B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/13/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/13/04

by Boo
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: Look, dad, you probably heard by now, mother's living at my place, part time.

Eric: Yes, yes, I heard.

Ridge: Okay, so you don't have to keep checking up on me then.

Eric: No, that's not why I asked you over. I wanted to give you a heads-up about something. Massimo and I have had a couple of run-ins lately.

Ridge: About me?

Eric: About his wife. Now, you mentioned you were gonna have dinner with him there tonight, so --

Ridge: So, you want to tell me your side of the story first.

Eric: It's about Jackie. Massimo's jealousy is totally out of control.

Ridge: Does he have a reason to be jealous?

Eric: I'm not the problem here, Ridge. Massimo is.

Ridge: Look, dad, I don't really want to be in the middle of all this.

Eric: No, and I don't want you to be either. I just don't want you to be blindsided with this.

Ridge: Here I thought all I had to worry about was running into Nick.

Eric: You think Massimo's trying to act as peacemaker between the two of you?

Ridge: Well, he better not. 'Cause the last person in the world I wanna see right now is Nick.


Bridget: So, Nick and Ridge are both going to be at this dinner?

Oscar: Yeah, that's what Massimo said.

Bridget: It's funny Ridge didn't mention anything.

Oscar: Well, if anybody can get those two in the same room, it's Massimo.

Bridget: Well, I guess he is kind of a hard man to refuse.

Oscar: Tell me about it. Did I happen to mention that he asked me to move in with him?

Bridget: No. To the manor house?

Oscar: Yeah. Yeah, I refused.

Bridget: Really?

Oscar: Being there, that close with him and Jackie, uh-huh.

Bridget: Well, it was nice of him to ask.

Oscar: Yeah, I was flattered, but I like my privacy.

Bridget: Mmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I like your privacy, too.

Oscar: What do you think Massimo would do if he caught you sneaking up to my room?

Bridget: I think you're a little too old to be grounded, don't you?

Oscar: Tell that to Massimo. You've heard the way he talks to Nick and Ridge.

Bridget: Yeah, I think it's cute.

Oscar: Oh, really, you think it's cute? Well, I think his sons might disagree with you on that.

Bridget: The question is will they agree with each other on how to handle this situation with mom?

Oscar: Well, they agreed to dinner. That's a good start.

Bridget: I hope so.

Oscar: Come here.

Bridget: What?

Oscar: Don't worry, okay? If they go at it with each other, I'm gonna stay out of the line of fire.

Bridget: I think that's a very good idea.

Oscar: I mean, they're my family, right, and I want to get to know them, but I don't want to get dragged into their problems.

Bridget: Mm, might be difficult. Look at you. You, my fiancÚ, are very, very handsome.

Oscar: Yeah?

Bridget: Mm-hmm.

Oscar: You better wish me luck.

Bridget: What for?

Oscar: Ah, it's just Massimo, he's really gone out of his way to make me feel part of the family. I don't want to disappoint him.

Bridget: You won't.

Oscar: Look, Bridget, it's just, he's put a lot of faith in me. I'm gonna do whatever I can to live up to that.


Hudson: Massimo, I agree. This plan could be very successful.

Massimo: And it will be.

Hudson: But it is also risky. Using Oscar to get information on Forrester Creations.

Massimo: He's the only way we have into that company.

Hudson: Oscar is engaged to Eric Forrester's daughter.

Massimo: Which is why Eric will not suspect a thing.

Hudson: What about Oscar?

Massimo: He is a Marone. He'll understand I am doing what is best for the family.

Hudson: And you're not concerned about Bridget's reaction? You are attacking her father's company.

Massimo: Any setback that Forrester Creations suffers only profits Logan Designs. And let me tell you, Hudson, this young lady is no babe in the woods. She understands the nature of business.

Hudson: This is personal.

Massimo: I warned Eric what would happen. He thinks that he can undermine my relationship with Jacqueline. He is interfering with the most important thing in my life, and I'm going to take the most important thing in his.

Massimo: Hudson, all I need is a little information.

Hudson: And you think Oscar can provide it.

Massimo: I told you how excited he is about his job. I mean, he can't wait to tell me all about it. About Eric's new project, his magnificent new line and he goes on and on and on about all the fascinating things that he is learning at Forrester Creations.

Hudson: That's why you asked him to move in with you.

Massimo: Well, he has access to Forrester. I have access to him.

Hudson: But he turned you down.

Massimo: We'll have to change his mind.

