B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/19/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/19/03

By Boo
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Brooke: You talked to Ridge?

Stephanie: I know what's going on.

Brooke: Ridge is committed to this marriage, Stephanie.

Stephanie: And you're having his brother's child.

Brooke: A child who will be raised by two people who are devoted to him and to each other.

Stephanie: That's good, because the rest of his family is going to be at each other's throats for the rest of his life.


Massimo: Jacqueline? Is Dominick with you?

Jacqueline: No.

Massimo: Hudson said you went to see Dr. Paxson.

Jacqueline: I should have called you.

Massimo: Did she give you the results?

Jacqueline: Yes. Nicky's the father.

Massimo: You're sure?

Jacqueline: Yes, the test was conclusive.

Massimo: Oh, maybe, I mean, you know, it's possible it's not accurate. I mean, can't they take another sample --

Jacqueline: No, no, no, no, they ran it twice.

[Massimo sighs]

Massimo: Dominick?

Jacqueline: He's just as stunned as you are.

Massimo: And Ridge?

Jacqueline: He walked out.

Massimo: Did -- Brooke follow him?

Jacqueline: Yeah. But the way he reacted, I don't think it'll do much good.

Massimo: They were so certain.

Jacqueline: They were wrong.

Massimo: Where's your sympathy?

Jacqueline: Where's your perspective?

Massimo: Perspective? Ridge was absolutely certain this was his child. He and Brooke were ecstatic.

Jacqueline: Massimo, of course, I sympathize. I was there. I saw the look on Brooke's face when she had to read those results in front of everyone.

Massimo: You and Dominick.

Jacqueline: And Stephanie and Eric.

Massimo: Oh, for god's sake, Eric!

Jacqueline: Yes, Eric. I think he thought they could support Brooke. I mean, it was just humiliating having to read those results in front of Stephanie. I mean -- she was mortified. It was horrible. But we mustn't lose sight of what this means to us.

Massimo: I don't think you really know what it means, Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: Our son is going to be a father. We're going to be grandparents.

Massimo: That is not the point.

Jacqueline: I understand this is difficult.

Massimo: It's a catastrophe.

Jacqueline: We're talking about a baby. A sweet, innocent little angel.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Whose mother is married to his father's brother, for goodness sake. Jacqueline, don't you see the problem?

Jacqueline: Nicky is prepared to take responsibility.

Massimo: He's not prepared for anything. None of us are. This is going to shake the foundation of our family, Jacqueline. Brother is going to be set against brother. Ridge's marriage is going to be destroyed. His relationship with his brother ruined.

Jacqueline: Look, there is a lot to sort out.

Massimo: Well, how do you propose we do this?

Jacqueline: By supporting our son.

Massimo: Jacqueline, what about my loyalty to Ridge? I can't choose one son over the other.

Jacqueline: Then choose your grandchild. Give him your loyalty. Massimo, please, give him what we couldn't give our own son. Give him a life with his father.

[Massimo sighs]


Ridge: Going somewhere?

Nick: Make it a lot easier for you, wouldn't it?

Ridge: There's nothing easy about this.

Nick: Well, it seems to me you're trying to make it easy for me. You and Brooke calling the shots. All I have to do is accept it.

Ridge: Brooke told you?

Nick: And I don't want to hear it again.

Ridge: Look, nick, this is going to be a challenge. A challenge for all of us. Those test results were a shock. It wasn't what I wanted to hear. But I am still very committed to Brooke, and I'm committed to raising this child.

Nick: Well, there's one little hitch, Forrester. The child's mine.

Ridge: Yeah, he is. But we can work all that out -- custody, visitation.

Nick: Wait, wait, what'd you say? Visitation?

Ridge: No one's going to shut you out of your own son's life.

Nick: Well, the smartest thing you said all day.

Ridge: I didn't come here to argue.

Nick: Well, what do you want from me, Forrester? You want me to just wave bon voyage to you and Brooke as you sail off into the sunset with my kid? That isn't going to happen.

Ridge: Nick, you said you wanted to do what's best for Brooke and this baby.

Nick: I don't want to cause a problem for you or her.

Ridge: It doesn't have to be a problem.

Nick: No, I guess not, as long as I go along with your plan.

