B&B Transcript Friday 1/9/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/9/04

By Boo
Proofread by Becky

[ Doorbell rings ]

Ridge: Brooke?

Stephanie: This is a great day for ducks, I'll tell you that.

Ridge: What are you doing here on a day like this?

Stephanie: Why, I came to bring a little sunshine into my grumpy son's life.

Ridge: So, in other words, you're checking up on me, huh?

Stephanie: Of course I am. That's my job. How are you?

Ridge: I'd be lying if I said I was fine. I just can't help thinking about Brooke and the baby that was supposed to be mine.

Stephanie: Has she called?

Ridge: Not since she left town. I keep finding things around here that belong to her.

Stephanie: That's why I made a decision today.

Ridge: Decision?

Stephanie: I thought, why should we both be miserable separately, when we could be miserable together?

[ Doorbell rings ] There they are.

Ridge: They?

Henry: Where would you like your bags, Mrs. Forrester?

Ridge: Oh, no.

Stephanie: Oh, yes. I'm moving in.


Oscar: Go, go, go, go, go! Come on! Go, go, go! Quick!

Bridget: Before you get soaked. Oh. Wow. Hey, thanks for letting me borrow your coat.

Oscar: No problem.

Bridget: I'm so sorry.

Oscar: No, no.

Bridget: I'm sorry.

Oscar: Really, it's okay. I could have stayed inside all day in a nice, warm, cozy office. But, you know, I let you convince me into going on a little picnic.

Bridget: Wait, wait, hold on a second, okay? It did not say anything about rain. See, right here, in the paper -- "brilliant sunshine, not a cloud in the sky."

Oscar: Uh, yeah, Bridget?

Bridget: Yeah?

Oscar: This is yesterday's paper.

Bridget: Oh.

Oscar: "Oh?"

Bridget: Oh.

Oscar: I'll give you "oh."

[ Bridget screaming ]

Bridget: No! Stop! You're getting me all wet!

[ Bridget laughs ] Stop.

Oscar: Serves you right.

Bridget: Okay, all right, I admit it. I blew it. But the afternoon doesn't have to be a total washout.

Oscar: Really? What do you have in mind?

Bridget: Well, you can start by taking off your clothes.


Jackie: Of course we're friends. I mean that's how we started off. That's how we'll end up.

Eric: Well, I have to admit, that's not the answer that I was hoping for. I mean, when you and I were sharing the beach house, I was going through a very difficult time, and you helped me so much.

Jackie: Yeah. It was nice, wasn't it? Do you remember that morning when we were out on the deck, and we had coffee? And we just -- we were watching that beautiful sunrise.

Eric: I was watching you. What can I say? When a man is around an extraordinary woman like you --

Jackie: What are you saying? That you can't control yourself?

Eric: No, I can. And I will. Because I respect you and although I don't agree with your decision to marry Massimo, I will abide by it.

Jackie: You're a true gentleman, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: Mm. Unfortunately, your husband doesn't think so.

Jackie: Oh, he just has strong opinions that's all.

Eric: Never stronger than when he's talking about his wife. Look, Jackie, I -- I don't want to do anything to make you uncomfortable.

[ Jackie scoffs ]

Jackie: You don't think that it's going to be uncomfortable for me? Having to go to Lauren Fenmore and tell her that I've been asked to remove myself from the Forrester account?

Eric: Jackie, I did that for your own good. Look, you and I both know that if Massimo is jealous now, it's only going to get worse every time we see each other. And if you want to hold onto this marriage -- you do want to hold onto this marriage, don't you?

Jackie: Why would you even ask such a thing?

Eric: I'm wondering if it's everything you hoped it would be. Is it? Are you as happy in this marriage as you thought you would be?

Massimo: Go ahead, darling. Answer the man.


Stephanie: Henry, put the bags right there, please. Ridge will help me get them settled later.

Ridge: No, ridge won't.

Announcer: The role of

Thomas Forrester is now

being played by

Drew Tyler Bell.

Stephanie: Henry -- bye. Thank you.

Ridge: I'm not going to agree to this.

Stephanie: Why not?

Ridge: Because I'm a grown man, and I don't need my mother in the house taking care of me.

Thomas: Wanna bet?

Ridge: Hey, no one asked you.

Stephanie: Excuse me. If Thomas has an opinion, I for one would like to hear it.

Ridge: All right, mister man, you think good and hard about that car you want when you're old enough to drive. You just think about that, okay?