Hudson: You have no qualms about what this might do to Bridget? I know how much she means to you, Massimo.

Massimo: Once I have Oscar under my roof I can keep an eye on both of them.

Hudson: But if she found out you and her fiancÚ were involved in her father's downfall --

Massimo: Eric was never a real father to her, Hudson. He was absent most of her life. And even when he was there he was useless. He never protected her. All he did was allow his family to be the object of ridicule and scandal. My God, where was he when Bridget married Deacon Sharpe? Of all people! I never would have allowed that, never!

Hudson: You say you want to protect her.

Massimo: And I will. Once Bridget is a member of this family I will make sure that she is never hurt or humiliated again.


Eric: This is a terrific surprise.

Bridget: Well, I was in the neighborhood.

Eric: If you're looking for your fiancÚ, he went home already.

Bridget: I know, I just sent him off to dinner at Massimo's.

Eric: You just came in to see me?

Bridget: Oscar said you guys had a really productive day.

Eric: You want to know how he's doing, don't you?

Bridget: I'm sure he's doing great. Isn't he?

Eric: He's a very intelligent, motivated young man.

Bridget: He said you weren't really thrilled with some of his ideas.

Eric: I don't expect him to learn the fashion business overnight.

Bridget: I know, he just really wants to prove himself to you, and to Massimo.

Eric: Yeah. He's having dinner over there?

Bridget: Yeah, some family thing.

Eric: I guess Massimo wants Oscar and Ridge to get better acquainted.

Bridget: Well, Nick will be there, too.

Eric: Massimo invited Nick?

Bridget: Yeah, you sound surprised.

Eric: I am. I'm afraid Ridge will be surprised, as well.


Massimo: It's remarkable, isn't it?

Nick: Check this out. Watch.

Massimo: What?

Nick: Look at that. It's weird, her eyes just follow you everywhere.

[ Massimo laughs ]

Jackie: That is my son's worst nightmare. Hello, darling. Oscar, I'm glad you could join us.

Oscar: Well, thanks for having me.

Nick: Yeah, it's been so much fun looking at your new portrait. Can we eat now?

Oscar: Ridge couldn't make it?

Nick: Ridge?

Massimo: He should be here shortly.

Nick: Why is he coming?

Massimo: It's a family dinner.

Nick: Does he know that?

Massimo: I'd like to have my family together.

[ Doorbell rings ] Sweetheart, would you please?

Jackie: Hello, Ridge.

Ridge: Jackie, hey.

Jackie: Good of you to join us.

Ridge: Something smells good. You set me up.

Massimo: I invited you to dinner.

Ridge: Jackie, I'm sorry. I'm sure you prepared a wonderful meal tonight, but I have to go.

Massimo: You're leaving?

Ridge: Yeah. And if you ever want to me to come back here, you're not gonna pull a stunt like this ever again.


Bridget: What's going on?

Eric: Massimo didn't mention Nick when he invited Ridge to dinner.

Bridget: Ridge doesn't know?

Eric: God, I should have known he'd try to pull some stunt like this.

Bridget: I thought it was strange when Oscar said they would both be there.

Eric: Was he sure?

Bridget: That's what Massimo told him.

Eric: Now he's trying to manipulate his children, too.

Bridget: Maybe he's just trying to bring them together.

Eric: No, he's manipulating. He's trying to control his children the way he controls everything else in his life.

Bridget: Dad, come on, he can't make them get along.

Eric: No, but he thinks he can. He thinks he can just wave the Marone banner and all will be forgiven. He can rally the troops. And he'll be the head of a fabulous new family, the magnificent Marones.

Bridge: Isn't that what everyone wants -- family unity? You've always tried to instill that in us.

Eric: Yes, and I hope that's what you and Oscar end up having together. I really do.

Bridget: We will. But dad, you can't forget Oscar's a Marone, too.

Eric: As much as I'd like to.

Bridget: What does that mean?

Eric: No, honey. Oscar's a terrific young guy. He treats you with respect. He honors your ambitions and your career. I just don't want to see him poisoned by Massimo's influence. That's all.

Bridget: Look, I know you guys have never really seen eye to eye, but --

Eric: Honey, he has undermined almost every important relationship in my life. Ridge, Stephanie, Jackie -- and I just don't want the same thing to happen with you.

Bridget: Nothing's going to happen to me or to Oscar.

Eric: I just think the less time Oscar spends with Massimo the better, for both of you.


Massimo: You aren't going anywhere.

Ridge: I didn't agree to this.