Ridge: Look, um -- I know this is not easy.

Nick: Turn it around, Forrester. Do you think you could turn your back on your children?

Ridge: It's not a question of turning your back.

Nick: This is my child, and I'm going to be part of his life. You know, I didn't have an old man growing up, Forrester. And I'm not going to put my son in the same position.

Ridge: Nick, I was raised by a man who turned out not to be my biological father. I have no regrets at all about that.

Nick: Eric Forrester didn't know that you weren't his son.

Ridge: You don't think I could raise this child like my own and love it like my own?

Nick: It's not your responsibility.

Ridge: Nick, I'm married to his mother.

Nick: And you got my word, I won't interfere with that.

Ridge: But you are interfering. You've put yourself right in the middle of this.

Nick: Well, where would you like me to put myself? Ship off to for Hong Kong, and you and Brooke can send me postcards of junior's first birthday? Maybe a few pictures every now and then?

Ridge: You want to do right by your son. I do respect that.

Nick: Thanks a lot. Then why are you here?

Ridge: Because we both want the same thing. This isn't a question of who's the better parent. It's a matter of making the best of a very bad situation.

Nick: The best for who? For my son? Or you?


Brooke: Oh, here we go. Now you want to blame me for the demise of the Marones.

Stephanie: You could stop it before it even starts.

Brooke: How, Stephanie!? Oh, wait, let me guess. I can save this family by ending my marriage.

Stephanie: It isn't going to survive one way or another.

Brooke: Ridge isn't going to abandon me.

Stephanie: And Nick isn't going to abandon his child.

Brooke: Nobody is asking him to.

Stephanie: Yes, you are. You and Ridge want to -- you want to raise this child on your own.

Brooke: What is wrong with that?

Stephanie: Nothing. If that's what Nick wanted, but he doesn't.

Brooke: You don't know that.

Stephanie: You do. You told him what you wanted, and he doesn't want to go along with it.

[Brooke sighs]

Brooke: I think if he just takes a little time to really think about this clearly --

Stephanie: Brooke, Brooke, Brooke. You have not thought how this is all going to play out.

Brooke: It's going to be a little awkward at first.

Stephanie: It's going to be excruciating. Every time that family gets together -- every birthday, every anniversary, Christmas. It's going to be absolutely excruciating the longer it goes on, until it finally reaches the point where everybody will want to avoid each other.

Brooke: Ridge wants to adopt this baby.

Stephanie: He's doing that for you.

Brooke: And you can't stand that.

Stephanie: I just -- that's not true. I don't want to see this family end up with nothing but unhappiness and disappointment.

Brooke: Stephanie, you should have a little more faith in your son.

Stephanie: I'm going to put all my faith in you. I know you love him. I want you to prove it.

Brooke: By giving him up?

Stephanie: Yes, yes. He can't raise this child with you, Brooke. He says he can, but he can't. Every time he holds that baby and looks at its face, he's going to see his brother. And every time he goes to work he's going to see his brother, day in and day out. If you love him -- you won't let him do this. It's your turn to save him.


Massimo: I can't give this child a life with his father.

Jacqueline: But you'd support Nick if that is what he wants to do.

Massimo: Is that what he wants to do?

Jacqueline: He was on his way over to see Brooke when I left.

Massimo: She must be devastated.

Jacqueline: The father of her child wants a future with her. I can think of worse fates to suffer.

Massimo: Right, she could lose everything, like Ridge.

Jacqueline: Ridge has three beautiful children already.

Massimo: Who finally came around to accepting Brooke into their home.

Jacqueline: You know what, Massimo, it wasn't that long ago when you would have done absolutely anything to keep Brooke out of that house.

Massimo: Yes, because she was driving a wedge into my family. But this is nothing compared to what we are facing now.

Jacqueline: So, you think that this pregnancy is going to cause an even bigger rift between Nick and Ridge.

Massimo: Are you kidding? If Dominick pursues a relationship with Brooke, I know it will.

Jacqueline: You don't think that our son has as much right to be happy as Ridge?

Massimo: Believe me, Jacqueline, if he wrecks his brother's marriage, it will not make him happy.

Jacqueline: He shouldn't be made to feel guilty for being a father.

