B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/14/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/14/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Oscar: So you've worn that ring your whole life?

Nick: Yeah, since I was a kid.

Oscar: You never knew what it meant?

Nick: I actually thought it was a good luck charm.

Oscar: That pretty lucky, being a Marone, right? Of course, maybe you feel different now that you know.

Nick: Different? Oh, you mean, honor and blood and family?

Oscar: Massimo lays it on thick.

Nick: Yeah, he believes.

Oscar: What about you?

Nick: Nice to know I have a father.

Oscar: He expects a lot, too, huh?

Nick: He should. And you should learn to respect that.

Oscar: I do. I hope someday he respects me, too. I think I'm going to be a valuable member of this family.

Nick: Let me see your hand. You gotta get that ring on there first, hmm?

Oscar: I will.

Nick: Good.

Massimo: That is the kind of dedication that is music to my ears. And I hope you will agree to fill this house with it.

Oscar: Thanks for the offer, Massimo. But I'm really happy at my own place.

Nick: You might get that ring a little quicker if you move in.

Jackie: Are you sure that I can't get you a drink?

Ridge: I'll be taking off soon.

Jackie: I wish you wouldn't.

Ridge: This isn't exactly how I planned to spend me evening, Jackie.

Jackie: You can't stand being in the same room as my son, can you?

Ridge: It's just going to take a little time.

Jackie: Then take it now. You're both here. Talk to him.

Ridge: I think that's all for one evening.

Stephanie: Thank you so much, Sam. I don't know how I forgot this.

Samantha: Is Ridge home?

Stephanie: No, he's having dinner with Massimo.

Samantha: Oh, then they're getting along again?

Stephanie: I'm sure they'll spend the evening arguing about Brooke.

Samantha: Well, I'm sure that Ridge won't stand for that.

Stephanie: He wakes me up every night in the middle of the night just pacing, pacing, pacing. I can hear him all the time.

Samantha: Stephanie, have you talked with him?

Stephanie: Of course. It hasn't done any good.

Samantha: Maybe this is just something he's got to go through.

Stephanie: What he has to go through is the acceptance of the idea that the marriage is over, and he has to move on.

Samantha: Isn't that a little harsh?

Stephanie: Isn't that why Brooke left town?

Samantha: But he's not just going to forget her like that.

Stephanie: He's got to get on with his life.

Samantha: When he thought that Brooke was gonna be part of it, they planned their future together.

Stephanie: I know. He's lost so much.

Samantha: It's true. And Brooke has made her decision.

Stephanie: It's the right one, I know. I just worry that she wouldn't have the strength to make it again. You know, she comes back here and she sees him pining away for her -- he has to make his future with someone else.

Massimo: You're still here. That's a good sign. Ridge, I'm happy you decided to stay a little longer. It's so very important to me -- especially tonight with Oscar. I mean, his being part of the family, it's a big night for him. He is a Marone, after all. I see a lot of potential in him. He's young, he's headstrong, but he made a success of his father's casino. He donated his club to coma research in Macy's name. He understands duty and responsibility, something I hope I've instilled in both my sons.

Ridge: Well, let's hope he's as dedicated to Bridget.

Massimo: I think a man's intelligence can be judged by the woman that he chooses to marry.

Jackie: Well, in that case, my husband is a genius.

Massimo: Am I indeed. Well, where would we be without the extraordinary women in our lives?

Oscar: Amen to that.

Ridge: Well, that would be my cue to leave.

Massimo: Why?

Ridge: 'Cause I'm not just gonna stand around here while you all congratulate yourselves on what fantastic relationships you have.

Jackie: Ridge, wait. You know, you can't blame Nicky for all of this. He didn't ask Brooke to leave you. She chose to leave you. We all understand how you must be hurting. And no one thinks your love is just going to evaporate. But you're not helping anyone, especially yourself, by dragging this on. You have to move on. You have to let Brooke go, and you have to find your happiness elsewhere.

Samantha: Ridge isn't interested in anyone else.

Stephanie: Their relationship is over, Sam.

Samantha: Well, that doesn't mean he should just jump right into another one.

Stephanie: Why not? I mean, if he -- if he continues to dwell on this loss, then his confidence, his work, his self-esteem, they're all going to suffer. I only know one remedy for it.

Samantha: Fix him up?

Stephanie: I think he should know that another woman besides Brooke loves him. I know how you feel about my son.

