B&B Transcript Thursday 1/8/04

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/8/04

by Boo
Proofread by Becky

(sorry, I missed the first few minutes)

Thorne: Yeah, sounds great.

Oscar: All right.

Thorne: Oh, and Ozzy, I'm getting the feeling that dad made the right decision.


Megan: Here's your list of appointments for the rest of the day.

Eric: Thanks, Megan.

Megan: It's mostly buyers, including --

Eric: Jackie Payne, Fenmore's.


Hudson: Excuse me, madam.

Jackie: Yes, Hudson?

Hudson: It's about your plans for this evening.

Jackie: Oh, Mr. Marone and I, we're going to go out. He made a reservation at Spago.

Hudson: Actually, I've canceled it. As per your husband's instructions, he's decided to have dinner here instead.

Jackie: Mr. Marone decided this?

Hudson: Yes. Is there a problem?

Jackie: No, no. It's just sometimes I think of my husband had his way, I'd never leave the house. Well, at least I have a business meeting this afternoon. Massimo won't keep me from that.


Massimo: Jackie's son, as you so quaintly put it, Ridge, is your brother. We're family, Ridge. And when one of us hurts, we all hurt. And listen, just for the record -- despite my problems with Brooke, I did not want this for her, anymore than I wanted it for you or for Dominic. I'm sure, after everything that's happened, you're not going to stay on at Logan Designs, hmm?

Ridge: Actually, that's not really true. After everything, I'm more determined than ever to make that company a massive success. See, I kind of like to keep my hand in the fashion business, it's a bit of passion for me.

Massimo: Well, I mean, let's make sure that that happens. In the meantime --

Ridge: In the meantime -- I'll go on loving Brooke, more than ever -- if that's even possible.

Massimo: So -- have you spoken to Eric since you got back?

Ridge: No. Why?

Massimo: Well, he and I had a bit of run-in yesterday at Cafe Russe. It seems that he can't keep his hands of my Jacqueline, or should I say his lips.


[ Doorbell rings ]

Jackie: I'll get it, Hudson. Eric.

Eric: Hello, Jackie.

Jackie: Did I get it wrong? Weren't we supposed to be meeting at your office?

Eric: There isn't going to be a meeting.

Jackie: Oh, you're postponing?

Eric: No, I'm canceling. Indefinitely. At least until they can find a replacement for you.

Jackie: My replacement?

Eric: I think it would best for all concerned if another buyer from Fenmore's handled the Forrester account.


Oscar: Hey, I got your message. What's the emergency?

Bridget: Emergency?

Oscar: Your note. It sounded like something was -- you all right?

Bridget: Don't I look all right?

Oscar: Yeah, you look as beautiful as always, but -- listen -- if this isn't important, I really gotta get back to the office. I promised Thorne --

Bridget: Well, I didn't say it wasn't important.

Oscar: Okay. Then, what is it?

Bridget: You and I are going on a picnic.

Oscar: Excuse me?

Bridget: I made all your favorites, including that pasta salad you like so much.

Oscar: Bridget, whoa, whoa. This is great and everything, but I really can't do this right now.

Bridget: Of course you can. And you will. Or the engagement's off. Guess what, y'all. I'm a big loser.


Massimo: When I saw Eric kissing Jacqueline's hand --

Ridge: Your imagination had to be going wild at that point.

Massimo: I didn't imagine the man's feelings for my wife, Ridge. He's right up front with it. I don't want the damn fool anywhere near my wife.

Ridge: Well, okay, hold on, hold on. You're blowing this all out of proportion now. Look, I know my dad. I know Eric. I know he respects the sanctity of marriage, all right? So just trust me, you got nothing to worry about here.

Massimo: I hope you're right. But if you're not -- god help the man who tries to take from me what is rightfully mine.


Jackie: You can't be serious.

Eric: Jackie, as I said, I think it's best for all concerned.

Jackie: Dumping me as Fenmore's buyer for Forrester creations.

Eric: No, no, you're taking this the wrong way.

Jackie: Oh, really? And how exactly should I be taking it? I mean, obviously, you'd prefer to work with someone else.

Eric: That's not true. Jackie, I value our -- our association more than you know.

Jackie: Then what is this about, Eric, tell me, what? Oh, no. No, no, no -- don't tell this has got something to do with Massimo. Oh, Eric, what has my husband done? And why are you going along with it?


Oscar: Okay. You want to call off the engagement, all right. But don't you think maybe that's a little extreme, for me not wanting to go on a picnic?

Bridget: Maybe a little bit. I had to say something to keep you from racing off and spoiling my surprise, especially when this is what we need right now.

Oscar: A picnic?