Thomas: Hey, no fair, dad. I'm trying to help you.

Stephanie: Listen. I can buy you a car, too.

Ridge: Don't do me any favors.

Thomas: Come on. Admit it. This place is falling apart without Brooke here. You're falling apart.

Ridge: Hey, I get up in the morning, all right? At night I have dinner with you and your sisters. I help you with your homework.

Thomas: But you don't laugh anymore. You don't even smile. It's like he walked right out of "night of the living dead." I mean, last time he was like this --

Stephanie: Was when your mother died.

Thomas: I don't want to lose another parent.

Ridge: Thomas, you're not gonna lose me. I just need a little time to, you know, get myself together.

Thomas: Well, if anyone can whip you into shape, Grandma can.

Ridge: She doesn't need to do it from the next room.

Stephanie: I am not backing down on this.

Ridge: Well, neither am I.

Stephanie: Fine. I tell you what. We'll take a vote.

Ridge: You already know my answer.

Stephanie: Yes, I do. And you know mine. Here's the tie-breaker. What do you say?


[ Door slams ]

Massimo: What are you waiting for, Jacqueline? Why don't you tell Eric how miserable you are. How you are suffering here.

Jackie: Massimo, please, please --

Massimo: Oh, it must be very difficult to be attended to 24 hours a day, your every need tended to, enjoying the best food in the world, the best wines in the world, to have a husband who completely and totally adores you.

Jackie: I'm quite happy, Eric.

Eric: You have the wrong idea here, Massimo. I came here to say good-bye to her.

Massimo: What a pitiful liar you are.

Jackie: No, he's telling the truth.

Massimo: A liar! And a coward. Chasing after a married woman, you don't deserve to set foot in my home, my sanctuary for my wife, my guests -- one of which you'll never be again after this disgusting display! Now, get out!

Eric: Is this what you want? Is this what you want in a husband? My god, Jackie. His house, his sanctuary, his wife? He's treating you like you're a piece of property.

Massimo: And how would you treat her, hmm? You, who lusts after her like a lovesick dog!

Eric: You have no interest in hearing the truth, do you?

Massimo: Are you denying that you're attracted to her?

Eric: I'm sorry, Jackie, if I have caused you any grief. For I see no reason to continue this conversation.

Massimo: Answer me, damnit! Are you or aren't you attracted to her?!

Eric: I think she's the most stunning I woman I've ever seen in our life. But I'm no threat to your marriage.

Massimo: So you say. I warned you once, Eric. That's one more warning than I give most people, and you chose to ignore it. Your loss. And it will be a major one. Get out!

Massimo: Did you mean what you said before? Are you "quite happy"?


Oscar: You know, when you told me to take off all my clothes, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Bridget: Well, you were soaking wet, honey. I don't want you catching a cold. You're starting a very important work assignment. Have a seat.

Oscar: Okay. What's this?

Bridget: Well, I promised you a picnic, didn't I? Besides, I don't want all this good food going to waste. Look what I have here. Oh, god.

[ Both laugh ] Oh, no.

Oscar: Ladies and gentlemen, it's a watercress sandwich.

Bridget: Ba-dum-bum. You are so funny.

Oscar: Hey, look at this, though.

Bridget: Ew.

Oscar: We're not gonna let this go to waste, huh?

Bridget: You know what? Forget that. How about I make us some hot chocolate and you start a fire?

Oscar: Warm things up a little bit.

Bridget: You like that idea?

Oscar: Yeah, yeah. That's -- that's -- that's a good idea, but --

Bridget: What? You have something else in mind?

Oscar: I just might have, you know, an idea or two.

Bridget: Oh, really?

Oscar: Or -- three. Or four.

Bridget: Mm-hmm. Oh, Ozzy.

Oscar: Hmm?

[ Bridget sighs ]

Bridget: If things get any warmer, they might just boil over.

Oscar: Would that be so bad?

Bridget: Okay, remember -- remember when we had that -- that conversation about waiting?

Oscar: No. No, I don't remember that.

Bridget: No? No, it was something about it being that much more special when we're married. You don't remember that?

Oscar: Oh, that conversation, yeah.

Bridget: Oh. Uh-huh.

Oscar: You're -- you're right.

Bridget: So, we're not gonna let it go too far?

Oscar: No, absolutely not. I've got everything under control.


Jackie: Honestly, Massimo, do you have to be so dramatic?

Massimo: Dramatic?