Samantha: Well, he doesn't feel the same way about me.

Stephanie: Have you told him?

Samantha: Yes. I've been very honest with him, and he's been very honest with me. Ridge and I are friends, nothing more.

Stephanie: Well, he's also lonely. And if he's going to count just on Brooke, he's going to be lonely for a long time.

Samantha: Well, you know I'd love to help him.

Stephanie: Good. Then I think you should be here when he comes home tonight. Sam, he can turn to some stranger, but I would much rather have him find happiness with you. You can sit around your whole life wondering "what if," or you can take some action. Good night.

Jackie: I'm sorry I couldn't get through to your brother.

Nick: I don't want to talk about him, okay? I would like to talk about you.

Jackie: Hmm.

Nick: So, tell me, how's married life?

Nick: Is the old man being good to you?

Jackie: Oh, yes. Massimo is -- he's very attentive.

Nick: And generous, wouldn't you say? Hmm?

Jackie: Yep. Except I think he did that more for himself than me.

Nick: Well, first of all, you look fantastic, so don't tell me you don't like it.

Jackie: Oh, no, I like it. I love it. It's -- I don't know. It just makes me feel like one of his possessions.

Nick: Well, I'd say you're his most valuable possession, wouldn't you?

Jackie: Not funny.

Nick: Did I touch a nerve? Mother?

Jackie: It's just, life with Massimo is going to take a little bit of getting used to, that's all.

Nick: Well, that didn't sound good.

Jackie: It's different.

Nick: How?

Jackie: [Sighs] Well, he can be a bit possessive.

Nick: He's waited a long time to be with you, you know?

Jackie: And there is nowhere, Nicky, that I would rather be. I just wish I could convince him of that.

Nick: Are you guys having problems?

Jackie: No. I don't want it to become one, either.

Nick: Well, if anybody can handle the old man --

Jackie: I can't handle his jealousy.

Nick: Jealousy? Who's he got to be jealous of?

Jackie: You know, that's exactly what I keep telling him. Eric and I, we're just friends.

Nick: Hold it, hold it. Eric -- Forrester?

Jackie: Every time your father sees him, it ends in the most horrific row.

Nick: Over you?

Jackie: It's absurd, isn't it? I mean, it's ridiculous. I am devoted to Massimo. I love him it's --

Nick: Well, he feels the same way about you, I'm sure.

Jackie: I just wish that he had a more subtle way of showing it, that's all.

Nick: Well, I really wouldn't say "subtle" is his style.

Jackie: Neither is backing down, unfortunately.

Nick: He's still bugging you about it, huh?

Jackie: Oh, no, no. He hasn't mentioned it in days.

Nick: Well, that's good.

Jackie: Yeah. Yeah, it could be. Or it could mean that he's up to something.

Oscar: It's an amazing place you got here.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Well, I think a man needs a special place to relax after a hard day's work.

Oscar: Yeah. Yeah, you know what? When I get home, I'm usually pretty pumped up.

Massimo: So, you enjoying your new job?

Oscar: Mm. Yeah, so far, it's great.

Massimo: What's the best part of it?

Oscar: The best part? Everything. The environment, working with Eric.

Massimo: Really? He impresses you?

Oscar: Yeah, absolutely.

Hudson: Excuse me. Mrs. Marone would like to know if you'll be joining them for coffee.

Massimo: In a moment, Hudson. Oscar's just been telling me how much he enjoys working with Eric Forrester. Oh, Oscar, have you met my old friend and personal assistant, Hudson?

Oscar: Yeah, how -- how are you?

Hudson: I don't mean to interrupt.

Massimo: Oh, you're not. You stay.

Massimo: 'Cause I think we both can learn something from Oscar's insights.

Oscar: I don't know about that. I don't know how much fashion and the shipping industry have in common, you know?

Massimo: Oh, business is business, Oscar. And from what I hear, Eric is excellent at his.

Oscar: Yeah, he is.

Massimo: So, is he teaching you a lot?

Oscar: I learn, you know, just by listening mostly.

Massimo: You keep your eyes and ears open. That's good.

Oscar: I just want to make a contribution, you know?

Massimo: To the fashion show?

Oscar: To the company, in general.

Massimo: I thought that Eric had given you a specific project, like marketing his new line.

Oscar: Yeah, yeah, yeah, he did. Speaking of which, I really got to get going, 'cause I got an early meeting in the morning, so thank you. Hudson, it was great to see you again.

