B&B Transcript Monday 12/29/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 12/29/03

By Boo

Phil: The one thing you gotta do

Brooke: I heard you arguing when I was out in the hall. It's got to stop. This family is in a crisis. I have to do something.

Ridge: This is not your fault, brooke.

Brooke: Ridge, this child I'm carrying is consuming all of us. It's all we've been able to think about.

Nick: You can't change that.

Brooke: Yes, I can.

Dr. Brauer: Oh, cynthia, would you bring that back to radiology for me?

Cynthia: Yes, doctor.

Dr. Brauer: Thank you.

Bridget: Dr. Brauer?

Dr. Brauer: Uh-huh?

Bridget: Do you have a minute?

Dr. Brauer: Of course.

Bridget: Um -- do you know I'm working with deacon sharpe as part of my P.T. Elective?

Dr. Brauer: Yes, and how's that going?

Bridget: Deacon's doing better. I think the last surgery really helped.

Dr. Brauer: I'm sure you're helping him, too.

Bridget: That's what I want to talk to you about. He had sort of a breakthrough today.

Dr. Brauer: He's regaining some sensation?

Bridget: Yeah, ah, I was massaging his leg and he got --aroused.

Dr. Brauer: An increase in circulation in the lower extremities can cause that kind of response.

Bridget: Well, he felt something as well.

Dr. Brauer: That's good.

Bridget: Really? Is it?

Dr. Brauer: Yes, that's an important awareness for a male patient -- knowing he hasn't lost his virility or manhood.

Bridget: Hmm. You know that deacon and I were married, right?

Dr. Brauer: Yes.

Bridget: So, do you think that's a problem?

Dr. Brauer: You're motivating him. He's improving.

Bridget: Yeah, but don't you think that maybe he might be better off with somebody else? You know, somebody who can be a little more objective?

Dr. Brauer: I can reassign you if you're uncomfortable, but I think it's important for you to learn how to emotionally support a patient without getting emotionally involved.

Bridget: So this is a test?

Dr. Brauer: It's an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson.

Bridget: You want me to keep trying.

Dr. Brauer: Deacon is making progress, bridget, and so are you.

Stephanie: Do you think you got through to brooke?

Massimo: Ohh, I can't be sure.

Stephanie: But she did listen to you?

Massimo: She cannot raise dominick's child with ridge. This is simply impossible, stephanie. I mean, look at the detriment to our family. This whole --

Stephanie: Well, what about ridge?

Massimo: Of course. And dominick is not gonna accept adoption, all right? So ridge will be forced to watch his wife raise a child with his brother.

Stephanie: I just can't believe she'll put him in that position.

Massimo: You think she's strong enough to leave him? I mean, if ridge fights this, I'm afraid that she's gonna react the way she always does. She's gonna put her head in the sand, and she's gonna cover all their doubts with sex and romance.

Nick: So, you have a solution to this problem?

Brooke: We need to get away from it. Get some kind of perspective. I need to spend some time with my husband. It's new year's, and we should be celebrating.

Ridge: Yes, we should.

Brooke: Let's go to the cabin.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: Just you and me. Tonight.

Ridge: It's snowing up there, logan.

Brooke: Ridge, we need to get away. We need to distance ourselves from this tension.

Ridge: Brooke, I don't know if this is the right time to --

Brooke: Look, I am not going to take no for an answer. We need to regroup. We need to clear our minds. Please, come up to the cabin with me tonight. And I guarantee the next time we're all together, the situation will look very different.

Stephanie: Brooke can't ignore this dilemma. She wants to do the right thing.

Massimo: Yeah, I saw the same thing, too, but good intentions are not enough, stephanie.

Stephanie: Mass, she needs to be encouraged, not harassed.

Massimo: I didn'T. All right? Take my word for it. Stephanie, the truth is I feel sorry for brooke. I know that's hard to believe, all right? But I know she is in a very difficult position, and I do not envy her the choice that she has to make. But I can't allow her to drag my family down into this emotional quagmire. Something has to be done now.

Stephanie: She doesn't -- look, she's a smart young woman. She doesn't want this baby to be the cause of a lot of tension and dissention. But she's also not going to jump into this decision quickly if it means leaving ridge.