Massimo: It has nothing to do with being a father. It's how it happened. And -- just when I thought our family was coming together.

Jacqueline: It is. It will, Massimo. Think, just think of what would have been like if we could have raised Nicky together? You wouldn't deny Brooke and Nicky that experience. Would you?

Massimo: No, not if it meant that he could have the peace that he spent his whole life looking for, but it won't. Because regardless who raises this child, both my sons will be hurt.


Ridge: You think I'm being selfish?

Nick: You need to stop and think about this.

Ridge: I know what I'm doing.

Nick: You just found out that your wife is carrying my child. That's sort of a big deal.

Ridge: And I could've come here to lay you out, big time, Nick.

Nick: Well, that ain't happening anymore.

Ridge: You're right, because I think we can come to some kind of agreement.

Nick: I'm not making deals with my kid.

Ridge: I'm talking about adoption.

Nick: What did you just say?

Ridge: Come on, Nick.

Nick: You want to keep this conversation amicable -- don't mention that word again.

[Ethereal music]

Ridge: So that's it? You won't let us raise him.

Nick: We're talking about my flesh and blood here.

Ridge: It's that simple for you?

Nick: No, it's not simple. It's not going to be simple.

Ridge: It could be, Nick.

Nick: It won't be! It's been a long day, I'm sure Brooke's wondering where you are.

Ridge: She's wondering what's going to happen to us.

Nick: Well, that's not going to get figured out tonight.

Ridge: You don't get it, do you Nick?! You don't get it. I promised her that we'd get through this!

Nick: Well, she's very lucky, cause most men would've jumped ship when they heard those result.

Ridge: Luck has got nothing to do with it. It's about a choice. The right choice -- that I made for Brooke and me, for this whole family. But you don't seem to give a damn about that.

Nick: I've apologized enough, Forrester.

Ridge: I don't want your apology, Nick.

Nick: Well, I can't give you what you want! I'm not dumping my responsibilities.

Ridge: Nick, I can be his father.

Nick: He's got one! I told you I'd leave you and Brooke alone. There's a child involved now and it's mine. It sort of changes things.

Ridge: Not for us. Not for us. Brooke and I are going to figure this out, Nick. Somehow, we're going to figure this out. You know what, we're going to be fine. We're going to be fine.


Brooke: You're asking me to give up everything that matters to me.

Stephanie: I'm asking you to stop thinking only of yourself.

Brooke: I'm not.

Stephanie: Yes, you are. All these years that you've spent chasing Ridge, creating this fairy tale.

Brooke: Stephanie, it's not a fairy tale. Ridge and I are going to work this out. We're going to work things out with Nick and everything's going to be fine.

Stephanie: No, it's not. Trust me, I know that.

Brooke: How?

Stephanie: I know how much you want this. You can see it right here in front of you and you think that all you have to do is grab on -- hold on. But it doesn't exist anymore. This all evaporated the moment you read those test results. The same way my life with Eric evaporated when I told him the truth about Ridge. I knew there was a chance about my baby. I'd slept with Mass, but I pushed it -- I'd pushed it out of my mind. I pushed it aside. Just the way you're pushing Nick aside.

Brooke: But you told Ridge and Eric that you didn't know.

Stephanie: I've never said this to anyone.

Brooke: Oh, my god. You lied.

Stephanie: I ignored my doubts.

Brooke: Why are you telling me this now?

Stephanie: Maybe things would have been different, worked out differently if I had done things differently. I never gave Mass a chance to be a good father.

Brooke: Because you didn't love him.

Brooke: That's true. I wasn't in love with Mass. I loved my baby, but maybe I didn't make the best decisions for him. Maybe I put my own selfish needs and desires first. Eric and I loved each other, so I told myself, it'll be all right, everything will work out. And it did, for a long time, but the chickens always come home to roost.

Brooke: My situation is different than that, Stephanie. Nick knows he's the father. I'm not lying to anybody.

Stephanie: Except yourself. Nick loves you. He wants to raise this child. The only thing that keeps that from happening is your need to hang onto Ridge. Don't do it. I know you love him. I know how much you love him. It's so much to sacrifice. So much to walk away from. It takes real strength. Real love. Selfless love.

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