Hudson: I hope we get to see more of you here.

Oscar: Absolutely, absolutely.

Massimo: Don't make yourself a stranger, Oscar. You're welcome anytime.

Oscar: Thank you.

Ridge: Brooke? Sammy.

Samantha: Welcome home.

Oscar: What is this? This is my stuff. What the hell is this?

[Pounding on door]

Oscar: Hey!

Eddie: Hey, hey, hey, stop that.

Oscar: Stop what? What's going on here?

Eddie: Sorry, kid. You gotta move.

Oscar: What do you mean, I gotta move, Eddie? This is my apartment.

Eddie: Not anymore.

Oscar: Not anymore? I -- you can't just kick me out, man.

Eddie: The building's going condo.

Oscar: Since when?

Eddie: Since the place got bought.

Oscar: I paid my rent.

Eddie: Yeah, well, here's your refund check. The new owner wants this taken care of tonight.

Oscar: Eddie? Eddie, I -- what are you doing? Don't just walk away from me, man! What's going on here?!

Hudson: It's a shame Oscar had to rush off.

Massimo: Well, I told you, he is very enthusiastic about his new job.

Hudson: I thought he'd want to stay and talk about it.

Massimo: Another time, perhaps.

Hudson: You can't invite him to dinner every night, Massimo.

Massimo: True, true. That would be a little too obvious. But Oscar's gonna learn a man's place is with his family.

Hudson: So, what will you do?

Massimo: Patience, my old friend.

Hudson: Oh, never one of your virtues.

Massimo: I don't mind waiting, just so long it doesn't take too long.

Hudson: Ah, so you do have something up your sleeve.

[Phone rings]

Massimo: Excuse me. [Clears throat] Hello.

Oscar: Hey, it's Oscar.

Massimo: Mm-hmm.

Oscar: Um, I was kicked out of my apartment.

Massimo: Evicted?

Oscar: I don't know. My stuff's in the hallway, and there's a padlock and there's a padlock.

Massimo: What happened?

Oscar: I don't know. I just, um, was maybe wondering if that offer was still good.

Massimo: Well, of course, it is. You are welcome to stay as long as you'd like.

Hudson: You didn't.

Massimo: I bought the building.

Hudson: You turned him out.

Massimo: Hudson, do me a favor. Tell Claudette to prepare the guestroom, because I believe Oscar's gonna be with us for a while.

Nick: So, you're saying that the old man's being hard on Eric.

Jackie: A bit.

Nick: Same way you're being hard on ridge?

Jackie: [Scoffs] Your brother has to face reality.

Nick: I don't think he has a choice, mother. Brooke's gone.

Jackie: Ridge has to realize that blaming you isn't going to solve anything.

Nick: And neither is hitting him over the head with the facts.

Jackie: Look, I don't mean to be cruel. I know he's hurting.

Nick: Just -- just give him a break.

Jackie: That's exactly what I'm trying to do, Nicky. Someone has to stop him dwelling on this. I mean, rehashing what happened, lamenting what didn't. He has to focus on something else.

Nick: Well, he still has the business.

Jackie: A business that he started with Brooke, I don't think so. He needs something, or someone, completely different.

Nick: You mean another woman?

Jackie: Now, that would be perfect.

Nick: So that's your solution.

Jackie: He has to move on. He's a very attractive man. He's very successful. I mean, he'll find someone.

Nick: Think about it, mother. Who's really ever gonna love him as much as Brooke?

Jackie: Well, there has to be somebody. All it's going to take is for him to have the courage to look.

Samantha: I've been waiting for you.

Ridge: You do all this?

Samantha: Mm-hmm. Do you like it?

Ridge: It's a little unexpected.

Samantha: Well, I thought maybe it was time you had a few good surprises.

Ridge: You mean there's more?

Samantha: Oh, yeah. I'm just getting started.

Ridge: Hmm. I can see that.

Samantha: And I can see that you have been lonely. I've been lonely, too.

Ridge: Listen, Sammy, I --

Samantha: Shh. I don't want your sympathy. And I'm not here to give you mine. But I do want to give you something.

Ridge: Sammy -- Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.

Samantha: You feel like your future is out of your control, that it's been taken from you. You can take it back. You can put it behind you. You can forget and move on -- step by step. Until you realize that you are right where you belong.

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