Massimo: So, we are back to square one.

Stephanie: She loves him more than anything in this world. But we also have to remember, she was willing to sacrifice her life for him.

Massimo: Right, but can she go through with it? I mean, can she give up the future that they had planned together? I don't know. Stephanie, if brooke loves ridge the way you say she does, then she will. I mean, she has to.

Ridge: Logan, we can go up to the cabin, but when we come back, everything's still gonna be the same.

Brooke: No, it won'T. We can't go on like this. And time away seems to be the only answer right now.

Ridge: I don't know.

Brooke: Ridge, please. I need this. A night alone with you. Something beautiful, romantic.

Ridge: Oh, logan, you know I love being alone with you.

Brooke: It's going to be perfect. Just the two of us, a night that we can remember forever.

Ridge: I just don't want to disappoint you.

Brooke: Well, then say yes. A new year. A fresh start.

Ridge: If it means that much to you.

Brooke: More than you know.

Ridge: All right.

Brooke: Thank you. Okay, I'm gonna go get some things together, and I'll see you at home, okay?

Ridge: Sure, okay.

Brooke: This is what we need. All of us. You'll see.

Bridget: Hey, baby.

Oscar: Hi.

Bridget: What's all this?

Oscar: It was supposed to be a surprise.

Bridget: Dinner?

Oscar: Yeah, eventually. I just got started so --

Bridget: Oh, you didn't tell me you were planning something special.

Oscar: It's not special. This is how I wanna treat you every night. Now, when we're married, forever.

Bridget: Well, that is quite a promise.

Oscar: I'm an ambitious guy.

Bridget: Yeah, I can see that. Look at all this stuff. Can I help you?

Oscar: No, I'm good. You just, you know, relax.

Bridget: Well, thank you. I will.

Oscar: So, how's therapy going with deacon?

Bridget: Oh, you don't want to hear about all that.

Oscar: Yeah, I do. It's your job. He's your patient.

Bridget: Um -- he's showing some signs of improvement.

Oscar: Good. That's good news. A couple more sessions like that, and he'll be up and walkin' in no time, right?

Bridget: Dr. Brauer thinks I'm helping.

Oscar: Yeah, how so?

Bridget: Well, paralysis patients need a lot of motivation.

Oscar: And you provide that for deacon?

Bridget: It's a complicated situation. He's just really frustrated.

Oscar: Yeah, well, if he starts taking it out on you --

Bridget: That's actually normal in physical therapy.

Oscar: It's not exactly normal. I mean, the only reason he's in that chair is because your father shot him. So, I'm just saying --

Bridget: And it's gonna take a lot of work to get him out of the chair. Honey, I know, okay? I know everybody is concerned that my sense of obligation to deacon is gonna turn into something else, but it won'T. Dr. Brauer says I need to learn how be objective, and I am. I'm worried about deacon as a patient. I mean, he's got scar tissue. He has muscles to rebuild. And once he does actually start to feel something, he could be in a lot of pain.

Oscar: But walk again?

Bridget: Deacon thinks so.

Oscar: You said he's improving.

Bridget: Yeah, he's responding to treatment.

Oscar: Can he feel anything?

Bridget: Well, his reactions are still pretty basic.

Oscar: Right, so he can't control anything, but he still responds -- his nerves respond to stimulation. Something like that, I read it online.

Bridget: Honey, I appreciate your interest here, but we don't have to talk about this.

Oscar: Here's the thing -- yeah, we do. See, you're spending your day with a guy who's got the hots for you, and I'm not exactly thrilled about that. But you say you can handle it. So, that's good. I'm good with that, 'cause you're amazing. You're one of the most caring people I ever met in my life. That's one of the things I love most about you. But about this, I don't know, just, we're gonna have to keep the lines of communication open, all right? Okay?

Bridget: Okay.

Massimo: Ah, there you are. Just the man I want to see.

Ridge: If you came to talk about brooke, forget it. The subject is closed.

Stephanie: Oh, come in.

Brooke: I can't stay long. I have to go home and pack.

Stephanie: You're going somewhere?