Massimo: You agreed to have dinner with me, and that's exactly what you're going to do. We're going to sit around the table and behave like a family.

Ridge: I'm not comfortable with this, Massimo. Jackie, I apologize.

Massimo: Well, get comfortable, because dinner is ready.

Jackie: Ridge, it's just an hour or two. I mean, it would mean so much to your father. Come on.

Massimo: Ah, very good. Please sit down. Sit, sit. My father would be so proud to see our family sitting around a table like this, breaking bread, sharing a meal. It's what he wanted for me, and it's what I want for you -- the pride, the joy of belonging to a strong family, knowing that when you sit at this table, you are at home. It is your birthright. It's your legacy. It's the honor of being a Marone.

Oscar: A la Marones.

Nick: Here, here.


Bridget: Look, dad, I know you've got reason to distrust Massimo.

Eric: More and more every day.

Bridget: But he's not a bad man. And he's certainly not going to take me away from you.

Eric: He's an incredibly possessive person.

Bridget: He loves his family -- maybe a little too much. But you have to remember, this is all new to him. I mean, new family, new marriage.

Eric: So you think I'm overreacting.

Bridget: I think that's what fathers do -- including Massimo. So, he's a little possessive and overprotective. Dad, come on. You of all people should understand that.

Eric: This is not about him being a father! I know what Massimo Marone is all about! Unfortunately, I think I'm the only person who does.

Bridget: He's not going to interfere with my relationship with you or with Oscar.

Eric: Bridget, Bridget, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The things he's done to your mother, the way he treats Jackie, the threats he's made toward me. Massimo Marone is a very dangerous man.

Oscar: This steak's great, Mrs. M.

Jackie: Well, it should be, Oscar.

Massimo: As a matter of fact, I had it flown in from Japan. It's the finest grade of Kobe beef on the market.

Nick: Well, this being the first Marone dinner I figured we'd have pasta.

Massimo: Next time.

Ridge: Next time?

Massimo: Well, I'd like to make this a regular think on our schedules.

Nick: About once a year?

Massimo: Hmm-mm. Twice a month at least. You know, it's time that you boys started to appreciate the value of family. I realize that growing up you didn't have a strong fatherly influence. Well, I intend to provide you that.

Nick: Are you gonna take us all to a baseball game?

Massimo: I'm gonna do everything in my power to see that this family is united.

Ridge: You say that like we already are.

Massimo: Could be, if you'd listen to me. You don't have to agree with all the things that I say, but you will respect them.

Nick: Well, it sounds like your word is law.

Massimo: Dominick, I don't give advice to hear myself talk, believe me. Mm. For instance, your boat.

Nick: Please, don't try to give me advice about the "Shady Marlin."

Massimo: You cannot raise a child on the docks, all right? You have to have the child in a safe environment. Listen to me. I hope you understand I'm not playing favorites here, okay? But there are certain realities that we have to face. Brooke is having a baby with Dominick. You have to accept that, son. And maybe the best way is to take yourself out of the situation all together.

Ridge: Oh, please, just stop it.

Jackie: Massimo, please.

Ridge: That's your great advice, huh? Your great solution to this -- just walk away? Forget about all the years Brooke and I waited to be together? Forget about how much we love each other, huh?

Massimo: Ridge, if you truly love her then respect her wishes. I believe that Brooke has left town to protect this family, to give you and Dominick enough time to repair your relationship.

Ridge: That's not gonna happen.

Massimo: It can, and it will. You are my sons, my blood, my family. And I'm not gonna let anything tear it apart. If you don't trust each other, fine. Then trust me. Because I know what is best for my family. And I will not allow it to be threatened from outside or within. God, there is nothing that I value more than your security, your happiness. You are a Marone before all else, before love, before business. You're family.

Ridge: I respect your feelings. And I appreciate how you feel about family -- because I had one of my own, a wife, children, one on the way -- until this punk ripped it out from under me. My newfound trusted friend stabbed me in the back the first chance he could. Now you ask me to forgive, move on? Like hell. Brooke and hope have been devastated by this. My own children thought they had a mom for the first time since theirs died. Now all that's been taken away because of this morally depraved jerk. So don't you ever lecture me about family! Especially not with him sitting right here at the table.

Nick: I thought you were trying to get past this.

Ridge: Well, you thought wrong. I will never get past this. And I will never consider him my brother. So don't you ever ask me to do that again, Massimo because it's not going to happen. You understand me? It will never happen.

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