from you. Like I said, I just wanted to reassure myself that you and my son were okay. And I've done that, so I'll go.

Brooke: Nick, wait. It's time for me to go home, too.


Ridge: I don't recall asking for your advice, Jackie.

Jackie: Brooke knows how you feel, ridge. I mean, the two of you said everything that there was to say before she left. She's been gone for weeks now, at this spiritual retreat. What has she been doing? She's been trying to find answers and you should respect that. You should also respect the respect the fact that she's carrying Nicky's baby.

Ridge: Oh, right. Right, right. So it's okay for your son to go after her. For me to pick up the phone, her husband --

Jackie: I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that the more you try to pursue this, the more difficult it's going to be for Brooke. I mean, here she is, desperately, obviously trying to heal herself. Trying to heal this family -- don't undermine her, ridge. Don't do that to Brooke.

Ridge: I am not trying to undermine her, Jackie. And I haven't forgotten what she said she wants, what she thinks she wants, but I can't help feeling that's her conscience talking, not her heart.

Jackie: I'm afraid that's wishful thinking.

Ridge: Look, you say you have everybody's best interest at heart here, even mine. Well, I have trouble with that, because we both know that you'd love to have Brooke as your daughter-in-law.

[ Jackie scoffs ]

Jackie: Trying to make me feel guilty? Sorry, I can't oblige. I am a mother. And I want my son's happiness, just as you want your children's happiness.

Ridge: Not at other people's expense!

Jackie: Oh, Ridge, please, please. Look, I know what this has cost you. What it's costing you. And I empathize, I truly do, but we can't undo what has been done. We have to move on. And if you say you love Brooke, then you'll let her go, as she asked.

Ridge: Are you finished? Because I've had quite enough of your phony compassion for one day, now.

Jackie: I didn't mean to, um -- just think about what I've said, all right? Think about it.


Nick: You're really ready to go home?

Brooke: I have to go back eventually.

Nick: Well, if you need more time -- like I said, I'm not -- I'm not here to ask anything of you. I want to do anything I can to make it easier.

Brooke: I appreciate that more than you know. But as wonderful as it is here, my life is back in L.A.

Nick: I'm glad you feel that way.

Brooke: You didn't think I would?

Nick: I wasn't quite sure, honestly. Especially, given where I found you.

Brooke: Well, god works in mysterious ways. In any case, it's been a very restorative time for me. Long walks, meditations, counseling. It's exactly what I needed, given what was going on in my life at that time.

Nick: I think I understand. It's what the sea does to me. You know, a storm hits, you have to weather it. Then you're left with the calm that follows. I'm proud of you. It's good to see you steering your own course.

Brooke: Now I feel that I'm ready for the next step. I came here to figure out what was going on with my life, and where I was headed. And now I know. I'm ready to take Hope and my baby back home.

Nick: Where is Hope, anyway?

Brooke: She's with sister Kate. She plays the guitar and sings to the little ones at the same time every night.

Nick: Oh, I brought my guitar on the plane. Maybe I'll serenade Hope on the way back.

Brooke: Oh, she'll love that.

Nick: So, you ready to get your daughter and go home?

Brooke: Yes. I'm ready to go home.


[ Phone ringing ]

Ridge: Come on, Logan. Where are you?

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