Bridget: Time alone together. I want to celebrate all the good things happening to you.

Oscar: Yeah, what about my boss?

Bridget: Your boss is my father. If he gives you any trouble, just --

Oscar: Actually, he's given me a lot more than that.

Bridget: Oh, no. Oh, god, don't tell me --

Oscar: Yeah, I mean, you know, how could I tell he would be so bent out of shape because I told him his new designs just didn't cut it.

Bridget: You what?

Oscar: Well, he asked my opinion. I gave it to him. Hey! Gotcha.

Bridget: Oh, you -- you -- I hate you. And here I am thinking you guys got off on the wrong foot.

Oscar: Not only did we not get off on the wrong foot, but you, my beautiful fiancée, are standing there looking at the man who's in charge of your father's latest campaign.

Bridget: Are you serious? Your first campaign?

Ozzy:  Yes, yes, yes.

Bridget: Ozzy, this is -- for my dad? So soon?

Oscar: I know, I know. That's my thoughts exactly, which is why --

Bridget: You gotta go, you gotta go. No, I totally understand. You don't want the boss thinking you're taking advantage. Go.

Oscar: Right. You know what? It's just that most of the calls I have to make are to Asia anyway. And with the time difference and everything, it probably would better if I just called later -- plus, you went to so much trouble and worked to make this picnic happen -- at least I can do is show my appreciation. Over -- and over -- and over again.


[ Phone rings ]

Massimo: Marone.

[ Hudson whispering ]

Hudson: I know you said to call your emergency line, unless --

Massimo: Hudson, what's happened?

Hudson: Well, Eric Forrester is here with Jackie. Massimo, what are you going to do?


Oscar: So, I promised your dad and Thorne that I would work like crazy for Forrester. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I don't want anyone thinking I'm getting a free ride just 'cause I'm married to the boss' daughter, you know?

Bridget: Well, hey, we're not married yet.

Oscar: If it were up to me we would be.

Bridget: You that anxious?

Oscar: Well, the way I figure it, we've already got a lock on happily ever after. I just want to make it official.

Bridget: In time.

Oscar: You know what, the thing is, I've got this incredible streak of good fortune going on. I don't want it to stop. And the most amazing thing of all of it, is that I got this smart, beautiful, incredible woman --

Bridget: Ozzy, stop.

Oscar: What do you mean, stop? Hmm? How can I? After everything you've done for me, you turned my whole life around. I mean, it sounds a little crazy, 'cause I've always been a pretty confident person, but this job and everything, it's all new to me. So, between you and me I'm a little scared. But when I was in that meeting today, the way I could get Thorne and your father to believe in me, because I wasn't in that meeting alone. You were there with me. I mean, obviously, you weren't there with me, but you were here. You know? And I just told 'em, I told 'em everything I could do for Forrester. I wouldn't have been able to do that before you. And then, last night -- right, last night with Massimo. He's offering me the ring and place in his family. It wouldn't have happened without you.

Bridget: Ozzy, you're giving me too much credit.

Oscar: Hm-mmm. Hm-mmm. I'm not giving you enough. I sit here a new man today, because you. You know, I used to think I know exactly who I was. I didn't. Not at all. I do now. Yeah. And I know where I belong. So, what I want more than anything -- more than anything in this world -- is to make you proud.

Bridget: I already am. I am so, so proud of you. I'm so proud of you. I love you.


Eric: Jackie, do you honestly think I would allow Massimo to manipulate me that way?

Jackie: No. But he can be -- intimidating. Especially when --

Eric: Well, trust me, I'm not intimidated by your husband.

Jackie: He saw us, you know, at that Cafe Russe.

Eric: Yeah, he saw me kissing your hand, you mean.

Jackie: He was really upset.

Eric: He had a few choice words for me.

Jackie: Oh, I'm sorry.

Eric: You have nothing to apologize for.

Jackie: No, my husband had no right to go off on you.

Eric: He doesn't want me spending time with his wife.

Jackie: It was just a chance encounter in a public place.

Eric: I know, but he sees it differently.

Jackie: He thinks you're carrying a torch for me.

Eric: Is that what you think?

Jackie: My husband has no reason to be jealous.

Eric: But as long as he thinks he does --

Jackie: You think it best to steer clear of each other professionally, as well as personally.

Eric: It's not what I want, Jackie.

Jackie: You're doing it for me?

Eric: If our seeing each other causes problems for you --

Jackie: You know, the only problem, the only problem is my husband's need to control everything. This is my job we're talking about. It has taken me so long to get here. And here he is just interfering in my career, in my friendships. It's --

Eric: Jackie -- do you think it's possible for you and me to be just friends?

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