Jackie: Yes, I mean, coming in here, huffing and puffing with your wild suspicions.

Massimo: I know what I saw, Jacqueline.

Jackie: Eric is just a friend.

Massimo: Not anymore.

Jackie: Oh. So now you're dictating to me who I can and cannot be friends with.

Massimo: If it affects our happiness.

Jackie: "Affects"? It's only affecting it because you're letting it.

Massimo: You've got enough friends, anyway. Your life is full enough as it is -- between our marriage the responsibilities to our family. By the way, have you ever contacted the charities that we discussed that I thought it would be smart for you to be a part of?

Jackie: No, I haven't. You know how busy my work keeps me.

Massimo: You know that's something else that we should discuss.

Jackie: What? Fenmore's?

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Jacqueline, you don't have to work.

Jackie: But I love what I do, Massimo. I mean, it's part of who I am.

Massimo: Who you were.

Jackie: I refuse to be locked away from the world because of your insane jealously, Massimo.

Massimo: You know, I spent a large part of my life looking over my shoulder at people who coveted what I have. I have no intention of losing the one thing I treasure most, especially to a fool like Eric Forrester. He thinks he can come in here and walk all over me?

Jackie: I wish -- I really wish I could make you feel secure and that you would believe me when I tell you I am exactly where I want to be. But, you know, I'm not gonna spend my time defending myself and telling you over and over again. And I'm certainly not gonna quit my job.

[ Massimo sighs ]

Massimo: Jacqueline --

Jackie: No, it's not open for negotiation, Massimo. Do you understand?

Massimo: I understand perfectly.


Thomas: That's a lot of responsibility you're putting on a kid's shoulders, you know.

Stephanie: Because you can handle it.

Thomas: I'm glad you realize that, grandma. So, when it's 10:00, and I'm still watching TV, you're not going to complain to dad about it, right?

Stephanie: That is strictly between the two of you.

Thomas: And no grief about what I wear to school?

Stephanie: As long as it's not Goth, I can get behind it.

Thomas: Good answer.

Ridge: Oh, it's not like you're pandering to him now or anything, huh?

Thomas: What about when I crank up the music?

Stephanie: Oh, I love loud music. Do I get your vote?

Ridge: Only if you promise to make dad happy again. That one's a deal breaker.

Stephanie: That's my number one priority.

Thomas: Then aye it is.

Stephanie: Oh, wonderful. Ah, it's nice to be home.

Ridge: You're gonna owe me big time on this, you know that, don't you?

Stephanie: He's gonna be thanking you next week.

Ridge: Ha! In your dreams.

Thomas: Way to go, grandma. Already gotten him to smile.

Stephanie: Ah, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

[ Thomas chuckles ]

Ridge: Oh, for God's sakes.


Bridget: Mm. There you go. So, thank you for being so patient with me. I know it's not easy.

Oscar: I want you more than anyone I've ever wanted my whole life. But I'm not gonna push you into something you're not ready for.

Bridget: Oh, I'm ready. Believe me. I just want to do this right, you know? I mean, when I married deacon, I rushed into everything, and look where it got us. Ozzy, the last thing I want to do is jeopardize what I have with you.

Oscar: I'm not going anywhere.

Bridget: I've heard that before.

Oscar: Yeah, well, you haven't heard it from this guy. Mm. You know, when my mom died, my father used to tell me, "don't take anything for granted." He said I should wake up every day, every single day, and just thank god for everything I've been given. I never did that. I never had much faith in anything. But you know what? In spite of that -- looks like god really looked out for me this time.

Oscar: We're gonna have plenty of time for beautiful days and picnics and making love. 'Cause I'm in this for the long haul.

[ Bridget sighs ]

Bridget: I guess I just have to learn to have faith, huh?

Oscar: I think we both do. 'Cause that's -- that's what this whole marriage is going to be about. It's about us having faith -- faith in each other, faith in the fact that I'm in this for you, you're in this for me. And no matter what happens, the world can just come crumbing down, it won't matter. Because nothing can come between us.


Massimo: War. That's what this is, Hudson. War.

Hudson: You're going to bring down Eric Forrester?

Massimo: Eric Forrester is going to be sorry that he even crossed paths with me.

Hudson: But young Oscar, and his sweet fiancée. Have you thought of what this will do to them.

Massimo: Bridget will be a Marone soon. She'll be one of us. She will understand why and won't that be a day to celebrate?

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