B&B Transcript Monday 1/12/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/12/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Bridget: Ridge?

Ridge: Hey.

Bridget: Hi. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Ridge: Sorry, I'm just kind of in my own little world here.

Bridget: I just wanted to see how you were doing. It can't be easy being here.

Ridge: Oh, Brooke would have wanted me to keep the business going, you know. All the rest of our plans seem to fall apart -- our family, our marriage. This business is really all that's left.

Bridget: You'll be working together when she gets back?

Ridge: That's up to her.

Bridget: Do you think you could?

Ridge: See her every day, knowing we can't be together? Watching my brother's baby grow inside of her? I don't know.

Bridget: You still love her?

Ridge: More than you can possibly imagine.

Bridget: You know, Ridge, she didn't leave to hurt you.

Ridge: Yeah, she was trying to help me, right?

Bridget: No, she -- she doesn't want to come between you and the family. And she can't live her life in shame anymore.

Ridge: I'm really getting tired of being obsessed with the fact that that child should have been mine.

Bridget: Mom wants you to move forward. That's actually why I'm here.

Ridge: Is she back?

Bridget: No.

Ridge: Did you talk to her?

Bridget: Um -- we've been e-mailing. She didn't tell me where she is.

Ridge: She and Hope okay?

Bridget: They're fine.

Ridge: When is she coming back?

Bridget: Mom's not ready yet. And from the sound of it, neither are you.


Eric: She never should have married him!

Thorne: Jackie made her decision.

Eric: I tried to talk her out of it. I tried, Thorne. The night that Massimo announced their engagement, I got her alone in the car. And then again, the day of their wedding. And she -- she responded to me, Thorne. She responded.

Thorne: She still married him.

Eric: Yeah, well, he's not gonna make her happy. She's a -- she's a free spirit. She values her independence, and he doesn't -- he doesn't understand that. He wants to control her -- to control her like he controls everything else in his life.

Thorne: And you're talking about her like she's a damsel in distress.

Eric: Well, that's exactly what she is. She doesn't realize the kind of man she married. She -- she married this fantasy of hers, and I -- I know Massimo Marone. Ruthless megalomaniac.

Thorne: In business.

Eric: Everything is business to him. He revels in his power and his possessions. That's all Jackie is to him -- another one of his possessions.


Jackie: Massimo, what are you doing?

Massimo: I'm trying to kiss and make up.

Jackie: Ah, so that's the brilliant strategy that you and Hudson were working on all morning, hmm?

Massimo: Well, I thought maybe you need a little time to cool down.

Jackie: So the two of you hid out in your study?

Massimo: Perhaps we planned a little surprise for you.

Jackie: I think we've had enough surprises for one day.

Massimo: I agree.

Jackie: Is that an apology?

Massimo: You want one?

Jackie: After the way you treated me earlier, I think I deserve one.

Massimo: Now?

Jackie: For your sake, the sooner the better.

Massimo: We're ready.

Jackie: What's going on?

Massimo: Well, why should I tell you how much I appreciate you when I can show you?


Bridget: I can't imagine how painful this must be for you.

Ridge: Well, I wouldn't want you to imagine something like that, anyway.

Bridget: I don't want this for you, Ridge. I mean, you and mom were finally happy, everything was starting to fall into place.

Ridge: That's funny. That's exactly what we want for you.

Bridget: Thank you.

Ridge: How are things going with Oscar?

Bridget: I don't -- I mean, this isn't really a good time to get into all this.

Ridge: Oh, come on. I mean, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't interested. You can tell me.

Bridget: We're good.

Ridge: "We're good. We're good." That sounds like a little bit of the excitement of being engaged has worn off here.

Bridget: No, no, not at all. No, God. Every time I look at this ring -- see?

[ Bridget giggles ]

Ridge: Real deal, huh?

Bridget: Yeah, he is.

Ridge: He better be. He's engaged to the boss' daughter.

Bridget: Hmm, yeah. He's really excited about working with dad. Not that he wasn't excited about working with you.

Ridge: It's okay. He's an ambitious guy. He'll do well at Forrester.

Bridget: Actually, you know, he really wants to get to know you, too.

Ridge: Well, bring him by the house. It's not like I'm gonna be going to any Marone shindigs in the near future.

Bridget: I guess that's kinda the only thing that concerns me.

Ridge: What?

Bridget: Well, you know, he's a Marone. And I'm a Forrester.

Ridge: So?

Bridget: So, there's a lot of tension between the two families. And I see what that pressure did to you and mom.

Ridge: How does Oscar feel about all of that?

Bridget: He's fine. And I'm trying to be. You know, I just keep telling myself the engagement is going to bring everyone together.

Ridge: Yeah, well, I don't really think that's going to happen. It's a nice thought, though. Keep that. Hold onto that. And hold onto Oscar. Keep going the way you're going, you know? Taking it slow. I really respect that. And I think, in the end, if you do that, you're going to get everything you ever wanted.