Brooke: Big bear. For new year'S. With my husband.

Stephanie: You and ridge are going away?

Brooke: You sound surprised.

Stephanie: Well, I guess I shouldn't be. I was just hoping that, you know, our last conversation might have had an effect on you.

Brooke: It did.

Stephanie: You still said yes when he suggested going away.

Brooke: The trip was my idea.

Stephanie: So rather than walk away from an impossible situation, you're going on a vacation with my son?

Brooke: I think we deserve it after everything we've been through. One night together just to forget about our problems. Two newlyweds enjoying the new year.

Stephanie: You and your notions that love and romance always take precedent over everything.

Brooke: Stephanie, that is not why we're going to big bear.

Stephanie: You're running away.

Brooke: No. I just want one night. One romantic, perfect evening with my husband. Our marriage and our love, it means that much to us, stephanie. Just one last night with the man that I love. I'm giving you what you want. Can't you at least give me that much?

Massimo: Your wife and I just finished having a conversation about your situation.

Ridge: Oh, great. First mother, now you?

Massimo: It was an amicable conversation.

Ridge: Leave her alone.

Massimo: You know, if she didn't want to talk to me, ridge, she--

Ridge: I don't want her talking to ya, mass! Okay? You got that?

Massimo: All right, look, I swear to you, ridge, that I did not harass her in any way.

Ridge: Did you talk about the baby?

Massimo: Yes.

Ridge: Did you tell her he should be raised by his biological father?

Massimo: I told her to consider the impact this would have on our family.

Ridge: So you told her to end our marriage?

Massimo: Ridge, this is not just about the two of you anymore. You've got to think about the child.

Ridge: I am!

Massimo: So is your brother.

Ridge: Look, we don't need the whole world telling us what's at stake here, okay? So just leave us alone, and let us figure it out ourselves.

Massimo: Your mother and I are just trying to help.

Ridge: Well, I'm telling you you can'T.

Massimo: Well, if you would just give us a chance -- that's all I'm asking.

Ridge: God, no wonder brooke's so desperate to get the hell out of town.

Massimo: She's leaving?

Ridge: We both are. We're going up to big bear to get away for the holiday.

Massimo: Ridge, you can't walk away from your problem.

Ridge: She needs a break.

Massimo: Look, if this dilemma is causing this much tension --

Ridge: You're causing the tension here! And I want you to just stop it, now!

Massimo: One night of romance is not gonna eliminate your problem, okay? Because when you get home, ridge, the problem is still gonna be there.

Ridge: Is that what you've been telling brooke? No matter what we do, the situation is still hopeless, huh?

Massimo: She's carrying your brother's child.

Ridge: And we're gonna deal with that, mass, the way we deal with everything! Together. Even if mother does try to convince her to leave me, that's not gonna happen. I won't let brook do that.

Stephanie: You're going to walk away?

Brooke: If I love my husband, I have to. Isn't that what you told me?

Stephanie: Yes, I did, but I --

Brooke: This is going to be the most difficult decision I've ever had to make.

Stephanie: It is, but it's the right one.

Brooke: Things are going to be different from now on, stephanie. I've learned a very valuable lesson from this situation. You can't always follow your heart, and love doesn't triumph over everything. And my desire for ridge doesn't outweigh the connection that he has with nick and the marone family. That family's never going to be able to survive me and ridge raising that child together.

Stephanie: Someday, nick will really appreciate this, and so will ridge.

Brooke: I just want one last chance to remember how lucky I was.

Stephanie: I hope my son knows how lucky he is.

Brooke: Thank you, stephanie.

Stephanie: Thank you. I wasn't sure you had it in you.

Brooke: I always wanted what was best for your son. I just didn't think I'd have to give him up to prove it.

Stephanie: You'll do fine.

Brooke: God help me tonight.

Announcer: Coming soon --

Brooke: This is about me and doing what's right. I can't ask ridge to compromise himself for me again.

Ridge: I almost lost her once before. I'm not gonna let that happen again.

Brooke: He can't save me this time. It's my turn to save him.

Ridge: Nothing can come between us.

Brooke: We're going to start the next chapter of our lives.

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