Eric: He's gonna smother her, Thorne. He's gonna lock her up in that house like she's some precious jewel.

Thorne: And you want to rescue her from his vulgar clutches, huh?

Eric: You would want to, too, if you'd seen the way he was treating her. The way he's talking to her, he's stomping around the house. Talking to her like she's some insolent child.

Thorne: Jackie's a tough lady. She can handle him.

Eric: Yeah, that remains to be seen. I don't think she knows what kind of a man he really is, the way he manipulates people, the way he tries to --

[ Knock on door ] Yeah, come in.

Oscar: Eric, you wanted to see me?

Eric: Yes, yes.

Thorne: Yeah, Oscar, dad and I were just going over the budget for the new line. Here.

Oscar: Great. I wanted to talk to you about that.

Thorne: Well, as you can see here, we're looking at some pretty big numbers.

Oscar: Okay, so how much of that is dedicated to marketing and promotion?

Eric: You'll get what you need.

Thorne: Promotion won't be a problem. The first designs are already starting a buzz.

Oscar: They should be. They're incredible.

Yes, they are. And Brooke was wrong for pulling them. But she was right about one thing -- when this line is finished, it will be the most expensive we've ever produced.

Eric: This is showcase for me, Oscar. It's my chance to show the world that Eric Forrester is back, better than ever.

Thorne: And you've got the guts to put it on the line. No pun intended.

Oscar: Actually, that's pretty good. We could use it in the campaign.

Eric: No, this collection cannot be seen as any kind of a risk.

Thorne: Even though financially it could be.

Eric: A bold move now will be seen as a sign of strength, and we're flexing our muscle. Oscar, Forrester Creations is more than a design house. This is an international fashion empire. We have offices on two continents. Annual sales in eight figures. Our name is respected all over the world. We do business with -- with diplomats and royalty. I have as much influence and clout as Massimo Marone.


Massimo: Okay, here, Hudson. Why don't you just place it here? Very good.

Jackie: What's this?

Massimo: Jacqueline, darling, you hold a place of importance in my life. Now, I want you to have a place of honor in our house.

Jackie: It's a portrait.

Hudson: Mister Marone commissioned it before the wedding.

Jackie: Oh, darling, it's lovely.

Massimo: It's almost a beautiful as you are.

Jackie: Oh, look, there's a nameplate. Mrs. -- Massimo Marone.

Massimo: The one and only.

Hudson: Do you know where you'd like to hang it?

Massimo: How about over the mantle?

Hudson: Excellent.

Jackie: Darling, no, Massimo, I don't want my face lording it over the living room. I mean, don't you think that's a little bit ostentatious?

Massimo: Well, yes, but so what? Look, I mean, it captures you. Your pristine beauty. Sophistication, grace. It's everything that I wanna pamper and protect.

Jackie: I'm not a porcelain doll.

Massimo: You don't like it?

Jackie: No, I absolutely adore it. It's just that -- "I'm sorry" would have done just as nicely.

Massimo: Jacqueline. This is in no way an apology. It is a tribute to the woman that I love.

Jackie: Oh, darling, I love you, too. With all my heart. You never have to doubt that. And you don't have to protect me, especially from Eric. He's not a threat to you, Massimo.

Massimo: And he never will be.

Jackie: Then we can put this behind us?

Massimo: I'd like nothing better.

Jackie: You know what I'd like?

Massimo: Beside the portrait?

[ Jackie laughs ]

Jackie: Oh, I'd just love a few hours of your undivided attention. Why don't we go out for lunch, hmm?

Massimo: Oh, Jacqueline, you always get me at the wrong moment. I have a very important meeting today. Hudson, will you please call for the car?

Hudson: Certainly.

Massimo: And grab your coat, because we have some things to discuss on the drive.

Jackie: You're leaving now?

Massimo: Jacqueline. I'd rather not, believe me. But it's an important meeting. I can't miss it. I'll be home for dinner.

Jackie: Okay.


Thorne: Nobody's doubting your clout, dad.

Oscar: No, sir. You've definitely got it.

Eric: We can't be afraid to use it. I'm gonna put all our resources behind this collection.

Thorne: We'll do whatever it takes.

Oscar: Right, total media saturation. TV, radio, every major magazine.

Eric: No. The majority of the public won't be able to afford anything from this collection. I was thinking more V.I.P. invitations to selected clientele.

Oscar: Okay, okay. So definitely no ads.

Eric: Well, some. In the trade publications and high-end magazines, but nothing ostentatious. Pushing a line like this requires a subtle approach.

Oscar: Subtle.

Thorne: Yes. Understatement is everything.

Oscar: Even with the fashion shows, right? They could be --

Eric: No. That's where we hit the lights. That's where we pull out all the stops. We're gonna show Hollywood the biggest comeback the fashion world has ever seen.


Hudson: So, you are still determined to bring down Eric Forrester?

Massimo: More than ever.

Hudson: Mrs. Marone doesn't seem to think he's a threat.

Massimo: Mrs. Marone underestimates her so-called "friend."

Hudson: I've been researching his company, and I'm afraid I don't have any information. The fashion industry is incredibly secretive.

Massimo: What industry isn't?

Hudson: There is nothing coming out of Forrester Creations.

Massimo: Well, then we'll just have to find a way to get in, won't we, Hudson? Because, one way or another, Eric Forrester's gonna lose his most valuable possession -- before he tries to steal mine.


Bridget: Guess who?

Oscar: Mm. Hey, gorgeous.

Bridget: Hey. Megan told me you were in here. So you better be careful. People might start to talk. Oscar Marone is making himself awfully comfortable in Eric Forrester's office.


[ Phone rings ]

Jackie: Hello?

Eric: Jackie, hi. It's Eric.

Jackie: Eric. I'm glad you called. I wanted to apologize to you for the way that Massimo treated you earlier.

Eric: No. Actually, I'm the one who needs to be apologizing for suggesting that you give up your work with Forrester. I was completely out of line.

Jackie: Well, no, actually, I don't think you were. I don't think that it is a good idea for us to be working together.

Eric: Jackie, you're Fenmore's west coast buyer. I mean, if you won't carry our line.

Jackie: I think that Lauren will be able to find a replacement for me.

Eric: But Jackie, this is your career. You can't let anyone interfere with that.

Jackie: Eric, he's my husband.

Eric: Well, that doesn't give him the right to dictate whom you can see and what kind of work you can do. I'm sorry. I don't think -- you're in a difficult position, I understand. He's a very possessive man.

Jackie: Eric, you know what? Um, I have to go. I'm glad you called and I could apologize, but I have to go now.

Eric: You don't have to make a decision right now. We can see each other, we can talk about it.

Jackie: No. I don't think so.

Eric: Jackie, I'm worried about you.

Jackie: That's really nice of you, but you don't need to be. I am fine.

Eric: Jackie, if you'll just listen --

Jackie: Bye, Eric.


Oscar: I'm gonna tell you, your dad has got a sixth sense about this stuff.

Bridget: Fashion is his life.

Oscar: Yeah, well, if I'm lucky, it's gonna be mine, too.

Bridget: Yeah? How's it goin'?

Oscar: I pitched a couple of ideas for the new collection.

Bridget: Mm? Didn't knock him out?

Oscar: Nah. I'll do better next time.

Bridget: You got the best guide in the biz.

Oscar: Your father. I know, he's amazing. Yeah, he's putting 110% into this whole collection, everything he's got. And he says his reputation depends on its success, and he trusts me with the promotion of it.

Bridget: But no pressure.

Oscar: Exactly.

[ Bridget laughs ] Right on. You know, I'm excited. Yeah, I'm really excited. I think I can bring something to this company.

[ Buzzer ] What's that? Phone. Should I get that?

Bridget: Yeah, the operator put it though. Go ahead.

Oscar: Eric Forrester's office.

Massimo: Oscar, it's Massimo.

Oscar: Hey, Mass.

Massimo: You're in Eric Forrester's office. I hope I'm not interrupting you.

Oscar: No, no. It's okay. Eric and Thorne just left.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Well, I was hoping that you could join my sons and I for dinner.

Oscar: You and the boys. Uh, yeah. Uh, dinner, that's, uh, very flattering.

Massimo: You are a member of the family now.

Oscar: Right, yeah. So it's okay if I just, you know, come right from the office?

Massimo: Absolutely. So how are things going on over there?

Oscar: Ah, it's great. It's great. It's exciting, you know. Eric's got me workin' on this comeback collection.

Massimo: Sounds great.

Oscar: Yeah, it's the beginning of the most extravagant line they ever produced.

Massimo: Well, I'm sure you'll be more than helpful.

Oscar: I hope so. I wanna prove myself.

Massimo: You will, my boy. You will.

Oscar: Okay. So we'll see you then. Massimo invited me to dinner.


Bridget: With Nick and Ridge, I heard.

Oscar: Is that okay?

Bridget: Yeah.

Oscar: Are you sure? 'Cause you seem a little like you're maybe not --

Bridget: I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry.

Oscar: What? Just -- what?

Bridget: Okay, it's just that there's still a lot of tension between Nick and Ridge. And if you get dragged into that -- you know?

Oscar: It's not gonna happen.

Bridget: I just don't want our family's problems affecting us.

Oscar: Okay. All right.

Bridget: Okay?

Oscar: I promise you that will not happen. What'd I tell you? Nothing will come between us, all right?


Hudson: Oscar was in Eric's office?

Massimo: He may just be the secret weapon that I've been looking for, Hudson.

Hudson: You're sure you'd want to use him that way?.

Massimo: I'm gonna take Eric Forrester down any way that I can.

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